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Clairaudient Psychic


A clairaudient psychic, often called a medium, is an individual that receives extrasensory information through "hearing". The clairaudient might hear words, or evocative sounds, such as a busy road. Many times these snippets are directed by someone that has passed on, but many mediums often work with guides, often paired with the medium before birth.

A person with the gift of clairaudience often works hard to become a pure channel for spirit. Psychic mediums do not work alone. Guides from the spirit world work with human channels so that by the time they do start their work both guide and channel have a good working relationship.


To be clear, the clairaudient is much different from those people who "hear voices" as part of a mental health issue. Those who do have a mental health issue also display other symptoms that can be clinically diagnosed. Most people who are clairaudient do not have these other clinical symptoms.

History of Clairaudient Psychics



Clairaudients appear to have been with us since the beginning but often were misunderstood and confused with people who had real mental health issues. In ancient times, however, those mental health issues were seen as demonic possession. It is no surprise then that clairaudience seems to be more accepted in ancient literature when associated with a holy person. For instance, Paul the Apostle heard voices that other could not.

Perhaps the most famous clairaudient of all was St. Joan of Arc, a twelve-year old peasant girl that advised kings and generals and road ahead of their armies waving a battle banner. Encouraged by the "voices" and visions of Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret she brought God's message to the Dauphin of France and his military leaders. With her as a symbol of God's support for France, successive military victories followed after years of bitter defeat.

Joan was an absolute believer that she was a servant of God. She said: "I must be at the King's side… there will be no help (for the kingdom) if not from me. Although I would rather have remained spinning [wool] at my mother's side… yet must I go and must I do this thing, for my Lord wills that I do so". Her story is told elsewhere, but at no time was history so affected, such a reversal of fortune for a royal family so incredible wrought by someone that heard voices, that it can only seem that the information a simple peasant girl was inspired by forces from beyond the veil of this earthly life.


More recently, clairaudients have become more recognized for their gifts, though many still suffer social repercussions for their abilities. Doris Stokes (1920—1987) had an amazing career as a clairaudient psychic who sold out performances at the Sydney Opera house and London Palladium. In 1980, her first autobiographical volume, Voices in My Ear: The Autobiography of a Medium was published, pulling her further into the public eye in the UK. Over two million copies of her books, which were co-written with Linda Dearsley, were sold. Unfortunately, there were those decried her abilities. The Church of England condemned her work as an offense to God. Others charged her with publicly with fraud. However, Robert Brown, author of We are Eternal: What the Spirits Tell Me About Life After Death attests to her ability to come up with the correct information.

Even more recently John Edward is a psychic medium that often hears information given to him by the discarnate people he tries to contract. While John also receives information in visual symbols, he is often driven to make a connection with his clients through the sounds he is given by spirit when he works.

How Do Clairaudients Work?

In many cases clairaudience is combined with other mediumistic senses, such as sight and knowing. However, hearing in this case is defined as receiving information through the auditory portions of the brain, so it feels to the recipient like hearing, whether or not actual sound is involved.

The auditory portions of the human brain are part of the cerebral cortex, which is involved with memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language and consciousness.

We don't know why certain people receive extrasensory information through different parts of the brain. However, we do see the effect. For instance, John Edwards, a famous medium, often mentions that "I hear a name, such as _______, or those sorts of sounds". While it may seem to an outside and skeptical observer that the psychic is "hunting" for information, one can imagine that trying to parse "sounds" from the spirit world is not as easy as it sounds. Think back on the children's game "Telephone" where people pass off information to each other down the line and by the end the message is completely different. Elaine Kuszmeskis, in her book, The Art of Mediumship claims that guides form an astral tube to the medium to amplify the sounds sent, though they often sound "far away".

A Sample Clairaudient Reading
Is a Clairaudient Psychic Reading Right for You?

At a certain point in our lives we all seek answers. At times it seems that people with a direct pipeline beyond the veil of our earthly existence have more answers than we do. Certainly, if you want to contact relatives that have passed, or receive divinely inspired messages a session with a clairaudient psychic can be helpful. It can be comforting to know that there are other levels of existence. Those on those levels are happy to impart the knowledge they have. Questions that help you get beyond your grief, or affirm that your passed loved one is safe and whole in other realms can be very comforting. At times, and depending on the psychic, the information that is received by the client can be very helpful in resolving difficult situations.



Learn More About Clairaudients
Recommended Reading

We Are Eternal: What the Spirits Tell Me about Life After Death By Robert Brown




We Are Eternal: What the Spirits Tell Me about Life After Death By Robert Brown



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0 Responses

  1. Hey I. am scared that fur Elise song came on again and it tingles it tickets me like a gut feeling but it rises higher and higher till I feel like a big tight ball squeezing all of it’s juice out then I get a phone call my dad saying that something or some one is telling my dad to tell me that Carolyn died it repeats it’s self same song plays but on something different like a jewelry box then a tv.after that people die like my aunt when she got bashed in the head on Christmas and my neighbor in a car crash like my uncle that just fell in the hallway face down with no explanation am I bad that I have to know these things it scares me so bad or am I suppose to save them.I use to for see a snake on the road and I had a dream about a killer causing a fire and in that dream I was in the home when he poorer gasoline around the woman’s bed with her in it.lit the fire an looked at me and left I was the wall I saw the flames go up all around me things went black and I woke up.the next day I went to the store and said mom look that’s the man in my dreams that murded her.that moment he turned around saw me and got scared and started running.

    1. Hey Heather, that sounds particularly jarring. The best we can guess right now is that maybe if these are violent deaths, you may be called to warn them – but it shouldn’t be a reason for you to beat yourself up and work yourself into a panic because you’re either not understanding the messages, can’t convince people to take precautions, or just simply can’t prevent things from happening.

      We highly recommend talking to an actual psychic who has had experiences of precognition to help you out. Or a psychic who can guide other psychics, like our dear Joanna. In any case, we hope that you make it to a point of clarity – that you know what the visions are for, and you are empowered and unafraid of what the future holds. Bless you!

  2. I have clairaudience plus 3 of the other Clair's

    it was May this year that I actually saw I had these abilities using clairsenteince.

    my clairaudience is very clear. I get told what is going to happen. My future.

    One by one. It happens.

    i was put into an awakening. I'm part of a small percentage of people who meet their twin flame.

    so, I'm dealing with finding I am a medium. An awakening with its symptoms and the twin soul phenomenon.

    most people would believe none of my life 🙂





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