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About Zarabeth

Zarabeth is a seeker of truth. Having studied various religions and mythology, she has always been fascinated by the spiritual world. A highly sensitive empath and clairaudient, she begins her readings with a general tarot spread to confirm your situation. Zarabeth has a natural affinity with other divination tools including numerology and the pendulum and knows how to give you spot on information regarding your family, friends, career and money related questions. She is also able to assist in understanding any complicated dreams that may be troubling you.

An animal rights activist and vegetarian, Zarabeth as a very special connection to animals and has also obtained a master's degree in communications. Also a clairsentient channeller, she is very compassionate in her delivery and works with her guides to help you find the answers that you seek!

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Customer Testimonials
"Very honest and sincere. Will definitely have another reading with her"
Anonymous, Loisville, KY
"Very kind, quick and calm reader. I appreciated the reading."
L M, Emlenton PA
"Thanks! I felt so secure."
Aquelle S, rockford IL
"Great Reading! Answered questions that I was unclear about in regards to my situation. "
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"Honest, accurate, and compassionate. Highly recommended."
Michael A, Sedona AZ
"Life changing. She provided me with the closure I needed to move on with my life and make very difficult decisions."
Shanta F, brooklyn NY
"She pick up my situation right off the bat. I will be talking her advice and see what happens in the next months ahead! "
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"Awesome reading. Will definitely be calling back. "
Tennesia C, Atlanta GA
"Hello Zarabeth! I just want to thank you for your honesty and compassion this evening. I needed some validation and confirmation and you gave that to me. Taking your advice on writing that letter to release and have already sent the 'hello' we talked about. Thank you with all of my heart and many blessings to you!"
Debbie W, Colorado Springs CO
"I enjoyed this reading a lot.

Raquel D, st charles MO
"I give her 5 stars! She was excellent and I would consider talking to her again with any questions I have."
Anonymous, BEDFORD, IN
"Sweet and sincere. Honest and caring. Great energy and she really cares."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Always wonderful to talk with and she gives great readings. She knows her stuff. Love talking with her. She connects with you and can really get to the heart of the matter quickly . She knows her cards and is a joy to talk to. I look forward to talking with her again. Love speaking with her and she always remembers me. She helps me to remember things about myself that I need to work on and gives me wonderful advice. Can't wait to talk to her again."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"She did a wonderful job. Great energy and was able to answer all my questions. I already knew the answers but she confirmed my gut feelings. She also gave me a few answers that I didn't know about, that we're great surprises. Of course, just predictions for now, but I

I was happy to hear them! "
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Accurate, sincere, uplifting, and inspirational.

She can get to the heart of the issue real quick and come up with solutions."
Anonymous, Rockville, MD
"First call was so impressive that I spent money I shouldn't have, in order to talk more. Very impressed with her work and hope to be talking with her more in the future!!"
Lisa M, Hazel Park NE
"I so enjoyed my first reading on this site! It was with Zarabeth. She is extremely kind and knows her cards well. Thank you Zarabeth, for your insight and advice. "
Anonymous, Lillian, AL
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