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How Do You Know if You Have Clairsentience or “Clear Feeling”?

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Have you ever gotten a feeling that took your breath away, and you suddenly knew that you or someone you love is in danger, only to find out later that you were right? Have you ever felt the hairs stand up on the back of your neck or felt like someone was “tapping” on your shoulder, then turned around and saw someone approaching you across the room? Have you ever lost something and given up on ever finding it, then for no reason at all, you instantly knew where it was?

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It has long been theorized that everyone has psychic abilities. Just like everyone has five physical senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, vision), each person has a sixth sense, intuition or a higher level of perception.  Of course, some people have more developed gifts than others, and this intuitive ability can take a myriad of forms.

Clairsentience is actually a very common psychic gift. It can be activated without conscious awareness. Many that have the ability are able to use it without even realizing what is happening. For instance, many medical professionals find it easy to diagnose sick patients. Many counselors simply "understand" the person that has come to them for help.

What is Clairsentience?

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Clairsentience, loosely translated, means "clear-feeling". It is perhaps the most basic of all the intuitive skills. This idea that knowledge of things invisible to our physical senses (including other people’s feelings) can be felt with our higher faculties has been around for a long time. Clairsentience, “clear sensing” or “clear feeling” is an extremely heightened form of empathy.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel and experience the energy in an intuitive way. This energy stream includes other people’s feelings, inanimate objects, spiritual insights, and premonitions of the future. Basically, you are aware ofall types of energetic vibrations through your own body and emotions. Empathy is clairsentience which is focused on other people. An empath reads and feels emotions that are coming from other people.

Emotions (both from the person feeling them and the original source) are very involved in clairsentience. This is a gift that may be refined to enhance communications with Spirit.

4 Ways that Clairsentience may Manifest Itself:

angry jeyheich Image source: Jeyheich on Flickr

  1. Instincts/Insights/Gut Feelings

Sudden inspirations, insights or instincts which appear out of the blue are usually clairsentience in action. These can be strong sudden emotional and physical responses where a person feels joy, dread or excitement, which then cause reactions. These sudden gut feelings may cause someone to turn left instead of right to avoid an accident. A sudden unexpected insight may cause you to avoid someone without ever knowing why.

Often, these feelings allow you to sense situations very quickly. Sometimes they serve as an inspiration to go on, or show you the way to avoid a roadblock.This sudden onslaught of feelings will not go away until you understand where it’s coming from or act on it.

  1. Sympathy and Empathy

Empathy is an intuitive psychic gift. It is the capability of picking up someone else’s feelings. A true empath who has the gift of clairsentience can actually know exactly what someone else is experiencing. Clairsentience that manifests as sympathy or heightened empathy can cause the psychic some emotional issues. For example, if you are experiencing overwhelming negative feelings which are not based on anything in your life, you may be feeling another person’s feelings.

  1. Physical Sensations

Clairsentience also triggers physical sensations in your body. This can be a tickle or a pressure. A tingling sensation on the top of the head (crown chakra) has often been reported. It may also, in extreme cases, be physical pain.

Many clairsentients experience a tapping, a nudging or a pulling. Sometimes this physical manifestation is to direct your attention towards a certain person, problem or solution.

  1. Emotional Attachments

The most unusual clairsentience manifestation is a deep and unbreakable emotional attachment to someone else. You can sense or "feel" them at a distance.  Even when you and the other person have conflicts or have broken up the relationship, you still continue to feel connected. If you are emotionally attached (or energetically linked) to someone who is experiencing ups and downs, you feel them too. Unless this attachment or energy link is severed, you may be at the mercy of someone else’s highs and lows. This can continue for long periods of time. There are energy rituals and chakra work that balances your own emotions in order to cut the spiritual/energetic ties you have to another person.

Complications with Clairsentience:

what it feels like for a girl rita m Image source: Rita M. on Flickr

Clairsentience and empathy are often flip sides of the same sense. These two gifts, when not recognized, can have an emotional impact. Although psychics normally recognize the energy of their own kind (other psychics), they can often be confused by the masking elements in clairsentience and empathy.

If a clairsentient is picking up sadness or fear, another psychic may have problems distinguishing which emotions and feelings are coming from other people.

It is not unusual for people with this psychic ability to be falsely diagnosed with anxiety, depression or other disorders. Sometimes empaths or clairsentients may develop compulsive and addictive behaviors (food, drugs, alcohol).  These addictive behaviors have become an outlet for the expanded feelings that those gifted people are receiving from outside their true frames of reference.

emotion rosana prada Image source: Rosana Prada on Flickr

Clairsentience can present problems to the person who is experiencing it. It’s great to be able to understand other people. But if you are an empath, you may find yourself feeling emotions that belong to someone else. You are a channel or a sponge that can absorb both negative and positive feelings and emotions.

