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13 Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

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Do you ever wonder if you have psychic abilities? Do you tend to shrug off déjà vu experiences, or consider instances of your spot-on intuition as just coincidences? Do you ignore the unusual things you experience or take a deeper look? A large majority of us have enhanced psychic abilities in some shape or form, and it is usually an adult, guardian, or parent that first notices signs of our psychic behavior.

Sometimes psychic people are thought of as evil or into black magic. This is simply not true. We all have some sort of psychic behavior, but many of us don’t know how to recognize the symptoms, ignore them, or just haven’t discovered them yet. It’s only a matter of time before psychic abilities start to show.

do i have psychic abilities

Check out these psychic symptoms and signs that may prove you have psychic abilities. Maybe you will come to a conclusion and realize you are psychic after all. It’s all a matter of knowing what to look out for.

1. Higher levels of intuition.

If you have ever known who is calling on the phone before picking up, who a text is from before it chimes though, or if you have ever predicted an event before it occurred, you have a higher level of intuition. This is a step towards discovering a psychic gift within yourself.

2. You have experienced déjà vu countless times.

If you constantly feel like you have been somewhere before even though you haven’t, and if you have a great feeling of familiarity with people, places, and things, you may be experiencing déjà vu. Déjà vu is a sure sign that you have some sort of psychic ability.

3. Visions are normal for you.

If you have had visions of future events, either of something happening in the next hour or three days from now, you have psychic abilities. If you have them in your dreams or within your daily awake life, you may have the psychic gift. 

4. A gut feeling that is always accurate.

If you just “know” something before it happens, and you can sense the events of what is happening or what is about to happen, this is a strong sign of a psychic.

5. Telepathic instances.

Do you feel like you can send messages through your mind? Have you ever felt like you are reading someone else’s thought process? Have you experienced a mind-to-mind connection? If you have experienced this from time to time, you have some form of telepathy, which is a psychic symptom. 

6. Grand scale predictions and premonitions.

Have you ever written down events that you “know” will happen in the future? Have they happened? If you have taken the time to write premonitions down or tell someone about them before they actually happen, and then they occur, you have a psychic gift. 

7. Psychometry is evident.

Psychometry is known as the psychic ability that allows an individual to sense or experience the history of a person or object by touching them or it. Psychics have knowledge and power because they “know” about people, places, objects, and energies just by being somewhere or by simply touching something or someone. For example, a person who has the psychometry psychic ability can hold an individual’s hand and sense and experience their past. They may even see images or experience smells, sounds, and tastes from that point in time.

8. Powerful vivid dreams.

People with psychic abilities tend to have extremely vivid dreams and can remember detail for detail after they awake. The symbols in their dreams have deep-rooted meanings and they usually offer some sort of great understanding for the individual’s life experience. Many people who have vivid dreams also have recurring dreams that tell a story and that are indicative of what is happening in real life. 

9. You sense trouble.

This is a very direct feeling where you just know someone you love is in trouble. It hits you with great impact and sometimes with a great feeling of intense fear. There is no explanation for it except that you know something is deeply wrong with someone you love.

10. You tell the future.

signs of psychic ability

This is one of the obvious traits of a person with psychic abilities. Telling the future to your friends and family, then having it actually happen is one of the number one ways that proves you are psychic. 

11. You can heal.

Have you ever laid your hands on someone who is suffering or ill? Did you then see a positive change in this sick individual? Many people that have psychic abilities can also heal others with their energy.

12. Hearing sounds.

Have you ever heard sounds that others do not? Do you constantly wonder why no one else is hearing rings, beeps, and chimes? These sounds can actually be an indication of a near future event and they can tell you about certain events that will occur.

13. You can sense two places at once.

This is definitely one of the stronger psychic abilities and signs that you may be psychic. If you have ever been at home or in one place that is familiar to you, but sense events and experiences that are happening across the world in different countries you are most likely psychic. If you have visions of these events while they are happening and actually feel as though you have been transported to the destination as it is taking place, you have heightened psychic abilities. 

Being psychic is not a scary matter and you shouldn’t feel fearful of your abilities. Treasure these tools and skills as unique gifts and try to learn more about each ability so you can use these to their full potential.

Many psychics are extremely valuable to those who have not yet discovered their own psychic abilities. People turn to psychic individuals for a variety of reasons, whether it is for guidance and support or to reveal mysteries and solve crimes. Embrace your psychic gifts as one of nature’s most powerful gifts and use them to help others in a positive manner.

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382 Responses

  1. I have experience with all your symptoms except psychometry. would be good to communicate and share with others.


  2. This happened 5 years ago, I had a dream that my granny died and the funeral date was right in my face in red writing "March 13th" and then I seen the funeral. There were black horse and carriage and a black coffin and pink rose petals coming from the sky (she didn't even get a horse and carriage) and the girl next door to me was heavily pregnant at the time and she was at the funeral. I looked away from her for a second and when I looked back at her she was holding a baby in a blue blanket. Couple days after that my granny died her funeral was on March 13th and the girl next door had her baby the day of the funeral and it was a boy.

  3. When I was a little girl , I would cry when I felt it coming, I tried to avoid it ,it scared me very much , I never told anyone how I felt and just lived with it,,

  4. I dnt really knw but i need help to understand about my physic abilities.I always think i understand other ppl better than others
    The other thing when im looking at a story which someone spks i understand more than he is telling me.its like i hear unspoken words.What troubles me is sometimes those pple are well educated than me.Even im reading a bible i heard or like it seems like a revelation to me
    What stops me is it is not what everyone believes.i dnt judge.So wl u tell me pliz what to do or expect

  5. I ws sleeping in my house but widely awake i can hear my kids playing in the room
    I saw myself crossing a river near i live.That moment i ws in another country not my home country.I saw our house far a blink of an eye i ws not far to my suprise i saw two houses look the same it ws my home where i ws born.i get supprised.i chose to go to another one.I ddnt walk i saw my self there.i saw paw paw tree that tree ws chopped down in 80s .i touched and feel it in my nails.i saw facing an entrance ws closed not outside but inside.i ws scared what im going to find out.My kids make a noise and i wake up.

  6. I have always experienced deja vu. I also had dreams at night that I was telekinetic.  I could shoot my hand at something and then it would just come to me. For example I see books on a shelf and my arm would just point at where the books would be and then I would pull my arm back and then the books would just fly out. I also used my powers for other things but only good things not bad. Does this mean I have some kind of psychic power in me? Plz answer!! 

  7. Those are some wonderful dreams, Julie! And it’s great that you’re aware when you experience deja vu. Yes, we all have some latent psychic power in us, and it looks like yours is about to wake up!

  8. Having vivid dreams is a good sign! We recommend keeping a dream journal; from our personal experience, they make more sense as time passes!

  9. That's wonderful! If you learn how to manage it better, maybe you can use your premonitions to make the future a better place!

  10. That's a creepy and wondrous story at the same time, Aisling, thank you for sharing!

  11. I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough time. We would recommend finding a support group of people with abilities like yours, as well as people around you who can accept you for your abilities without judging you. We wish you all the best!

  12. Feel free to share your experiences with our other followers on our Facebook page and Twitter account, Paul!

  13. Hi Jackson, we can't really tell anyone what to do or expect in various situations, the best we can do is to advise you to learn more about your abilities and learn more about dealing with people in general. It's good that you don't judge. You don't have to say anything until you feel comfortable or ready to back up what you want to say. It doesn't matter if they're more well-educated than you, in the end we are all equal. We hope the best for you and your journey!

  14. Hi, 

    I don't have every signs in the list but as far as I know, I have 2 and 12. Does that mean I may have some sort of psychic ability? I don't really want to have any but I am just curious to find out. To be honest, when I was a young girl I always had this same dream and when I opened my eyes I felt like I was at that place but somehow I know it is a dream (Thats because I used to sleep with my mum and although I can't see her in it… I can feel her because she was sleeping right beside me). As I grew older, I nvr dreamt of that again but I started having deja vu. (It is pretty scary… If I were to tell others… they will think I am mental or telling a lie. But I know, I am not.) So when I was in my teenage years, there was once I heard a key sound… I don't know how to explain but it sounded like someone was running with keys in the pocket shaking. (But obviously, I didn't see anyone) About 2 years ago, while I was having my vacation overseas… I heard noises during the night when I was sleeping in the hotel room. (I pretended not to hear but I clearly remember I was terrified) Somehow, I even knew that it wasn't a bad spirit ( Honestly, I don't even know if I should call that a spirit or what) It is not everytime I have this signs. Sometimes, I just don't feel anything.

  15. It's okay, GG 🙂 Yes, it does sound like your psychic ability is beginning to manifest itself. You don't have to feel like a mutant when you admit that, everyone has it, and everyone has brushes with it one way or another, it just really depends on each person whether they want to look more deeply into it, and I'm glad you've chosen a braver path!

    I'd really recommend finding people in your area who have similar experiences so you all have a support group for each other. Study more about how you can protect yourself and refine your psychic senses, and we hope the best for you on your journey!

  16. I have been having trouble lately identifying what in my life is psychic and what isn't. I have looked into these abilities a bit and I know I am psycic but the problem is I also have aspergers syndrome and anxiety. For example somtimes I will get a feeling and just know something is going to happen or something is right, but at the same time it is really hard to pin point if that is a feeling or if it's anxiety. This is also problematic if I am trying to meditate because due to having aspergers my mind can't really be slowed down. Anyway I have had visions, have strong gut feelings and hear sounds. But most of all I reguarlly vivid dream and my vivid dreams have been continuing the same story since I was about 7. (I am 16 now) 

  17. I'm 11 years old. I died when I was about 2, nobody knew what caused it, it was an unexplained and unknown cause of death, though they shocked me back to life. Ever since then, I could sense if a house was haunted. I also have daja vue ALOT like at least 1 time every 1-2 days. But its like the daja vue happens and I realised I knew it was going to happen when it happened. But I didnt know it in the past. I also have seen blue orbs, black orbs, and I think I have some sort of connection with ghosts since I died. Does this mean I'm part psychic?

  18. Yes, Kaylyn, it definitely sounds like you're psychic! Maybe the deja vu you get is because you've seen the situation the first time in a dream? You could try keeping a dream journal so you remember them better, and maybe have a better idea where the deja vus come from the next time around!

  19. I have some extremely intuitive dreams. Dreams that actually happen a few days later. Lucid dreams, self-awareness dreams– you name it, I had it. Thing is, I never taught myself to have these dreams. Came naturally. Just like the déjà vu dreams. I don't think I'm a psychic, but whatever I dream, people have learned to take seriously. Nice part about being semi-conscious in my dreams. Can't control it though. It ranges from 1 time a week, to multiple times a week. It is what it is.

  20. I believe that I am psychic mainly because I have had countless dreams that shows something that happens in the future. When I was like 4 I had a dream about my parents splitting up and I cried to my mom and dad saying I wanted them to stay together and they thought I heard something somewhere but then 3 years later it did in fact happen. And something more recent also happened. On November 25,2014 I took a nap and I had another dream. It was a lot different but just as vivid.I was sitting in a room with my current boyfriend on a couch And this person came up to me and told me these words exactly, “2 years from today you will meet your daughter” and 2 days after that I had a dream of a little baby girl And I saw my boyfriend and I heard a name that sounded like Evelyn or Aaliyah or something like that. I have no idea what the second dream meant but I’m guessing that’s my daughter but I guess I will just have to see

  21. Hello I’ve been developing what i think may be psychic abilities such as i could read others auras and i have precognition.Lately i’ve noticed that i’ve been psychometry around people and I don’t really know how to deal with this and it’s all very new to me do you have any advice for me or do you think this is normal?

  22. Hey Melissa, that sounds wonderful! I think it would be best for you to let go of preconceptions of what “normal” should be. Aside from the fact that the people around you who are not yet in touch with their psychic abilities will consider your experiences anything but normal, other people who do experience them may experience them differently (have different combinations of them, etc.) And it’s okay to not be normal!

    I’m guessing you’re probably concerned about the “normal”-ness of it because if even other people who have their psychic abilities awakened in them don’t relate with what you experience, then there might be something wrong. This is not necessarily so. People experience different combinations of psychic abilities – read on what applies to you individually and accept that it’s a very case-to-case basis, and you may find some comfort in knowing that some people can relate to some of your experiences, at least.

    We’ll have an article up on how you can deal with your new abilities in general soon!

  23. Hey Chloe, thank you for sharing your experiences! Yes, your dreams are powerful stuff. I hope everything turns out for the best!

  24. hi, my name is snow and ive been haveing Deji vu since i can remember

    it started when i was little. i can also see the future in my dreams but i dont really realize it until it happens in real life.

    i can hear people say my name when noone is there and i can hear sounds like beeps and dog whistles. also i can see spirits sometimes they take shape of people i know that havent passed away yet. and i can feel other peoples pain when they touch me. does this mean im psychic

  25. When i was young one day I went to my grandad and asked him if he had a brother and he said he has but he said they have not spoken for many years. I said to him that he needs to talk to him as i had this tense sense of urgency that something bad was going to happen in my gut. I told he needed to sort things out "before its too late" i quote from the past… two weeks later my grandad's brother died.

    I can sense someones aura or personality before even talking to him and since i was 9 years old i wondered if i have any phycic abilities please can i have some opinions.

  26. Hey Jess, it does sound like you have promising psychic abilities! It would be amazing if you could hone that further to help other people. 🙂

  27. Hey Snow, it does! It sounds like you’re clairaudient, clairvoyant, possibly have mediumship capabilities, and definitely an empath. You should read up more on all that so you can fine-tune your abilities further! 🙂

  28. Can someone Please help me figure out how powerful of a psychic I am plz, I knw I’m a psychic, I’ve tried telling my mom that I’m psychic but she doesn’t believe me. I knw I’m psychic cuz I’ve experienced a little of everything that was described in ur speech above. For example, a friend of mine had gotten in a car accident and she was in extreme pain, well I told her to think about her pain as pure raw energy and transfer it to me through my mind,, she was reluctant at first cuz she didn’t want to hurt me but I told her it was alright, so it took about 2 hours for her to transfer all of it, I hurt like heck afterwards but she had no more pain, and the next day I felt amazing. Another example was wen I was younger, me and my brother had been playing in the street and I had sensed something bad was gonna happen, I turned around as a truck was speeding toward my brother and I ran as fast as I CD and shoved him outta the way. I also had been at a friends house and was messing with some of his stuff wen my hand slid over a ring, I froze because I started seeing images and hearing voices, didn’t knw wat happened until later in life. I’ve also had dreams that have been extremely vivid and that have come true. But yah, anyway I’ve also had over 30 deja vu’s b4, so I knw I have a strong psychic ability, I just dnt knw how strong, and plus I’ve experienced severe pain and then found out later a friend of mine had gotten injured.

  29. Hey it’s me again, i took a test online at a website called, and wen I took the test I got an 80% outta 80%, it said I was a psychic wizard, I scored perfect in all the psychic areas, dnt knw if the above site I mentioned is accurate but I do knw I am psychic, just dnt knw how much, plz help.

  30. When i was Around 8 years old or so, my Great-Grandma died. we were always very close. The night after the funeral i had a dream where i was holding her hand walking through this giant garden and it was all white except the flowers and she was whispering to me that its okay and she'll see me again. and i always hear my name being called but its always in a different voice, i can also hear things like this loud ringing or whispers. Whenever i get hurt or something i can see my body, like i dont see right, its not through my eyes, im looking down at my body. And i can 'feel' when someone else is near and i know who they are. Am i pyschic or no?


  31. A few years ago I had a dream that my husband drowned in a lake. I woke up and told him about my dream. A few minutes later we get a phone call from my father In law. My husband’s cousin had drowned in a lake that morning around the time I had that dream. Until this day I feel like i seen it happen in my dream only it was my husband and not the young man that die. Could I have some sort of psychic abilities that i have not discovered yet?

  32. Yes, Sandra, you definitely do! We encourage you to explore that more and keep a dream journal. You may be having more symbolic/prophetic dreams than you thought!

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s cousin, though. I hope that experience didn’t rattle you too much.

  33. Hey Angelina, you sound very clairaudient, and that change in perspective in terms of your body is something some of us have also experienced, but haven’t really gotten around to putting a name on yet. Your soul or Higher Self is much larger than your physical body, so you may be seeing through Their eyes when that happens! The “feeling” thing – you could also be an empath/clairsentient psychic.

    Yes, you’re definitely psychic! We encourage you to read more on those terms mentioned to find out more about what you can do about it.

  34. Hey Jonathan, it’s difficult to say how “powerful” a psychic is because you can’t really put all the psychics in the world on just one scale, we all have different abilities and combinations of them, and it also matters how we use them! It’s great that you instinctively know how to use energy transfer. You sound very clairsentient, with psychometric capabilities as well as empath abilities 🙂 Whew! 

    You don’t need a psychic quiz to validate your identity as a psychic. But you definitely have promise! We encourage you to research more on those terms so get more in touch with your abilities, and then decide what you want to do with them. Best of luck on your journey!

  35. Um, hey, need to knw y this keeps happening, lately I’ve been having weird dreams, I’m usually in a semi-conscious state tho, and I feel like I’m floating, well wen I wake up I feel my body hit the bed as if I’ve been held in the air and dropped suddenly, eat does it mean?

  36. Well..Must need to know whyt his thing keeps on happening…But when ever i walk through roads and sidewalks and who ever passes by me, Well i suddenly get a name ,Probably of that guy  and when i turn around i stare at him for lets say quite a while and then i take a cheap shot and then make a excuse like if he Knows my father or not , So he just told me his name Straight…And im like..Whoah…And Plus it was the exact name what i thought about….so im like Pretty desprate to know why cause…when ever that happens im like…having my hair white(Due to being scared) It feels all Horrifying and stuff which gives me the Complete Scare (Sorry for all that font style and stuff…)

  37. i know that im sorrda empathic and i do work on it and i also have vivid, vivid dreams and those are ok but the empathy gets in my way and when say get in my way i mean it realy does i feel pain saddness and anger it is very hard to stand in a crowed very long because all types of feeling come into play. i was just wondering should i deal with or just medatate more.and im also have very good intution. 

  38. Hey Courtney, we think that one way you can deal with it more is to meditate more 🙂 You can turn that ability on and off, you just need to get used to your inner control panel, so to speak.

  39. It’s okay, Sean Justin, there are worse things 🙂 As long as you don’t have a Death Note! LOL

  40. Unfortunately we're not qualified to interpret dreams, Jonathan, but we encourage you to research more about it, or maybe look for a dream analyst in your area. Or, well, you could call one of our psychics! 😉

  41. same with me i dream about a place and then i always end up in that place sooner or later and i can also hear sounds no one else can hear my parents just think im crazy but i knew it was something more.

  42. Hello, 

               I'm just wondering if there is such a thing as "knowing" of the future by looking at news related articles or tv reports, and then getting an idea of something and then it coming true.       


  43. Ps sometimes the "idea" I get has nothing to do with the original story – I tend to pick up things through images or names displayed in the background of the report or article.

  44. Yes, people with strong psychic abilities/potential would experience these things 🙂

  45. Over my lifetime i've had lots of those weird things happen that can't be explained really and freak out even skeptics. BUT I've also had spurts of something else that I don't understand, can't control (unfortunately), and haven't really even heard of. I'm hoping someone might have a clue of advice because there is no possible way this is just in my head.  Hm how to explain.. Sounds crazy. I sometimes go through a couple months when people think my thoughts but don't know they are doing it. I know what people are thinking but scarily, they say crazy shit that can't just be common thinking, only random stuff that i am thinking that have nothing to do with anything. My sons are the worst! My daughter not so much. I literally can't have a private thought during those periods! Also, I can "call people to me" for lack of better terms. If i make a connection with them in my head by thinking, no matter if we haven't spoken in forever, they one way or another show up. It's sort of like i have no privacy! I don't know about you, but i don't want my 8yr old knowing what i'm thinking all the time. It's like being psychic but backwards!

  46. The worst part is that i have a bad situation in that i can't keep my ex-husband out of my head and he is a huge predator. 15yr marriage. 2 kids (8 and 10) and he has pretty much been trying to kill me since the beginning of our divorce in 2009. He chilled out for about a yr and a half but low and behold, i put him in my head (processing past damage) and poof, he's badgering me threatening to get an attorney again.. yada.. yada.. He's screwing up my kids. I need to learn how to keep him out of my head. It's time. Right now. He is no joke.

  47. You may be projecting your thoughts unknowingly. We’ll research more about that, but we highly encourage that you do, too!

  48. I’m really sorry to hear that 🙁 But yes, your mind seems to be a powerful thing. Way too powerful! But you can use this to your advantage though, given that it’s so powerful – you can visualize yourself and your children being immune to his attacks. You can visualize yourself having control over this power so that your children don’t end up inadvertently knowing about things you actually wanted to keep private. See how that works, and we wish you the best of luck!

  49. I've experienced many of these. I honestly didn't know what to do. I knew I was different from other people and now I know. This information was really helpful. Thank you. I'm glad I got to find out more about myself, I didn't know about.

  50. i hear voices or conversations – it seems like i'm eavesdropping – but i don't remember any of it after a second or two –

    my emotional energy seems to wreak havoc on those that hurt me deeply –

    and also the same happens to those that i have immoral desires for


  51. Thank you very much. I've been working on trying to will him to calm down and for him to not have the desire to attack me, and to heal and relax. But it's not easy because he is extremely powerful too. 15yrs is a long time to fully trust and be bound as a team with a person, think the same thoughts, etc. It's still kind of hard to believe what i tell myself when somehow i still believe what he's thinking first. Anyway, like i said, working on it. : ) When i took vows to bind for life, i guess i truly meant it, fortunately or UNfortunately. Can't see myself ever doing that again. 

