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Psychic Empath
Psychic Empath

A person who is a psychic empath has a rare and special gift of being able to feel the emotions around him or her as if they were their own emotions. People are born with this ability, and often don't realize they are different from most people until they are crossing over into the teen years. As a child the psychic empath can be shy and sensitive, and are often confused by people's reaction to their sensitivity.

This ability is not the same as the normal human ability of feeling empathy for other people. With empathy, people relate to another's emotions, but they do not feel them as a psychic empath does. Often a first step for an empath is learning to distinguish their own emotions from the emotions of others. From there they need to learn how to draw blocks to keep other people's emotions from continually impinging on theirs. Even so, most psychic empaths need considerable time alone to keep emotionally balanced.

Most empaths are very good listeners, and are happy in professions where this natural talent is an asset. You might find empaths in social work, counseling and energy work. For the most part, people are drawn to empaths, often telling intimate details of their lives to them, because empaths are very good at listening without judging others.

There are different types of empaths that specialize in particular forms of psychic work. Psychometry is skill where the empath receives impressions from objects. This skill is sometimes utilized by the police to help solve violent crimes. Mediumship is the ability to sense and work with spirits. Healing by feeling other's people's symptoms and helping them by transmuting energy is another talent of psychic empaths. In the same way, psychic empaths help others to heal emotional traumas. Some empaths are particularly good at communicating with animals, with others do the same with nature in general. Geomancy is a particular skill where the empath feels the energies of the earth. This skill can be used to detect water underground, dousing, or recognizing when very bad weather is coming in. Empaths may have the ability to perceive events about to happen, called precognition. Claircognizance is another rare skill when the empath knows exactly what needs to be done in any given instance, especially during a crisis. Their self assured actions and peace and calm instill confidence in others around them.

While it sounds like empaths have significant abilities, and they do, the price is often very high for them. Empaths are often misunderstood, sometimes drawing derogative remarks for their claims. They can also be particularly sensitive to their environment and can suffer from strange allergies and physical upsets, things that regular medical professionals cannot diagnose. And while their talents are significant, they are not all knowing, their gifts may not work at optimal levels at all times, nor can they cure all of mankind's ills.

The History of Psychic Empaths
Edgar Cayce

Psychics have been part of human culture since the beginning of history, often holding places as mystics, seers, priest and priestesses in various religions before the advent of Christianity.

The bible names many psychic seers. For example, Samuel was called on to find the donkey of the future king Saul. King David had a personal seer named Gad. Amos was a seer enjoined by Amaziah to flee Judah and do his prophesying outside that land.

The Greek Oracle of Delphi is probably one of the more recognizable of ancient psychics. This was not one actual person, but an office held by the wisest woman in the area of Delphi. Said to interpret information directly from the god Apollo, her visions were added by the natural steams coming from the hot springs in the area. In Egypt, the priests of Ra at Memphis acted as seers. In ancient Assyria seers were referred to as nabu, meaning "to call" or "announce".

Nostradamus is famous seer from the French Renaissance period. His prophesies are known around the world and haven’t been out of print since they were written.

In more modern times, upon the discovery in the mid 1800's of the planet Neptune, which rules psychics, the Spiritualist Movement started and grew. Daniel Dunglas Home, Madame Blavatsky, and Edgar Cayce are a few psychics out of many that flourished during this time.

Psychic empaths have been with us since the dawn of history, but it wasn’t until the New Age Awakening of the 1970’s and 1980’s that empathic abilities were recognized as separate from other psychics.

How Do Psychic Empaths Work?

Psychic empaths by their very nature feel the world around them in emotional terms. When a empath greets you, even as they see you with their eyes, they feel the emotional impact of your presence. It is an extra sense, actually, one that would leave them feeling naked if they did not have it. This is the basis of some people being able to tell when someone speaks the truth or speaks lies. With their sense, psychic empaths feel the emotions running through you, and as you speak, they identify the areas that need healing and guidance. Often a session with a psychic empath is very calming because of working with someone who totally understands your emotions and accepts them for what they are.

A Psychic Empath Reading
Is A Psychic Empath Reading For You

Working with a psychic empath can be a rewarding experience. The empath’s ability to tune into your emotions can be relaxing and and revealing. He or she can help you work through difficult emotional issues by identifying emotional blocks and help you work through them, giving you valuable insight into your own motives. Understand that the empath isn't going to give you "information from beyond the veils" because that is not his or her purpose. But if you are stuck on an issue, and can't work your past it a psychic empath reading is for you.

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