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Picks Up On The Emotions Of Your Relationships And Family
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About Joanna
Psychic Joanna establishes her connection with you immediately and easily. Her empathic abilities are able to clarify your feelings around your love, relationship, career and money issues and allow you to move forward with confidence. Joanna also has the ability to relay messages from deceased loved ones. She is calm, professional and will make you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. Her delivery and confidence will make you feel relaxed.

Joanna has been reading for over 15 years and has always known that she had this gift. She loves what she does and will do this until she leaves this world. Joanna is most rewarded when she can help people put the pieces together and to see the bigger picture.
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Customer Testimonials
"Amazing right on point. I'm so grateful for her."
Anonymous, louisville, KY
"She always nails it without me telling her so much details by about the issues. Very straight forward. I checked almost all the regulars on this site. Joanna is the mother of all psychics I would say."
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"Her predictions are mostly true and she always knows what she is talking about with confidence. She sees the persons I inquired about as if through an X-ray machine. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Can give realistic time frames of the future predictions. Does not fabricate the stories. Has a very pleasant warm hearted, caring voice. I love it. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"This woman is really wise. Reading was very realistic. No sugar coating."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"The gift she has is real. Does not beat around the bush to waste time. Also very compassionate. I can vouch that this seer will not disappoint nor sugar-coat certain topics just to keep you on the line longer than needed. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Love you!!!"
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Joanna really put me at ease. She really tuned into some important events and shed light on to them. Do not pass her up. She is worth the time. Take it from someone who has called other readers who gave me the wrong perception of the party I was calling about. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"OMG. This woman is for real. Awesome connection and insight. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"She is great! Picks up on what I'm going through very fast. Told, me not to worry and relax, it will all workout for me. "
D S, Philadelphia PA
"It is great to spiritually connect with someone. She told me what the future holds. She knew things that I hadn’t told her. I really appreciate you. I will call back and tell her if and when her prediction came true."
Anonymous, el paso, TX
"Joanna was great and spot on! I will be giving her a call again."
T M, Pompano Beach FL
"Joanna was honest and really gave me some comfort in the middle of a scary time of me my life. Would definitely recommend.

Thank you!!!"
T S, Beaumont TX
"She is great! She immediately attached with my situation and could tell me about the situation without me having to tell her much information. I am hoping her predictions come to pass as I really need them to at this point in my life."
Linda J, orlando FL
"This lady is like talking to my bff and her accuracy is bone chilling. I have had many, many readings and she is always consistent with the info she gives as well. Just a joy to talk to all around."
Anonymous, Woodbridge, VA
"She was great! I will call her back again.

Anonymous, raleigh, NC
"She nailed it again! Very accurate of the past and present. She's usually right about future events. However I am giving 4 stars for now. If what she says is going to happen, happens over the next two months I will call back and add that other star she deserves. When we deal with free will and addiction the person can be very unpredictable. Love you lady! Thank you for being wonderful!!!"
Kimberly Y, Cornelius NC
"Joanna is wonderful. She picks up on my situation fast and is always on target. Just love her. "
Dawn L, staten island NY
"The BEST! So caring, warm and understanding. Love her"
D L, staten island NY
"She has been very good on all my readings with her for months now. I always feel a sense of relief after she confirms things."
Kathy M, Kings Park NY
"Wonderful! She's confident in her reading. "
Anonymous, chico, CA
"Joanna is the best picking up my situation. Her predictions come to pass. Waiting on a few more to happen. She is wonderful. I love speaking to her. I will call you tomorrow for the update. "
Dawn L, staten island NY
"Joanna is simply the BEST! Her predictions come to pass and her timing is amazing. I just love and adore her! She is very warm and caring. She picks up a situation without a word from me very well. I love love her! Will keep you posted. Talk to you soon. "
Dawn L, staten island NY
"Amazing! She is fully committed. She is helping me with a situation where I need clarity and she is right on the money. Next week I should have more confirmation. Joanna is sincere, you should try her you won't regret it!!!"
Anonymous, miami, FL
"Awesome and accurate!"
Sade H, Philadelphia PA
"Joanna is so easy to talk to and has given me reasons not to lose hope. Thank you Joanna :)"
M G, Seneca falls NY
"I love talking to you! My love is so stubborn! I pray it all comes true "
Kathy M, Kings Park NY
"Excellent call! Full of information. Looking forward to seeing predictions come to fruition."
Anonymous, Mayfield Heights, OH
"She was good and fast. Only trouble I had was the phone connection. I could not hear her as so much statics and disturbances on the line. I will try calling next time. Thank you."