  52. Check this out.. (speaking of research)

    No one knows everything, but i think it's well written for sure. 

    I'm an Aquarius, "control" – of anything, does not come naturally. ie.- I love gardening. I research and plan and work at it, and 80% of the time what i plant comes up a completely different color or on the opposite part of the property than i planted it, so i resign to just laugh and smile because the jokes nature plays are just so funny to me. Silly little miracles.

  53. That’s tough, but I’m glad you’re taking it positively! I hope both of you are able to grow past this experience – it does sound like you two have met in this incarnation for a deep soul reason – and that eventually you are both able to release each other with love.

  54. I often experience many of these things, but I never tell anyone about them because I know alot of people would ask me if I needed a therapist. Lol. My parents call me the animal medium because I see, sense, and hear the presence of animals that nobady else can. I also get premonitions about danger. Most of the time these premonitions are correct. ☺ Thanks for this post, it really kinda helped me understand a bit more about myself.

  55. I have been having dreams for many years now. I can feel the people’s pain in the dreams. I saw my little cousins assault before it happened and woke up in shambles. In the dream it wasn’t her but when I woke up I knew it was her. My mother told me what happened a few months later and every detail was exact. I’ve had these types of dreams for over 15 years. I can see a person and tell their entire personality. If they touch me I can see more. This is scary. When I was a child people would tell me I had the eye of the Tiger or I was a star child. I hate to dream almost. Lately I’ve been zoning out in the middle of conversations and can see myself somewhere else in the physical talking to people in places I have planned to go in the future. Its weird. DE ja vou is normal at least once a month.

  56. I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me some advice on what I may have or if its anything at all. I have had experiences with seeing things and hearing things for as long as I can remember. For example my mother told me when I was about four maybe 5 we were unloading groceries at our apartment complex and there was a bus stop near by she said i was waving at someone and she asked who I was waving at i guess I described an elderly gentlemen who was waiting for the bus. my mom said i described him to a t but when I looked back to point him out I said he was gone and the  bus didn't run at 9 at night in our small town. When my dads mom died that night  I had a very vivid dream of her and she kept telling me to tell Paul tell Paul. The next day when I called my father to tell him about it he started to cry BC my dad had asked my grandma the day she passed she had fallen into a coma that day if there was anyway to tell him that she was okay and there was something more if she could give him a sign. I wasn't there the day she passed  and I lived an hour away and my father didn't mention it to anyone not even my mother and he and my grandma were alone when he asked her that. I see people who are not there and hear people who are not there the dream of my dead grandma asking me to give a MSG is not the first decest family member who has visited me asking me to tell someone something for them. I can feel when someones coming to my house before they come i have déjà vue all the time and Im tired of feeling crazy and scared. Im scared all the time of what's lying around the corner. I just want it to go away. Is it possible to stop this? If someone can give me some insight or has the same stuff happen to you i would love to hear from you. Thank you. 

  57. Something strange is happening to me. Is it possible for a spirit to follow you throughout your life? I’ve always had the feeling someone was there. I’ve had very freaky things happen alot. Music turning on by itself, rocking chairs, whispers at night, deja vu alot, shadows or figures around me, I knew when my mother and grandfather died before I was told (not them specifically but that something had happened), getting woken up by squeezed cheeks or feeling of ice on my neck… it’s just normal to me now and I just think “it’s me”. But friends and husband have said they’ve seen stuff after meeting me. My husband saw the shadows in a mirror the night before.ive also had all 3 children wake up laughing or talking to someone in the middle of the night at a young age. It’s just gotten to the point where I can’t deny what’s going on. Am I just crazy? How do I get it to go away??

  58. I was wondering if psychic abilities tend to run in families… For ex. Whenever something bad is going to happen to someone I know and love I get that o erwhelming feeling of freed.. Now if it’s going to be something that happens in the family and its going to be really bad my mom andy aunt will feel the exact same way I feel. We do not call each other to specofically discuss this but if we are all feeling it, it comes put it n the conversation… Hope that makes sense…

  59. Hi Kate,

    We’re sorry it has become tiring for you. We haven’t looked into how to stop those yet, but you may want to ask one of our psychics about it. We would usually recommend to people to learn how to manage their abilities though, which is why we’ve started writing a few posts on the series like how to become a medium, manage your psychic energy, and how to protect yourself psychically, but in the end, it’s your choice what to do with what you’ve been given. 

    If you just need some support, we highly recommend you find a local group in your area, or online communities for now – there are many Facebook groups, as well as individual forums online, that can give you the support you need. We hope you make it through this difficulty, and wish you all the best in your life’s journey!

  60. Hi Nina, 

    You’re not crazy, especially when other people are validating your experience! We highly recommend that you talk to a medium or channeler about these figures so you can find closure with them. You can find some of ours, some with schedules posted online, in our psychics roster. We hope you find peace about this matter soon!

  61. Yes, Wendy, a number of our psychics have inherited their abilities from their families, though there are some that are unique to their family as well!

  62. Well, where to start? I would say that psychic abilities definitely run in the family. My grandmother had dreams of 2 of her children dying a few days before it actually happened. My mother has those experiences, as well as me . I’ve had a dream where I knew that an old friend would experience the death of someone close, only to find out 2 months later that his child would be miscarried. They certainly frightened me at first, but I’ve learned not to worry as much. I also have fairly strong intuition. Sorry for the long post.

  63. Not long at all, Dustin! We’re glad you’re taking it in stride – other people here would certainly appreciate hearing how you dealt with it!

  64. Hi so before an unexpected event I get a feeling of anxiety and it can really scare me. For instance (by the way I am 13) the last time I got this feeling was the day before my cat got run over. The time before that was the day my crush asked me out. Sometimes I get smaller feelings like the day before I get into an argument with my friend and the last time I had one of these 'smaller feelings' was the day before my friends broke up. It is odd because I never remember in the day that I had the feeling the day before so I am completely off guard when it does occur, but I remember a couple of days after and make the connection. I also experience frequent de ja vu and hear noises that no-one else can hear… And the things have only really started happening recently. And sometimes I feel as if I am in another place but everything is still going on around me. It is like there are no thoughts going on in my brain. I'm not sure if that is a sign or something but yeah…

  65. Hey. The information provided here is very useful. Thanks for sharing this.
    About me, I usually get deja vu. And like it is said above, I have experienced deja vu countless times. I’ve been having these for the past 8-10 years. And what I feel is, I’ve been at the same place at the same time of the day around the same people, doing the exact same thing, and if anything is happening in the background then that too. I have wanted to know why I get these deja vu. What is the reason and purpose? If it is something I would want to develop, then what should I do?
    Also my mom has the higher levels of intuition. Many a times the things she has predicted to be coming up in and around our locality have really come up. Buildings or establishments. Ofcourse you can put that mostly as common sense. But once she told me that when she was young, and lived with her parents, she had a dream about one of her uncles or some relative who usually comes to her house on a bicycle. In her dream, he came to my mom’s house riding his bicycle, told her that he’s going, and he rode away. Next day, she got the news that he has passed away. This shows that my mom has psychic abilities too. So is this a familial thing? Like I got it passed down from her?

  66. When I was 3 I lived in a haunted  house apparently but my parents moved from the house because supernatural things were happening. I personally know the ppl who live in the house now and have not experienced what my parents and I did in this house the spirit or spirits not sure would be drawn to me my mom would hear foot steps going up the stairs in to my room I told her a name of a lady can't remember what her name is now. When we moved we were watching tv I turned around and told her Starr street did it… After that I began having night terrors every night some I remembered I would go stiff as a board eyes opened toes curled legs bent and scream and cry I want my mommy is one that I actually was out of my body and could see my mom holding me… I was awake and I lifted my covers and my bed was covered in lil red spiders my mom came up and told me there wasn't anything there but they were there I seen it she had to pretend to kill them which didn't work so I had to sleep in my moms bedroom… I say a name of a person and sometimes they show up in some form…. Everywhere I live I have experienced paranormal activity I feel like maybe I'm possessed electricity goes nuts when I get upset angry…. I have gut feelings all the time and they happen something in my mind tells me that something bad is going to happen and it does… I try to surpress it think it not real I'm having coincidences all the time my cousin sees ghost every where's she lives aswell and I just met her…. The thing that scares me the most is the spirits they scare me and I tell myself it's not real I could write a book on my experiences I've broughten an animal back to life… So sorry this is long but I just don't understand and I know I'm not crazy because I feel smarter than others and feel like no one understands me and I don't understand normal people's actions

  67. Ok, I'm  fairly new at this whole psychic and telepathic ordeal. When I was younger,  I saw a ghost or two near a building that my dad used to work at. Ever since then I was frightened by ghosts and spirits. A few years ago  I consulted a psychic medium, and somethings she told me bothered me a bit. One, I'm border line telepathic and two, i have been under psychic attack.  

    I was a very cheerful girl growing up but for about 10 years I had countless accounts of misfortunes. I've always lose something,  I have been in terrible relationships (pretty much all my previous boyfriends cheated on me even though I never did anything wrong. ) My father abandoned my family,  my cat dies 2 years ago.  

    I usually never remember my dreams but I had one that stood out.  I dont know if the grim reaper helps me out in my dream even though i died in my dream. 

    As for being telepathic,  i tested it out yesterday on a guy at work,  I looked at his third eye and a few moments later, he looked like someone was watching him. Does that mean that I am telepathic? 

  68. Hi, I recently began speaking to someone mltiple times a day.  The day before had a dream about a "rainbow colored goldfish being placed into a box and a pic of a man jumping into a wave at the beach".  I waited and held the information for a day and come to find out  her "ex husband gave her daughter a beta (rainbowfish) to fishsit for a weekend" the same exact day!   This is just a friend not my gf how does a link like that exist?


  69. Hey KT, we’re sorry you’re finding it overwhelming right now. Please know though that you’re not alone in those experiences, and we recommend that you pray and meditate to get guidance on why God has given you these abilities. We wish you the best of luck!

  70. Hi Beth! It sounds like it would be helpful for you to journal when you get those “smaller” and “bigger” feelings, just so you you train yourself to remember anything you experienced the previous day before you set out for the day ahead — or, you can choose not to worry about it so much in case it stresses you out, and just get on the habit when you’re better able to manage your emotional feelings when these things happen. Was there a particular event that triggered your sudden sensitivity?

    In any case, it definitely sounds like these are signs you should heed, and we’re looking forward to your growth in your psychic abilities!

  71. Hi Roger, we can’t really answer that question you have about your specific experience of deja vu, because it sounds really unique to you – the most we could say is that probably, when you’re finally experiencing that situation for real, you will know that it is a siginificant moment and will act accordingly. If you want to develop it, general stuff we could advise is to keep a journal of your experiences, preferably only specifically about these psychic experiences, so that your subconscious knows that your conscious self values its input and will be encouraged to open its faculties into your conscious awareness even further.

    Yes, psychic abilities can be a familial thing, it’s a common occurrence with our psychics as well as some of our staff!

  72. Hey Amanda, your experiences sound particularly frightening. None of our staff have had experiences like yours before, but we recommend asking one of our psychics to give you direction on why you’ve been experiencing these things. We’re sorry we couldn’t offer you more help, but feel free to call us anytime so we could connect you to someone who can.

  73. Hey Amanda, our staff is not always online, so we do try to answer every comment when we are. Feel free to call our toll free number and hopefully we could help you out by connecting you with a psychic who can give you some illumination on your experiences.

  74. Hey Roberta, we’re not sure about the telepathic bit since none of our staff are, but we would love to help connect you with a psychic who can look into it! We’re sorry to hear that things haven’t been working out well for you, and would like to recommend to you one of our psychics in particularly who may be able to help with your specific case, especially the psychic attacks – Joanna. You can make an account with us and set an appointment up with her yourself, or you can call us to do it for you.

  75. Hey RG, that is a wonderful mystery our staff is not able to answer, but if you ever decide to consult one of our psychics about it, our Customer Care people will be more than happy to help you! 

  76. When I was 4 years old, I owned this 48 inch doll. I would always comb her hair and talk to her. One day my brother and sister-a bit older than me-were arguing and fighting. I got very concentrated on them and their movement.I walked into my room where my doll was standing. She looked at me and put her finger to her lips. She started walking towards my siblings ,and I followed. They didn't seem to notice her. My doll pointed her finger towards them :time stopped. I was in shook. They stood frozen. Then my doll walked back to my room. I tried to ask her what she did and why. She stood still : motionless. I was baffled. I saw that she had a hole in the finger she pointed at my siblings. I heard my siblings laughing as if they never argued. I asked them about what happened and they said I was crazy. The doll remained with the hole in her finger ,but never did she move again. 

    Now , I find myself thinking about what people might say or what I might see and just like that it happens. I believe there is some sort of power out there. I know it. I have seen it. For example, I imagine a person I haven't seen in a while walking. When I walk in the store or some other place I see them . Other things I just can't explain. I just need to know if there is someone that knows about this. Is this real? Am I insane? 

  77. i strongly believe i have under developped pyschic abilities that have been peeking through in nd out ever since i was 6-7 years f age im amazed yet scared of it and i struggle wether to embrace it or not due to my religous back ground. i have seen and hear things periodically since i was seven dreams and almost constant dejavu 


  78. Hey Mari, we don’t think you’re insane. That incident with the doll sounds fascinatingly wonderful! Understanding how she was able to turn the negative energy between your siblings into something physical on her finger may be something you could begin to investigate to learn what you need to understand from the experience. Actually, we don’t think it was the doll who did that, to be specific. Maybe one of your guides was guiding you, so you would ask questions that would lead to your discovery of your abilities later on.

    We highly recommend that you find a community in your area who’s had similar experiences, or ask one of our psychics when you’re able to to make sense of the experience. It looks like we may have a community effort going on soon too, so stay tuned for that!

  79. Hey Nashamilli, 

    We hope you find a way to explore it without being hindered by your religious background. Find out why you were given the gift – it may lead you to your life’s calling!

  80. honestly, i have all the symptoms above except for number 13. i realize my psychic abilities accure when i was 30 years old and on that time i was really hurt (heartbreaks by the one i truly loves most for the 1st time of my life). actually i didnt believe any of these psychic things but sometimes theres no words that can explain some weird feelings and event that ive been through. i am scared cos i cant control it when there is a part where i can read or feels what people thinks surround me. 

  81. Hi Kristine, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can learn to control it, and from there you can empower yourself so that you don’t have to be worried or frightened of them any more. Feel free to read through the blog or ask one of our psychics for guidance!

  82. ok this is pretty strange but it all started a few months ago when I was in class and I was wondering to my and I wasself, does my teacher have any siblings? And I kept thinking about it for a few weeks then days after that I had a dream that he said that he had one brother and two  sisters I didnt really think much about it but I told my friend anyway and then weeks later we were in a lesson with the teacher and he said that he had one brother and two sisters! 

    I will give another example:

    i will be getting a new science teacher so I kept wondering what she will look like for a couple days and last night i had a dream what she would look like, she had pale skin and long brown hair and black clothing, I've told my friend this and now I'm so scared that I can't ignore it anymore.

    those are just a few examples, I have many more and this might be normal but I still want to know if this is psychic or not.

  83. my Dreams are a bit strange it seems like when I really want to know something I get the answer to it in my dreams

    here are some examples:

    a few months ago I was in class and I kept wondering to my self: does my teacher have any siblings? And so a few weeks later i had a dream that the teacher said that he had one brother and two sisters, I was really creeped out so I told my best mate and she found it pretty strange as well. But weeks after the dream I was in a lesson with him and he said that he had one brother and two sisters! 

    Here is another example:

    i will be getting a new science teacher soon so I kept wondering what she would look like so only last night I had a dream that I was in science with her and i saw her, I can still remember what she looks like and she had long brown hair and pale skin.

    im really scared I don't want to tell my parents this cos they will think that I'm wierd plz answer this!!!!!!

  84. I can look at people and tell they r pregnant and see the baby and sex without them telling me! I also am drained by others energy . I simply can't even go into large crowds anymore. exhausting . 

  85. Hey Grace, that sounds very uncanny! Check out our article on precognition, and we’ll be releasing another article about claircognizance. You may be able to relate with those!

  86. I always hear ringing and bells and I know when I will be getting money, my palms get ichey and boom a week later I get money not sure if that’s anything

  87. hi there it's me again, I've read ur article does this mean that I have it or something? :O

  88. I don’t know how I became Telepathic; I don’t think there is anybody else out there like me, I alter sounds into words and sentences and I even get into people’s minds; they have been known to say what I was thinking. My right ear rings and I want to know more about it. I cannot turn the alter of the sounds off its haunting me and I want to know has there ever been a person who can do this? What kind of telepathy am I and where would I go to get help. I would call it a gift but I’m haunted I’ve seen satan and feel like there’s a bunch of negativity surrounding me and a demon or satan himself is talking to me; please help and comment.

  89. Hey Timothy, you’re right – your skill is pretty rare, and our blog team will have to do some research into it! But don’t lose hope, even when negativity is around you – it only means that you’re capable of so much light, if you’re able to recognize the negativity around you in the first place (believe us, in most cases people just stew in them without realizing it). We hope the best for you on your journey, and keep checking back for when we have a post up on telepathy!

  90. I think something is Goin on in my dreams thay seem too come true a lot.mainly the bad ones, not really too do with me but other people, the plane shot down a while ago by a missile I dreamt that very vivid , I didn’t say anything about in too my girl friend as we were off too Europe a couples of day later an night scare her, that was 1 I have lots more, I have never looked into psychics before but lots of stuff happening lately , a man down the road commit suicide the other day an a friend told me how he did in an a chill run through me was exactly how I dreamed in even down too him tie in the rope around the fridge an out window , I never know who thay r an thought I may need too c someone too explore it’s more what do u think

  91. That sounds like something you should definitely look into, and explore if you can! If you’re looking for a fellow psychic who can advise you, Joanna is a very knowledgeable psychic’s psychic who could help you out on your journey.

  92. Hey there.. I was in similar situation… But gradually after going through all suffering i came to the conclusion that its not they who put thought in your head.. Actually we create our own reality. .. To stop every thing from bothering you, first of all you need to forgive that person for all their deeds..then only you will forget them and then least often pop up in realiy.. If you imagine their welbeing then evenif they pop up ..they will do no trouble to you..and you will eventually get desensitized to them. Try this out.. It will definately help.. Love n light.. 🙂

  93. Thank you for your thoughts, Satyajeet, that’s very empowering!

  94. Hi my name is Janese i’ve been experiencing deja vu this is happening almost on a daily but I have to say the deja vu I experience is not good I’ve been looking for answering on how I can purify my soul and house and I’ve been unable to find answers for the help I’m looking for this deja vu has me constantly running

  95. Now I’m starting this by stating if you disbelieve fine don’t reply.Now then as early as the age of 9-11 months I’ve had my ability’s for seeing spirits and for some reason the elements no idea why when it was raining I saw a water elemental and so on and so forth and I’ve had dreams of the future mine only so far I can tell you which lottotickets are winners not big jack pot but a few dollars or a free ticket woohoo I could see shadow figures at one haunted house I know it was haunted cause when we were unpacking my mother and I we put some plastic plates in a cabnit a spirit said put up again and it all goes. We moved and never returned we never went into the house ever again. astral projection lucid dreaming colored dreams precognition and I hear loud sharp whistles no bells or chimes my mothers ability’s she once saw her best friends father get killed at the exact moment on the third time she saw it it happened and she was in a trance state her friend tried to wake her but couldn’t she also had precognition dreams any object person or place that I visit or touch I see past experiences when I got hit on the head last year 2014 I lost almost all ability’s I am now trapped in my own body I can no longer astral project and I mourned this lost but though meditation I was also able to see my past lives as far back as merlin I also connected to Nostradamus and even Leonardo De Vinci disbelieve or believe I just wanted my abilities listed before I possibly lose them all I still have precognition and seeing the past of people thank you

  96. Human have psychic abilities, they are part of whatever else one has and like other talents and abilities, it takes practice and often training to develop them. You may be born with musical talent, but you still have to practice your instrument! Being psychic has precious little to do with making predictions or telling people what to do. The greatest use of one’s own abilities is to see oneself, create healing within, and use these valuable abilities to create one’s life.

  97. I have so much of rhis going on. At times I feel I need to supress it because it interferes with my life. Other timea I feel I need to develop these things but would not even know where to start. I have no is frustrating. I feel I may possess significant qbilities.

  98. Good day. I almost have all that signs but many times, i also denied it. I just didn’t want to accept that i had a psychic power. it’s very horrific experience since I was young. i remember crying in the morning because of what i saw in my dreams. and many times my mother scolded me because of what i told her. then my cousins told me that the signs i gave were real. if there were people in accident, i saw signs that really affected me. sometimes, i cried in the altar to ask God that the signs were not really happened in real situation, but it did. Now, i listed my signs and visions but not to tell anyone about it. i don’t want to bother other people and i don’t want to any receive feedback from them. I just continue praying and prepare myself to accept of what will happen soon. i accept to embrace my ability and make believe that this is God’s gift for me.

  99. That is a powerful story, Shei. We’re glad you’ve decided to embrace it, and we are confident that you will be guided to your life purpose!

