When Psychic Dreams and Premonitions Are Scary

Psychic Dreams and Premonitions

Many psychics report that their gifts began to develop as they reached puberty. Some say they had psychic experiences as a child, and others tell us they worked on developing them as an adult. For most, psychic ability is a gift; for a few, it is scary, unsettling, and definitely unwanted. What can you do when your psychic dreams and premonitions are frightening?

Psychic Dreams and Premonitions
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Don’t Be Scared

Every person on the planet is psychic to some degree. We are energy receptors and some of us are more sensitive to energy than others. Think of your Wi-Fi connection… often it’s good, occasionally it’s not so good. The general population have a mediocre connection to spirit; others, like you, have a strong connection. There’s nothing to be afraid of. You are simply picking up visions, feelings, dreams and messages from the psychic realm just like you stream movies from Netflix. They can’t harm you. It’s the after-effects that can be painful or disturbing; you wonder why you are having them, or who the message is for. You just want to switch them off.

You Are in Control

It probably doesn’t feel like it, but you are the master or mistress of your own ship, so to speak. You can learn how to turn your dreams and premonitions off, although you probably won’t be able to suppress them permanently.

Get Good Quality Sleep

Disturbing dreams occur when we don’t take care that we’re getting good quality sleep, so try working on it. Get to bed at a reasonable hour, turn off your phone, and make sure the room has a source of fresh air. Read this blog post, if you are having a lot of weird dreams: How to prevent Psychic Dreams

Practice Grounding

For your own well-being, it’s a good idea to regularly ‘drain’ psychic energy by grounding. Essentially, grounding means connecting to the earth. We humans forget that we need to do this often in order to maintain our physical and mental health. You can ground yourself by using a simple meditation, or by taking a walk in nature, removing your shoes for a little while if you can. Another method is to sit outside in any weather, keeping your feet on the ground. Ten minutes should be enough, longer if possible. You can find more information here: Spiritual Grounding.

Maintain a Protective Psychic Shield

It’s important to keep those low, negative energies at bay. Think of them as similar to stale cooking odors that cling to your clothes. You really don’t want to be carrying them around with you as they deplete your energy and cause you to feel yucky. Learn how to create and maintain a protective shield.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Visualization—sit quietly and visualize yourself surrounded by a beautiful, glimmering bubble of protection. The only thing that can penetrate it is love. Lower entities and negative energy cannot pass through. Take as long as you need to make this protective sphere as strong and as unbreakable as possible. Imagine it becoming stronger every time you think about it.
  • Carry protective crystals with you and remember to cleanse and use them in rotation.
  • Meditation—similar to visualization but you enter a state of mild trance and relaxation. During meditation, you can open, cleanse and close your energy chakras.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Professional psychics learn early on, that the best form of psychic defense is to strengthen their abilities so that psychic dreams and premonitions become part of their toolbox, rather than being scary. They learn to accept them and to control them. Lucid dreaming is one way to take control of a dream that’s leading you where you don’t want to go. 

Exploring your spirituality and embracing your gifts is important. If you attempt to block them, they will eventually find a way to burst through and that might feel worse. So find the best way to channel your abilities. It might entail recording what you feel, hear or see. You might feel more comfortable writing in a journal. Or you could try encouraging them by using a non-threatening method, such as automatic writing.

Consider Learning the Tarot

Using tarot to develop your intuitive powers is a good idea. Tarot is not scary at all. It is a system that helps us understand our own human experiences. You might find that it’s the perfect vehicle for you to express your psychic gifts. However, while tarot is fine, do stay away from Ouija boards.

Connect With Others

One of the best ways is to connect with people who have been through what you are going through. We created a page of useful resources which will help you find a like-minded community. Don’t hang around too many people who are intent on ramping up the scare-factor. You need reassurance, not terrifying, exaggerated stories.

Psychic Dreams and Premonitions scary
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Get a Psychic Reading

If you are worried or concerned, an experienced psychic may be the best person to talk to. They’ve been on a similar path to your own. They have been through the nightmares or the frightening visions and learned how to deal with them. They’ve also learned to channel psychic energy for good purposes. They can help you along your journey, reassure you that all is well and give you good advice on where to go with your psychic dreams and visions.

Most importantly, don’t suffer alone. Share your experiences and make contact with others who have been there and dealt with it.


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