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Strong Clairvoyant That Doesn't Use Tools
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About Liam
Liam is a seasoned psychic with over 30 years of professional experience and a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Cambridge College in Massachusetts. Liam can connect to your past, present and future without using divination tools, though he will at times utilize the power of crystals. He may also receive guidance from the spirit world in order to better understand your situation. He will relate strong insight into your future by honing in on your energy, allowing him to tune into what is needed in order to improve your life.

Liam feels that there is no greater satisfaction than truly helping you to grow in positive ways. You will understand that he genuinely cares about you and your situation. Regardless if your question pertains to love, money or career, he utilizes his natural clairvoyant abilities to provide insight, and relays them in a friendly but direct manner. Liam is great at shedding light onto any darkness in your heart and soul. You do not want to miss a reading with him!
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Customer Testimonials
"Liam was extremely patient, candid and very insightful. Looking forward to more readings with him."
K M, Chicago IL
"This guy speaks with accuracy. Very compationate. An in born and a natural to what he does. I recommend him he is an A plus."
Michelle H, west hills CA
"My reading with Liam was an awesome and mind-opening experience. The things he expressed concerning my situation were extremely accurate. I will be consulting with him very soon!"
W A, Elkins Park PA
"I am going to try Liam again. I am new at this and he seemed very genuine and things were accurate. Giving him 5 stars!"
N B, Evans GA
"Liam was great. Highly recommended."
Linda K, Sacramento CA
"Liam was great .

Best advice , now I'm really sure what to do .

Very clear on everything on both guys .

I am strong and I will keep smiling ...

Thank You Liam :)"
Anonymous, East Taunton, MA
"He's a very nice guy. Hopefully the things he said will come true..."
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"Liam had a lovely presence during our call. He was friendly and warm, and his voice was very soothing. He was honest about his thoughts on what he was seeing and feeling, just as if he was just receiving information and then letting me know his opinion on what that information meant for me. He is also a great listener, I felt comfortable telling him about my situation."
P D, Portland OR
"Just brilliant and spot on! He tells it the way it is with a calm, compassionate manner. I also enjoy having a male perspective as well. I definitely will reconnect with Liam again. "
B G, Antelope CA
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