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The Magical Powers of Crystals

powers of crystals amethyst

We all need a little magic in our lives and crystals can bring it to you – healing, protection, manifestation, restoring balance, you name it, there’s a crystal that can help. There is something magical and mysterious about keeping crystals near you – around your home and garden, in your purse, near your side when you sleep. So what crystals do you need? Which work best in specific circumstances? Here is our beginner's introduction to the powers of crystals.

powers of crystals quartz sphere
Clear quartz sphere

Photo Credit: mrsgcr via Compfight cc

Healing with Crystals

Healing the body, mind and spirit is one of the most common applications of crystals. There is an enormous range to choose from. It is wise to do some research and also get to hold your stones before you buy. More about that later. Meantime, here are four popular healing crystals.

powers of crystals carnelian

Photo Credit: Elderberry Arts via Compfight cc

Carnelian – to increase energy. Orange and vibrant, carnelian is the crystal to get you moving. The Egyptians associated carnelian with female health. If you need a little revitalizing, carry a carnelian stone in a pocket close to your body. Drop it into your drinking water – after washing it – and leave for a few minutes before removing and drinking the water. Carnelian is also a fertility crystal that can boost libido.

To heal emotions and rid yourself of depression, green aventurine is the crystal to choose. It is soothes frayed nerves and raises dampened spirits. Use it to calm feelings of anger, aid sleep and generally improve your sense of well-being.

Clear quartz, or rock crystal, is a good all-round healer. Quartz is common and fairly inexpensive so buy a beautiful stone and wear it as a pendant necklace. Use clear quartz with other stones to amplify their effectiveness.

Smoky quartz, a mysterious and very beautiful cousin of clear quartz, is renowned for its detoxifying qualities. It can also be a protective stone.

Protective Powers of Crystals

There are certain varieties of crystals that help protect you both physically and psychically.

powers of crystals black tourmaline
Black tourmaline

Photo Credit: Petr Hykš via Compfight cc

Black tourmaline is the ultimate protective crystal. It deflects negative energy both from other people and from electromagnetic devices and sources. Place several around your bed to protect against energy vampires and to promote healing. Black tourmaline will ground you, and enhance your commonsense. It brings a degree of power and increases confidence.

Shungite is another black stone which protects against pollution. It absorbs EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and reduces stress. As it is such an effective absorber, it will need to be cleansed frequently. Rinse under running water and leave on a windowsill overnight.

Relationship Crystals

Bring crystals to your relationship to enhance existing love and to attract new friendships and romance.

powers of crystals rose quartz
Rose quartz

Photo Credit: rexxgon via Compfight cc

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink stone that can restore balance in your relationships and also open your heart chakra to attract new love. Use it to heal a broken heart, and to enhance your spirituality. Everyone needs a rose quartz in their purse.

Red jasper is the one if you need to add a little spritz to your love life. It is known as the ‘stone of endurance’, so keep one on your bedside table. Red jasper strengthens base chakra energy and causes it to flow upwards through the body. It also helps those who work with earth energies to ground and connect to the earth.

Crystals for a Happy Home

Increase well-being in the home by placing crystals at strategic points around the house or apartment. Near the entrances and property boundaries, where people gather and sleep are ideal.

Place a large citrine stone in the south-east corner of your home to increase the flow of wealth.

Black tourmaline near the main entrance, in the porch and by the gate to keep away unwanted visitors. It won’t affect people who are welcome.

Amethysts are wonderful ‘general’ stones to promote happiness, well-being and just all-round loveliness. If you can get hold of a Brandenburg amethyst, so much the better. These have a very high vibration and will enable all the occupants of the home to relax. It is cleansing and restorative – just the thing to turn your living room into a family retreat.

powers of crystals black obsidian
Black obsidian

Photo Credit: aotaro via Compfight cc

A beautiful black obsidian, while attracting admiring glances, will also neutralize negative energy from anyone passing by.

Crystals to Enhance Psychic Abilities

Fluorite is stunning to look at as well as being an excellent all-round psychic enhancer. Use them in meditation and nearby when doing a reading to increase your intuition, connect with your client and also to protect yourself against negative energies. Fluorite can also repel psychic vampires.

powers of crystals Herkimer diamond
Herkimer diamond quartz

Photo Credit: Macroscopic Solutions via Compfight cc

Herkimer diamond, a type of quartz, is renowned for being a powerful energy amplifier. It will enhance dreams, increase psychic connections and attune one person’s energy to another's. It’s very useful to clairvoyants, clairaudients and tarot readers, and like clear  quartz, it magnifies the positive benefits of any other stone.

Amethyst is another stone to keep nearby during a psychic consultation. It is connected to the third eye and crown chakra and enables you to open the heart chakra. It is a crystal of empathy and understanding.

Buying Crystals

Crystals are readily available to buy on line but the best way to purchase crystals is in person. Do your research beforehand and have a list of what you want. However, don’t let that stop you from picking up any others that call to you. The store proprietor will be happy to let you pick up a stone to ‘try it for size’. Be aware of warmth, coolness, vibration or a feeling of peace washing through you. If you don’t feel anything, put the stone down – if you are still drawn to it, then it’s meant to be yours.

Tip: make a note of the name of your purchases – it’s easy to muddle up two crystals of similar appearance.

Crystals are available in an original unpolished condition, just as they were mined from the earth. Others are smooth and tumbled or even shaped into spheres for scrying. Some crystals form natural double-ended ‘wands’ while others are cubic. You can also buy gemstones ready mounted into jewelry. It’s your choice.

Working with Crystals

Your new-to-you crystals will need cleansing after picking up all sorts of energies and vibrations during their journey to you. Most will be fine with a rinse under cold running water. Fragile stones need a moon bath. Lay them on a piece of velvet or a bed of sand and leave them on a window sill where they can be bathed by moonlight.

Spend some time researching each stone. Journaling while holding it can reveal its true powers. Do a little stream of consciousness writing to see how the crystal will interact with you.

The most important thing is to use your crystals regularly, don’t put them away or allow them to collect dust. Love them, and let the powers of crystals be part of your life.

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