  100. thank you. i feel that am not alone when reading some comments in your page. that’s why i shared my story too…

  101. I often have a gut feeling that something will happen and it will. I’ll usually have some strange thought about something and then it will happen later. Other times I will be thinking of something and the exact opposite happens. Does this mean anything?

  102. Hey Rayna, sounds like there’s something there, though you can refine it further! Try meditation so you can learn to grasp it. 🙂

  103. Hey Mitchell, sorry for the late response – your story is just so incredible that we didn’t know how to respond! More power to you, and we hope you continue on your journey!

  104. Hey Michelle, thanks for pointing that out! We’ve responded to your brother 🙂 Unfortunately we don’t know what to say, but we wish him all the best!

  105. We hope you pursue this further, Grace, it would be a shame if you didn’t get to the bottom of that!

  106. Hey Celeste, we hope that you find the answers to your questions. Psychic abilities don’t have to be a curse; we believe they could lead you to your destiny. We hope you find the strength through the challenges and find your soul’s calling!

  107. We hope that you learn to understand your psychic abilities without the use of external validation, Jonathan 🙂 Remember, it’s a quality of the soul that you may have been carrying for generations!

  108. Dear Anna, You may not have thought of this, but have you seen a counselor? There might be a counselor at your school that you can talk to. I also can sometimes predict the future but when I am scared a counselor is trained to help me work things out so I can be safe. You should be able to get help with anxiety and not lose any abilities you have for intuition or healing. One thing I recently predicted was that I was going to be working with a specific species of animal that wasn’t found anywhere near where I was when I felt the prediction… and probably in the next few months, I will be doing just that! Yay! Woohoo for intuitive wildlife biologists. 🙂 I currently am predicting that I will become a healer and hopefully soon that is going to take place (after a lot of effort put forth by me) 🙂 Try praying to God. It really relaxes me. I pray to Jesus ’cause I am a Christian. A lot of times my predictions, directions and visions come as I am praying, so I know they are coming from a good source, not an evil one. I think you need to definitely protect yourself from the evil that is trying to take advantage of you by praying to God/Jesus and focusing on good. Harriet Tubman led a lot of slaves out of slavery because she prayed to God, He gave her visions of where to go and how to get money to get there, and she trusted those visions. It is also great to have a relationship with God because you can ask Him for things and if He sees it is for your good, He will give them to you. For example I was praying to God one day when I had no money because I was struggling with unemployment and I said “When I get money someday I hope You will approve of me getting a purple sleeping bag with a matching pillow.” (My current bedding wasn’t really working for me and my mattress had a big hole in it.) So a little bit later, I was walking down the street and this guy put a purple sleeping bag by the side of the road and said he was putting stuff by the road that he didn’t want. It was like new and in perfect condition, so I asked him, are you sure you don’t want this sleeping bag? He was sure. So I got it! Woohoo! I gave him a thank you card. Then later on, I started talking to a girl and she wanted to help me out by giving me a pillow. When she came out with the pillow, it had purple flowers on it that matched the color of the purple sleeping bag. I had not told her what color pillow to get. I thanked her and am paying it forward by helping others. Now I have my matching pillow and sleeping bag that God gave me just because I needed it and I asked Him and he gave it to me. So really, “ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall open.” God can also give you really big things (like protection from evil for the rest of your life); you just have to ask and let Him save you. Take care, Carmen

  109. I think perhaps the Holy Spirit may be guiding you to a deeper understanding of the Bible?
    John 16:13 ESV

    When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

    Just be careful because it could also be an evil force trying to mislead you. Do you feel peace, love, and security when you develop these revelations? Or do you feel uncomfortable, like you are making a bargain with the thoughts because you are too scared to say no. If it is the first one, it should be The Holy Spirit and if it’s the second one it is evil.

    I have been finding that my inner light and intuitive powers have been growing since I became a Christian and opened myself up more to God and good and spurned evil, not making bargains with it, or listening to it speak. My life is much better now. I still am staying open to new experiences and am still getting rid of the shadows of my old life, where I was surrounded by people who were slaves to evil and were hurting me and others because of it. The Holy Spirit is a great guide. 🙂

  110. Hi! SO happy I found this site & love reading all the comments as I can relate to many! My question is do you have any knowledge of something called “visual snow” being related to psychic ability? Ive been able to basically “see air” (hard to explain but looks like super tiny molecular particles flying around when I focus my eyes on 1 spot & sometimes I see what loosely appears to be larger figures moving through the particles) yet I have 20/20 vision & dont suffer from migraines which it says online goes along w/visual snow “sufferers”. Ive also been able to see, hear & more often feel the presence of spirits beginning at age 10 (im now 36). My brother can also see spirits & visual snow but (unlike me) wants nothing to do with psychic abilities whereas I’d like to learn to harness my abilities to help or even heal people…Any advice is much appreciated!! Thanks:)

  111. Hello, I have alot of things that are going on, I don’t have money to pay for a reading, I’ve tried leaving it in God’s hands, but I feel like something or someone is trying to tell me/us something. I feel as if I do have some kind of ability, my daughter as a young girl, could sense things, and she had an “imaginary” friend, and now my 4 month old grandson, yesterday was smiling and being happy with my mother, when all, the sudden he cried as if he was scared by something. My mom’s house has ALWAYS had spirits there, not harmful, so we’ve never bothered them. Also, we have this terrible amount of “bad luck”, it has affected our faith with God, I look for help, and now I’m out of places to look, so it leads me here. What could this be, that we are experiencing? I’m sorry if this does not make sense, but I tried summing up my story.

  112. Hey Glenda, we’re hoping that someone else here could answer your questions because we don’t have them. The least we could say is that you can look at your “bad luck” and see if there is a pattern to things – if there is, maybe it’s a puzzle you can crack by looking at where they are similar and how you can respond differently next time, or turn your weakness into strength. Also, hopefully your grandson remembers these experiences by the time he can talk, so you can ask him yourself what he saw. We hope all the best for you and your family!

  113. Hey Heather, we’re finding this phenomenon curiously familiar, so we’re gonna see if our psychics can answer, okay? We’ll get back to you!

  114. Hey Heather, our psychics know what you’re talking about, but they don’t exactly know how to define, let alone explain it – well, at least you’re not alone when it comes to that experience! We’ve even kind of played with the idea that maybe it’s like we’re in the Matrix and we can occasionally see past the illusion that way.

  115. Hi there, I’m not sure where to begin. I’ll just tell you what I’ve experienced over the years. I can feel others emotions (anger, sadness, fear, happiness, etc.). At times I know what other people are thinking and we I answer the question they “thought of” they either get surprised or as my husband tells me “get out of my head”. I can’t control hearing their thoughts. I’ve thought of something such as telling someone to say or do something and then all of a sudden they do it. I can do this from another room and I can’t control it so I’m having to always be very careful with my thoughts. At times I know when someone will call and it’s somewhat frustrating when others look at me like I’m weird. I dream all the time (deaths, births, accidents) and they come true. I’ve even seen my grandchildren before they’re even born, so when they’re born I always whisper “Nice to see you again”. I once knew of someone who was very sick and I got this overwhelming feeling to visit them just so I could touch them, but I didn’t do it out of fear that they’d freak out. I want to understand these gifts and would love to use them for good, but I have no idea where to start. Any help is greatly appreciated and please accept my apologies for this being so long.

  116. My birthday was March 1st 2015 i just turned 19 I have always had a string intuition as well as being able to predict things before they happen . But in March I had a dream of my someone’s mother passing away and I told my mom and the next day she passed away and When I tell you my dream was VERY ACCURATE ! Maybe a month later I had a dream that a girl with a small bun on her head with no baby father was in the doctor’s office and something was wrong with the baby my friend that I havent spoken to in months came into my life and guess what two weeks later her baby died . I had a dream that a little girl was killed by a semi truck while riding her bike a police officer from the same town as me died while riding a motorcycle he was hit by a semi truck . I had a dream that I slipped by down a flight of stairs two days later my girlfriend slipped down a flight of stairs and badly hurt her ankle we went to the hospital . Lastly I had a dream I was walking with my friends when my phone fell in in a puddle mind you I walking over a bridge with a huge body of water underneath but my phone only falls into a long deep puddle and it stopped working but it all adds up because that same day later on that afternoon my friends that were in my dream were at my house and guess what ? One of them dropped there phones while at work earlier that day In a puddle outside I honestly think I was having the dream While all that was transpiring to her At work I had that dream in the morning around the sametime she said it happened she works in Bridgewater my dream transpired on a bridge then my phone fell in a puddle of water .PLEASE REPLY I feel as though im just Bad luck I feel as though im being notified about bad things that will occur .

  117. Hey Ronnie, that’s all right, and generally the first thing we recommend to people is to practice meditation so they can get a better grip of their abilities. It’s from that silent space that you “listen to God” as opposed to talking to him by praying. It may be challenging at first, but we encourage you to stick to it, because though you could ask a fellow psychic what’s happening and guide you somewhat through the journey, in the end, you have to take the reins, and the best way to do that is to meditate and listen to your true, inner self.

  118. Hey Nii, you’re not bad luck; there simply may be a reason why you are notified about these things. We highly suggest meditation. Please don’t panic when you get the next ones; ask help from your guides what you can do about the situation, meditate to listen to the answer, and always look out for signs that can help point you in the right direction.

  119. Hi. My name is Alexis, and I have been experiencing these events many times. During school (yes I am still in school school), I would look at someone and know alot about them, with out even talking to them, or about them (a total stranger) and later I would tell my friends if they know them, and I would be spot on. I always thought I was abnormal. I am also able to remember lots of things from my dreams, and they are usually in great detail (and I have horrible memory in the awake hours), I am able to sense when something bad is gonna happen, and just know things, with out studying, or anything, and it is usually about social or people, not academics. I sometimes hear my name is called, but it never was, and a few minutes later is really is. Deja vu happens alot, and I have lots of gut feeling. I always thought I was going crazy, cause no one I know knows about this, or has it. It is scary sometimes, because when a nightmare happens, and it is realistic, I am afraid it was really something that will happen.

  120. I can agree with so many that have commented. It is good to know I am not alone and at the same time, maybe not as different as I thought. How do you suggest that I find groups in my area that I can meet up with to share what we have in common. Like others have stated previously, if you don’t understand our gifts then there is SO much room for judging and not engaging and sharing.

  121. Facebook groups that don’t necessarily have a geographical location but have like-minded individuals may be a good way to start, especially if you can look into their posts and find that people have already been looking for others in their area/asking where everyone is from/at least are okay with members posting things like these. There are non-Facebook groups too, like Spiritual Unite. If you’re really lucky, a Google search for local communities or joining an existing/starting a new Meetup group could yield results!

  122. i am hoping to reach out with a personal story and ask your advice. For the past few years I’ve had some odd things going on that make me think maybe I’m “gifted” I just wanted your thoughts and to see if you know of a way to further develop it if it’s there. Situation 1) at 2 in the morning I woke up and dramatically started a fight with my husband. I insisted on going to stay on my grandmothers house till morning. My husband clammed me down and then told me I would startle my grandmother at such an hour. The next day around dinner time, my mother decided to drive to my grandmothers home because she wasnt answering her phone. My grandmother had passed. The medical examiner estimated she died at 2 am. The time I woke up and wanted to go to her house.
    2) on my brothers birthday 2 years ago I went to lunch with some friends. I had tried calling my brother that morning but wasn’t able to reach him. During lunch I heard my brothers voice whisper in my ear “I’m gone sis” then I saw a flash of fire and heard loud popping noises. I tried to dismiss it as some sort of crazy imagination day dream. The moment I walked in to the door returning from lunch is when my phone rang informing me that my brother had died that morning in a terrible house fire.
    3) about 4 months ago I had a dream that my cousins grandmother had passed. I never knew this woman as she was on my cousins fathers side of the family. I woke up and told my husband that I needed to call my cousin because my dream creeped me out. I got up and used the restroom. When I returned my husband was holding my cell phone saying ” no way” my cousin had just sent a text stating her grandmother passed that morning. The text came in while I was I. The restroom.
    4) yesterday I was teaching class when I had this overwhelming pull to call my friend Sara. She works overnights so I never call her at 10 am. I told my class to take a break and called her. She answered and said ” why are you calling me right now, how did you know to call me” I couldn’t explain to her how but she continued by telling me she had Jist found one of her close friends dead in his home less than an hour before my call.
    So what do you think I am dealing with here? Thank in advance for your help

  123. You sound like you have great potential to be a medium. We encourage you to follow your intuition when it strikes, find out what else you can do, and see if you can take classes on it in your area, surrounding areas or online. Or start with basic courses. James van Praagh has a course like this, for instance, but see if you can find something more affordable – just because it’s more expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better.

  124. I have a weird feeling about my life, all life, and all of the universe. Sometimes I don’t feel, like I’m numb physically but not mentally. As if I’m not connected with my body,
    it’s just a vessel I have to live in. I don’t see society and the views of what a soul should be like or what it’s vessel should look like, that doesn’t bother me. Because when I
    look in the mirror and see this vessel, it’s not me. It’s not where I feel I belong. I am a spirit simply stuck in a vessel wanting to travel.
    My body or anyone else’s body doesn’t faze me, I don’t think of it as a big deal. I think too much,
    I can’t be around a human without feeling as if TV static is on full volume and screaming is all around me.
    I get very, anxious. I can’t be around anyone, not even my own family.
    I am with animals most of the time, I talk to plants, the moon, the sky. Everything contains some sort of feeling and aura that I love.
    I love everything, and I love the people who aren’t
    aware of life and what life truly is. This universe that contains so many beings and amazing things and what time is and what has
    existed before the universe and all time.
    How there are spirits that aren’t in physical form who also needs help. I just need to be alone. I can’t handle people, being around anyone.
    Any kind of yelling, noises, unless it’s
    nature or animals. I feel this constant feeling of some kind of frequency like screaming or loud static on a TV and the stress never goes away,
    I feel strongly for equality and
    one of my biggest triggers are people who sexually assault. Consent is the most important thing to me, and any kind of oversexualizing of any
    woman or any man seeing a woman as just
    an object to have sex with and not see as another soul or being I get very angry. An anger I’ve never felt throughout my whole life as who I am in this
    physical body now. An anger I feel
    whenever one is disrespected? Don’t get me wrong, both men and women are beautiful and equal in my eyes, I just don’t understand the anger and
    pain behind it. But then I know both
    men and women can objectify a being. A female had touched me sexually when I was only five. I didn’t understand, but I do now. It’s painful to think about.
    Nothing feels simple,
    everything is a loud static sound and an extremely anxious feeling wherever I go. I have a lot of trouble sleeping. All of my llife I’ve disliked being around
    any kind of human being. I love
    being alone, tranquility, peace. I can’t handle being around any form of hate or ignorance. I don’t believe i’m special, or better than anyone. Everyone is equal in my eyes.
    I don’t get jealous,
    what I have is enough. As long as my family and animals are healthy and happy. Sometimes I can’t feel, sometimes I think too much. It goes back to
    questions of the universe and the significance
    of our lives and what everything is how unique it is of how everyone learns to communicate or just do things in a cultural norm or doing everything the same every day.
    What are days?
    The concept of days, years, months, minutes, hours? Why does this exist? Why are their laws against two souls on this physical plane not able to be
    together or are frowned apon because
    of “age” or “body type” or what “society” says is right or wrong. Everyone and every living being is equal.
    From an ant to an elephant to a human or a beetle. Plants, animals, water, the universe.
    Everything is beautiful. The ways beings have learned to cope with other life in the universe. What am I? When I was a child, I used to draw people before they visited me,
    or my house, before I knew who they were. I also seen spirits, who were once human beings but are now gone. Some unexplainable things that I will never understand, visions,
    messages in my dreams, I understand everyone on a deeper, spiritual level. I feel like I don’t belong here. How did I get here? Everything is different. I want to think like the average
    teenage girl sometimes, and other times I’m self aware and happy about it. I don’t feel as if I should label myself male or female, sometimes I feel like both though I know I was born
    with feminine parts. I love both men and women, of any religion or any race, nationality, political beliefs, whoever has a good personality and loves me for who I am.
    Though I do admire someone who doesn’t know of my existence and I hope will someday.. I do not love animals or any objects or beings like I do a man or a woman on this Earth.
    I just don’t understand anything. I want to know things, I want to know of why we exist. How time exists. How all of this happened. And who am I? Why am I here. Help me, please.

  125. Whew I have many to say but if I may start by saying at my home when ever they are looking for something they tend of asking me even when I don’t have idea but the suprise is in 5 seconds I just tend to know were it was but sometimes annoys me like why me

  126. Hey Gilbert, a lot of people do ask that question, “why me”? And a lot of the time, they are coming from confusion and fear and frustration, and want the gift taken from them. So, for one thing, you should know that everyone has the potential to develop psychic abilities. Second, yours seems to have developed more than others’ around you, and it’s likely because you have a path to go through for your spiritual growth. It would be great if you want to develop it further, but if you don’t, you can always meditate and ground yourself in other abilities until it goes away.

  127. Hey Lexi, you sound like a very sensitive lightworker, and most likely an old soul who has experienced other realities outside the typical earth-focused one most of us here inhabit. About the questions you ask – it’s highly recommended that you experience the answers yourself, but the short answers are:

    We exist because we are all God in the making (yes, God – you are me, and I am you, and we are all One), and we are learning our lessons here before we become That.
    Time exists because we are in this training stage. Beings from higher dimensions (4th, 5th and so on) see time differently from we do. How we experience time here is part of the test, and gives us opportunity to grow, learn and develop ourselves in all aspects.
    We can only speculate how exactly all of this happened; Kabbalah is a resource, but if you choose to go through this spiritual journey, your own guides will be able to help you. In any case, it just might be too awe-some for us to fully understand with our limited human brain capacity.
    You are you, Lexi. You have a specific mission here. Your life and experience are valuable and are not in vain. If you chose to leave before your time, you will be sorely missed.
    You are also me, I am also you, and we are all One.

    We hope that shed some light in your situation, and we wish you the best in your spiritual journey.

  128. I once had a dream that there was going to be a lot of people getting laid off at my old job. In my dream, I was at work and 2 people came to my desk and told me on this day you will no longer have your job. They pointed to my calendar that was on my desk and it was 23rd. Well, On the 23rd that month, that was when we heard about possible layoffs and sure enough it happened.

    That was 2 years ago, I now keep on having dreams that I am going to get a job back there since they’ve been hiring more. I also experience dejavu quite a few times and there is this man that won’t leave my soul. Sometimes, I can even sense that he’s thinking about me. He just won’t leave my mind at all.

  129. Hey Jenna, those sound like very legitimate psychic dreams! About that man, maybe you should confront him about it – maybe there is something for your soul to learn from your experiences with him.

  130. I have all the abilities listed. No how do I stop being scared of it and actually reopen it to be as active as it was when I was a child and the early stages of being a teenager? Some where along the way I know I made efforts to shut it out. For example if meditation is useful what kind should I do? What are other exercises can I do? Also are other people not experiencing these things because they from very early decided not to think? I always end up being tracked down by friends asking for advice all the time and most of them are really really clueless in general. I’ve freaked people out with my ability to predict the future especially when it comes to their relationships with others. Worst thing about all of this is I give them the answers to their questions and they turn out to be a bunch of askholes who keep asking and don’t do anything I told them to do and then call me crying like a baby.

  131. Hey Allison,

    Any kind of meditation is useful; its simplest form just may carry the most potential, because no two people are alike and you will be learning to listen to your senses, your self.
    You can read our psychic meditation article. Other exercises like whitelighting and affirmations are good, but only augment the control you get from meditation, which should come out as something like this, whether in the physical or astral world.

    Yes, one reason why other people don’t experience it is because they’ve decided to ignore it. It’s like having musical capacity – some people just flat out don’t have it, but most of us have it to some degree, and many of us can be promising at it if we practice.

    Giving people advice they don’t follow or understand only to come to you and cry in the end is a very frustrating experience – even our psychics are prone to this. We’re not exactly authorities on what you should do on the matter, but the last time they talked about it, there was a general consensus that people will do what they have to do, even if it’s about learning the hard way, and sometimes whatever you say will be useless. The best we can do is to be there for them compassionately, whether or not we decide that we should tell them what we know, as much as we can afford to without compromising our own lives or growth in the process.

  132. I have felt all of these, except the last one – I feel a disconnect with the place I’m in and connected to another but never at two places at the same time. When I was younger I used to attempt channel my energy, to hurt people when I was angry or to help ones I like. It worked, scarily sometimes, but then I soon got afraid of doing the former cause what goes around comes around? So then I stopped channeling completely. It’s been long, and I’m not utilizing my energy like before, I don’t know if I should. But I’m still able to heal, most people come to me with broken hearts intuitively, even people I’ve just met and two people one with her headaches and another with his Acidity issues, they always say they feel cured after sitting with me for a while. 🙂 Didn’t know Psychic energy was the reason.

  133. Ok, this may sound crazy, but all my life I’ve “heard noises, seen things, felt things, etc” in a very minute amount, but I would say in the last 5 months (give or take) I’ve been having these issues more and more frequently and it’s coming to the point where it just doesn’t stop. Sometimes I’ll see them out of the corner of my eye, or sometimes an image just flashes in my head. I can hear a very quiet crowd of people but cannot make out what is being said. I’ve never experienced anything like whats happening. I’ve been involved in paranormal studies, etc. but the “medium” thing always had me skeptical. I feel like all of this is an overactive imagination and I can’t stop it! I’m an adult and I feel like a scared, skittish schoolboy who’s afraid of the dark. Am I losing my mind? What is happening to me? BTW, I never reach out to anyone for anything, but I can’t take much more w/out an explanation.