If you don’t know that you are a clairsentient, it is difficult to understand that you are feeling someone else’s pain. Even if you identify the emotions as outside of you, they can still be difficult to control. There are a lot of people that still struggle with these experiences without understanding why.  If they understood that they have the gift of clairsentience and knew how to use it, their lives would be easier.

We all have the potential to improve and enhance the abilities we have. It’s a good idea to understand these gifts and enhance your psychic powers.

Clairsentience can be difficult to live with or it can be a useful psychic ability. Become intentional and develop it in a conscious way. Do you think you are clairsentient? Get in touch with one of our psychics for further guidance.


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  1. My Grandmonther was pshycic and I inherited a small portion of her gift. Thigs were pertty scary for me when I was young and I had the unfortunate experience of shadow people. I learned to "shut it off" and since then the only thing that remained is clairsentience. Now, in my 40s, I'm considering trying to activate again but honestly I'm a bit nervous. Past experiences were both intense and outright evil. But I may have more control now. I don't want anything going on at home and so my question is, should I keep "retired" or try and tap my gift again. I am extremely curious and very deep with faith.

  2. This has been quit a find for me ! I am an empath. I am 62 now, I have always been able to feel others feelings. Sometimes I know something is going to happen before it happens. I don't like crowds because there is too much energy that overwhelms me. I do suffer from anxiety, is this why ? I know intuitively how to speak to someone, whether they are a poor down and out street person or a CEO of a major corporation. I want to learn how to control these gifts. Sometimes I know what people are thinking. But I cannot sit down and intentionally read someone. Can someone give me some guidance PLEASE? It's been a very long 62 years. Thank you Scott 

  3. Hi Scott, if I were you I’d start with a basic book. Try “Empath 101: A Basic Primer On Life As An Empath” by Damiana Alder.  It’s a kindle book – you can download the free app to your computer or mobile device. If that’s no good, then just type ‘Empath’ into Amazon and see what appeals to you. Good luck.

  4. This article has been so enlightening. I have always been the outsider. Get along with everyone but never belong with any group. Crowds have always been an issue especially in recent years. Too overwelming especially in a room. I've had many preminitions that turned out true including my father totaling an 18 wheel semi. I've had spirit contact from touch to talking to a vision. I have only been aware of my gift for about 6 years. I was able to pinpoint what it is in the last year. I find it hard to talk to anyone except my mother as she has the gift as well. I can't wait to see where my gift takes me in the future! 

  5. Hi Raina!  I'd love to talk with you, it sounds like we have much in common.  PM me on facebook : )  (Eva Oseva)


  6. Hi

    I need help in further understanding what's happening to me. I've had 3 experiences over the last few years in which I could look at a person and know that they were going to die. I sense a very strong feeling that something isn't right with the person the minute I look into their eyes and I do a quick double-take of their face. And a few hours or days later, I find out that they have died. These were all people that I didn't know very well but who I came in contact with occasionally. One committed suicide, one was elderly and the other had an anurism (I know that I'm spelling this incorrectly). The lady who had the anurism worked in my office. A few days after I looked at her and sensed that she would die- she did- and I felt her passing in real time. I was in a meeting and suddenly started feeling a heaviness in my chest- I just had a "knowing" that someone was dying-but at the time, I kept pushing it out of my head that it might be her. I felt compelled to look at the time which was 1:30pm and kept repeating that time in my head. The feeling subsided and I had such an urge to get up and go to the window and open it (to let the spirit out) but I was in a conference room full of people and had to control this urge. The next day the office was informed that this lady died. Her time of death was 1:30pm.

    Any help or guidance given would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  7. Hi Kelly, Thanks for sharing your fascinating experiences. I hope you have not been too disturbed by them. It seems that you are a ‘witness’ to the passing of souls from this plane back to our source. It is a gift and a privilege – death is not a negative event.

    There are many articles on the Psychic Elements blog which might resonate with you. “I Learned I’m Psychic; What Now?” and “Psychic Experiences: Help and Resources” are just two of them. You could also try speaking with an empathic psychic who has been through similar experiences.

