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Are you a gifted psychic, astrologist, or with other spiritual abilities and with the passion, have a talent or energy to help people? If so, you are in the right place.

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What are we looking for in a Psychic?

We know how important trust is in our line of work, so we are looking for psychics with real gifts and abilities and have genuine intention to always provide help, guidance and answers to our clients in search of a clear path in their lives. We aim to promote a community of psychics that will elevate client’s experience and also develop their spirituality and openness to all possibilities in anything that they are experiencing in life.
Psychic Abilities: We accept all kinds of psychics like Empaths, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Dream Analysts,Clairsentients & many more
Psychic Tools: Psychics who provides readings with the use of Tarot Cards, Astrology, Crystals, Numerology, Pendulum, Oracle Cards, Angel Cards, Spirit Guides, Runes or even with No Tools
Reading Styles: Psychics who can be direct, compassionate, inspiring, and reassuring as they provide readings by phone.

What is our Psychic Hiring Process?

Application Review

Review of your submitted application

Evaluation & Background Check

Test readings and criminal background check

Profile Creation &
Set up

Submission of required documents and information to create your profile

Schedule Update &
Go Live

Post available time and be ready to provide readings

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    Psychic Elements was started with the passion of creating an online spiritual community that provides the public with authentic spiritual material and talented psychics. We hope that this online community will guide others in areas of life, love, relationships, career, self-awareness and finances.
    Our psychics at Psychic Elements go through very strict screening procedures. During this interview process, our advisors undergo a background check while providing multiple readings for our recruitment staff. Both of these tests are done in order to ensure that our advisors are genuinely talented and their true passion is to guide others.
    Our Psychic Elements staff hand picks each psychic in order to guarantee the quality of each phone reading. Tested for accuracy and compassion, each psychic enters our online spiritual community with the desire to help others. Our psychics harness the energy from you and your surrounding environment in order to give the most accurate prediction for each reading.

    At Psychic Elements we hand pick the psychics that provide our phone readings. We strive to provide the best and most accurate psychic reading for our customers!

    Our evaluation team hand picks each psychic through a very strict screening process. In addition to background checks, our advisors also perform multiple readings for staff members as well in order to ensure their authentication.

    During the first 60 days, our psychics are monitored closely to ensure that they are living up to our high standards, and providing our customers with accurate psychic readings.

    Our psychics are re-evaluated monthly based upon the feedback and ratings we have received from hundreds of clients. If you would like to leave feedback or a rating for your advisor, please follow the instructions at the end of the phone reading. You may also leave feedback under “your account” tab upon logging in.

    A psychic may use specific abilities in order to give you the most accurate reading. For example, some psychics possess the abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy or precognition you may read which psychic is strong in a specific ability on their profile page.
    Psychics use specific tools in order to connect with the spiritual world and gain a better understanding of your life’s path. These tools would include, but are not limited to, the use of astrology, tarot cards and runes. In order to view which tools a psychic is comfortable using, please view their individualized profile page.
    Predictions are based upon your thought pattern. When a psychic performs a reading, it is to enhance your viewpoint on your current situation and to give you a better perspective for what may occur. If your views or opinions shift during your reading, or after your reading, then a psychic’s predictions could very well change since your perspective on life has shifted.
    Each psychic will be connecting with you on a different level, tapping into a different aspect of your subconscious. Because of this, some of the answers you may receive can differentiate from reading to reading. Be sure that you select a psychic that has a subject of expertise that pertains to your question(s), this will allow for them to tap into your pure energy and delve into your true life course. Please view each psychic’s profile page in order to learn which psychic may provide a reading that you are most comfortable with.
    If you “overdo” your readings by having multiple readings in a day or week, by different psychics, then it’s very possible for each psychic to pick up on the energy from the previous reading. When this happens, even if one psychic made a wrong prediction, the rest will pick up on this energy and perceive it as being true. In order to avoid this confusion, when reading with multiple psychics attempt to block out the information you learned in previous readings so that the energies are not clashing.
    Some of our psychics are excellent at being able to inform us of the correct timing of an event. However, this type of skill set is a gift of only a select few. Often a psychic will decline to estimate a time that an event may occur in order to avoid giving you inaccurate information.
    It’s incredibly important to remember that things are always shifting in life. One event that occurs could completely disrupt the entire timeline of events. Since everything is shifting based on your circumstances in life, the timeframe of a particular event could suddenly shift. Our psychics strive to provide you with the best prediction regarding a potential event.
    In order to find the most genuine and truly gifted psychics, our psychics are located across numerous cities within the United States.
    Each of our psychics possess a different talent and ability to tap into your energy. Please read through their biographies on their profile page in order to find the one that you feel you could connect with the best. If you have any questions, or need guidance in choosing the right psychic for you, please contact our friendly Customer Care team.
    In order to provide an accurate reading, you need to be able to connect with your psychic. You must feel comfortable speaking with your psychic and able to ask them questions about your reading; this is because the more you can convey to your psychic, the more accurate your reading will be. If you find a psychic that you connect with then you should consider using that one psychic for your future readings. It’s best to use one psychic, on a continuous basis, for a more accurate reading.
    Our Customer Care team seeks out the most qualified and renowned psychics to join our online spiritual community. In addition, Psychic Elements is contacted by psychics and accepts applications from those that are interested in joining our community.
    In order to view our complete list of psychics please click on “Our Psychics” tab located on the header.
    If you would like to apply to become part of our online, psychic database. Please go to the footer and submit your application for evaluation. After submitting your credentials, we will then verify your information before welcoming you into our online, spiritual community.

    You may also apply online directly,

    Each psychics’ abilities vary. In order to learn which ability is their strength, please read their individualized biographies or contact our Customer Care team in order to find the psychic most suited for you.
    You may find a psychic’s schedule and appointment availability displayed on the psychic’s profile. You are also always more than welcome to contact our Customer Care team! We will be happy to contact a psychic for you, to see when they will be available to take your call.
    Each of our psychics have different strengths in reading different areas of life. In order to learn which psychic has the best expertise in a certain area, please look through their biographies or call our Customer Care team.

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