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About Dove
Dove is a tremendously talented reader who will leave you speechless. She can use Tarot or her natural gifts, and she is blessed with powerful guides who can communicate with yours. If you’re looking to read about love, career, or even your life’s purpose, Dove is able to help you.

Dove began developing her psychic abilities at a young age under the tutelage of her mother; she is a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and has studied with renowned intuitives from around the world. Dove believes that the most rewarding aspect of giving psychic readings is when realization and healing occurs for a client. She loves working with repeat clients whom she is able to build a rapport with and get a deep connection. Dove loves when clients want to evolve and learn in order to to live the lives they truly want to live.

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Customer Testimonials
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"Very good reader. I always enjoy speaking to her."
C S, Orlando FL
"Love talking to her. Her predictions always come true."
C S, Orlando FL
"Dove is a wonderful special person! She is excellent at what she does!

I am very grateful for having her in my life.

Thank you Dove for the great insight to my life.

I will shine, flourish and breathe!"
Katherine Q, BEVERLY MA
"Loved her energy. Great reading. Spot on. Tuned right in. Can't wait to see predictions"
Anonymous, Foxboro, MA
"Absolutely amazing! Very accurate and positive. Gave me some great advices! I will be definitely calling Dove again.

Thank you!"
K R, shelby MI
"Dove was great! This is my second time calling her and I am very happy I did.

Katherine Q, BEVERLY MA
"Thank you so much!! You're awesome. You helped me feel so much better about myself."
Anonymous, Clermont, FL
"Absolutely fabulous! She is well worth the reading. Honestly, she was able to answer all my questions accurately. Has my confidence up and looking forward to some great things ahead! :)"
J M, hollywood FL
"Thank you Dove...your energy from the beginning was awesome and that really helps us relax on this side. You have given me hope and shed a lot of light on things for me. The best is yet to come and I am opening to receive.. Blessings to you....I will be back!!!"
Debbie W, Colorado Springs CO
"She was amazing. I felt a strong connection with her, she read me and touch on everything that I was feeling and going through right now. I feel this was more of a healing than anything. I will take your advise and hope to let you know of the outcome in the future. She is definitely someone who is compassionate, caring, and understanding. I would very much like to contact her again."
D L, lumberton TX
"Thank you so much for a great reading.I will keep you posted on how the business is going and the new man when he shows up. Thanks again"
D G, culver city CA
"Thank you for the reading and I will do what u asks me to do.Thank you Ms.Dove."
Sheree W, Baltimore MD
"Thank you!!! "
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"Amazing and upbeat! Great person to talk with."
Anonymous, Boca raton, FL
"Always enjoy speaking with her. Great energy and lovely person!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Thank you so much! This reading was great I will keep you posted!"
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"It was great ! "
Veronique M, Escondido CA
"She picked up on a lot that's what's going on with just one question. I will be connecting with her again in the future ."
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"I truly enjoy going to tarot readers and have gone to quite a few. I have to say my reading with Dove was the best I've ever had. She was right on the money on so many different things and left me so at ease that things, when the time is right always seem to work themselves out!! She lightened my entire mood and made me feel so much better. Will be calling her again in the future. Thanks for the awesome reading! You're truly gifted! "
L F, harrison NJ
"Thank you, Dove! I feel inspired and supported. Thank you for your insights, energy, love, compassion and clarity. I feel moved and better equipped to move forward in many areas of my life. I would highly recommend Dove for deep wisdom and energizing ideas. Would love to talk again soon. "
J S, Kilauea HI
"5 -star READING! It was very good."
Diana , waianae HI
"Fantastic! Answered the questions promptly, and they were accurate to my situation. I can't wait to see what happens. I will be calling again in the future."
P A, Norton MA
"Insightful reading!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Insightful ! "
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Totally loved talking to her. She is so full of positive energy and really connected with me. She helped me with some things I was struggling with by give me some redirection. I really enjoyed the reading and look forward to another one!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Wonderful reading! "
Arlene M, Oklahoma City OK
"I really had a great reading from Dove. She was very accurate, loving, and positive, and gave me a great peace of mind. I highly recommend Dove!"
Anonymous, Bend, OR
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