  8. I'm not really sure what is going on but I keep experiencing the following quite frequently. So I am currently applying for jobs and am sending out emails with my materials to employers in various countries. To people that I've never actually met. So a few days pass, I'm doing my thing, feeling great (mostly :)) and enjoying what it is that I'm doing and suddenly I get a change in feeling. On a few occasions it has happened that I've received an even more exhilirated feeling (out of the blue) – definitely felt like as if it was "injected" into me and a few minutes later 10-30 minutes later I receive an email from an employer scheduling an job interview. On a few other occasions I also received "a dip" in my feeling, sometimes even a sort of sadness. And, as you might have guessed, a few minutes later I received a rejection letter. As I said, I'm not sure though I have strong suspicion that this might be some sort of "premonition" (for lack of a better word for the sensation). But is this common for empaths? I was hoping maybe you could share your thought on my experiences. It's not frightening or anything but sometimes it is just "annoying". Perhaps theres a technique for dealing or managing this sort of thing? All feedback and insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your attention. 

    Love and Light!

  9. Hi Andrew, sounds like it’s working really well. How about if you try to feel the feeling before you apply for the jobs. See if you can pick up a vibe about whether it’s worth applying in the first place? Then apply anyway and see what the results are. In this way you will learn how to hone and refine your skills. Have fun with it.

  10. Thank you so much Troi!

    That is a thought that has actually emerged in me but I didn't know what to really start with it. You have given me now a boost to go explore it more.

    Thanks again!

    Peace and love.

  11. Im 31 and have always felt alone. I have friends but never really fit in. I have always felt others emotions. Not just sad or happy but i feel the pain in my body. I feel the sorrow, the heartache, the hurt in my gut. I do get exhausted a lot. Like i just need to be alone. I have frequent migraines also. I want to know how to release the extra feelings. I am often looked at as rude or a loner cause i dont conversate or interact with others.

  12. good day! I’m Teresa started my clear feeling at February 18,2017 after a Mass Healing in a church last February 11,2017 I feel when someone close to me is sad my hair rises to the left, when happy on the right, when rejection hurts my head and when there’s a good news I’m going to be nervous now I know what’s calling my ability.

  13. Hi Jenna, it sounds as though you have healing abilities. You are not a freak, you are one of a small band of energy healers. There is no reason to be scared; you have simply found your life’s work early. This is what you are meant to do. 

    Have a look at this post:

    Good luck.

  14. I have always told my mother since I was young, I can feel what another person was feeling but she never believed me. As I grew older, I would feel if someone had good intentions or bad ones and people would always tell me I was wrong. Now I have realized that I can feel what another person is thinking simply by being in the same room. I was able to tell if I was accurate by letting the person whose mind I was feeling (or reading) what they were thinking and they would say impossible. When I said what they were thinking, I asked for honesty as I was curious if I were right and they would call me a witch. I have tested it with two different people and what I said was exactly what they thinking. I spoke to my aunt recently who told me to look it up as she too had a gift she never spoke about due to people calling her crazy. I dont know why me? I dont like to feel what others feel or think. Everyone has always said I was overly sensitive and now I understand why. Although I am reading other comments about similar stories to mine I feel alone. I dont know how to control my "gift". I always see dark shadows that I always thought to be spirits and now that I know they are, leaves me very scared. Any help? Please.

  15. ive know for a long time I am, but through the experiences I’ve had and feeling I have felt I build a wall to block myself. I’m honestly too scared to pursue it, bc I’ve had so many encounters and so confused abt the feelings to know what to do with it. Any advice on how to use it?

  16. Hi Celeste,

    This page might help you on your path: You need to find people who have abilities like your own. Go explore.

  17. For years I've always considered myself a chronic daydreamer. I would imagine life through many scenarios from beginning to end.

    Main example, I used to imagine myself getting sick and I would imagine every step..from making an appointment to see my doctor to the doctor telling me that I have cancer. I would live through every moment, the tears, the sorrow of having to tell my kids, living with the cancer and ultimately my death. I lived like that for 3 years of "daydreaming". 

    I kept this to myself. I didn't want to tell anyone. Why would I? How would I explain my daydreams?

    My late Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in April of 2010. My daydreaming of having cancer stopped. 

    I would "daydream" of the craziest things. From breaking an arm, and living out the whole situation. And than finding out that someone close to me had an accident and broke their arm. (This is a more often "daydream")

    Suicide is a scary daydream for me, because I find out in the days or weeks to come that someone that I know has attempted or thinking about it.

    Not all of these are sad and full of sorrow. 

    My mind gets consumed on a particular person. This happens more often than not, and can somewhat drive me crazy to the point where I have to yell (while I'm alone) at them to get out of my head. I've dealt with this for at least 25 years.

