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Signs of a Psychic Relationship – Sixth Sense Between Couples

sixth sense between couples

Some couples are so close that they describe themselves as having a psychic relationship. They know what the other is thinking and feeling, and they get the same impulses at the same time. We would all like to have a love like that – where we feel so close to the other that we are like one person. It’s possible you have a twin flame relationship, but not necessarily so – you may both have a degree of psychic ability that manifests most strongly when you are in a relationship.

psychic relationship reaching

Signs You Have a Psychic Relationship

If you have more than five of the following signs, you are probably in a psychic relationship.

  • You knew you were going to meet before you even knew of each other’s existence.
  • You tell people you fell in love at first sight.
  • He anticipates your needs and wishes.
  • She can finish your sentences.
  • When one can’t sleep, neither can the other.
  • You often begin to say the same thing at the same time.
  • You share the same patterns of speech.
  • You wake at precisely the same time.
  • You often get the busy tone when you try to call each other because You are both phoning at the same time.
  • You know when the other is in trouble.
  • You share many similar past experiences.
  • You find out that you were frequently in the same place at the same time.
  • Your likes and dislikes are aligned.
  • You make spicy chicken for dinner and then discover that’s what your partner had for lunch.
  • It feels like you are telepathically connected and can read each other’s minds.

How Love Changes the Brain

Dr. Trisha Stratford carried out a five-year study on couples and discovered brain patterns between people come into alignment with each other even when they are apart. She began the study by observing brain wave responses between therapists and their patients. As they interacted, their brain activity began to synchronize. So what happens when two people join together in a romantic, loving relationship?

Ms Stratford says alignment of brain activity isn’t a ‘magical thing’, but is part of our innate ability to connect with another. She says, ”It appears that as we connect deeply with someone by using our sixth sense [and other senses] we are using our creative imagination to read the other person.”

This sixth sense of power between couples is simply another human skill – and one we haven’t explored sufficiently.

Another study carried out by Arthur Aron and others in 2005, focused on the changes that take place in the brain when someone thinks about their love partner. The results suggest specific brain activity releases ‘reward chemicals’ such as dopamine. This means we become addicted to these chemicals and therefore, fall in love.

It follows from these two studies that, if both partners feel the same way at the same time, their relationship will develop psychically. And, as long as they remain in love, their spiritual alignment with each other will continue to grow into a true psychic relationship.

psychic relationship

Creating Patterns of Behavior

Another way we become psychically tuned to our partner is by unconsciously observing and absorbing patterns of behavior. Every couple develops little routines and habits so each partner is easily able to anticipate the other without even thinking about it, “How did you know I really wanted a coffee?” Because she always does it at certain times of the day. There is nothing psychic about this, but it does hint at a certain empathic sensitivity.

Empathic Connection

An empathic connection with your partner means you experience their feelings and emotions as if you were having them first hand. This can be immensely joyful as well as painful.

Couples are more likely to stay together when they feel empathically connected. You feel as though you will never meet anyone who knows you like he knows you or understands you in the way she does. It leads to increased physical and emotional closeness, which in turn leads to greater relationship satisfaction.

Psychic Relationship Experiences

Elaine and her boyfriend live two hours apart. He often has difficulty sleeping and Elaine can always tell when he’s having a bad night because she wakes and feels the urge to call him. She also describes their ability to finish each other’s sentences.

Becca and her boyfriend lived in two different cities. One night after talking to him on the phone she dreamed he turned up on her doorstep with blood on his face. He had a cut lip and a bruised eye. In her dream, she tended to his injuries. The following day she called him to tell him of her dream and discovered that after their call the previous night, he’d gone out for a walk and been mugged. He had a cut lip and a black eye. Another time she had a mental vision that he’d fallen down the stairs. When they next spoke, he confirmed that he had fallen down the stairs in his home.

Never Assume Your Partner Can Read Your Mind

According to Many Psychic Experts, Problems arise when couples become so familiar with each other that one of two things can happen. The first is boredom which is self-explanatory. You begin to crave something different. A relationship that holds discovery and surprise. The second is when you expect your partner to always know what you want, to be able to read your mind unfailingly. When he or she doesn’t, disappointment and resentment begin to creep in. Therefore, however much you believe you have a psychic relationship, do not make assumptions and then blame the other when they fail to recognize what’s expected of them.

Increase Your Psychic Connection

If you feel you and your partner are on the verge of developing a psychic relationship, have some fun and practice sending each other telepathic messages at random times of the day. The partner sending the message should be alone and uninterrupted. Close your eyes and visualize your partner. Feel your whole body suffuse with love and form a mental vision of sending that love to them. Make a note of the time. Later compare notes and see if your partner received the message.

Do share your stories of psychic relationships with us, either here or on Facebook.

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  1. After 3 years without being together I still "feel" my exgirlfriend. Friends tell me she's not feeling mentally well and it hurts to "feel" her. Painful sometimes. I wish her the best so we can both (or I) be released from her (or my thoughts). It happens with my twin brother as well and sometimes with my little daughter. I just pick their thoughts. Can't be coincidence. We're all connected.

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