Anonymous, University Pl, WA
"Joanna is the ABSOLUTE BEST Advisor on this site.

Her sense of situations and unfolding events are SPOT ON and unerring. She speaks with those passed on as though they are standing before her. She has an UNCANNY ability to decipher the motives and motivations of those surrounding you, and sees clearly what lies ahead. She needs ZERO Prompting , and just LAUNCHES IN with her perspective. Absolutely AMAZING !"
Michael C, Oak Park IL
"Excellent uplifting reading. She brings honest hope to the situation at hand. Thank You Joanna!"
Angela M, Scottsdale AZ
"She's the best psychic reader ever! And that is coming from a psychic reader too. Treat yourself to the wonderful gift of Joanna... "
Anonymous, Petaluma, CA
"My reading with psychic Joanna was great as always I rate it as 5!"
Linda J, Cotulla TX
"I felt that you were the one to talk instantly. I am overwhelmed with tears of joy! I feel the ultimate truth has been waiting inside. You brought back the happiness in my heart. I cannot thank you enough Joanna."
Daxton R, Talihina OK
"Joanna was amazing. ..she was able to hone in on the person in question and at times touched on things and conversations that happened between him and I which floored me..very excited with her predictions which I firmly believe will come to pass because she said them with such confidence. ..thank you Joanna!"
Maria G, Seneca falls NY
"Hello! Thank you Joanna for the time that you spent with me on my reading. All the information that you shared with me about my future. I was feeling down about a lot of things but you really opened up my eyes. I feel more confident and I cant wait for everything that you shared with me to fall in place. Your the best! You will hear from me again."
S L, mesquite TX
"Picked up on situation very fast and accurately "
C C, White Marsh MD
"She always gives me hope she really cares"
Jeremy M, Spraggs PA
"Thank you Joanna for your wisdom and connecting me to my brother. I like your directness and positive solutions. You really helped me deal with the conflict I was facing and you were right on with the situation. If anyone is looking for a real psychic, call Joanna! "
Anonymous, Glendale, CA
"It made me feel better"
Jeremy M, Spraggs PA
"Joanna was very in tune with the spiritual aspects of my question and how this complex issue was affecting my life. Great reader!"
Anonymous, Reno, NV
"She was very straight forward.. And nice I would be giving her a call again. She's the real deal."
Laquawndra S, Prattville AL
"Joanna was excellent with answering all my questions and sharing her insight. I would definitely recommend her! "
Jennifer S, San Jose CA
"Joanna' is amazing!!!! Always right on the money."
Janet L, Montebello CA
"I enjoyed Joanna's reading, she was very helpful. She was also spot on with a lot of things. Most of all, I loved her sense of humor! I will definitely be calling her back!"
"She was Brilliant!! Her prediction came to pass! she said within 24 hours and he texted! "
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"I am happy that I chose to speak with Joanna. She was exactly what I needed! Thank you for you insight Joanna! Joanna is direct and does not waste your time. She helped me see what is really going on and I am grateful, and she does it in a respectful manner. Thank you!"
Anonymous, Glendale, CA
"This woman is amazing! Definitely an earth angel. She said she was going to clear the negativity and didn't ask for extra funds as other sites have done. Well let me tell you she has magic in her because what we talked about happened the next day!!! I got a raise out of the boss came to me...and it was a very generous Increase! He also allowed me to take on a project which will earn me an extra substantial amount per month!! Then the same day I got the mail and a pay check my boyfriend has been waiting for from an ex employer came in after 2 months of asking for his final pay!!! My anxiety and other issues with my relationship have not been weighing heavy on me either...don't know what you did but thank you!!!!! I will update as the other things Joanna told me start to happen they are 3-5 months out. Thank you Joanna and God bless you and your gifts!!! I have had so many readings and spent so much money only to have my heart broken led in the wrong direction and false hope ...You my dear are the first one that was dead on about something so important!!! Much love to you....keep in doing what you're are a true blessing and a beautiful woman!!!"
K Y, Cornelius NC
"Had an awesome connection, Joanna is a sweetheart and literally pin pointed things throughout our whole reading, definitely a great psychic to do a reading with! "
Jackie Z, Everett MA
"Joanna is so easy to talk to. Tuned right in on the problem. She is great! Will call again."
Anonymous, knoxville, TN
"I love her she is awesome. Very caring,good listener."
Y G, laredo TX
"I enjoyed speaking with her she is a great reader and very intuitive!!!"