    I have so much more to say but will stop here for now for the sake of sounding crazy.  

    I have told my sisters and my kids about all of this, especially after my mother getting sick.

    I know I'm an empath but I'm wondering if there is more to it than just that.

    Looking for answers ♡

  18. What am I? So I have never read anything on this topic but have been contemplating seeking it out. I experience many of the symptoms but not all. Hospitals, graveyards, churches no big deal. I don't think I'm an empath because certain people I could care less about. I do however have senses. Think of an individual and the phone rings. Not once, not twice but multiple times. My record is 10 in a row. Crowds equal overstimulation for me. I speak in public a lot and sense the crowd vibe. No multitasking ever. Single-task. Cannot have the radio on and talk to someone. Frequently get sensory overload and need to shut down. People talk way too much, to fast without thinking and it drives me crazy. Focus, clarity is happiness. No migraines, occasional headache from over stimulation. But I can sense people, their actions, their thoughts and their feelings. But not all the time. Sometimes I can't sense anything for months, other times non-stop. I find solutions to problems almost by happenstance. Insight! I acquire skills very quickly. Blessing and curse for sure. Mood swings. What am I? Where can I educate myself on this particular 'skill'. I would like to understand it more.

  19. Why do I feel the past emotional energy of every object I touch? My friend that knows something about something explained this to me as clairsentience, and thinks I'm an Empath. I already have 4 forms of synesthesia.. could this be a 5th?!?!?! (Touch-emotion) I seriously am concerned there's more to this..

  20. I've had several experiences regarding an ex-boyfriend. There have been multiple times where I get this overwhelming feeling of him hurting emotionally and I can feel it as well. Just recently I had this sudden feeling that he would be gone for a long time and I confirmed with one of his family members that he reenlisted with the Army and is going active duty. Also I have known when both of his daughter's were born I just had this feeling and it was true. I can feel everything that he feels so much so that I'm not sure where my pain ends and his starts. Its so overwhelming this connection that I have to him. I can also sense other people's emotions. It's like I'm on a constant emotional roller coaster. Aside from having these sudden feelings I also have constant dreams about him where he talks to me and tells me what's going on and a lot of the times my dreams become true. I feel this unexplainable connection to him even though we've had our own separate lives for the past 6 years.   

  21. That’s fascinating, Mayra. You have a strong psychic/empathic bond with him:

  22. It's the Law of Attraction. Look up Abraham and Esther Hicks. Learn to think of something else when you have the negative daydreams. 

  23. Hi Love the article. Im just curious how do you know if its the gift or its an actual medical diagnoses? Thank you!!!!!!

  24. I am grateful for finding this article. I believe that I am an empath. And to find more information that will give me insight on my true nature is refreshing! Bringing me peace of mind. 

    Thank You for this! 

  25. I can feel people's emotions but I can also influence my emotions to large groups of people. I can feel people's malicious intentions to hurt me. I guess being a cop, it really comes in handy. I can also feel evil, or demonic energy from people. My real question is why when I dream, I dream I am someone else. I do not know them. Sometimes I am a child in another country or a man who is not from this time. I know their life and I i can only watch from their eyes….does anyone know why I dream this way?

  26. Hi 

    I have a problem i hate being in a crowd, I don't like going out,I have enjoy being alone,I can sense someone energy through phone call,I can sense thier thoughts,n when I get in crowd I can feel down,n feel people's hearts ,meaning heartless n good people ,I hate dark colours most in interior, n even have problem with shadows of objects I have even improved my interior paint white,n change my lights, n when I'm drunk I can see everything a person go throw in their Iife,I can think of person n call find out the person has a problem, n most people fail to understand me,n I can sense my girlfriends level of love for me ,I even see moving shadows,I'm obssed with flowers and ocean,bear,rabbits and White dove

  27. My only single advice to anyone who possesses true-empathy for any other person. Form an innocent, to a purposeful killer.  Is the following: 

    Is this one and only single thing. Sociopaths find you as "Pray" Something to feed on…       A "target / Prize" a true "feather in their cap."     Learn a lot more of this human disorder. It is an unnatural disorder of our species. Canines, yes dogs, have an order of magnitude more of this innate feature then individuals (humans) with this disorder..   You will never, ever, I mean, ever, see it. because it means the world is upside down for you. And that would think it defies the laws of gravity. But they do. And they mean to "eat you"! (metaphorically speaking,) but you might as well been eaten… John Dempsey.                    I am praying for you to, look over your shoulder at your most vulnerable moment. 


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