  134. That sounds wonderful 🙂 Glad you’ve decided to use your abilities for the good! About the channeling, maybe it’s not -yet- the time, but we’re sure you will learn what you should do with it eventually, your guides are always there to guide you <3 Looking forward to your wonderful spiritual journey!

  135. You sound very clairaudient, among other things. We recommend that you listen to these signals, because it sounds like they’re through with you trying to ignore them! Many mediums start out skeptical like you do, but sometimes you’re chosen instead of you getting to choose. Here’s an article on how to work with the whole mediumship business. We wish you all the best!

  136. Well not that I don’t want the gift just at first site I don’t know I have the ability but not only that one, when I was four or five year years ago I once predict the future about a fight, it just came to my mind but I just felt like it nothing just a thought but it came to past. I do sometimes read people mind even feelings, I do also felt this feelings it as if something that has happened before is repeating like activity and I have this thing that also happens to me like I easy hear a tiny sounds(example, like a phone ringing or vibrating And people together with me can’t hear I will) and there is a time I felt genius, that’s when my brain becomes superb like quick thinking or solving but not all times it do happen, lemme stop here but is there way I could learn to control them.

  137. I have vivid dreams that come true, I believe they are called precognitive dreams. I also have a book which translates other dreams symbolically so I know things are going to happen before they do. People I know visit me in dreams looking older and tell me things. Always bad news though.

    I would like to learn more how to develop this gift. Any ideas?

  138. The common techniques we recommend is meditation, protection and affirmations. It really starts with you being hyper-aware of yourself (besides, it is the greatest journey/struggle to be master of yourself) – in the process, you grow spiritually, and your spiritual qualities that manifest as these intuitive abilities become more obedient under your sway.

  139. We recommend keeping a dream journal, and learning/practicing lucid dreaming. With a dream journal, you become more aware of patterns and can also jot down the things that were happening around you / news in your environment or the country that you are aware of and may have affective your dreams. With lucid dreaming, you may learn how to change things around, since in those moments you are in the astral plane and may be able to help affect outcomes before they manifest in the material plane.

  140. Well nice and I pray it help cause I have been reading about the meditation and protection every thing I see that will help. It a long process but I will keep it up but to master all this do I need a quite place or any were a bit quite cause I’m staying with my aunt and she had kids..and when mastering all this if am growing in it how will I know

  141. It’s different for every person, and you may not know it and it may be a constant frustration for you some days, but just keep at it and one day you can look back and realize how far you’ve gone. 🙂

  142. My sister and I have these gifts, I get the ringing in my ear so high that it bothers me. My sister daughter also has the gift, but didn’t know how to use it. Sadly my sister has sever panick attack where I used too I’m always in constant prayer. I was just wondering if having. Anxiety is related to our gift. I tend to become anxious around certain people when they leave the room I’m normal again, as though I can feel some one pain or fears. Hate that feeling.

  143. I’m not sure if I am maybe a bit psychic but it’s happened three times recently and never before when I know something that’s happened but not before it happenes. The first time I was out with friends and then my mom picked me up and I had been replaying a conversation between her and my step dad in my head for a few minutes but I couldn’t remember being there but it really felt like I was there so I asked her about it and told her line for line what happened and who said what and she said that they had just had that exact conversation before she came to fetch me and I thought it was really weird because it wasn’t a dream and I couldn’t remember having any sort of ‘vision’ I just all of a sudden remembered it. So I just left it and didn’t think anything else of it until ome day during the holidays I was away and two of my friends went shopping and when I saw them again I asked how it was and then I asked if they spoke about going to see the movie If I Stay and they said yes they wanted a group of us to go when it came out and once again it felt like I was there when they spoke about it but I wasn’t and I couldn’t remember when I saw or remember them talking about it, I just suddenly remembered it a few days before I saw them, so after that I was wandering why I knew these things. Then the other day my friend went down to the sea for a few days with her parents and when she came back one again I asked her if she was on a road that she really liked and said something about really liking it or it being a very nice road and she said she had she said it was her favourite road. I’veso had a few everyday thoughts that ended up happening like a while ago I thought to myself that we were going to wear casual clothes to school (we wear uniforms) on the last day of school and the next day our headmaster announced that she was giving us a reward and we could wear whatever we wanted on the last day of school which was in two days. I know it’s all really small stupid things that have happened but they have happened and it’s really weird for me and I don’t know what’s happening? Can you please give me some advice or insight to this and if it’s just coincidence or something more?

  144. I can see stuff happen and when one of my body parts hurt someone gets hurt in that exact place and feel stuff and will black out time to time and people moving and talking with one and other about something and then it happens seconds later

  145. Hey Rubyann, yes, anxiety really can be part of the experience, that’s why understanding how it all works is usually slow, gradual work so we slowly get used to it. Try figuring out how to fine-tune those feelings. What exactly about those certain people make you anxious? Don’t rush yourself about it, just learn to gently observe yourself and dial your intuition up and down according to what you need.

    Sorry to hear about your sister. Yes, prayer helps – meditation too. We highly recommend keeping that practice to be more capable of managing psychic abilities.

  146. Hey Kendra, this is definitely real, and you’re not alone. You’re currently acting as a receiver, but you can also be a transmitter, too. I don’t know if you ever want to go that far, though, but suffice to say, you sound both clairvoyant and clairaudient.

  147. For what it’s worth, we read this article just now and it could be for good reason – eating pickles could help you feel less anxious! 😀

  148. woow. i have vivid dreams that i can remember detail for detail. one time i had a dream and the same thing happened in real life.. my friends know when i say things it usually right especially when i get that gut instinct . sometimes i even know whos calling me or say things and someone says it straight after

  149. I HAVE ALWAYS WONDER, HAVE DEJA VU ALOT..I HAVE ALWAY HAD DEAD GUT FEELINGS,HEARD BELLS AND MY NAME BEING CALLED THINGING IT WAS A FAMILY MEMBER CALLING and they looking at me like I am crazy. Also I have dream if days happening nothing extraordinary happening just regular days. I sometimes feel like maybe I have abilities than I feel not….and having seen shadows in my family weird things always happens to my siblings and I.

  150. Sounds like really wonderful psychic dreams! We’d love to see what happens if you started keeping a dream journal and started learning how to lucid dream 🙂

  151. Kay so heres my deal. So when i was in middle school one of my friends was going to go out of state i told her to be careful incase the plane crashes, she calls me one day and tells me that her plane nearly crashed, she freaked out and called me a witch -shrugs- thats the first time i could do it the second time was when my uncle and father were diagnosed with cancer, i didnt know since my family cut ties with me for being lesbian, anywho i kept having nightmares and i couldnt understand them but i had a bad feeling about it, i called my mother on a whim and asked her how everyone was, she didnt tell me right away but i was able to guess from her tone of voice. My nightmares usually consist of a demon who os impersonating my family and sure enough just a few days later my uncle passes away, then my father got worse and is currently on his last moments….does having those dreams count?

  152. When I was younger I used to have visions… But as I got older they just seemed to fade away. But I do hear ringing sounds often but I don’t think thats a really big deal. I also get déjà vu a lot still but I don’t know.

  153. Of course, Abel. We offer condolences to your family. We suggest keeping a dream journal so you can record these psychic dreams, and so you can learn to understand more clearly what your dreams mean as time goes by.

  154. If you’re still interested in developing your psychic gifts, there’s always ways to practice every day, so you can get those visions back if you really want them. This may also mean learning not to dismiss the signals you get, like those ringing sounds; intuition is like a little kid playing show-and-tell – if you ignore them, they get pouty and don’t talk to you for a while! It’s going to be slow work, but learn to listen and keep an open mind – it can turn out to be something more. 🙂

  155. What if you don’t think that you have any pyschic abilities but you read the signs and you show you have multiples signs what about that??

  156. Then what else would it mean? 😉 Just because you think something is so doesn’t always mean it actually is so. We’re glad you’re open to the idea that there may be something more going on with you!

  157. when my father passed away and I received the call and was with alone no family around at the moment I felt this something I done before. And I feel weird and I am afraid to say anything because people think I am
    Crazy !!!

    What does it mean ?
    I felt I knew what to do is. That normal ?
    Never son or felt this loss before ?

  158. Hello……I’m 13 but I’m not sure if I’m psychic or just very much wanting to be one so I imagine I’m one but…..latley my mom is cotimplating on a decion on what to do (to stay with the man she has been with for 11 years or a man she SAYS she has fallen in love with ushaly my what I think is a gift is not very strong but its been VERY strong I have a HORRIBLE FEELING IN MY GUT AND I CAN SENSE SOMETHIBG BAD IS COMING. Can we email

  159. It’s good that you’re willing to learn more about what may be intuitive abilities, Jackie! We encourage you to be more observant of what’s happening with and around you so you can get to the bottom of it!

  160. I wonder about abilities. I have broken up with an ex several times. There is a particular song he used to associate to me. It is an old song from the 60’s and isn’t one you would hear daily.

    Several times when I have heard the song, he will appear within a few hours. Whether I pass him on the roadway or he calls, texts, etc. It makes me wonder if I have that ability, if its a sign.

    As a child, I had several instances of deja vu that were very shocking to me. I didn’t understand it when it happened, but always remember it.

    I have intense feelings of someone coming to visit my office at work and in one day I guessed correctly 3 times in a row before the person appeared.

  161. Hi Tracy, these are definitely signs of your psychic ability. We encourage you to start meditating more, both to have more control over your abilities and have clarity on why you have them. 🙂

  162. I have deja vu all the time. I also get ringing in my ears all the time. I don’t dream every night but when I do they are intense and I can remember them for several hours after I wake up. If I have physic abilities how do I go about developing them?

  163. What would I do for a next step in furthering my abilities after that? Could you recommend a book or website that could be helpful? Thank you.

  164. I definitely have capabilities and learnt how to control it. One day we drove and I saw a car where the one side mirror was broken, and I thought, wow I hope that never happens to my car. And 10min later, Boom! A dove fly against my car side mirror, and off it was.
    Another day I was driving in heavy rain behind my husband. As I drove I couldn’t see his tires, and thought if he gets a flat wheel now, I will not be able to tell. And again, few minutes later we came to realize he has a flat tire. Another occasion I helped my mom out of the lift and saw the step and thought IF my mom falls, I will do this and that. And THERE IT HAPPENS! So from there on I controlled my negative thoughts and changed the negative to positive.

  165. We haven’t personally checked out books or websites, though some of the famous psychics we’ve written about before have made products of their own for budding psychics. You may want to look them up and see what they have to offer, as well as check if any reviews on these things are online. 🙂 We’ll also check with our psychics and get back to you if they have recommendations!

  166. That’s a very encouraging story, Alta! Definitely, changing your thoughts can be the beginning of changing the world around you 🙂

  167. I have deja vu frequently and sometimes I can remember exactly when I had dreamed about it and sometimes I KNOW what is gonna happen in a movie or what a character is gonna say. I can feel when someone is coming before they actually get up to do it, but I don’t know if that means I have a gift of some kind.

  168. Bianca, it is, though! We encourage you to learn more about your abilities by constantly being more aware of yourself. We highly recommend meditation!

  169. Hey Brittany, Zarabeth went out of her way to look up some books and write up some tips!

    Books and Readings in General:

    Also, to quote her verbatim:

    • • “Read Sylvia Browne, John Holland, John Edwards, Edgar Cayce – read any and everyone who has powers. Meditate!!!! Listen to audiobooks / guided meditations, Deepak Chopra, etc. The Silva Ultramind system is awesome and they also have a Remote Viewing audiobook system.”
    • • “Ritual helps too. Finding and following a religious or spiritual belief system + magic (with a k) will help the spirits open your third eye. Also yoga. The body must be clear. Open the chakras through crystals, reiki, and chakra oils, incense, and the different sounds and colors for each chakra.”
    • • “Find and practice mental exercises, there are a ton on the internet. Some are interactive. They will push you. I wish I remembered which sites. There was some institute – maybe the Rhine institute?”

    Let us know how you find these, and we wish you the best of luck in your spiritual journey!

  170. I started meditating like you told me to, and right when I started, I heard this loud wind from outside, when I stopped I couldn’t here it anymore, but when I started to meditate again the winds came back.

  171. That sounds very, very promising 😀 Continue it as a daily practice, and let nothing stand in your way!

  172. So I’m the type of person who daydreams a a lot. All the time, everyday and let me tell you it makes it hard to concertrate on anything. Anyway back to the point, lately I think my daydreams are more than just simple day dreams and here is my most recent example: Last night I was just sitting on the couch, reading with the tv playing but on mute. Next thing I know I’m suddenly sucked into a daydream involuntarily. I mean most daydreams are always involuntary but never that sudden. Anyway, it was short, just flashes of images of one of my favorite shows. It was jist weird because that was one of my least favorite episode. The show is Doctor Who and the episode was the one with The Doctor teaching a science class undercover because he thought something was wrong with the school. Then just seconds later I look up at the tv and I see a comercial, but after a few more seconds the show Doctor Who just starts amd its the exact same episode I was daydreaming about. This has happened a few time before and there are some other thing too, like a song would sudden pop into my head and the a few seconds to a couple minutes later either someone turns on the radio and that song is playing or someone in my house just starts humming it. I also have this problem with my right ear that, up until I saw some of the comments on this website, I thought was completely normal. I would suddenly lose my hearing ability in said ear and it would feel like some pressure or something was on it and the this high pitched ringing starts. And last but not least I sometimes see things, like flash of color in the corner of my eyes sometimes accompanied with a sound but when I would look nothing is there. In all honesty the first twp don’t really scare me but the last two give me some concerns for my sanity. I just don’t know if they are psychic ability or if I am just going crazy.

  173. Ok well I have no idea what my psychic ability is and I've researched a lot about it but I just can't find the right one for me….if that makes sense and it's really annoying me. I first got into psychic abilitys when I got my dolly magazine and it had a box to start with then it would have a question inside of it and if you were to say yes then it would lead you to another box and it would continue until the end where it would have 4 different boxes with different ability and I would always land on telepathy becasue you could start at diferent boxes but all my friends and family members get more then 1 ability but at first I thought that they might have been changing their answers to each question each time until i tried to use my ability and I keep practicing and practicing but it never works and I have no idea what to do. I keep researching but EVERTHING website has  different ways to do practice telepathy. PLEASE HELP I dont know if it's that I'm trying to work on the wrong ability or if I even have an ability in the first place. Please answer.

  174. Ok well I have no idea what my psychic ability is and I've researched a lot about it but I just can't find the right one for me….if that makes sense and it's really annoying me. I first got into psychic abilitys when I got my dolly magazine and it had a box to start with then it would have a question inside of it and if you were to say yes then it would lead you to another box and it would continue until the end where it would have 4 different boxes with different ability and I would always land on telepathy becasue you could start at diferent boxes but all my friends and family members get more then 1 ability but at first I thought that they might have been changing their answers to each question each time until i tried to use my ability and I keep practicing and practicing but it never works and I have no idea what to do. I keep researching but EVERTHING website has  different ways to do practice telepathy. PLEASE HELP I dont know if it's that I'm trying to work on the wrong ability or if I even have an ability in the first place. Please answer. I went on some website and I did a test and it said I have the ability to feel people's emotions but on another website it said I could send thoughts to other people. I'm so confused right now.

  175. Im just confused if i have this ability. One night i dreamed that i have a psychic power i can read minds, thoughts and i see my self with a violet color in my forehead its like a flame. Actually sometimes i remember things that going to happen before it happen. Sometimes i see things like shadow, thier are times when im in others place i feel and remember that ive been there before or i see this place even though that is my first time to that place. And sometimes i heard a voice calling my name. I need help pls I need some explaination, email me here thanks

  176. Okay i think im crazy i dont know if its ability or just assuming. i had this dream That i have a psychic power, i can read minds, thoughts, and i see my self with that violet color on forehead. And also in reality i experience wierd things. I can feel that vibration a very strange energy and sometime i feel that someone is looking at me when im alone, i heard voices sometimes calling my name, i also heared like ringing on my ears. I also smell things that no one can And also i experience those things like i already seen the things, happening and places. Having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced, has already been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not. When i was young about 6 years old me and my twin sister playing with my cousin i witness that my twin sister pass through the concrete wall. My father side family is healer and see unusual also. I need explanation about this. Thanks 🙂

  177. Magazines and tests may be able to catch if you have a specific ability, but the best way to know for sure is to meditate! The important thing is to not be impatient or goal-focused, because psychic abilities are qualities of your soul, and they tend to not show up very prominently until your soul has matured – that’s why we say everyone has psychic abilities, but not everyone can be the Psychic Twins. 🙂 Meditate so you are more aware of yourself and what you can actually sense outside of your five senses – it will take a while, but the practice of patience and awareness you build up from meditation will help you identify your abilities from your own experience.

  178. Sorry, we can’t email you right now since the staff is wading through a lot of work 🙁 But the violet color is your third eye. 🙂 You may have had a precognitive dream! You also seem to be displaying abilities in clairvoyance and clairaudience. We highly recommend talking to one of our psychics for more guidance, but if you can’t right now, look for psychic communities in Facebook groups for starters. 🙂

  179. Im glad to see so many people have some of the issues I do. I have premonitions alot but they come when they feel like and only a few seconds beforehand. Not enough to do anything with the info. I freaked a black jack dealer once when I called out six cards in a row before she dealt them. It hit me and I just blurbed them out. The other players gave me weird looks as well. I can sense spirits also.Just the generalities though. Whether they are adult or child, male or female and their general demeanor, benevolent, angry, sad, lost. I don’t like this at all. My wife and I were living in an apartment and there were spirits of two little girls there. Well, to be honest, they’ve been with me my whole life but some places they are more “lively” than others. They’re giggly and and generally happy. I would guess them to have been 7 and 4. Anyway in this particular building they were noticeable to my wife and children as well. They all actually got used to the sounds of girls playing and running in the halls where no one was present. One evening in this place just as I was falling asleep a hooded figure came into my room approached me, grabbed me and shook me violenty and said Drake 10-7 Drake 10-7.It seemed that being was insistent and desperate that this message was understood. I did some research hoping to find nothing and dismiss this as a dream. No luck there!!! Turns out our apartment building was an 1800s Clinic/Funeral home run by a Dr Drake. I never did figure out the meaning of the 10-7. Was it a date? an address? I don’t know. There have been other incidences like this in my life and they really freak me out. Sometimes I wonder if Im crazy.

  180. This sounds intense, Darrel, and beyond what the blog team can comment or advise on 🙁 We highly recommend you talk to a psychic when you can. If you are looking to minimize the occurrence of these abilities, you can try these tips. We hope you become in peace with your abilities and how they manifest, and that you have the kind of life you deserve 🙂

  181. If you feel uncomfortable around people you should honor that. It may be that you are an empath. Empathy generally falls under Clairsentience.

    Basically you are feeling other peoples thoughts and feelings as if they were your own.

    A woman who has helped me is Rose Rosetree. I warmly recommend her books. Another author who I recommend even more is Rosemary Altea. You Own the Power is the title of her book.

    It was so bad with me that I got misdiagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I was taking a medicine and by stoppinvlg this medicine clarity began to take over.

    If you guys are taking meds for anxiety I am not saying to stop. What I suggest is to listen to your intuition on the best course.

    If you are in fact an empath its essential that you become emotionally intellectual and are aware of who you are (strengths, weaknesses etc.) This is because the lines can get blurred between who you really are and what is taken on from others.

    Its essential that you find ways to strenghen your solar plexus as this is where empaths draw power. The more self esteem you have the easier it is to be you, that unique and special individual.

    The third eye is sort of a command center and is what allows us to manipulate energy. This is important with regard to pulling your energy in (the wider the energy field the more crap u can pick up).

    Generally a empath uses the sacral, heart and brow chakras to sense.

    But having all of your chakras healthy is a good idea. The root chakra serves to anchor you (you feel more attuned to you, your own body,) and the throat chakra helps bring into manifestation the energies of the first three chakras.

    Its essential because the chakras do not know the difference between your own feelings or others. Its essential they stay healthy.

    The foot chakra is essential too. The foot chakra sends excess energy back into the earth. Soaking your feet in epsom salts is reccomended.

  182. Even though i just saw it on my dream? How can we say that third eye is open? 🙂

  183. Technically speaking, all our third eyes are open, because it’s one of the seven basic chakras of the body. Even in those whose third eyes are the most under-balanced or “closed”, they still get some of the “ability”, even it’s as simple as knowing when someone’s looking at them from behind.

    Dreams are messages from your subconscious. Given your experiences plus that dream, it seems that your third eye is really calling for your attention, and wants to be trained and liberated!

  184. so i can improve this ability. Some practice i think? And guidance of expert. Thanks 🙂

  185. Yes, spot on! Meditation, for sure. And when you are ready, from our own experience a teacher will naturally appear, whether in the form of a person, or materials accessible to you, or just anything you can use as a resource for practicing, honing, and whatnot that you can feel is spiritually important to you. Best wishes on your journey!

  186. I have visions in the form of dreams that come true. I saw Pope Francis in a profound and elaborate dream one and a half years before he was elected. This is odd because I'm not catholic. I also had a dream about Bill Clinton falling down stairs in front of reporters and injuring his leg and the next day he injured his knee playing golf.  Also, I had a job once as a loss prevention agent and when I walked by someone who was thinking about stealing something I could sense it and when I followed them I more often than not saw them conceal merchandise and attempt to leave the store with it.  Is there a way to hone this skill to help people?