Anonymous, Akron , OH
"Thanks Joanna! I really appreciate the reading. It allowed me to see things a little clearer because you have mentioned somethings that were accurate and were related to my questions,"
Anonymous, Valley Stream, NY
"I absolutely love Joanna Thanks for everything."
Wykeshia M, Bastrop LA
"Good positive message overall. Waiting to see results. Looking forward to all good things. "
Anonymous, hillside, NJ
"I enjoyed the reading. "
Michelle C, Chicago IL
"Joanna picked up on things that I was surprised to hear. I am excited about what is about the happen. Joanna is very good at helping you understand what is going on now and see into the future. Great Reading! "
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"This lovely woman was right on the money and when she contacted my deceased mother, my reading was so clear I started crying! I will definitely be speaking with her again. "
Courtney G, Temecula CA
"Joanna is such a beautiful person. I absolutely loved talking to her. Her insight is ... wow!. Lets say she sees things as if she knows the person inside and out. She is a must call, you will not regret it. Will be in touch soon."
Sarina S, Edmonton,Alberta, Canada T6H5Y6 CA
"She picked up on what I was asking exactly and answered me quickly and with compassion. I felt she knew how I was feeling and where I was coming from with my question. She also was very ethical. I highly recommend Joanna."
Anonymous, Granite Bay, CA
"10 STARS ! Love her! She stands by her predictions, never sways from what she says! She said things tonight that was so spot on I'd swear she knows M! Amazing lady and I highly recommend her! I feel more confident in what she says since she is so correct in her descriptions! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "
Kathy M, Kings Park NY
"She told it like it really is. Accurate and is not the type to control the call making you spend all your money. She was so sweet and understanding and very sincere of my problems. I love this woman and would definitely recommend her to everyone. She is the real deal and the truth. "
Patricia I, Landover MD
"Nice reading ! "
Anonymous, Clermont, FL
"She was very encouraging and accurate about me. I recommend her !"
Alexander V, Brandon FL
"Your reading was terrific! You were right on in so many ways. I will surely recommend you to others. Thank you and God bless!"
Kenneth J, virginia IL
"I thank her enough! "
Monique , Green Bay WI
"Joanna is a life saver. She literally made me feel like there was still hope for me. I connected with her so much to the point I cried. I love her and I would highly recommend her. I don't want a reading from no one else but her!"
Monique , Green Bay WI
"She is the best!!!!"
Anonymous, Jacksonville, AR
"Thank you very much for all your help Joanna! You are truly a blessing!!! I am so thankful now that I know that I have someone that I can always talk to and will always be extremely sincere as you are! Will be calling you back soon!"
L B, Palm Harbor FL
"Always on point! Very direct and honest."
Janet L, Montebello CA
"She is great! I felt like I knew her for a long time. I connected with her and she knew exactly what I was talking about. Thank you, Joanna."
Jennifer A, fall river MA
"She was able to answer my question and she was right!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Joanna is excellent. Her insight helped me understand my current situation. She mentioned things that I could confirm. I will definitely call again. "
A , Long Beach CA
"Hello, Miss Joanna- I can hardly wait for my life to begin with either D. or P. or both! You are the best, as always."
Lorraine W, Vineland NJ
"She said I'd see "M" within the week and I did! Waiting to see if the rest pans out! Thank you, Joanna!"
K M, Kings Park NY
"The best reading I've had. Once she mentioned my facial expressions I was 100% convinced. I am notorious for making facial expressions. Only a person that knows me would know that. Very on point reading. Left no room for any doubt. "
Brittney M, East orange NJ
"Joanna is amazing!"
Janet L, Montebello CA
"She is awesome! Very sweet, caring person! She picked up on things without me giving any information!"
Anonymous, Grand Prairie, TX
"Awesome reading. She was very connected to my situation. I will definitely be calling back."
Tennesia C, Atlanta GA
"Joanna is amazing! Always provides detailed and accurate readings. "
J L, Montebello CA
"Joanna is always on point. Very helpful and has always provided accurate readings. "
Janet L, Montebello CA
"I really enjoyed my reading and I will be calling her again. Everything she told me was true and I'm be waiting on it to come to pass. She get 5 stars and more."
S P, Sylacauga AL
"Joanna thank you for your help in figuring out what I really wanted. Thank you for showing me that. You are awesome, as always."
Lorraine W, Vineland NJ
"Had a reading with Ms. Joanna last night! She was super enlightening and might I also add, powerfully gifted! She opened up my blocked psychic channels and helped get rid of negative energy being sent my way! It was like connecting with a very familiar family member who just so happens to really "get me." Thank you so much for sending me healing and unblocking my psychic energy after our talk last night! Stay blessed!"
