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How to Prevent Psychic Dreams

prevent psychic dreams

While many people strive to acquire psychic abilities such as premonitions and precognitive dreams, others hate them and wish they knew how to prevent psychic dreams. To some they are a life-saver, to others they are a life disruptor. Psychic dreams can be disturbing and debilitating. You can’t sleep properly, you get up in the morning literally feeling like death. All you want is a good night’s sleep.

It's not always possible to prevent psychic dreams, but there are various techniques you can try to minimize them. 

prevent psychic dreams

Get a Good Night's Sleep

We often experience a whole raft of dreams because we are not getting enough deep sleep. The deeper states of sleep are always dreamless. Dreams occur in lighter sleep stages so it follows that the longer you remain in deep sleep, the fewer dreams you will have.

Four Tips to Sleep Well

1. Create the right conditions for sleeping. Ensure your room is at the optimal temperature and make sure there is a flow of fresh air. Breathing stale air can interfere with brain function.

2. Don’t eat too late, avoid alcohol, caffeine and stimulating TV shows or books. Do your best to get into a physically relaxed state. 

3. Try not to nap during the day. Napping can disrupt your sleep cycle so avoid it if you can.

4. Set your intention to sleep soundly and to experience peaceful dreams. You could write this intention in a journal or say it aloud. has lots of ideas to help you prepare for sleep.

Psychic Dream or Nightmare?

You may feel that the dream was psychic because it felt so real, but it might have been a nightmare. Having nightmares night after night is exhausting and stressful. Read our article How to Stop Nightmares for advice on how to deal with them.

Stress Causes Psychic Dreams 

When you are stressed, it causes all kinds of havoc in your body and mind. It’s hard but examine your life to see if you can limit the pressure on yourself. Perhaps you need to cut back on your workload? Maybe it’s time to address a relationship problem. Ask for help if you need to.

Treatment for Sleep Problems

If all else fails, consider. Hypnosis, acupuncture or reflexology may benefit you. Your therapist will be able to give you exercises to carry out before you sleep. 

Self-Help for Sleep

Meditation is the ultimate self-help solution to find restfulness. It may also reveal the cause of your dreams. Listening to softly spoken words, music or binaural beats while wearing lightweight headphones may help you get to sleep and soothe your mind so that the psychic dreams stay away. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos may help you achieve a long, dreamless sleep. There are thousands of them available on YouTube.

Consult a Psychic

It’s possible that you are being given a message by spirit and that you will keep receiving them until you understand it. A good psychic can help you make sense of your dreams and possibly give you more information that will help you decipher what it is that your guides want to tell you.

Learn to Control Your Dreams

Perhaps you don’t want to prevent psychic dreams completely but would prefer to have some control over them? You can learn how to lucid dream. A lucid dream is where you know you are dreaming and have the ability to direct events within the dream. You can also teach yourself how to wake from a dream when you want to.

Your Dreams Don’t Cause Bad Things to Happen

After experiencing a precognitive dream where she saw precise details of her, then healthy, grandmother in a coffin, one girl was terrified when her dream came true. Everything she saw in her dream was exactly how it happened, even down to the card next to her grandmother’s head. From then on she was terrified of dreaming something similar. She even tried to stay awake until she slept from sheer exhaustion. She was afraid that her dream was a cause of her grandmother’s death in some way.

When we dream, we tap into that reality where there is no time. We may see our dreams as being in the future, but really, all things have happened and are happening right now. We, as humans can only make sense of it by living life one moment to the next. So, no, your dreams cannot make bad things happen to other people.

psychic dreaming

Psychic Dreaming Can be Beautiful

Not all psychic dreams are negative ones. Far from it. People have reported dreaming of a house and then years later, they move into that very home. Some dream of people and then meet them. Pregnant women often say that they dreamed they ‘met’ their baby before he or she was born and then the real baby turns out to look exactly like the dream child.

Psychic Dreams Mean You are Becoming Spiritually Adept

It’s possible that you are having these dreams because your psychic powers are developing. Instead of avoiding them, embrace them. Write down the impressions you can remember from your dreams. Can you see a pattern? Can you relate the dreams to a real person or situation? Put your psychic night visions to the test – if you can’t connect them to a real life event, they may simply be vivid dreams. If they definitely predict real life events, perhaps you should think of it as a gift and put them to good use?

Don't Prevent Psychic Dreams

Consider that, rather than resisting your psychic dreams, you allow them to come. Accept them. You can choose to focus on them if you wish to tap into the information they are giving you, or you can simply let them go. It’s your choice.

Let the dreaming begin…


Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels

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  1. This blog is really informative,mainly because I suffer from sleep depreviation.And when I sleep I see a alot of dreams that have no meanings.Your tips to create a perfect ambience to sleep peacefully is one thing I am gonna try for sure.I start with meditation and then go step by step.Hope it helps.

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