  187. Whew, Doug, that’s … wow! You can start off with this list one of our psychics recommended for improving psychic abilities in general for now, but we’ll forward this question to them, too!

  188. Our psychic Alex Angel suggests that you start with learning how to obtain information you specify, or ask for at will, instead of getting them randomly. Then you can learn to “sharpen” your dreams/visions. 

    Our psychic Dove points out though that your skills are your skills – it’s how you choose to use them that helps or doesn’t help people. It’s as simple and as complicated as that!

  189. Does anyone else have the ability to see through other’s eyes and read words, books, signs that the other person is reading? Or have you ever mind read someone looking through the eyes of another person at whoever they are looking at, like going through many people just to read one person without looking exactly at that person yourself? Or am I only weirdo that does?

  190. I think I may have an ability. Basically I can memorize in vivid detail a building I have walked through even though it’s only once and know directions to each room or how to get to said building. I don’t know if it’s an ability or if it’s just that I have a very good photographic memory.

  191. We recognize that, Daniel, though we’ve yet to find a formal name for it. It’s the abilities that let you answer people’s questions about what they want to hear that gets the names, not psi- or intuitive-related practical abilities like these… That’s great, though! Some of us wish we had that because sometimes just distinguishing left from right is confusing 😀

  192. We have had experiences of psychics doing that with us, Angela! It’s another manifestation of your being able to read another person’s energy. You could call it clairvoyance. 🙂

  193. I used to have deja vu’s all the time when i was a kid…it still happens but not that often anymore.
    I can feel when something bad is going to happen..last month i got a vision of a car crash in the morning..later that day i was in a car crash…plus i think i have a spider sense ,
    I was lying on the couch watching tvband suddenly out of the blue i’m thinking about spiders , 2 hours later i see a huge spider in my house.
    This is the fourth or fifth time this has happened , somehow is always know before i see them

  194. I also feel anxious around some people i get so nervous i have hard time looking at them and i get shortness of breath around them. But when they leave the room i feel much better i was also told i have anxiety.  Just keep thinking im having anxiety attacks. Theres times i get so scared and nervous i think bad things are going to happen to me ive had over 10 near death experiences. I know i can feel things just really dont know what im feeling. Theres times i know when the phones going to ring and who it is or i can finish my sons sentence when hes telling me something or im thinking of the same thing hes thinking.. i can feel when im around someone i dont know and they dont like me or its if they since something strange about me. Or im picking something up strange about them. Growing up ive had lots tell me im fun to be around and im sweet but ive also had people tell me im wierd even when i didnt do anything wrong to them and even trying to be nice to people ive had people tell me that mostly women some men i can feel when women r feeling threatened around me too. Im an attractive women. But dont have any friends. What can i do??

  195. Hey Heather, it sounds like you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, with empath abilities, clairsentience, and claircognizance 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that it’s been very difficult for you to live with your heightened sensitivity around people, but do know that you’re not alone. We suggest that you try some whitelighting techniques to learn to protect yourself from other people’s negative energy, and practice positive affirmations so you attract more good circumstances in your life. Meditation is great to help with the anxiety, we highly recommend that to everyone!

  196. Hi,

    For as long as I can remember I have had the ability to tell what someone is truly like by simply meeting them, people usually say I am to quick to judge but in the end I am always right. Over the past few years I have been aware of my deja fu, scientists explain it as not paying attention and then when you do you THINK you have seen I before. That may explain some cases but I usually see a few steps ahead, I'll remember the moment I'm in and remember what happens next. I have tried to rationalize it but I cant seem to so I'm here..

    I think its getting stronger last week I knew 2 days in advance that our water heater would break, its the first time I have predicted something and I cant stop thinking about it. I've had deja fu where I remembered having that deja vu before but I have never predicted a future event.

    I also get "vibes" or "feelings" about places, people and objects, they're usually telling me to stay away.

    I also pick up my phone to answer texts and phone calls before the phone rings.

    I don't know if I believe that I'm psychic but I know I'm not like everyone else.

    I use writing as a way to "vent" my thoughts through writing so sorry if this I too long.

  197. Hi, I'm fairly new as a 45 year old to admitting I have psychic abilities, although I've been having experiences since I was young. However in the last 8 years since my first child was born they seem to have changed and increased substantially. Apart from some experiences in the hospital where my first child was born, the first experience of the kind that are everyday to me now was when I decided that my new exercise regime would involve bushwalking in our local national park. The moment I had that thought I felt (note: different to hearing) a voice say to me "NO! People get murdered in the national park". A couple of days later I found out via the local news that a neighbour had indeed been murdered by her husband in the local national park the previous week. Since then in the hours between deep sleep and fully waking I see visions and hear voices that tell me what is to happen. At first it was just about what would happen in my life and the people around me in the days to come. These days I recognise that the things coming to me are of a more universal nature as well as the more personal. Not sure why. What does one do with this information? Particularly as my family has no interest in this kind of thing and would probably assume I was crazy. I have started writing the things I see and hear at the advice of Crowfeather Psychic Medium who's predictions I've read and the way they are presented to her seem similar to my experience. Just what does one do with this???!!


  198. There was this one time where I was playing with the deck of cards. I tried predicting what the first card was for fun. When I flipped it, it wasn't the card I had predicted. I tried guessing the second card but when I flipped it, it was the prediction I had for my first card. My first thought <i> "Okay, that was a weird coincidence." </i>, but when I tried guessing the third card, it happened again. The prediction for the 2nd card was what's on the third. That went on for 5 more tries until I got creeped out and just left the cards there.
    That made me think about the psychic thing I've read in Reader's Digest before. 

    These happened recently:
    > My friend stole some money from his parents. I jokingly guessed it would be around 1,300 php and he was surprised since I got it right.
    > I am good in card games. My friends couldn't beat me so this one friend of mine told me <i>" I'm gonna prove to them you're not good at everything with cards"</i>. I simply replied with "Yeah, sure. Why not?". He held a card in front of me and told me to guess its suit. I said black, and it was correct. He said, "Lucky guess. I bet you wouldn't get the second one." Much to his disappointment, I got the next 3 cards right. 
    > My boyfriend has a habit of timing me. He told me he was been waiting for me for 10 minutes. I joked about him lying and saying it was only 7 minutes  and 30 seconds and he, too, was surprised since it was exactly 7 minutes and 28 seconds.
    >I told my boyfriend about these "weird" coincidences, and that I may be a psychic. He took out the cards and told me to guess the 3 cards. I got it all right. Apparently, he's getting convinced by my stories now.

    I don't know if these are just great cases of coincidence but I am so bothered by these things right now. Perhaps I am at the "starting level"? Ha ha 

  199. Hey Maria, 

    Liam took the time to answer your question! (You should definitely try having a reading with him sometime, if you haven’t already.)

    “First, congratulations on discovering this increased ability.  You’re asking very important questions.  The way I read your post, you’re actually asking a couple of things.  First, what do you do with the information you’re receiving and, second, how to discuss your abilities with family.  I’ll take the second question first.

    An increased psychic ability is not only a wonderful gift, it is, in my opinion, a very personal thing.  What I mean by this is that you can (and should) choose those you share it with very carefully.  I hate to make the comparison to religion and politics, but it’s a valid example.  If your views are liberal and your good friend is more of a conservative, you may choose to simply not discuss politics with them.  The same holds true with religion.  These differences are often better left alone.  What I’m trying to say is that you have absolutely no obligation to reveal the nature of your abilities to anyone.

    This leads in an important way to the next question.  What to do with the information you receive, especially if it involves someone close to you who does not, and perhaps should not, know of your abilities?  Let’s say for example that you sense that a family member may be approaching some sort of crisis.  This is information that you should clearly convey to them, but the source of the information could be a problem, especially if your family member is a non-believer in this ability.  I would simply offer what help I could give to them.  For example, “I just want you to know that you can turn to me if things get difficult.  I’m here for you no matter what.”  If this is a satisfactory way to approach them, great.  If it’s more complicated, you may want to simply tell them the truth without embellishing any details.  “I just want you to know that I’ve been sensing you might be facing some difficulties at work soon.  Please be careful.”  The bottom line is that the responsibility is theirs once you’ve done all you can.

    Please don’t hesitate to tell me if these aren’t the questions you intended in your post.  I’ll be happy to help you any way I can.”

  200. I have 12 out of 13 of those abilites.. but i dont know how to deal with them…most of the times i do want to help people.. heal people with a touch of my hand. warn them when something bad may happen..actually i dont know what to do..i do turn off lights by thinking but i dont know how to cotrol it  some times i failed. some times people made me feel like if i am a witch..or have some mental issue ..

  201. hello..m frm india. i always feels that  i have a very strong  intuition(. for example.. when my dad opens the gate i felt it that he is there without actully seeing there. )  last year i saw an incident in my dream. of apprx. 7-9 mins then i take it as a normal dream . bt i remember it in my mind. 2 days later that incident took place in real ,firtsly i didnt feel         it. bt as after some moment i felt that i had done this task before.  then i remember that i saw this incident in my dream….one more i can  predict  the character of the person by seeing them i can read there eyes. 80% prediction of mine are became true. wt is all that??? plz explain is this a  psychic. 

  202. Hi i may have several psychic powers but i need help with what all of them are i have really hi intuition i can tell when something bad is going to happen before it does i have lots of deja vu like i have already seen something when it happens i hear a really high pitched ringing in my ears sometimes. I also have a special gift i cant find information on it anywhere i see white energy around everything i have been told its auras but it cant be its a white energy around vehicles, people, buldings, power poles, etc its around every thing and i do mean everything i have the ability to see ghosts as well i need help i need to know what all of these abilities are please if someone can help me i would be greatful.

  203. I can feel if someone is hurt like when people are saying i am fine but they are not is that psychic

  204. I believe that I might be psychic. I have heard random beeps from seemingly nowhere, I have experienced déjà vu multiple times (felt it twice today), and I have had certain "feelings" about some people. I am the kind of person who can't live without music, and I always feel something special when I listen to it. Could listening to music possibly help to enhance my psychic abilities?

  205. I believe that I am psychic. I have heard random beeping before, I have experienced déjà vu multiple times (felt it twice yesterday) and I have gotten certain feelings about some people, feeling ps that didn't seem quite natural. I am a kind of person who cannot live without music, and when I listen to it, I just feel something special. Could listening to music potentially help to enhance my psychic abilities, if I have them?

  206. hey! to be short,  i tend to have a lot of intuitions through out the day, gut feeling about many things, and yes i have a lot deja vu experiences too. i read on pme website that it is so rare that it occurs like once or twice a year, but with me this isn't the case, i experience it like 15-20 times a month and this is continually occurring since i was 10 or 11 and now im 16. i really can figure out the happening of events before they occur, like what would the reaction of any action. is that what you call psychic abilities?

  207. Hello my name is Rowan and ive always been interested in the occult and supernatural. Several friends of mine and i were joking around and one of them pulled out a deck of cards they said they got from a thrift shop and started dealing out cards for a poker game. As soon as i picked up my cards i felt strangely warm it was really weird because it was like 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Anyways later as a joke someone said they would try and tell the future using the cards. Anyways i tried doing the following: I had the person touch the deck of cards and i then shuffled, i then drew the top three cards and made an interpetation. I predicted that she or one of her friends would come out to the other in exactly 7 days but would be rejected. I thought that was weird so i just made something else up and told her the fake one but exactly a week later a friend of hers came out t as lesbian and asked her to homecoming and of course was rejected. Also several times several seconds before something has happened I've suddenly knew what was happening often from a dream I had and it would happen. I've studied in small amounts meditation and through meditation I am able to change my body temperature by up to 7 degrees which while it doesnt sound like a lot just remember seven degrees above normal body temperature is enough to get someone sent to the hospital. Other than personal or small scale predictions often I've had feelings before a large scale event. When the recent Paris bombing happened I had woken up that morning from dreams of explosions and flames burning in areas around a city I'd never seen. Finally the thing I'm worried is that often when ive imagined things happening to people they happen. I was mad and i imagined this one girl finally understanding what my twitches are like because she makes fun of them. Later she snapped her neck to the side like i do sometimes and her neck made a loud crack and she fell to the ground. She was ok but she had experienced the same flash of light in the eyes and unbearable head pain i often do. Sorry fro the long comment but i cant explain these things myself. 

  208. when ever somthing bad going to happen i got strong guts feeling , once my brother was going out when he went down i felt somthing bad going to happen i tryed to stop him but he left, few hours later when he came back he told me about his accident i thought it must be some coincidence , i fear to tell anyone about things going to happen when i tell my feeling and when it occour they call me mad , apart from this i had strong feeling that i am not alone someone is always with me he try to talk to me and takes my name but i dnt know what to do, who ever it is it never hurts me when i get sad or cry i feel cool air touching my palm and cheeks, it felt good and i begin to enjoy i like his company but never saw him neither talked but i can here his voice he tries to say something but i dont know how to interact with him.

  209. I am thirteen years old.
    Sometimes, I can guess exactly what people are thinking, have written on a piece of paper, or even the next advertisement that comes up on tv or a movie theater before it even happens.

    Before now, I used to think the entire concept of psychics and psychic reading was just a load of B.S., but now, I'm not so sure.

    I did a test with my mom. She had a deck of cards, and I was to guess each card before she flipped it over. I got a five-card streak at one point, and we went through the entire deck. I'd say I got a little less than half of them right. I suppose it's all sort of a gut feeling or something. She shuffled the cards very well, and we did it again, this time, with only her seeing the cards. I'm not entirely sure how many I got right overall, but I'd say it was at least a little more than somebody could do if they where simply guessing the first card off of the top of their head.

    Like I said a paragraph or so ago, now I'm not sure what to think about this all.

  210. Hello, I'm in quite the situation… Heres whats up. Kindof a life story, I NEED help understanding what others think about my situation. In cronological order of life

    Lets start off at baby, I was born 3 months early. Survived on a whim. When i was a tiny baby i would be in bed and apperantly look up and play/laugh as if i was interacting with someone who was taking care of me. 

    Toddler, I would meet with this couple all the time i would play with when i was 4, One time the couple visited and i would not go near one of them, I made faces as if something where wrong. I would try to run away from this person when i was carried near them. It turns out they soon died of terminal cancer…

    I dont remembver my age when this happened but I got into this deep suffering as if i was apperintly feeling the "worrys of all around the world" when a tsunami hit japan and killed thousands. (i had no idea this happened as i was still yung.

    I have whent into dreams and met people, one person i call Eco as i hope to meet them again. The dream felt so real and the emotions where valid. It was as if i entered another world. I have also excperienced death in dreams and many other situations i can not explain.

    I feel like im being watched

    I felt this wierd feeling of sadness and worry. Turns out the terrorist attack on Peris was happening 1 hour after that feeling. This also happened with the situation in california. These feelings seem to happen before a horrible thing happens. 

    I recently had this feeling of desgusting nothingness. It was as if I was feeling many lives lost without a scream. Like many are being massicured without anyone saying. And its allowed… I have been worried sence that feeling is the most undescribable feeling ever.

    I go to places and see or rather 'feel' what has happened there. I can correct teachers/proffesors about events like the revolutinary war that never was on document. It feels as if i was there. 

    I can feel others emotions and impact them.

    Apperantly I can heal people in one way or another. 

    I feel as if im being guided and watched.

    Many more things happen, but that stuff is to much for the general public as I feel people would look at me and think i either am crazy,

    I know something is watching me write this as i feel there presence… I know many things not even possible to be known. I can do many other things listed abouve in similar or more intense ways. 

    Im lazy and dont want to keep writeing atm, (sorry for grammer) im tired lol.


    Help me plz…


  211. I often have overwhelming feelings that I cannot explain. I have started crying in public for no reason, and whenever I walk into a room or crowd of people, I feel really overwhelmed with emotions and feel really connected to people, like our spirits are connected.

    For example, I am usually able to tell when someone is feeling hurt inside even if they are acting completely normal. In crowds, especially at an event or concert where most everyone is focusing on the same thing, I get goosebumps and feel an electrical energy go through my body.

    I have a very strong intuition. I have seen the future multiple times, and as I pay more attention to my feelings I am noticing that I am having day dreams – in addition to the ones I have at night – that give me insight on things that are happening. I've had day dreams in the past that showed me things that are just now unfolding years later. It's an odd thing. Sometimes, my visions are of events happening later on today, a few days or weeks from now, or even a few years from now. I experience deja vu so often that I've stopped trying to explain to people that I've already had this experience before.

    All of those things are fine and don't really upset me, but recenty I have been seeing people that aren't visible to anyone else. The other day, my boyfriend and I were walking down the street and both saw a man sitting on a bench. I felt a terrible fear as I saw a tall man standing behind the man on the bench, just watching him with an unbreakable stare. When I asked my boyfriend to see if he had noticed the man, he had no idea what I was talking about. I looked back toward the bench and the watching man was gone. I was the only one who had seen him. I often see people when I'm walking about, glance somewhere else for a second and then look back toward where the person was, and there's no trace of them. I've woken up during the night to loud, screeching sounds to find a dark figure standing at the end of my bed, sometimes they will even stand next to me. I can't quite figure out what I am, as far as being psychic or clairvoyant or whatever I may be.

    I've recently started to try to see auras. I can't see the aura when I look directly at the person, but if I sort of blur my vision I am able to see an aura around the person. My ability to see auras is still developing, as I can really only see dark and light – not color. Most people are genuinely good in nature, and their auras appear light or even white. I have only encountered a few people that had a dark aura, or no aura at all, and those people caused a chill in my body and the feeling of fear.

    In summary, I have strong and true premonitions, have strong intuition, have vivid dreams that I remember and often experience later in real life, feel energy of those around me, feel people's energy through touch, sense energy of a room or area, see auras, and hear and see people that aren't visible to anyone else.

    Please help me figure out what is going on with me! I want to learn to control it so I can use it without being afraid of it.

  212. I don't really know how to explain this but sometimes I have dreams about certain events and then later when I wake up, I'm doing stuff throughout the day just as I had dreamed. Kinda like I planned my day out in my dreams and then it actually happened. I have Deja Vu all the time, and I can't control it, and I have senses about things that could happen when I'm not really sure, but then it happens. One time, (this actually happened a few days ago) my family and I were having my brother baptised and as I was watching the priest commence the baptism, I could literally recite everything he was going to do, and I had never  been to a baptism before. It was just how I had saw in my dream (the priest telling my mom to hold the baby, the priest pouring the water over his head, my brother crying). The creepiest part was that after the baptism was done, we all went back to our house and had lunch, and then, even though I didn't dream this, I knew that everyone was going to leave the house, leaving me and my mom alone (not as a bad thing, just them going out shopping). And then they did. I honestly don't know what this is, but it's like I'm able to predict the future through my dreams, not premonitions.

  213. Omg I had the same dream that is so weird!! Literally the morning it had happened I woke up from a dream of bombing and massive explosions. It's nice to know that I'm not alone!!

  214. Sometimes I have these thoughts/dream things where something will happen, like I'll have biscuits and gravy and then within the week it'll happen, and I hear this high pitch noise but it's like a dog whistle kinda and doesn't last longer than a minute, but during that time I can't hear anything else…I don't know if this means anything, but I'm excited and also a little scared to know honestly. Btw I'm 17. Please any information will be helpful (:

  215. I feel like I have some sort of psychic ability because I am always having dreams about my future that come true. I also have deja vu alot but I kind of brush it out. I usually let my intuition guide me and I can pretty much read a person when I first meet them. There are so many more things I have experience that are just crazy. Like for some odd reason I have a very strong feeling that something big is going to happen this year. If I have a psychic ability how do I tap into it?

  216. I woke up 911 at around 6AM and sat straight up in bed.  I went to the TV

    to find out what was wrong because I couldn't sleep and had a feeling of 


    I believe it's real.  I see no other reason for my behavior.  



  217. hello I have been struggling with this for all my life.

    → 1. One night I was at my X-boyfriends house. I woke up with a tremendous amount of pain It felt worse than labor pains. I got up off the bed thinking it would go away soon. The pain became worse as I stood up. I walked to the other spare room to just walk and nothing helped so I got on my knees and prayed to God. As I’m praying to God and asking him to take this pain away. I saw my cousins face and just kept feeling a tremendous amount of abdominal pain. I kept seeing her face. I finally went to sleep about 4 hours later. The next day I told my X that something is wrong with L. I saw she was dead I saw death but, didnt want to say anything to look like an iddiot. As I enter my home I said to my X mother in law. What happened to L? She looked at me dead in my eyes and said Lisa died. I nearly fell to the ground. She died early in the morning giving birth to her daughter. The baby lived but she didnot make it. She was a healthy young woman. I honestly feel I was feeling her pain prior her death.

    →2. I was back home visiting my family during a cousin funeral. I saw another cousin of mine walking behind me and my brother at the graveyard,,, I said to my brother. Who is that? He said cousiin M. I’m like she is walking death. As she walked through the grave yard I immediately saw walking death. It frightened me so bad. I said to my brother do you not see it? He said no what are you talking about. I explained to him she is dying she doesnt have long to live. within 6months she died. I have more of these stories to tell that has happened to me. It basically usually involves knowing something before it happens. My question is, is this psychic?