Anonymous, Hayward, CA
"Joanna, wow, where do I start? She was amazing! She understood me and my situation so perfectly. She has given me hope for a better future! I'm so thankful!"
M G, Lubbock TX
"Joanna told me someone would contact me the next day. The next day, around 9:30am, I received a text from that person."
Diane G, lyles TN
"What a wonderful and insightful reader! Truly the real deal."
Anonymous, Roxbury, CT
Anonymous, palo alto, CA
"She guided me nicely!"
Jeannine D, Long Beach NY
"Words can't express what you did for me in 5 minutes! I felt like I was talking to my future self. Joanna knew my situation well and told me her story about how she went through the same things. I will follow your advice and keep the faith of having a fairy tale happy ending like you did. I can't wait 3 months from now I'll keep you updated. Thanks Joanna!"
Darriell W, Daytona Beach FL
"Joanna was very down to earth and realistic. She is direct, honest and offered sound advice in a caring way. She gave timelines. Overall, a very useful reading."
Anonymous, sunnyvale, CA
"She was simply amazing... I felt so comfortable and she gave me the clarity I needed."
Anonymous, laurel, ME
"She was wonderful. She connected with my mother who passed away and helped answer a couple of questions surrounding that time frame. She also got a really good sense on my boyfriend, what he is going through and thinking about our relationship. I am really happy with her reading and a couple of her predictions. "
Anonymous, Lebanon, MO
"Excellent reading. I will follow up soon!"
Anonymous, Atlanta, GA
"Joanna was wonderful. She is realistic and caring. Non-judgemental and does not give you an unrealistic outlook. Very down to earth and you can truly sense that she wants to help. I am very pleased with the time I spent with her. She makes you feel good, no matter what kind of news she has to deliver!"
Anonymous, Louisville, CO
"Thank you! I hope you are right!"
Anonymous, wilton Manors, FL
"Excellent reading. Thank you :)"
Janice W, Lancaster PA
"She was amazing! Thank you for taking my call!! I felt like I was talking to a dear friend. She was so understanding and gave me great clarity on my situation!! Read with her!!!"
D M, Omaha NE
"Joanna tuned in immediately! Wow! I was impressed! She's very gifted and has a great, loving energy. I can tell from her voice that she really cared about giving me a clear, concise, and loving message. I only had the 5 minute free reading so I know she's very tuned in to me for giving me detailed information I already knew to be true. I will call again, this time, for 30 minutes! Thank you, Joanna!"
Anonymous, Fremont, CA
"She was amazing, on point and knew everything before I could even tell her! "
Anonymous, Dallas, TX
"Joanna was wonderful to speak with. She was able to pick up on the situation and was very compassionate and sincere. I look forward to the predictions and will definitely reach out and speak with her again. Definitely recommend :)"
Anonymous, Yuba City, CA
"Love her but I wish I had more time ..."
Anonymous, Fairlawn, NJ
"Thank you Joanna, I hope that everything you told me come to pass in this two readings, I do feel you know what you are doing. "
Anonymous, Miami, FL
"Joanna was very quick and to the point. I felt very connected to her in our brief time over the phone. I will definitely be in touch! Thank you for the insight!"
J M, Cincinatti OH
"Joanna, so he texted me last night twice to talk and today he cornered me in the warehouse to talk. Found out she already moved back to her mothers house. You were sooo right and I still want him in my life. Thank you !!!!!!"
Lorraine W, Vineland NJ
"As always this is my girl. She never lies to me or feeds me bull. I know when I call I always feel better and she sees just what I need to worry about. Thank you for being in my life ! You are my friend!"
Lorraine W, Vineland NJ
"It was crazy how I felt totally connected to Joanna. And being a intuitive myself, I wanted to try this line out. I've had many, many readings by many and this one had me totally convinced. I'm truly grateful for the time I got to speak to her, She's truly inspiring and told me what I knew but I needed to hear, and she hit everything on the nose. I really am pleased. Thanks Joanna! :)"
Anonymous, los angeles, CA
"Joann is so on the money it is scary. She makes me feel like I am talking to a girlfriend about men. She is very smart and confident. Try here she is awesome."
Lorraine W, Vineland NJ
"Joanna has heard from me a few times as relationships are hard for me. She knew he has hang ups too but she wanted the very best for me. Thank you"
Lorraine W, Vineland NJ
"She really knew me without any insight from me. She was honest and great to talk to. I would never want anyone else to talk to. Best ever!!!"
Lorraine W, Vineland NJ
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