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What is a Twin Flame Relationship?

Twin flame relationship gulls

There is confusion between ‘twin flame’ relationships and ‘soulmate’ relationships. The difference is that a soulmate feels like a perfect match – they are just like us, while a twin flame feels like a mirror to our own personality – they are opposites. So what is a twin flame relationship? How will you recognize it, and will it be good for you?

Twin flame relationship sunset

Why a Twin Flame is Not Your Soulmate

Your soulmate is for life. A soulmate relationship rarely breaks up. A soulmate is your helpmate, support and true love. A Twin Flame is a teacher. They may come and go, then disappear for ever. Yet you will never lose the connection that was formed. 

Some people meet their soulmate and never meet a Twin Flame. Sometimes it’s the other way round. 

How to Recognize a Twin Flame

The connection is instant. You know it the moment they walk into a room, even if you have never set eyes on them before. The atmosphere becomes charged and your senses heightened. You are aware of where they are and you know they are aware of you in the same way. You know, without a doubt, that this is ‘different’.

When you start talking it’s as if you’ve known each other for years. It’s easy, unforced. You don’t need to make an impression; you already have.

Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship

  • Twin Flame relationships are intense. They are as destructive as they are passionate.
  • You think they are the ‘One’, but don't understand why it is so painful.
  • Twin Flame relationships are on/off; together/not together. This is especially true at the beginning stages.
  • You are either ecstatic or in tears. There is rarely a time when the relationship hums along without some major trauma.
  • Your Twin Flame changes your thinking; your whole outlook. Your perspective shifts and it feels like the world also changed in a snap. Nothing and no-one looks the same.
  • There are often obstacles to the relationship.
  • When you are with them and happy, it feels so right. 
  • When you are with them and unhappy, you fantasize about the perfect murder. 
  • When you are without them, it feels like your heart has been torn out.
  • They feel like a soulmate, yet it doesn’t seem to work like a soulmate relationship should.
  • You will purposefully tear down your whole life. For instance, you might change jobs in order to work with them. Break up an existing relationship. Move far from home. You do what it takes to continue the relationship.
  • You run from them. When it becomes unbearable, you run. You stay away until your need to be with them again becomes too strong and you run back to them. Then the cycle starts again. Or maybe they run from you. One of you is the 'runner', the other is the 'chaser'.
  • You know what they are thinking. 
  • You love them; you hate them.
  • It’s very physical. Your attraction to them is visceral. You want to make mad, passionate love all the time. Yet, you want to hit them when in a fight.

Twin flame relationship swans

What is the Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship?

Your twin Flame reflects your own personality back at you. You may see flaws in them, but know that those flaws are also your own. You may see desirable attributes in them; know that you have those too.

Your Twin Flame relationship is an opportunity for you to grow, to learn deep soul lessons. Often, these lessons do not become apparent until years later.

Can a Twin Flame Relationship Last?

Yes, it can last a lifetime. It probably already has. Many lifetimes. That’s why it seems that you instantly recognize them. Here they are again, to help you understand. Here you are again to do the same for them. It’s as though you made an agreement many lifetimes ago, to be your own best teachers. You are the mirror of their soul, as they are of yours.

Most times, they seem to run their course. Once you have experienced all you can experience, they end. It’s usually traumatic and upsetting, but it feels different to all the other times you broke up. There is more relief than regret. You know it’s time to regain a ‘normal’ way of being. 

Those that stay together seem to go through certain stages: initial attraction, honeymoon period, disagreements and arguments, running away, coming back togather and resolution.

Why is a Twin Flame Relationship So Volatile?

Twin Flame relationships are the way they are because they are showing you aspects of yourself you’d rather not see. You are being held to account, your imperfections reflected right back at you and they are hard to deal with. The relationship demonstrates to you exactly what you want from another person and also exactly what you don’t want. 

Twin flame relationship hands

Can Twin Flame Relationships Help You?

Yes, having experienced a Twin Flame relationship, you can begin to rebuild your life and be in new relationships with a different perspective. You are able to see things from the other person’s point of view. You are more sensitive to others’ needs. Somehow you are tougher but softer at the same time. Your Twin Flame relationship helped you to grow up, to gain a new maturity and helped you define yourself as a person. You know where your personal boundaries are. You know what you will accept and not accept. 