    3. Also, I can hold someone hand and lightly brush my fingers in the palm of their hand and tell them about themselves. I have done this at diners, parties etc.. People are like omg how did you know that? I cannot explain how I know these things about people I don’t even know. I once held a guys hands and read him. He was tripping out and said do my friend she is real man! I got his friends hand and immediately felt suicide I was afraid to say anything cuz the guy was already hesitant toward me in reading him. But, I asked him is he sure he wants to know what I see he said welll… ok.. I told him what I saw in him. He removed my hand from his hands abruptly and said get away from me. I went back to him about half hour later and asked him is he ok. He said how did you know that about me, noone knows that about me? AGAIN!!! how do I know these things???


    Miss. Çookie

  218. I get frequent moments of Deja Vu, but when it happens, I remember the full event that causes the Daja Vu; Even the parts that have yet to take place.

    It happens every time I have Deja Vu.

    An example of this happening, was during a conversation with my friends. I was able to say what they were going to say before they said it (On top of that, a friend we haven't seen in a couple years appeared during the conversation and I predicted them too). They would open their mouths to say something and I would either say it before them or at the exact same time. They found it desturbing, but they all shrugged it off as a big Jinx.

    Hope that's related to the subject ^^

  219. Since I was small I have been having what I call "feeling dreams"…no voices or sounds, just all visiual and emotional…the emotions i feel help me to understandf the dream without words.  These are different than other regualr dreams, these dreams warn me, or tell me something about the future.  It took many many years of these dreams for me to figure out that they mean something.  I believe they are preminitions, or possibly my best frined who passed over when we were only 15, who I beleive is my guardian angel, maybe it is her guiding me.  I am not sure but these dreams over the years have gotten more vivid and closer together.  It use to be something would happen in a dream and then i would have it happen inreal life like a year later. Now when I have a dream it could be a couple days to a week before the event or dejavu events happens.  I wonder if anyone else experiences this.  I truly believe somewhere inside me I am a little bit psychic.  I always have gut feelings and preminittions, even out of my dreams

  220. i think i am also when my grandma was sick and dieing just looking into her  eyes i know she was going to die then this was 2006 and when she was i got this feeling that my dad was going to die in 2 years i keep seeing 2008 well after my grandma died i was lying in bed and in my ear heard a voice say i will miss you .. then i got the call from my dad that she passed then i keep thinking that this was not true that he was my dad .. and then  in 2008 of july my dad passed way ,, i tryed to tell my family that i know it was going to happen but they did not want to here it .. i felt so sad that i had seen that was true well after my dad passed away he came to me in a deam and told that he was okay and that he loves me so much and i always feel things i went to this house that was for sale and i felt like this person was sick or something well i walk in this bedroom and i felt like this person died some how so i walk over to  this bedroom closet door well when i put my hand on that door and opened it i had like a flash of a person hanging there an then it went a way so i asked the police department if they know if anything had happen there and they said yes that person hung them help .. so yeah … that was sad

  221. Okay. Here I go. There's a ALOT of stuff i need to ask about.

    i have frequent deja vu if that's how you spell it. I dream about things before they happen and so times when I'm awake I can SEE them happen. My brother got throat cancer and I frequently stroked a sore point on his throat because he said it felt better when I stroked it. He beat throat cancer. Another awesome thing I can do is I walk into a room and can change the mood! I can even focus this on one person. If somones scared I can make them feel safe. Also, if so one walks into the room and their not a good person. I can feel trouble radiating off them but everyone around me seems perfectly content around them. I'm really REALLY confused by all of this. I can dream and see things happen, I can change the mood of an entire room or just one person if I wanted to. I hear frequent high pitch squeeks in my ear and then my neighbours car alarm goes off in high squeeks. I seem to…attract a lot of boys as well. We have a kind of newcomers prom where I am and  a week before the prom the boys give girls they want to take a white 'promise rose'. I got 5 white promise roses. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?! Please help and tell me what's happening?!

  222. You guys will never believe my true age, so I won't share it with you. I have developed a psychic ability….. I can't find what I have, it's strange though. I have some parts of other abilities. I have gut feelings, I can hear sounds from an experience, I experience Deja Vu, etc. as you can see I have more than just those few , but I don't know how to strengthen my ability or find out what it is exactly. And btw my age is 13. 

  223. i really don't know how to explaine it but i have always felt like an outsider like theres a different path for me,i had a personal online horsoscope done i was told that i have luck power and ment for something great but also there is a dark presence holding me back,don't know if its true  or just some bs to get me hooked to the site,i also have seen a shadow figure and once while in the er i seen a man older with snow white hair and bright blue eyes talk to me asked me strange questions thing was no one else seen him,i can sense things sometimes not always i have deja vu and very strnge dreams i have a occuring one that takes place in a very strang and spooky casino also there are times when i know i'm going to win or find money and i do i also know when i'm being lied to,and heres a strange one i feel like i need to be the hero.i also think about heroes and legends like merlin,beowulf and hercules all the time,so is it all in my head or is there something going on with me,would really like to know the truth,thank you

  224. I've never talked to anyone before, and I don't know if I'm psychic or not. However, I do know that something is happening. There's always the déjà vu moment ts, which for me tend to be quite often. However, throughout my life I've had moments where I'm super emotional and in some situations it doesn't make sense. Funerals have a tendency to me more emotional for me than the rest of my family, I have moments where I act angrier than I truly am. I remember when I was between 7&10 having a dream of sorts about a little boy looking in my brothers bedroom window wanting me to follow him and when I did I was looking at the dead body of a grown male laying on the ground outside of my kitchen door. I never told my parents and just put it off as a nightmare. Another instance happened within the last year and a half when we moved into this house…I've seen what looks like a little boy with black hair long enough to cover the tops half of his ears, along with a black figure of a man and a top hat or cowboy hat. I don't know if I'm actually seeing/sensing these things or if it's all in my head, but I'm looking to see if I can find some answers. No, I haven't done any historical research yet but I'm trying to find somewhere to start. Any advice, guidance, anything?

  225. i have had dreams and some of them do actually come true , most tend to be warning of the near future events. I also sense a rush of happiness when expecting a good news, but all of it usually has to do with my family. I had a dream of my dad fainting, the very next morning i called my mum and she said he actually did feel dizzy and faint. Could i be having psychic abilities unknown to me. I also see people standing but they all look dead in my dreams , all of them stand in a place with gloomy expressions facing different directions. What could that mean?

  226. Can you please respond to me about this? I have always been able to sense when someone is going to come within a certain distance of me or look in my direction. When it is someone I know I hear a strange static in my ear that continues for about ten seconds and thirty seconds later they usually come into view. What's freaky about it though is that it works on things I can't see too? But the static usually comes with a really scary feeling… And the other night a lot of strange things happened and the static sound lasted a good two minutes, only I could hear it but I wasn't alone, and it screeched from high pitched to low. 


    I also remember all dreams when I awake, and they usually take place within the same area. I have never seen those areas, nor a strange girl who always appears in my thoughts. Creepier, is that sometimes I go to these plays days or weeks later and the same things happen.  Also, I have literally told my friends a couple of times a couple huge events from their lives on the spot, just by looking them in the eye or touching them. 


    Also, after befriending people they sometimes start to experience weird things they said. My ex best friend starting reading people's thoughts when she focused. My three best friends now are having strange visions and dreams of the same situations.


    Could I be psychic, and do we have anything to worry about with intertwining visions and dreams? Please respond to my comment, the weird sensing things is getting more accurate this past week and my friends are having visions and it's really freaking me out, I am only fifteen years old. Please and thank you.

  227. There has been several times that I have had some very weird and unexplainable things happen to me. I never tell people these things in fear that they would think im just some crazed lunatic. Sometimes I believe it myself. I am going to share two episodes from my life that I have had and maybe somebody will be nice enough to try and help me believe I'm not psychotic. The first one I would like to share happened when I was 13. I was sitting outside with one of my friends that I had not seen in several years. We were looking through family photo albums and discussing things that had happened since the last time we were together when all of a sudden I got to a picture of my grandmother and a feeling of dread and all kinds of horrifying feelings came over me and I had chills and felt like crying. It was something like I had never felt before. Her picture kept falling out and some how I just knew something was wrong but I didnt know what, so I asked my friend to leave and I went inside to call my grandmother. I called and called and called and nobody answered. I let it go because my dad is one of those people that would say I'm just crazy, however my dad waited a week to tell me and my brother that somebody had murdered them and set their house on fire. The second time happened to me just last year and I am now 29. I decided I would go on a trip with a guy that had asked me out. He wanted to go to Baton Rouge. I had already been having a funny feeling down in the pit of my stomach. At first everything was fine and we had been driving for about thirty minutes and all of a sudden I started smelling something that smelled like rotten flesh. The windows were up and this mans car was clean. There was nothing in there that should have smelled this bad. He said he didnt smell anything, so I let it go, but the whole way there and back I kept having a nagging feeling that I shouldnt go to sleep so I made sure to stock up on plenty of energy supplements. I had a feeling of fear. I felt like I should be very afraid of this man, and here is the part where you might think I am fully psychotic, I knew this man was from Dallas, but I kept getting images from Houston, I saw a girl vividly with brown wavy hair, very beautiful blue eyes. She had on a white button up tank top and a pair of blue denim shorts that had a  patch with apattern of flowers on the right hand side. I really don't want to discuss this too much farther. I just want to say that I felt like I was in danger. We only ended up being in Louisiana for 10 min because I called my mother and stayed on the phone with her. I told her who I was with and what we were doing. He was mad because I was talking to her instead of spending time with him so we turned around and left. However, I think I made the right decision. There have been other things to happen to me but I have already said enough.

  228. In january, i started meditating everyday. it got to a point where i got this super vivid dream. (i do not have cancer) my treatment for cancer was finished, and apparently it means that a positivity in my life will turn into a negative. I then was talking to my desceased grandfather, he told me, "may 12" and he was telling me how everything was okay. I woke up feeling relaxed and how that dream felt extremely important. I was going through a rough time, but then i fell in love with my best friend. We hooked up for about 5 months because we thought it would be fun, and we didnt want to date because it woulr ruin our friendship. but was hoping things wouldnt change, i loved being happy. Until may 12, everything was going okay until he wanted to stop. my heart broke into pieces because i loved loving him. It took me a while to recover and we decided to stay best friends. i realized that this was what my grandfather was talking about. i then started meditating again, i have predicted what would happen, and most of them did. It was a crazy adventure and im glad it happened.

  229. Always seen and felt things. It was really bad at 15 and 18 where I nearly lost my mind but this Sheiq (priest) helped me learn how to manage it. I'm 26 now and just experienced the worst thing where I couldn't even breathe and lost control of my legs. I am an empath and clairsentience btw. 

    My girlfriends and I went to the beach on Saturday 23rd July to Camber Sands, London. We enjoyed the water then laid on the sand dunes. Took a selfie and saw that the fog had come in. As we got up, i had this premonition of helicopters, speed boats and chaos. I snapped out of it and made a comment praying for the boy in my head and said I hoped he would be fine. They looked at me confused and we left to eat fish and chips. We wanted to come back to the beach but I just felt this dreadful feeling and so we went back home. I went gym on Sunday and ran for what seemed like forever to clear the images, Jacuzzi and sauna just to relax. 

    I still felt really down and anxious for some reason. I kept googling the beach and where eventually this morning at work I saw it on the news, everything in my head had happened and the 19 year old boy had died and two more people severely injured. Helicopters, speed boats and everything. I then felt the loss as if it were my own. Called my grandmother as she is like this. Why has it suddenly come back? I have never had it this bad, I feel like a walking zombie. I normally control it by feeling and helping only those who I feel really need it but I couldn't filter this incident and now I am just so lost. Could I have done something to prevent it? The sorrow is drowning me. 

  230. No, you couldn’t have prevented it, Nas. Even if you could have identified the victim before it happened, he probably wouldn’t have taken any notice. I understand you are feeling this as if it were your own tragedy – it’s because you lived it. It happened in your head and heart. Talk to your grandmother some more.

  231. When I was a kid we lived in a house I though was haunted. I used to wake late at night with the feeling like someone's face was 2 inches away from mine. Another time, I was laying in bed reading with a light on the wall behind me, it suddenly blew up, and think it was a spirit in the house. When I was 17, I had a dream/ vision that I saw 3 white doves in the corner of my room. A few weeks later, 2 close friends and another young man were killed in 2 seperate car accidents. A year or 2 later, I woke and thought I saw a figure sitting on he end of my bed. I think it was my grandad who'd had passed away. 

  232. My daughter was watching a movie and then she came into my room crying and said she saw someone breaking in my bedroom window and put a knife to my neck and she described this person to the T and the. He stole my husbands shoes and ran off. And she's traumatized right now she's so scared this is going to happen and now I'm scared. What does this mean?

  233. I am wondering on how to determine my psychic ability. I can't really confirm that I have one but based on what I've read on different articles I thought I really have but I can't determine it.

    = Some said that I have telekinesis. A year ago, in our school cafeteria I moved a foil-plastic wrapper of biscuit. I didn't make it float but I moved it about 2 inches(?) away. (IT WASN'T WINDY.)

    = I always experience deja vu in different places and events. Almost everyday.

    = Sometimes, there are random things I see on my mind. (Like a strange wooden bird attacking me, a couple hiding on a tree and etc.) [Are there any interpretations for that?]

    = Sometimes, whenever I predict, it always come true but sometimes only half of it.

    = I can easily figure out people's action, if they are upto something, if they are trustworthy, if they were lying/faking something, or has a special feelings towards a certain person.

    = I often hear chimes in the morning, before I sleep, and whenever I am alone. (We don't have any chimes in the house)

    = I can easily forget some things.

    = Whenever I look at someone, they look at me back. (Like they can sense me)

    = My dreams are either deep, or weird but significant.

    I said randomly to my friends that "Inside our batch, 1 or 2 persons will be mothers in the near future on an early age," "One of us will have a succesful business but it'll be bankrupt and she will be in debt of many people," "Someone will be divorced, someone will have 4 children, and someone won't be getting married," or something like that.

    It was just a random thought.


    But do I really have any psychic ability? What is it?


  234. Not sure if this fits the psychic or not but my daughters and I all exhibit a odd ability to win in games of chance. My oldest daughter and I constantly win in draws and lotteries  (and I mean a lot of wins). My youngest has it too but she tends to win in games with cards. She gets what she needs with a higher probability than is expected.


  235. Hi I can feel earthquakes anywhere in the world I get sick for the moment they happen I also hear thing no one else can when I tell my friends and family they say I'm crazy I live in Arizona and 8/24/16 I was taking a shower and I got sick to where I almost passed out I know somewhere we were having a big quake so when I got out the shower I put the news on and it was live Breaking news earthquake hit Italy I can feel the Lil quakes to.

  236. I have had a few of these thinks happen to. Me and it's very confusing I wake up knowing I have a weird gut feeling and then I'll blurt something out to a friend or family or sometimes I write it down and it happen from 1-5 days later idk if I am physic or not I just need some answers.

  237. so um hi i have a question. me and my cousin come from a somewhat psychic related family i have psychic dreams and she has a somewhat intuition. me and my cousin have this look its kinda a mix of a knowing look and a smirk and once we have that look something bad/ paranormal happens and once a kid started saying we were witches cause we knew something was gonna happen(he got pushed off his bike by nothing) then he saw something and freaked out wich got me thinking that that gift might be connect to another gift i have i can sometimes feel people die and i dont know if thats weird in the psychic way put i know its weird in a normal way do any of you guys think it could be connected or two diffrent things

  238. I have had this my whole life, where i kind of have colours that match people? Like my oldest sister is purple while my other olsder sister is light blue, and my mother is a suffocating black with grey cloud and yellow lightning strikes going through. It kind of helps me see personalities in people. I do have extremely vivid nightmares, and recently factors from them have been coming true, such as I had a horrible nightmare about a warzone with children and my family were all around, dead bodies were everywhere and I even saw my ayunt get shot in the head. A few weeks later, the story of the ittle boy in Syria came about and it really freaked me out. I am an extremely empathetic person, usually Ican kind of tell what someone is feeling if you know what I mean? I had a horrible childhood, I had to learn how to read emotion or not survive. Also, every single time I have a bad feeling (normally it is when I see a certain coloyr or type of cloud in the sky) it always comes true, like thetimea few hours before my cousin had a car crash UI had a horrible feeling and then later I found out that my cousin could die (He’s ok now, he has brain damage but he is alive) I dont know if this is relevant or not, but I have been seeing figures out of the corner of my eye/having sleep paralysis? A few days ago I sawa black figure outside my window and the next day I was in school and I saw a white figure a lot closer but on the other side of the door, and im starting to get scared

  239. Hi Natasha, don’t let your fear escalate, try to find someone to talk to who has been through something similar. Teach yourself some calming techniques – what you have is a gift, so you have to disassociate from the fear and learn how to use your skills in a useful way. See it as an opportunity to help people. All the best.

  240. Hi, my name is Lexi. I have psychic abilities but I also can see and interact with spirits and demons. I'm not sure what that is called but I want to learn more about all of these abilities and why I have them. Sometimes it can be a burden because these spirits and demons seem to flock to me and I'm almost never alone. On a couple occasions I have even been attacked by the demons. It can be very frightening at times and I think it would really help me if I understood it more. 

  241. I have more stronger sense of iniution.

    For odd reason, I have been in  a lot of deja vu experience. I was visiting in my state's park and I never been have visited there before. Before I visited, I saw the image in my awaking eyes. It wasn't a dream, and I saw it when I was awake.

    Then when the visit day came, I had deja vu feeling and turned to the the image I saw eailer, I was shocked. It was same thing I saw eailer in my awaking vision! It happened in similar sitution many times, about 4 times. My family didn't believe me, and still remains not to. 

    Here's other physic abilty (maybe it's just mental health issue) 

    I keep having anixtey attacks and for while. It will go away when I ignore it. But I know in my gut that something bad (even small mistakes that will affect everything later) will happen. For example. I forgot my math homework in few days ago (I just forgot only one time!!). I told my teacher a truth and he didn't say anything. He was a nice guy, actually. But after I left the classroom, anixtey hit me. I was getting very anixous for no reason. Later, my mom found out and grounded me for one day. I knew that was going to happen. 

  242. I think I may be psychic. One day in school we were doing something, and my friends got into an argument, and then the next day in the same class, the same thing happened. They moved the exact way they did before, saying the exact same things. I remember thinking and remembering that I had seen this before.

  243. hello i have a question i dont know what was that i receive short psychic visions of the future events when in deep situations. Attempting to make these visions come true but always result in trouble or opposite of that can u plz help me…

  244. Hi Jena, I’d suggest not attempting to make things come true but to accept the visions as a gift and then let the future unfold as it will. In this way you might find that you have more control than you thought. It’s all about energy, not about forcing the issue. x

  245. Hi there 🙂 I too am a dreamer-awake or asleep. I can also control some of my dreams only if I choose my dream before I sleep.  If I just sleep, freely. I generally have repetitive dreams, or experience events yet to come or a dream warning me for something or dream of places I haven't yet visited- could be hours days weeks later, however long, in the moment "a notion of familiarity hits me before I mention "I've been here"  Mum argued with me once I'd never been to this park with my pop as my pop died when I was really little, to which I respond describing the next parts of the park swings, waterfalls, park bench ect ect  She stayed very quiet for a while It's not that She doubted me as I piss her often by asking her, are you going to answer that? And then the phone starts ringing.

    If anyone I love or care about is visiting and I haven't been told about it, I have these tremors they confidence or lack of and  take on certain characteristics- I recognize- and mention it and then TADAAA For example- shit day at wet n wild, until, I grabbed a board and went on a side ride where the floor comes out from under your feet where you stand and you fall down a long drop- I hate fast rides,high rides ect ect basically anything i don't control- seriously scared of it I grabbed a board climbed the stairs waited my turn jumped in, heard the timer counting down the seconds the floor comes out from under your feet, heard number 2 and realized I wasn't myself- what was going on an- was about to get out- TOO LATE I still don't know how to explain it.

    My best friend used to make me do things daringly outside my comfort lol and often- she passed away 6+ years ago   That event too, was freaky enough- prior her passing- every morning she used to wake up early, have a cuppa made then wake me to discuss new plans or adventures she wanted to experience now as "I'm going to die soon darl, in my sleep" followed by "how do you want to die?"

