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Psychic Empathy: Is It a Blessing or a Curse?

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“Imagine being able to feel and sense everything, whether positive or negative, around you, 24/7. An Empath can’t turn off empathy (unlike someone who is perhaps 'empathizing'). It is possibly one of the most challenging of psychic gifts to master. I see it as an incredible gift to humanity.Trinity Bourne

Everyone feels empathy at one time or another. Empathy is part of the human experience. Most of us have the ability to understand feelings of other people from their perspective. It’s all about the old saying… ”Walk a mile in my shoes.”

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The word “empath” originates from the Quechua Indian word "Qawaq" which translates to "one who sees" and from "Qaway" which translates as "to see living energy”.

Empathy is the human sympathy and understanding that most people feel for each other from time to time. Psychic empathy is very different. Most people experience basic empathy without being a psychic empath. It has been estimated that 5% of the population are psychic empaths.

Often, psychic empaths are labeled as being too sensitive. They are sometimes known as "Psi Sensitives”. They experience other people’s feelings and pain much more directly.  They have a heightened sense that reads energy. They may actually experience feelings and emotions of other people. This may manifest itself physically or emotionally.

An empath randomly picks up on both non-visual and non-verbal clues from auras and other energy fields. They sense and sometimes feel other people’s emotions, including joy, fear, discomfort and pain. The empath may just know that a person feels a certain way, without understanding why.

Under any circumstances, being a person with psychic empathy is confusing and overwhelming.

Traits of an Empath

 Image source: Dawn Ashley on Flickr

Having psychic empathic traits can be extremely challenging, and even painful.

General traits of an empath include mood swings. This happens because the empath is picking up on emotions from other people and energies from everywhere. So one moment an empath be feeling all right, and then they may be angry or depressed for no apparent reason.

Empaths may also experience physical pain, primarily headaches, with no apparent cause. An empath is very likely to develop physical symptoms of other people.

Unless a person knows they are an empath, they can feel like they are going crazy. Children that are empaths suffer the most.

Empaths are also known to be extremely shy, may develop fear of public places or crowds, or suffer from "free floating" anxiety, headaches or depression. They can also get headaches, pain or anxiety before natural disasters, no matter where in the world they occur.

Many empaths unknowingly allow their energy and will to be siphoned off by the process of absorbing the various moods and energies of other people. An empath is often tired and exhausted. In extreme cases, they can be easily startled and isolated.

Actually most of the problems that empaths have (pain, weight gain, fear of people and places) are the result of them trying to hide or remove themselves from other people’s energy dynamics. Once a person understands the condition and uses positive shielding techniques, their lives change.

Empaths that train themselves to read energy changes in the vibrations of other people have an advantage. Many are effective listeners. People are often drawn to empaths because they feel that an empath understands them. They can be comfortable and relaxed when talking to an empath.

Types of Psychic Empathy:

 Image source: The Michael on Flickr

There are different kinds of empaths, and people who have various degrees of the ability to receive energy in various forms.

Psychometrics– is the ability to receive feelings, energy, and impressions from objects, locations, photographs or other inanimate objects.

Telepathy – the ability to read people's minds and thoughts.

Mediumship – the ability to sense, hear and feel the energies of spirits or ghosts.

Physical Empath – the ability to feel physical symptoms of other people. The physical empath may also have the ability to transform or heal physical problems with which they identify the pain that is transformed in their own body.

Emotional Empath– the ability to feel another person's emotions.

Animal Empath– the ability to communicate with animals through feelings and/or an understanding of their state of mind and motivation.

Precog Empath – the ability to feel disruptions in the energy preceding a crisis or important event. This can take the form of feelings of foreboding or unexplainable dread.

Perceptive Empath– the ability to instinctively know what should be done in a crisis. Often this feeling comes like a flash out of the blue, and is followed by a feeling of reconciliation and calmness, like you are in the eye of a storm.

Collective Empath – the ability to sense energy disruptions in the collective consciousness. This is an ability that is hard to control or understand. The empath may experience tidal waves in their emotions without any perception of where the overwhelming emotions are coming from.

Psychic Empath Healing

 Image source: eren on Flickr

The true empath, regardless of what traits they have, is really a high level energy receiver. They may also have the capability to direct healing energy. The life’s work of many empaths is best suited to the healing professions. Many empaths are drawn to healthcare, counseling, childcare, gardening, caring for animals, or even transformation or renovation of places.

Many empaths also train as energy healers (Reiki, Chakra Healing, etc.). Anywhere that healing is going on, empaths are involved.

A psychic empath that doesn’t learn to control their gift often lives in a state of anxiety. If an empath learns basic shielding techniques, they can control the overwhelming waves of emotion and pain.

An empath must learn to trace their feelings back to what triggered them. Once they are able to distinguish their own emotions from the people they are around, life gets easier. "Is this mine?" is the perfect question to ask in times of anxiety and fear.

When an empath develops focus and positive outlets for this sensitivity, they are able to be calm and supportive. An empath who understands what they are is fortunate. Enlightened empaths are capable of transforming what has felt like a curse into a blessing.


Are you an empath? Are you looking for other people to talk to about your abilities? We have an Awakening Psychics Facebook group that would love to have you!

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