Does a Twin Flame Appear as Anyone Else?

Twin Flames are always lovers. You meet as equals, although it may not feel like that. One usually takes the main role of teacher, but in actuality, you are both teachers in this relationship. You each hold a mirror to the other’s soul. You expose flaws, highlight perfections, and reveal what is hidden in your hearts.

Have you ever experienced a Twin Flame relationship? Are you in one now? Please share your story with us.

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0 Responses

  1. Wow! this so interesting. I never knew the idea of a twin relationship. Lovely read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There are no twin flame COUPLES on this planet right now. Twin flame couple of *what*? Twin flames (a soul split into two people) is a formation principle that is outside the boundaries of this creation. Splitting and then descending into this realm is full of challenges – how does one find this missing half? Out of 7 billion people on the planet, assuming both of you are incarnated at the same time, a person would have to know first of all that they were a twin flame. Moreover, what kind of relationship are two such people supposed to have? And is every individual on the planet even a twin flame – a literal one half of a soul? The above article is just another misinformed version of a "soulmate," only a high-octane-lovers version.

  3. You misunderstand the concept of ‘twin flame’. I agree it is not the best name for this kind of relationship, but we did not invent it. At no point did we describe the concept as ‘a soul split into two people’. Neither did we imply that everyone has a missing half. Anyone who has been in this kind of relationship will recognize the analysis given in the article.

  4. Ok, well a "twin flame" is actually a TWIN soul, a literal halving of a soul (and a rare phenomenon — yes that does exist). What I sense from this article is that a more appropriate name for your description would be either divine partnership or primary soul mate (the highest level soul mate). Soul mates meet and form relationships. But an actual twin flame is not a relationship principle, it's a creation principle. In this realm, if you had an identical twin, it's doubtful that you would be lovers.

  5. Hi Jey, I’m sure you’ll find with a quick search that ‘twin flame’ *is* a relationship principle, whether you agree with the term or not. It’s not a sibling relationship, it’s as described in the article: someone who mirrors your traits, emotions and behavior right back at you. It’s usually temporary, but the connection lasts for life.

    Have a great day.

  6. Yes there does seem to be confusion/multiple definitions. Everything I read online (this article included) are describing a love/romantic union. This sealed for life/one-and-only true love is better described as either a divine partnership or primary soulmate. But calling a person you meet that ends up being your perfect complement is not what I understand a "twin flame" to be. Now maybe twin flame is a bad term as well: perhaps twin soul, or double soul, or mirror or shadow soul is better. But either way, using the word "twin" in the description matters: twin flames are actually halves of the same soul that split into two. It would be the spiritual equivalent of monozygotic identical (biological) twins. Yes they are still two individual people, only lacking an autonomous identity.

    You mentioned sibling relationship as opposed to romantic relationship. Well a twin flame is neither: relationships are roles people play down here. For example, your grandfather in this lifetime could have been a wife in another lifetime (if you believe in reincarnation). However, I don't exactly consider identical twins the same thing as "siblings" because their dynamic is too unusual, too peculiar to even fit any criteria. They simply need one another's presence on such a constant basis that their relationship is exclusionary. On a higher level, if twin flames are similar to earthly twins, then that union will be something totally different from relationships as we define them – lovers, parent/child, sibling, friend.

    I understand everything you have said and I agree with it, this idea of a single pivotal relationship that totally changes the trajectory of your life. Vibrationally, I have no doubt that each and every person can actually find someone who is a true PERFECT complement. I would just change the label and remove "twin" from the description, since that is a creation principle from source (and a rare one at that).

  7. I am experiencing it right now… it is so unreal, supernatural, suprising, passionate and distructive because he knows about you that you never tell anyone any living soul not even your dog… he just knew.. too much… anger frustration sometimes and sense of completeness… wtf is happening it is life altering because the connection is more real than what your life was the life you are living your whole life before you meet them… it is so real that you change job current relationship left current home.. they literally drive you insane… you know what they are thinking or experiencing or doing.. my life is private anymore.. it is annoying but unreal and also so real… I am the runner of the two… he is not chasing but.. I am running and hiding and when I chase of someone's else advise claiming that what I am experiencing is soul connection .. he run.. now I know it is twin flame not just regular soul connection it is passionate and distructive 

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