    My 19th birthday, I waited for her to arrive before the party could actually start- I ended up asking everyone to leave because I all of a sudden felt the waiting stop as a disgustingly empty feeling came about- she was gone 🙁    Im only happy If everyone around me is happy, which does call for me to spend alot of time in my own   I love my family and all who I'm related to and the few friends ive invited to be family, but, I don't like meeting anyone new anymore, as, I feel peoples energy, well, that's all people are to me, big balls of energy, I feel what they feel and I instantly tire out with fatigue I seriously despise meeting new people as I stress how rude I come of to those who don't know me, but upon meeting anyone, i won't even shake your hand or say hello if what your feeling is bad anxious crazy ect ect  Whatever that person is feeling I feel as well followed by my own gut feeling- with just these two notions in the first 30seconds of being approached or introduced   

    I also understand most things after seeing them once only, jobs, crafts, instruments, games ect ect sometimes I don't need to see it at all If someone has been in my house- I feel it- straight away and I SMELL it right away. May not be able to do something about it then and there but the next time that person walks passed or is nearby I can SMELL them and there familiarity from whichever exact memory it be- like a domino affect and just as quick it all adds up in my mind sometimes with pictures sometimes with just black depends on the sense that triggered my memory really  

    My sister's used to hate living with me because they never got away with anything I could feel them in my room when I wasn't home then I'd get a  few quick flashes of my candle DVDs money books laptop with a cold wind in my face, then I would know to go home and demand these things back from the bitches who helped themselves 

    I have an exquisite memory, I can even remember the taste pain hurt worry from when I was 2 I fell off the top bunk and fractured my skull I remember the cold railed cot in hospital the numbing cream prior canula mum and dad leaving when they thought I was asleep   Even when I'm put under for an operation detection whatever it be, I can hear everything still, shocked the doctors upon waking "this scared me" as I could hear it all throughout but as much as I wanted to repond I couldn't  

    I've had 3 pregnancies, my first one was perfect I was always lost daydreaming our futures possibilities and then it's stopped i started dreaming of standing in front of my baby brothers coffin at 33 n 1\2 weeks I lost him I knew before a doctor could tell me 🙁  2nd pregnancy back in dreaming mode of future possibilities they too stopped, and pains and bleeding amniotic fluid started i was admitted for monitoring and bed rest and still couldn't see us, all of a sudden a hot flush with a vision of myself stealing and already laboured mums "pad" with fresh blood on it handing it in and claiming it as my own"  As queer as it be, I know better…so I did it…whilst awaiting feedback I started seeing myself with my baby again- doctors came rushing in prepped me for a Caesar which during the op having the doctors shriek with relief that they cut her out then and there as her the placenta was only just hanging on.

    She too, has her own unique abilities. She awoke from a sleep red in the face and sweaty in a climate controlled room and said NO LIGHTERS INCENCE OR CANDLES THE TODAY MUM" and tried to babysit me so she knew if a lighter was used- in the ends we packed it all in a box and masking tape it shut for her own peice of mind- however the neighbours were back burning some acreage and the wildfire crossed fences and started burning towards us.

    Another time while we were building our first home, out of shipping containers, my little girl started having nightmares and at 3y/o she would keep telling me "they hate me mum" id say who? Shed turn and look in a direction id follow yet see nothing one night she started screaming I came running to her just in time to see her little body get flicked off the bed and hit the side of the container wall almost near the roof like a ragdoll her whole body shook with fear I picked her up and could feel her fear like cold she "it hates me mum" I bombarded our home wih crystals  I hugged my baby back to SLEEP in my bed and held her tight, in the morning she said to me, "alot of bad things happened in there, alot of people died even little kids like me" Of course!!!!!! It never crossed my mind to find out the history of the shipping container prior purchase. She was sooo right!!!!!! People were once smuggled, forgotten or left in container to die, how does that slip my mind? 

    On a different property she would go on about the "aboriginal lady's need your help" she then proceeded to pass on information about the aboriginal Bora ring, now, this I had to study, I knew nothing about it But its like initiation ring one for women and one for men, very much bad luck to trespass, yet alone have the local council build over the top of the female Bora ring-  It was all too much, for me let alone my 3year old- we sold up and moved     

    And my 3rd/lastly waters broke in week 16, I went into a full on labour 6-7 times which they kept stopping and I bled the remainder of time  and I spent 6 months in hospital 1month prior birth 5more after I couldn't see any futures possibilities with an additional bub to this family I was reminded everyday there was only an 18% chance of survival alls I knew which is what makes sense being my 3rd pregnancy but 1st time in labour it was noticed my cervix would open and close never passing 3cm dilation, I accepted my body did not know what to do and having lost my son and having to say goodbye without ever a hello, I decided id rather have 5 mins for a hello before a goodbye this time refused all medications and started labours cycle again- off too theatre-awake scared out of my brains without any hint of what's to come after the incision got started and the radio was put on, IT HAPPENED,  I could see myself watching my baby grow on the outside of me I didn't understand it so much till after but having developed in her own urine because I had no fluid left and being born 12 weeks early would mean she would continue to grow in a humidicrib in the intensive care unit with all of the machines to support her life, SHES ALIVE!! Its actually her birthday today (14\10\2016) now 2years old   Her and I can communicate without words, literally. She will put a bottle on my mind, she will put a drive in the car on my mind, she will give me pain if she feels it, we stare at each other going over the checklist, conversing only with our eyes  She doesn't like people either, or so it would seem, but I too, know the look in her eyes that convinces her that this gift is a curse.

  246. hi good day… is there someone can tell me whats isbgoung on. i need some , cause i dont know what really is happening on me. i have this feeling for so long and still i can get it, actually Me and my twin Sister suffering this. WIERD. thats why i do a lot of search about this.  and then i found this Web.  i read  "13 signs you may have phychic abilities"  which is exactly pointing what is really happening on me and my sister. specially #1,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13. and i have this feeling some one is watching over me, i feel somebody's presence. i can even sometimes read mind but not intentionally. i remember 1 things when i was a kid i penetrate the wall. which is concrete wall. can any one explain me about this? im scared. 

  247. Hi Maria, I guess you are both psychic. Explore some of the articles on this site to learn how to develop and control your skills. Good luck!

  248. this may sound strange but i just want some answers and was hopping you could give them to me. as far back as i can remember i have had deja vu but it has got worse. now it feels as if i am on a constand loop and it just repeats over and over again. other than the deja vu other things like having a song in my head before getting into a car and it be playing. and having words or numbers in my head and then them having something to do with something thst would happen only a few minutes of seconds later. and once even guessing a name it scared me pretty bad to be honest. and weird reacurring dreams. twice they have pressented them selves again in my waking life. once i had this one dream for weeks at a time and in this dream i was at my friends house and i was climing through a crawl space and then there was a droppoff to another room and then i would enter and then it would end when i had enough time to see the layout of the room and it gave me a bad feeling. and then the friend that was in the dream got a new house and upon my first vistit i had an odd feeling that same day i had asked her a few questions. those questions being why did it apear that the house had a window up to the top of the house and why was it so tall for just a one story. and then she told me that the house had had another story which the preveous owner had blocked off for some reason she did not know. i said how would you be able to get to the window if you would and she then told me that there was a spave abouve the closet where you could remove a pannel there and there was a small space you would have to crawl through she said that knowone had atempted to go up there. i told her about my dream and her being a skeptic she did not beleave me and so i told her i would draw her a picture of what o could remember to be the layout of the room. me being verry  claustrophobic did not want to go because it also made me anxouse. she agreed to look and then she stood up on a chair to undoe the pannel i handed her the picture and then asked her what she saw when she first put her head through. she then jumped down and said she would not go further and that she saw what to be the room that i had drawn. i have never got to go in and have not been back to that house since that day because me and that person no longer speak. do you have any advice? do you think i am crazy? i just need your opinion.

  249. It’s really interesting that you saw that very room in your dream, Trinity. No you are not crazy – this sort of thing happens too often to label every psychic ‘crazy’. Have you thought about exploring your psychic skills? – We have many articles on this blog to help you do that. Start here:

    Personally, I would have to decide if the friendship was important enough to me to make contact. How do you feel? Why not arrange to meet for a coffee?

  250. A new friend of mine and myself have been experiencing some weird things. Most of it has to do with dreams. We will have a clear dream that we are unable to control and that we vividly remember in the morning. Then the next day it will happen or we will hear it on the news. He has had multiple dreams like this over the past few months while I have only had 3. Since I started having these dreams a kind of haze or fog has been covering me. I have to really focus to see or hear things. Before these dreams I had perfect vision and was a great listener… 


    We started thinking that if we could start controlling these dreams maybe we could start controlling the future… 


    You have to keep in mind we are 12 and 13. We've both not had perfect lives but no super close loved ones have died and I don't know if some of our bad experiences could have induced this.

  251. Hi Kiara, if you continue to feel ‘foggy’, speak to an adult who can arrange for you to see a health professional. There may be a simple reason, such as lack of an essential nutrient or something. You’d be surprised how much our perception is affected by our health. 

    The dreams sound fascinating – you might think about writing them down as soon as you wake. Keeping a record may reveal a pattern. You can research and learn about ‘lucid dreaming’ which is controlled dreaming.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience.



  252. Hi, im 21 years old from Philippines. 4 years     ago, I dreamt of our justice secretary Jesse Robredo that he will be cremated after his burial. He died because the helicopter his on crushed. I did told my mom that I dreamed of him cremated and the  urn to be used is colr black with a lining of golds. And this dream happen just the other day after I saw it on my dream, the next dream I had is that I saw my dad dead from drowning, I always see that dream and just a few months after my dad had a major operation due to hemorage. I also always experince deja vu which, I didnt mind at all. I also experienced the feeling of having this ersin in my mind and just afer ato few minutes this person will call me. My two latest dreams are about two persons I dont know personally, the other dream is that I saw aman standing waiting for my classmate ,I also saw in my dream that they seemed to miss each other because they were both crying. Just 2 days ago , I dreamt of a girl named Denise Diones which I didnt know by name and personally, does this mean I have a psychic ? Please I need answers that can help me. Thank you so much.  

  253. Hello Alex. It is possible that you are in the process of developing psychic abilities. It is important that you write down what you remember from your dreams and then try to link them up with real events. Read these articles for more information:  and

    Meanwhile, don’t worry too much. Your new skills may someday be able to help someone.

  254. Wednesday night I was lying in bed very close to my fiancé holding his hand. At that moment, I had a vision that my fiancé got in a very bad car accident the next day & he did. It happened at the exact same spot where I had my vision. Luckily he is okay, got away with a broken ankle, a few broken ribs & a concussion. In my vision my car got totoaled & it really did. 

  255. Hello. I really would appreciate some guidance as I know I am psychic but I have been experiencing premonitions. I have only just linked this together since about four to five things have come true over the last few years and the bad thing always happens two weeks after a sign of some sort. I just read it says not to be scared and to embrace the gift but I am scared as my premonitions are not a good thing! I need someone whom can point me in the right direction for help in order for me to understand and cope with this. Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thank you.

  256. Hi there, I underdstand completely that you feel at a loss how to deal with this. While I can’t recommend any particular person or site, the information in this article might be helpful: And of course, we have a great team of psychics here, many of whom have been through the exact same experience that you are going through. 

  257. I an glad that i found this. I really need someone who can understand me. This article is old, so I hope that someone can reply me.

    I am a very sensitive girl and I feel that I like live in many different worlds at the same time. My mind is always busy and I hardly get a peacful sleep.

    I saw many ghosts before and by many I really mean many. They are nothing more than a white or black figure with no features. I see them always runnuing. My sister who is 2 years old told me that she can see a black and a white ghosts who know me but the white one is like more connected to me. Another thing is that I used to see a real man in my room. He was always wearing a black hat and a long black jacket. He used to do nothing at all except standing in the corner. He disappeared like a year ago. I ignored him because I told myself that I am imagining.

    I also get a lot a lot a lot of deja vu. I even used it once to help me in something and IT WORKED IN THE EXACT SAME STEPS WHICH I SAW IN THE DEJA VU.

    I also expected a horrible accedent before it happens. I was watching a live football match on tv. The match was still did not start. They made few doves fly. I said no no something is wrong. Doves are for peace but no I do not feel peace there is something wrong. Then the came went to fans of one of the clubs who will play. They were cheering and jumping. I again said no no and I went closer to the tv said oh GOD something is wrong there is something bad going on in that area. I seriously sensed a great evil a great hater. Then I just ignored it and went to my room to study, then mum yelled that oh GOD come girls see this there is a huge fight and that match suddenly went upside down.. I just started at the tv said oh no. 72 people died that day from the fans of the club who were cheering. 72 died, some were slaughtered, some died from pushing and I do not know what else. This happened in 2012 and till today I am turtured by the scene of the fanse as they were cheering and the doves.

    I felt death. I did not know who will die but I knew that someone I know will die. I also expexted a death in a specific family.

    I get horrible nightmares like a lot. I also see good dreams and I really live them. Sometimes I get codes, numbers and names in my dreams and I sometimes wake up quickly and right them down. I checked few before but got nothing they meant nothing.

    I have the ability also to know when I am in a nightmare. I can think and I can pull myself out of the nightmare. It does not happen all the time. But, it happened sometimes.

    A lot of other things happened to me. I am 27 and I have really gone through a lot. I have phobia from many things and anxities. My life is ruined because everything in my life just goes wrong. All my dreams got destroyed and I am living like a walking dead.

    May be I am sick because of what I have been through.

    I typed a lot and if someone is going to read that or reply, I am really thankful.

  258. Hi Meera,

    It sounds as though your body and mind are out of balance. We have several articles on the blog that can help you. Start with the most recent and work back, looking for topics that fit in with your situation. 

    All the best.



  259. I do not have any special power but somehow i know something bad is going to happen and start grieving and crying without knowing why when the person or pet is still alive and well but it always comes true.  Iam not the type that cries so its a shock..i also know when trouble is coming but i dont know how to stop it?

  260. Hi Mark, it might be something you simply have to accept and learn to live with. Don’t try to fight the feelings, just let them be. Be aware of any ‘random’ thoughts that occur to you. You could also try writing out how you feel when those premonitions happen. You could find that by not assigning any meaning to the sadness, that it simply fades away. Alternatively, you will discover that other information is being given to you and will be able to use it in some way. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  261. over the last few years my intuition has grown very strong.. i sense and get a vision of a car crash happening and every single time ive had this vision someone close to me has crashed exactly how i had visioned it.. i've recently started having dreams that are now coming true. For example lastnight i had a dream over and over of this truck flipping over and that was it, i then had woken up to find a friends dad had rolled their truck over exactly like how i had dreamed, i also know when a family member will pass before i get the phone call saying they have… im really not sure  how to deal with all of this espicially considering all of it has been negavtive.. 

  262. Hi Nichola, read this Good luck.

  263. Hello I was wondering if i could get some type of advice/input…I come from a very strict Roman Irish Catholic family and was.raised to believe things of this nature are untrue or evil…that being said I have always been a person who questions so things and things long and hard and have been labeled a "free spirit" ..needless to say paths i took in life lead me further from my childhood teachings and I found myself have ingredients experiences with the paranormal and what I believe to be evil entities …I have always had strong feelings of ive been here before of seen this before or heard it..knowing I havent…I dream things and they come true and happen exactly as I saw….i can sense bad energy or bad events before they happen to the point I can physically feel it…i have always felt out of place…different from others ..I can tell immediately if someone is lying or i feel bad vibes…I  find comfort with animals and have had some weird connection to them my whole life…I do not consider myself religious but I have experienced some things that have proved to me there's more at work…that other beings do exist…I wonder if i can find out for sure if I am different if i can improve these abilities to help others or if it's simply in my head…if i could get any input id greatly appreciate it! Thanks! Gabrielle 

  264. Hi Gabrielle, many psychics feel ‘different’. We have many articles available to help you develop your psychic skills – have a little wander around our blog. Good luck.

  265. 1.  i don't remember dreams and all those dreams will exactly come true then i remember about my dream on it

    2. i can predict the baby for a pregnency women in early pregency which will come true always

    3. i am able predict about my future and how it works out with any life time even

    4. i do always feel very disturbed & dipressed when somebody is planning to harm me and it will be know during the result of the event(life time event like marrital life)

    5. i am able to sence the death of my family members

  266. I have been experiencing this weird feeling since the first day of January. I feel like I'm connected to the nature and weather. When I'm happy, the sun is so bright. When I'm sad and lonely, the sky is gloomy. I also sense something hot or cold when I stay in some corners. My eyes sees shadows but the time I look at it clearly, it's gone. And at the corner of my eye, I can see something but when I face it it's gone. I also feel people's feeling. Like if their sad, happy, angry, fake, real, etc. ( Sensing other people's feeling makes me so confused, like I don't want to look and sense them anymore 'cause it really affects me a lot. )

  267. I don't have frequent visions..a few in my lifetime (30-ish) but those are so strong that they are still so fresh in my mind. I had a dream that I was going to have a son when I was just a month pregnant. Then I dreamt about my ex when I wasn't even thinking about him consciously. He entered inside my house from the front door, I felt a jolt and woke up suddenly in the middle of night and started staring my door as if it was real….It felt so REAL. After having checked the entire house I felt relieved that it was indeed a dream. I then started thinking how odd that dream was – who might that be? and visioned about my future neighbors in an entirely different city in a different continent. It's been few years since this dream and I still don't understand the relevance of it. Don't know if this helps or if I am psychic but yeah I feel emotions very intensely and it becomes difficult for me to change them frequently. Sometimes, I feel stuck and don't find a way out. Any advise?

  268. I'm scared because I sometimes know when someone is going to die and I sometimes hear my name being called out when there is no one there my brothers can communicate mentally when they're miles away ta scary and neither me or my mom know what to do

  269. I have been able to predict death since I was ten I will sometimes get extremely depressed for no absolute reason I can sometimes hear ringing in my ears I often hear people calling my name I get a lot of dejavú moments I often see things that aren't really there I can see symbols in my mind I can see words in other languages and have sometimes had to put up with the feeling that I'm not really alone in a room for example I may be completely alone but sometimes feel staring or like someone is right next to me I don't know what to do anymore. My siblings can sometimes mentally communicate while being physically miles away. I'm starting to get extremely scared because I don't know how to control it.

  270. I’m not surprised you are frightened, Maria, but I’m sure you can learn how to control these happenings.

  271. People I have many incidents, one was I was in a business meeting with someone I've never met, halfway through a proposal I stopped and asked him if he had a brother that drives a late model BMW but is unregistered also told him his brother had no fingers, also said his brother was dating a Greek girl who dies her hair blonde whom managers a clothing store. I was 100% correct. This business owner told me I should do this for living but I only get this info rarely, can't control when I get visions or answers?

    Edited by Psychic Elements staff.

  272. I actually fear that I have abilities. I predicted numerous death's of family and friends before they've even taken place and I said it out loud so I never say that out loud anymore. I predicted pregnancy for coworkers knowing the sex of the baby ( even when the ultrasound said differently) the gender was still what I predicted. 

  273. Don’t fear your abilities, Lisa. They are gifts. Learn how to use them for good. Good luck.

  274. I've always had dreams that come true. They usually follow a pattern of threes (i.e. Three months, three years, three days before an event). When I was younger I never remembered them until an event was mostly over and most of my dreams were from a third person perspective. For example as I was sitting on my bed after school one day and listening to a voicemail telling me my dad had a stroke and was in the hospital, I suddenly remembered a dream from three days before when I had seen myself from above, sitting on my bed, receiving bad news, and dresses in a blue top and black bottoms. This wasn't the first time, but it was the most vivid. 

    It sounds pretty fake because the deja but came after, but recently I've been remembering my dreams sooner. For example, I'll be having a conversation and the moment someone says a particular word, I begin to watch my dream play out.

    Does this mean at some point I'll be able to know ahead of time? I'm only 17 and the dreams have been more frequent the past three years.

    I accepted the dreams as just proof that there's more to the world than we understand. I'm a scientific mind from a family of scientists, so that's the way I chose to think about it. But recently other things have begun to happen.

    It feels crazy. I feel crazy. Because even though I told my mom that it would help us win the Super Bowl if a opposing player got injured, and then it happen less than a minute later, that DOES NOT mean I caused it, right? This weekend I was irritated because my youth group chose a weekend for their retreat that I couldn't go, but then it had to be postponed for an ice storm, and now I can attend. But people can't just control the weather.

    And the one that freaks me out the most is Deneb. It's a star that I began to watch after me and my boyfriend broke up last summer. I watched it every night, choosing it mostly at random from the stars in the sky. A few days ago I looked Deneb up. It is the tail in a swan constellation and in some languages means "tail" or "end". That was freaky because all I was thinking about while watching it was the end of my relationship. But then it got weirder. In Chinese mythology, Deneb (along with the he other stars of the Summer Triangle, Vega and Altair) is associated with the story of the celestial princess (represented by Vega) and her beloved cowherd (Altair) who are separated by the Milky Way, only allowed to see each other once a year when bird formed a bridge (represented by Deneb) across the starry river.

    What the heck. I get that coincidences happen, but how did I choose the star in the sky (out of literally trillions) that represents reconciliation with the boy I would not see for another year.

    I'm a little freaked out, but I'm more scared that I actually believe that I have supernatural powers. I've been telling myself that maybe my wishes just have a slightly more direct path the the ears of the universe, but I don't know what to think anymore. 

    Am I supposed to do something about these powers?

  275. Hi Seneca…

    Love the story about Deneb – fascinating stuff. So glad you decided to investigate the myths around it.

    The question is, do you want to do something with your psychic powers? Have a look at this article: It seems to me that you are just on the verge of discovering what you are capable of. Don’t be freaked out, you are  on an amazing journey.

    Good luck and best wishes.


  276. This dream has been bothering me for a few days now.I could still vividly remember this dream I had a few weeks ago. I remembered tripping on dead children with some sort of foam coming from their mouths as if they were poisoned. Imagine my devastation when I heard of the chemical attack in Syria, especially when I saw the children. Is this a sign of having a psychic ability?How can I make good use of it?

  277. Hi Sha, it’s possible you experienced a precognitive dream. This page might help you:

  278. I don't know if it's even anything but many times I dream or feel or have seen things that hasn't hapIpened yet or not. Ive seen things while awake, I dreamt of stuff only to see it unfold, I never have time to warn them most of the time..other times I sit and wonder if I am just crazy

    is there a way to harness this knowledge

    can I prevent hurt and harm that I see 

    the dread the fear the helplessness

    why can I see things that I cannot prevent

    is it punishment?

    it's already written in stone so why must I see and feel it?



