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Who is My Soulmate?

my soulmate

The accepted idea of a soulmate is embodied in the form of a lifelong romantic partner. Someone who we meet by chance, with whom we make an instant connection and to whom we remain married to for the rest of our life. This person is often referred to as The One, my soulmate or twin flame.

There are several schools of thought regarding soulmates; from the ‘there’s no such thing as only one true love’ brigade to the ‘I’m waiting for my soulmate to show up’. We think the truth is more fluid than those two extremes.

my soulmate

More Than One ‘The One’?

It seems statistically impossible that there is only one person for each person on the planet. There are seven billion people on Earth so what if your soulmate is on the other side of the world, living in a tribe on a vast plain. How likely is it that you two will meet up? What if your soulmate was born a little too early for you and is now 97 years old and meditating at the top of a Tibetan mountain? D’you see the problem?

A more likely scenario is that there are many people whom we could meet, be attracted to, and develop a relationship with. Some spiritual channels, such as Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts, decd.) and Elias (channeled by Mary Ennis) talk about ‘soul groups’, though they use different terminology. These soul groups are connected under one umbrella consciousness and therefore have commonalities with other members of their own soul group. Each group is scattered throughout the world among all the other soul groups.

So when you meet with someone who is a member of your soul group, you feel a spark of recognition, an instant attraction. After all you are connected to the same higher consciousness.

Types of Soulmate

A soulmate connection doesn’t have to be a romantic liaison. It could be your best friend from kindergarten. Or the instant connection you felt when you looked into the eyes of the rescue dog you brought home last year. Perhaps the realization that your husband is your soulmate was not instant at all. That by working through various difficulties, you have come to understand that you are, indeed, true soulmates.

A soulmate might be your teacher, the lady in the store with the kind, understanding eyes, or the coworker in the next cubicle. You can’t describe it properly but you know you share something with these seemingly random people.

The author of Afterlife101, an anonymous spirit channel, wrote this:

We would refer to this in the sense that oftentimes there are unknown individuals upon earth that you feel are someone you would like to know, or you feel a connection with. These individuals do not necessarily have to be, as you on earth love to use the phrase, soulmates. There are many people that have connected to you in your life, even just passing through and stopping and saying a few words, who have connected to your soul and are therefore a mate of your soul for they have left you a valuable lesson.Afterlife101

soulmates at kindergarten

Surely it’s all About Destiny?

When it comes to soul mates, it is often the chance meeting, the deviation from your normal route, the unexpected invitation or the cute guy helping with your spilled groceries, as beloved by so many Hollywood movies. However, the decision to follow up or continue the fledgling relationship is always down to the participants.

A belief in destiny or fate as the only arbiter in your life’s structure means that you don’t believe in free will, choice or that you have the power to change your life. While it seems that chance does play a part in life, we all have the ability to decide for ourselves.

How do I Find My ‘Other Half’?

People often disagree on how to find a soulmate. Many will cite chance, as described above, while others say you can attract your other half by engaging the power of your consciousness. In other words, by deliberately manifesting your desire for a mate. It’s a trick that often works.

There are two effective methods to do this. The first is by creating a dreamboard. You collect together a series of images that represent all the qualities you would like in a partner. So, if you would like someone who shares your love of golf, then you would include an image of a couple playing golf together. Be careful with this one – we heard of a woman whose dream lover turned out to be an alcoholic. Years later, she rediscovered her dreamboard and there was a photo of her ideal guy… holding a can of beer. She literally got what she asked for.

The other way is by scripting. Write out a description of your soul mate as if he or she were already part of your life. Keep it positive and in the present tense. You can refine your vision as you write it out. Add to it, repeat it nightly, if you like. Think of it as a love spell. As you focus on the description your vibration will adjust to it, thus creating the perfect circumstances to meet the person who is in sync with you.

my soulmate forever

I Thought I Met my Soulmate But…

It’s all going horribly wrong. In the beginning everything was wonderful. Life bowled along and you felt happy and secure. Further down the line, things start to turn bad and you feel that you made a mistake. You were so sure that your partner was your soul mate – so what went wrong?

There are several ways to approach this situation and, of course, it depends entirely on the individual circumstances. There’s always a chance that working through the present problems will eventually bring you closer together. Some people don’t recognize their soulmate until they have been together for decades… "Oh, it WAS you all along."

Or maybe we aren’t meant to be with that person forever. Perhaps they came into our lives so that we could understand and learn an important life lesson? Or maybe it was our task to do that for them? In this case, parting is the best option. Don’t break your heart – it’s all for the best.

To know if you have met your soulmate, ask one of our experienced and gifted psychics.

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