Are There Benefits in Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings have their benefits. We’d like to share the most common benefits that people get from psychic readings. This list is based on different customers’ experiences and feedback on what their readings have brought in their lives. You might get a different result when you get your own reading because it depends on how […]

Should You Forgive a Cheater?

The statistics show that once a cheat, always a cheat. Yet might there be occasions when cheating can be forgiven? Are there certain circumstances that could mitigate the crime of cheating? Should you forgive a cheater? Or should you wave adios? A study of 500 people, led by Kayla Knopp of the University of Denver indicated […]

Dream Symbolism: Kissing

dream kissing

Have you ever dreamed you kissed someone? Was it chaste? Passionate? Did you wake up shocked or pleased? Kissing in dreams is very common, and doesn’t always mean what you think it does. Often the dream is metaphorical in that you have an issue to deal with—possibly with that person or someone else. Or perhaps […]

What Does It Mean to Have a White or Silver Aura?

white or silver aura woman

Auras are fields of energy surrounding the human body, and every living thing on the planet. And Earth, itself, also has several fields of energy around it which protect its inhabitants. Auras around people tend to flicker with various colors which change according to our emotions and the energies around us. There is usually a […]

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

Advice for your younger self

Everyone comes to a point in their life when they wonder, “Have I made the right choices?” Maybe it’s all gone right: life is a breeze and you regret nothing? All of us will be able to look back on certain turning points, when we might have made a different choice or adopted different habits or […]

Animal Hauntings: Do Ghosts of Pets Exist?

ghosts of pets cats eyes

A long time ago, our little dog, Sally, managed to escape from our home. She was old and blind and the inevitable happened when she was hit by a passing car. For months afterwards, I heard her clickety claws tapping and scraping on the hallway tiles as she walked from the kitchen to the living […]

Help, I’m Possessed by a Demon

possession by spirits and demons eyes

Hollywood loves a good demonic possession story. We all do, don’t we? Suspending our disbelief as we are immersed into the world of evil-fighting priests and exorcists. And now, in the present day, we are able to attribute all such claims of possession as symptoms of mental illness. But what if the phenomenon is not […]

Signs, Omens, and Messages: Birds

birds signs omens and messages swan

Do you ever wonder if that blackbird you keep seeing on the yard fence has a message for you? Perhaps you stumble across references to a single bird species over and over in a short space of time? Birds have long been considered carriers of signs, omens, and messages. Our ancestors relied on these in […]

Are the Stories of Black-Eyed Kids True?

Black-eyed kids

What Are Black-eyed Kids (BEKS)? Stories of black-eyed kids have been around some time. Supposedly, these are ghosts of children that appear to be solid-looking children, dressed a little old fashioned. The give-away feature are their eyes. They are black. No irises, no whites, just pure black. Reportings of BEKs come from all over the world, […]

Why Do I Fall in Love with Narcissists?

Love with Narcissists

Have you noticed a developing pattern in your relationships? They begin as an irresistible attraction. The chemistry fizzes. Your partner is already talking about your future and it’s only the third date. It’s intense. It moves quickly. And then almost as quickly you are struggling to maintain their interest.  You think there is something wrong […]