  279. I strongly believe I'm psychic. I get constant dejavu a lot and it's always with strangers or when someone says something I feel like they've said it before. I'm also very sensitive and intuitive. I can figure out people's personality before meeting them or knowing them first. This article was very helpful. Thank you for clarifying everything! 

  280. When I was little I would always have these visions. Sometimes they were bad, sometimes they were good. They would always come true. The thing is though, I had no control over it. I remember times where randomly a thought would pop up in my head of something that could happen and later it would. Someone in the comments said that having no control is good, but when a thought pops up in your head and its a bad thought, how are you gonna stop that? You can't when you have no control. I would try to shut my eyes and stop thinking about it but I couldn't help it. Next thing you know it would happen. I told my brother about all this a few years ago, and he always believed me because I would tell him things before they happened. 

  281. Hi, I am going to tell you somethings that have happened to me throughout my 18 years of living, and I would like some incite as to what this means for me.

    When I was 6 years old, I had a terrible nightmare. So bad that my dad woke me up and said I was screaming in my sleep. In that dream I was falling between two cliffs. I couldn't see anything below me but clouds, same as above. When I looked over to my left, I saw my 5 month old baby brother falling with me. I started screaming and crying when I saw him, and finally I saw the ground past the clouds, but before either of us hit it I woke up, because of my dad. Two weeks later my baby brother died from something that could have been prevented.

    Throughout my life I've had a LOT of Deja Vu moments. I started to think that God gave me some kind of ability to see a bit of the future.

    Then about a year or two ago, I had another dream. My immediate family and I were all crying, and my grandparents, on my dad's side were there. We all had conversations that my dad had died, but it wasn't too specific on how. When I woke up, naturally I might add, it was around 2 am in the morning, tear stains were on my face. I went into my family's kitchen and decided to get myself some water. My dad is a light sleeper and heard me. We talked and I told him about my dream. My dad then ended up getting medicine for high blood pressure. Apparently, and I didn't find out about this until the fall of 2016, he took my dream as a sign of some sort and got a doctor's appointment as soon as possible. My dad told me, in the fall of 2016 still, that the doctor had said, that if my dad had waited a couple weeks longer, he might have died, unexpectedly.

    I have vivid dreams every time I sleep, some seem like hours long even though I only slept for 20 minutes, and almost every single dream I have I remember immediately.

    What does this mean for me? What type of clair- ability is this? Can you help me figure out how strong my abilities are, if I have them? Please help clarify.

  282. Also, when it comes to my deja vu moments, I have them in dreams, but I don't remember them when I wake up, because I end up having a different dream right after. I don't remember these deja vu moments until it starts, and it lasts somewhere between 5-30 seconds. And no matter what I do I can't change what happened from what I saw in the dream, even my own movements.

  283. Hello..I am 24 yrs old Indian girl…i always get signs from my own conscience of anything bad going to happen…like everytime earthquake comes i have thoughts of it around 5 hours ago…i feel i am crazy….plz help if you know what is wrong with me

  284. Hello Piya, you may find a useful site here:

  285. Hi, I'm Ivana. I have always have this thought that I something of a psychic. Whenever I'm waiting for someone to reply a message and I look at my phone to see if the have replied, they do at the same time I check. That has happened plenty of times, a lot. At first I was scared but I wanted to know if it is a sign of being psychic. Also, sometime my phone rings and I have this feeling that is (example) my mom and it is.

  286. For me, having dream about the dead we love or we are unfamiliar is also a sign that we have a psychic ability. After all, it takes much time and effort to sharpen this ability!

  287. hi I know I'm psychic and all my x bfs know to I've been seeing spirits ever since I was three and my brothers an exorcist and my dad used to be a pastor and my mom sees ghost to but doesn't pay attention . But I hear voice or wall creeks or I see orbs a lot or particles of energy or 3D graphics in my mirror or lights turn on and off I always feel like something is watching me and different spirits are trying to talk to me . Ive caught some on my videos but anyways I also get dreams about what's going to happen or I'll know of something is wrong with feeling pressure in my neck . But I am afraid to talk to them when I'm alone and it appears I don't know why I'm scared to get more and more on tumed bc I don't want to see more evil things or be hearing a million voice at once what should I do ?!!! Should I keep learning my books and get more In tuned and reach out to help spirits or people get in touch with their loved ones or should I let it go 

  288. Hi Alexa, I’d say that the more you learn about being psychic, the more you will find you don’t have anything to fear. Check out our resource page for useful links. 

  289. Whenever I have a supposed Psychic moment, I feel a rush of joy and want for betterness. Almost like the positivity is dramatically sensed or breathed in a way, but when I think im having a moment, buf im not, i get a bad feeling, almost as if i did something wrong, and when i believe something will happen, it ends up not being in my favor (bad luck?). Ive believed I was psychic when i was younger, and a good handful of the examples have applied to me. (Except the 2 place one, and a couple others.). When I was in foster care, i felt lost and scared, because it was almost as if those feelings were all ripped away, and then when i got back with my mom, it was very rejuvinating, and i had a kinda growth spurt in my possible abilities such as sleep and day visions almost 5-10 times a day, and more of a free flow of realization and awareness of my setting (no only in person, but of other people). I feel like I lose this euphoria when i get mad though. I feel very awakened in simplest terms. This has happened over a period of 3-4 months whereas my "progress" has increased immensly from what feels like none. I have always felt that there is or is going to be a great purpose with my life. Does this show signs of psychic abilities, and is there anyway to move on with this possible growth?

  290. Sounds to me, Denny Rae, as though you are doing everything right and all is unfolding perfectly for you. Go with it and see what happens. Your path will become clearer in time. Enjoy the magic.

  291. Hi. I have been able to dream of things that would happen in real life. I dnt knw exactly when it started. I used to dream in opposites, ie, if I dreamt a party then there was a funeral, and if I dreamt death, then there wld be life. In 2012 it all suddenly changed. I dreamt of my sick uncle dying. I thot he was gona be fine but he had truely died during the night. From then onwards, I dreamt the exact thing only that I dont see the person who dies, but the Place where the relative stays or an idea of how we are related. I also am always correct on my gut feeling. I also dream abt problems that we might face as a family or as an individual. Problem is, I dreamt of my husband cheating on me and I found out it was true. Now that I dont trust him, I still dream of him cheating. He says he is not cheating when I ask him. Now Im not sure if those dreams are just whats in my mind because I heard that sometimes people dream of things that are on their minds. Please help. The other things I dream spot on but this issue is stressing me that Im now becoming depressed. I feel like Im loosing it.

  292. Hi Moreblessing, you are not losing it, but I do suggest you get some marriage counseling. If you can deal with this issue, the dreams about it will stop. The other dreams are your subconscious knowing more about what is going on than your rational mind. They are simply a reflection of reality. You can go two ways with this – you can choose to explore them further by keeping a detailed dream journal, or you can train yourself to wake up and dismiss the dream by saying something like, “Thanks for the information, you can go now.” And let it go. You might try some sort of physical representation like a dream catcher. So again, when you wake, brush the air toward the dream catcher as if to send the dream away. 

  293. Hello, I was looking for some advice. I've always been intrigued by "supernatural" things. Shows, movies, stories from other people about the afterlife, etc. I've met people who practice astral projection and such and I would always be so fascinated that I'd want to practice it myself. Though I've never had any progress. I've always believed in the supernatural although I've never had a personal experience with any of it. I had the urge to go to a tarot. And he had said I possess a gift like his. He had told me to get closer with my spiritually because of that gift. I have episodes of deja vu and I have odd dreams but I never felt like I actually got proof that these abilities are trying to surface. So I've always had the thought that it's all in my head. Like, maybe psychic abilities are just something I deeply WISH I had. I haven't had any strange events happen but I always have a very strong feeling about things, yet I am sometimes wrong. Do I have psycic abilities or is it just something I happen to be interested in?

  294. Hi Shadean, if you are drawn to this area, then I would highly recommend you begin learning how to read tarot cards. Not only is it fascinating, you don’t have to be psychic to read the cards. It’s also a really good way of exploring your intuition. You’ll never know unless you try. There are some good beginning articles at Lunar Cafe and at my own site Good luck!

  295. This article was posted on my 13th birthday, I'm hoping to reach my 16th soon! Thank you for this amazing article! 🙂

    Hi, I've had 1 dream about the birth of a baby boy which happened to my Aunt.And my current "prediction" is about the death of a man, a woman, and a child. This is all very new and frightening to me.

    My best friends father passed away a while back and just a few days ago my teachers family member passed away as well. I have yet to know whether the person was a woman.

    I knew that bad things would happen if I told my friend and teacher about the many minor predictions that came true (I'm not supposed to tell anyone but I did thinking nothing bad will happen) and now I'm afraid whoever reads this will face the same events! I feel as though this is my fault and so:

    The last death, of a "child" is probably me. I'm hoping the person that passed away wasn't a woman which I'm afraid might be true. If there is a possibility of getting any help at all, I might live until my 16th birthday. Please can I have a sweet sixteen? 🙁

    ***I'm sorry in advance for anything bad that you may face!!!***

  296. Hi there Nabila. Don’t worry, it is not possible for you affect anyone’s wellbeing indirectly, so it can’t be your fault.  Lots of people have babies, so that’s not such a wild prediction. Also many people die of natural causes and illness. There’s a 50% chance that the person you mention is a woman. We all have dreams like this on and off. You’ll have many more. So chill out and relax.

  297. well my girlfriend and I can sometimes hear each others thoughts and we feel emotions and pain through each other we don't even live with or near each other, she lives in Virginia and I live in Ohio, is this something like the above

  298. Hi Troy, it seems highly likely you have a psychic relationship:

  299. Ive always had the ability that in some of my weird dreams things would come true, never anything major and sometimes its just parts of the dream.The most intense thing thats popped up in my dream happens to be in the not so near future but entails death. Im also told by peers that im very compassionate because whenever someone feels a strong emotion i tend to feel it with them. Lately though ive become concerned about this really intense, dark i guess you could say, gut instinct that something truly bad is going to happen. Im only in highschool and always just assumed my dreams coming true and feeling what other poeple feel was just coincidental but im genuinely concerned about this gut feeling. Whats happening and what should i do about it?


  300. Oh i also forgot to mention that me and a person shared the exact same dream but at different times, theirs was before i had even met them and mine after the fact. Idk if thats relevant


  301. I stumbled  across this website and I'm glad I did. Since I was 3 or 4  would dream about a man that would try to tell me to wake up and use the bathroom claiming he was my grandfather. Well I never met him as he died when my mother was in her early 20's. When I reached my early 20's I saw the picture of the same man on my grandmothers dresser so I told my mother he used to be in my dreams when I was little. To this day my deceased relatives come to me in my dreams. Also if I forget something like a telephone number I can go to sleep and get the number while dreaming and that started when I was about 8. I also can feel when someone does not mean well. And I feel a very eerie feeling at night sometimes. One time I almost over slept and I heard my name being called and I woke up just in time. I also had a difficult time passing my LSW exam so I dreamed I got a 97 and needed a 95 and that was exactly right. I wrote it in my note section of my phone. Also I dreamed about my uncles murder months before it happened and he ended up being murdered when I was in labor with my 12 year old daughter! 

  302. Hi, I've always dreamed of different places I'm not familiar with. I'm always part of the dream that I also feel all the emotion in my dream for example I was wounded in my dream I feel like I'm wounded just like I really am, i felt hurt. In one night I'm experienced three or four dreams where can I across different places I've never been to, different events that i never experience and people I've never seen in my life. In one night i experience traveling in different places and times. That things that I cannot explain is that I am aware that I'm dreaming and sometimes I can control what's happening in my dream. I also dreamed about something else going on in the future.
    And when i close my eyes i have vision of place or event it rarely happens honesty there is a lot i experienced about vision, odd dream and empathy I'm really confused. My friend told me that i gifted. If I was psychic what I'm supposed to do about it

  303. Hi Akime, when you can control events in your dream that is called ‘lucid dreaming’. It’s quite common and a lot of fun. This page might help you on you psychic journey:

  304. When i was a little i always experiencing that i can tell what will happen in the next days i always write it down on my journal and it is always accurate, and i have a strong senses when it comes to the things that other people cannot feel or see, i dont know why i have that strong senses do you think i have that psychic ability? and to be honest i really love paranormal stuffs. Me and my best friend always keep it a secret.

  305. On Tuesday the 24th of October I was sitting on my couch watching TV and out of no where 10-26-17 came to my head. Not the written out date but digits. It is now 10-26 and I am freaked out. I'm not sure what the meaning of this coming to me 2 days prior ? I feel nervous now because I dont know what it means? Has anyone experienced this before?

  306. lately, i have dreams that i travel in space extremely fast with my body and the moments i dream of this i feel like i am in the roller coaster…its beautiful but extremely stressfull. i dont know why i feel this it is not like the other dreams

  307. laytley i have been having strange feelings in my guts i feel something bad is coming i also can feel my feelings before iactually feel them im woried im actually going crazy ive been having eveything you mensioned above in a car i saw avison about my crush and started cying so when it really hapened i was redy my i also hear things ringing in my ears and scared when i pass certin places 

  308. I don't know, what i have been going through, around 8 years back i can see future and tell my friends through telepathy or you can say through deep meditation, i had never observed that when and why i started doing that, laterly i start seeing things around and can feel things around me, also my dreams are scary at times a hell lot scary. but later few people around me taking all that things into wrong way i might have helped people telling them their future which i am not sure is correct or not, as doing all that harming my health as well but after that i have stopped doing all that and get back to my regular life and started igonoring things, infact i stopped doing meditation anymore..But still there are bodies who disturb me most of the times.. i can't talk and explain things to others which i am going through. There are nights also when i can't sleep.

    Most of the time i have health issues, but when i see a doctor they say i am perfectly fine.

    Please advise, if there is anything i can improve.


  309. Hi Deepti, I would suggest that you focus outward instead of inward for a while. Concentrate on helping others in practical ways rather than in psychic ways. If you get those dreams, write them down rather than passing on a message. Some people don’t want to know the future. If you work as hard as you can in the daytime, it will help you fall asleep at night.

  310. I don’t think I am psychic but I am empathic. But I can do things I have noticed other people around me can not. I can read people and know who they truly are (things like: if they are selfish or if they have strong bonds with people or love.) or their past without knowing anything about them. My friends won’t tell me anything about a subject and I already know what it is. I can sense evil and goodness no someone by just looking at them. When I touch someone I can feel thejr energy pushed off into mine. I’ve tried to get answers before but nothing turned out to be the way I wanted it to be answered. 

  311. I think a wolf follows me. I can't see her exactly but I know she's there, shes orange and looks like she was on fire. She can talk to me through thoughts. There used to be a snowy owl but she dissapered. I can't tell if their real of fake. Sometimes a young high spirited girl, bright blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, comes and hangs out with me. She's really nice and says her. name is Leyla but again I don't know of they're real or not… 

  312. I dont know yet but I couldnt sleep because Leyla was balling her eyes out and then she went ring around the Rosie on me… After her… Episode… She couldnt remember even why she was crying.She's not the only spirit I see though. I dont know the technical term but I call them abstract spirits. For example with Leyla she has a deep connection with the emotion love since love is abstract I call her an abstract spirit. Anyway I think someone broke up with someone or someone died and left a loved one heartbroken…

  313. I had two dreams of a coworker falling off of a cliff within one week. I was worried about him so on Monday I asked him whether he lived near a mountain or cliff and he said no. I told him about my dreams. He was shocked and told me he fell down stairs in his house the Saturday after I had the dreams and knocked himself out and was hurt pretty badly. I guess I'll listen to my dreams from now on!

  314. when i was young (first year of middle school) i walked into a class room. I was overwhelmed and knew and seen this room before, tho, i've never even been in this school before. The room was vivid with wall decor and it was like i knew all the wall hangings and even the color of the walls. I was scared at first cause of this feeling, didn't know why i knew this place, but as the year went on i had forgotten about it. I remembered about it years later when someone asked me about deja vu, and that class room came back. There was one other incident while driving the back roads a few years back. There was this old shed along side the road (I believe it use to be an old water shed). It had a window on the side of it. Your headlights would hit it and reflect off when going by. I was with my boyfriend at the time tho i was driving and it was rainy and dark. We decided to take the back roads to kill time. So we went by this shed, noticed my headlights hitting the window and drove on. Seemed like maybe 15 mins. of driving and then i noticed the headlights hitting the shed windows again. I know we went by this shed already! I even said something to my boyfriend about it. He didn't notice it. Men!! lol. So i don't know what happened there but i got freaked. There are no other sheds on this road, and there is no way you can come back around to this shed on this road. I don't know. Well thanks for listening. Have a wonderful day or night. 😀

  315. I have been feeling like I have some type of power since I was younger and recently I have a family member who went to a psychic and told her she has psychic abilities and it runs in your family and as for me I have very strong intuitions I have very strong dreams I recently had this one dream that I used to have l and every time I have it something bad happens and I had it recently twice and bad things happened could this mean something, I also have  had dreams of me having a baby boy and after i got pregnant with my son , then alittle bit after having my son i had a dream i had a girl and then after i did have my daughter .deja vu almost everyday. Does this sound like I can have psychic abilities?

  316. Hi everyone!

    My mom told me when I was younger that her family has psychics in it and that she had some psychic intuition too. I have always had deja vu, since I was about 5 or 6 and it becomes more frequent when I am in a stressful environment and I guess, I have had a lot of interesting experiences that have made me question myself to some extent. One clear experience for me was the time my mom had a heart attack (she's alive and still worrying about me!), that day I had a horrible gut feeling that I needed to go with her to the store and she kept telling me that she was fine. I insiste, but in the end I didn't go because I thought that I was overreacting. When I found out, I was just shocked. Second time something weird happened, I was standing in line for food and all of a sudden I could hear someone's conversation from the front of the line, mind you the line was in a cafeteria in a large school (I was closer to the end and they were in the front by the cash register). For some reason, I just knew it was the people in the front and I freaked a bit, but ignored the experience all together. Third time, I was talking to my grandmother about studying abroad and going away to Germany and I had wanted to do things with her prior to my travels and for some reason, all I could see in my minds eye was a black blank space. Usually, people can at least imagine doing things with others and hanging with them, but I could not get passed this black screen, like she wasn't meant to be a part of that summer. Later on during my school year kept getting the same randome phrase "she's going to die" even as I was about to sleep. A month before my trip, she did. Fourth time, well this has been all my life but I have dreams where they tell a story and sometimes they play off of one another. I will have a dream that references my last dream or continues it, which I always thought as interesting. My final experience as of now, (I swear!) is my time in Germany, where I spent the month getting deja vu so frequently, that I was basically experiencing it 20 times a day. Funny enough, my psychology professor decided to go on a tangent on the topic and I told him and the rest of my class about my experience. I told them that I could tell what was about to happen next (and I even proved it a little by pointing out what someone did and told them I knew that you were going to do that) and my professor quietly told me that wasn't deja vu. I quickly changed my statement and just said that I saw this all happen before.

    So, I truly don't know what to make of all this, but any clarifications or ideas as to what is going on with me would help me with my future steps!

  317. hi divya, i was reading your post. and I too felt that cool air sensation before, it was lovely. And once the cool air hit you it was very soothing as well. I know how u feel. 

  318. I have really strong sense of character. Also I can do many other thigs without meaning to. When i go into a vision my eyes tend to flare ocen blu and I'm scared. I have had many visions a mysterious guy that i feel like I know but I do not. What does this mean? I am scared of this gift. I also have felt ghost's and spirits and many other supernatural aura's. How do I hone my ablities? How do I figure out who the mysterious guy is? How do I figure out the string of numbers in my head? I'm extremely terrifiedsomething's going to happen in my college years, and I do not know what to do. Can anyone tell me how powerful I am?  

  319. Also,  I had a feeling that I should not telll anyone. When I saw your app I got a feeling I  should tell you, and I was right. Many people look at me strangely when I avoid them, Why!

  320. I am started to get more worried. My vision's keep coming and will not stop. The mysterious guy is starting to freak me out. I also have unwanted feeling's for him.

  321. I’ve always wondered if I was psychic only because every time that I have deja Vu I always have a strong prediction about what happens next. Like I’ve already seen it and I know what is going to happen . But what I say and see never seems to happen. I don’t know if this makes sense it is hard to explain it. But I also have very vivid dreams. I remember having a dream about someone I hadn’t seen in awhile and we had a conversation about someone else in my dream. The next day the person showed up at my house . Later that day I remember having the same conversation that I had with this person in my dream … in reality. It was very interesting. 

  322. i can see the death and the time of death of someone , see things i shouldn't know about someone i care about like i was with them  without even touching him , i can know what's in their minds , and i feel it when something is about to happen or is happening , i can't cure anyone , when i try to change what will happen it happen even worse ,  and i get the feeling of being in a situation twice or deja vu , and i can tell exact time of things before they happen or the exact result

  323. I've always experience a sense of anxiety when everyone is around. But when I see a person I like it goes away and then I feel that he's telling me something but I don't know what it is

  324. Hey I need answers like know. ITs not just one man its four, and I am scared, I saw someone die and they did the next day. I could not do anything someone help. I also need someone to explain why my eyes glow and my skin is sometimes glowing with a white gold color.

  325. I don't know if it's psychic ability or not but i usually know if the person i have crush on is going to come to classes or gym a few hours or minutes before. i  just feel nervous or happy and i figured out its related to this and it's really accurate. can you tell me what it is.

  326.  i have phscic powers but when i proved it to my brother he told my parents and now they think im crazy and put me in therapy what do i do

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