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Psychic Tools and Abilities

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When seeking the insight and advice of a psychic it’s important that you understand that the person on the other end of the line is there to help. No one is alone. We endeavor to be there when someone reaches out for help.

Our gifted psychics are not judgmental and will use their gifts to aid you wherever possible.

Many of the psychics here at Psychic Elements have been aware that they have special gifts since childhood. It is not unusual for a natural born intuitive to have inherited their abilities. It often runs in the family. Our psychics feel a calling to help people. 

These are men and women who may specialize in Love, Career or Pets, as well as many other topics. Our psychics have been known to help find lost objects, aid in making difficult decisions and resolve longstanding conflicts or questions that have been troubling you.

You will have many gifted psychics to choose from and they may use various tools to focus their vision on solutions. It is our aim to create a site that will give you information and direction. We hope you find a welcoming energy here. We are dedicated to helping you find the right path.

Psychic Tools & Abilities

Psychic Tools
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Astrology – The study of positions and aspects of the stars and planets and their influence on humans from the date, place and exact time of one’s birth includes various types of eastern and western astrology. Astrology has been around most of recorded history. There are 12 signs divided into elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) that can help determine your direction and abilities in order to overcome the obstacles of life.

Tarot – The influence of ancient civilizations and mysticism remains in the symbolism of the tarot. These cards are used for divination (to experience the divine). Using a set of 78 cards (divided into major and minor arcana) the symbols and images give the tarot reader impressions of future events. The reader understands and interprets the Tarot cards to reveal roadblocks to the future and direct your inner wisdom.

Numerology – This over 2500 year old system is used to determine each person’s unique relationship to a specific set of numbers through dates and names. Numerology, like astrology, can help determine Life Path, Destiny, your personal challenges and your unique abilities and talents.

Angel Cards – Are a form of Oracle Cards that have been used for over 200 years. Modern readers often use the symbols and images on these cards to enlist the gentle energy, direction and advice from angels.

I-Ching – An ancient Chinese numerological and divining system based on the use of  developing hexagrams which are read to aid in foretelling.

Past Life/Karma – According to theories of reincarnation our lives are influenced by the heredity and environment  that we are born into, but also by the Karma of previous lifetimes. Our past relationships and past actions impact our lives. A past life reading gives a deeper understanding that each person is responsible for their own happiness. Learning the basis of certain fears and soul links can be invaluable in freeing you from the past and allowing you to move more joyfully into the future.

Crystals – Some intuitive readers are able to use crystals or other semi-precious stones, in order to divine the future. Crystal readings rely on the energy connected crystal to find specific meanings. Crystals and other stones have energy which assists the reader in understanding and helping the seeker. Crystals are also used in feng shui  and energy healing.  Different kinds of crystals, like rose quartz, clear quartz citrine, amethyst and black obsidian create powerful soothing energies.

Crystal Ball – For thousands of years crystal balls have been used for Scrying (seeing events in the surface).  Crystal balls are manufactured crystals which are mined in a variety of countries.  Scrying is the art of looking into any smooth transparent surface, such as glass, crystals, water or crystal balls. 

Rune – There are 24 rune symbols (usually imprinted on stone).  This system of determining the future comes from 1,000 years in the past.  Runes are based on Celtic and Viking alphabets and meanings.  A trained reader of runes can set you on a path to spiritual and personal development and give you comfort in troubled times.

Oracle – The term oracle comes from ancient Greece where it meant a priestess that could talk to the Gods.  Today oracle readings are where the reader receives help and guidance for you from spiritual energies.

Oracle Cards – The first known oracle cards were said to be created, in France, by Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous fortune teller Marie Lenormand, in the 1770’s.  Marie originally used a standard tarot deck, of the time, but developed the symbols, in the oracle deck to receive direct messages from evolved spirits.  Napoleon had Marie thrown in prison when she predicted his loss at the Battle of Waterloo.

Clairvoyant – Clairvoyant translated from the French means “clear vision”.  Clairvoyants are able to predict future events, know about things they can’t see in the physical world and gain unique information about events through telepathic means.

Mediums – The medium has the power and ability to communicate with people that have died or to be in contact with a spirit guide that can serve as a bridge between the physical world and the other side.

Dream Interpretation – The symbols, images, and feelings of a dream come from the individual's unconscious mind.  Many things we see in our dreams are personal responses to dealing with waking events and emotions.  But also found in dreams are common symbols and meanings that the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung called archetypal images.  And of course, there are psychic dreams that warn of coming crisis or great good fortune.  A talented dream interpreter will help explain your dreams.

 Remote Viewing – Some psychics have the ability to see people, events or scenes that may have already occurred or will happen in the future.  These remote viewers can often see exact details of events that are taking place thousands of miles away.

Channeling – In most cases, the psychic or medium is said to be the channel through which a spirit guide or person who has passed (died) communicates with someone still in the physical world.  For instance, a psychic may actually speak the exact words that the departed is sending.

Automatic Writing – This is a psychic ability that results when a psychic (usually in a trance state) is able to communicate messages from spirits by writing them with pen and paper or on a computer screen. 

Empaths- Are able to sense and feel emotions (even pain) of other people.  Often empaths may not have to come into physical contact with the person that they are receiving feelings from.

Clairsentient – Empathy and clairsentience are often interchangeable terms.  Clairsentience means “clear feeling or “clear touching’.  These psychics often learn things and take on feelings due to spiritual or energetic ties with other people. 

Clairaudient – A psychic that has clairaudient skills (clear hearing) can hear voices (even conversations, music and other noises that are not audible to the human ear.

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  1. hello,

    i think these are awesome tools to help people spiritually. I wish i could have all of them to help people. One psychic said that i had some abilities but did not specify. Also, i wanted to comment that i have tried many online and in person psychics/spiritualists which most have help me alot but, i have yet to find someone who can automatically tell me what i am seeking help for and/or tell me something without me even speaking. I have read many reviews on different psychics that can do what i would like and so i paid lots of moneyf for those such psychics and have found not one, to actually tell me before i ask anything. With all this said, i am hoping to get a reply from you saying that you have such psyhcics on your  team. Thank you for your time.


  2. Hey Carrie, 

    From our own personal experience, we do have such psychics! Your experience with them may vary depending on both your energies at the time and the nature of your questions compared to where their strengths lie, but we do have a guarantee on the website that if you do not have a good connection with the first psychic you call, you can hang up within the first two minutes and call us to get those minutes back for another psychic. Read more about it here!

    We're looking forward to your first call with us!

    Psychic Elements Staff

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