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What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records

In the most simplistic sense, the Akashic Records are the total sum of all life. Every thought, deed and word is recorded there. But where is ‘there’? The very name, Akashic Records, holds a certain mystery. It’s as though this library of information is locked away and accessible only to those who have attained a high level of spiritual development.

You can’t see the Akashic Records – not with your physical eyes anyway. You can’t hear them – in the usual sense. You can’t feel them either. So what are they? How can they be of use? And how do you get to them?

Akashic Records

Akashic Energy

The word ‘akasha’ is Sanskrit for air, sky or atmosphere. It was appropriated by Alfred Percy Sinnett in his book, Esoteric Buddhism (1884). He in turn had got the idea from the philosopher, HP Blavatsky, who described akasha as ‘life force’.

Since then, the concept has been processed by various theosophists who have added their own ideas to it. People even refer to the ‘Akashic Halls’, as though there is a magical repository, complete with marble floors and columns where the privileged few can wander at will. It’s not like that at all.

You can call it Akashic if you like. Really it all comes down to energy. In truth, the Akashic Records are everywhere and nowhere. This energy is within every single one of us. It is also available to all.

Our logical brains want to see the Akashic Records as having form and substance. Many occultists and philosophers talk of an Akashic library. All that is far too organized for what it really is. Which is a seething field of energy. With no librarian or archivist to sort it all out.

There are some people who say that the Akashic Records exist in more than one dimension. That we all exist in more than one dimension. Teal Blue explains her take on all that in her video, “What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records library

What do the Akashic Records Look Like?

Nothing. And everything. The information is not readable in its pure state, However, it is knowable. Psychics tune into this field of knowledge all the time. Humans use all kinds of tools to act as conduits for the information. As well as psychic readings, there are divinatory tools, such as tarot cards, tea-leaves, etc. Some look to the Bible and to prayer for their answers. It’s all the same… the source is out there, in your head and right there in a book.

Other Terms for Akashic Records

  • The Collective Unconscious – Carl Jung
  • Karma – Sanskrit, cause and effect
  • Zero Point Field – the quantum vacuum where no energy is supposed to exist, except it does.
  • Infinite Intelligence
  • Thinking Stuff/Formless Substance – Wallace Wattles and various other New Thought authors.
  • The Universe
  • Source energy, All-that-is, God.

As you can see, the concept behind the Akashic Records exists in almost every culture.

What Kind of Information is Stored in the Akashic Records?

Everything. Past, present, future. All thoughts, deeds, and words, both spoken and written. Past lives and future incarnations. You can learn about your current life path and spiritual growth. You might want to know how to make change, how to deal with grief or how to increase abundance. You might have a problem and no idea of the solution. You could be grappling with relationship issues or job worries. There’s an answer to everything, and all the answers are in the Akashic Records.

Accessing the Akashic Records

So why would we want to access the Akashic Records? If anyone granted you the ability to delve into all knowledge, all thought, all the answers, you’d grab the opportunity without a moment’s hesitation, wouldn’t you? Think of what you could achieve. The power, the knowledge, the wisdom of all existence.

Well, it is there for the taking. Or rather for the asking. You’ve been accessing it all your life. Every thought, dream, wish, every question, desire, each moment of wondering has the potential to be answered by the Akashic Records.

And you have received those answers, the inspiration, the new idea that changed your life. Every time you had a flash of thought that seemed to come from nowhere, you were receiving knowledge or a suggestion from the Akashic Records.

"Ah, but how do I access it when I need it?" you ask. It couldn’t be easier. Express your question, your quest, or your desire as clearly as possible. Write it down, hone it, clarify it, make it yours. Think of it as your request to the librarian.

Akashic Records meditation

Receiving Information from the Akashic Records

There are three main methods to receive information from the Akashic Records:

  • Resonance
  • Allowing
  • Meditation

Resonance is when two distinct things vibrate at the same frequency, also called ‘synchronous vibration’. In other words, to receive your answer, you have to have a vibration of the same frequency. When we are asking, needing, yearning for a solution, our thoughts vibrate at that level. We cannot possibly receive a high-frequency answer until we change our thoughts and emotions to the same frequency. The best way to raise your frequency is to get happy.

Allowing is getting out of your own way. Instead of focusing on receiving the answer, you simply go about your day. Do your best to maintain that higher frequency by using emotional ‘improvers’ such as love, appreciation and gratitude.

When you practice either of these methods, you often find that the answer you seek pops into your head, is given to you by another person, or you hear it on TV or read it in a book. One way or another, it will come.

The third method is meditation. By quieting your mind, relaxing your body and opening your chakras, the wisdom of the universe will flow into your mind. If you try to force it, it won’t happen.

The medium, Edward Cayce, was clear in his descriptions of how he accessed the Akashic Records on behalf of his clients. He used a form of meditation where he visualized his consciousness following a light source. It led him to a fully developed vision of a city, beyond which he describes reaching the Hall of Records. An old man handed him the required information in the form of a book.

Edward Cayce

What's your take on the Akashic Records? Share your vision.



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  1. I really appreciate this article. It has not always been clear in the past what akashic records are so thank you for describing them in an understandable way. Akashic records are such an amazing and exciting concept. Thanks for sharing!

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