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Spiritual Grounding

Spiritual grounding

Spiritual grounding is important before and after commencing any kind of energy work. In fact, it should be part of everyone’s routine, whether they are involved in psychic work or not. Grounding is similar to how a technician will touch a heating pipe, or other earthed device, before opening up a computer. He does it in order to discharge static from his body. In the same way, an energy worker or psychic needs to discharge negative energy picked up during contact with spirit or people.

When you are not grounded, you can feel pretty yucky. Some symptoms of not being spiritually grounded are:

  • Headaches
  • Disconnected
  • Dreamy, but not in a good way
  • Heavy and sludgy
  • Light-headed
  • Shaky
  • Exhausted
  • Scattered
  • Hyper
  • That feeling of not being ‘with it’.
  • Losing track of thoughts and words, forgetting what you were saying during conversations.
  • Unable to concentrate on what others are saying.
  • Feeling generally ‘blah’.

Spiritual grounding barefoot

Benefits of Spiritual Grounding

  • Replenishes your personal and psychic power.
  • Brings balance into your life so that you are able to deal with problems more easily.
  • Helps you tune into your innate common sense and intuition.
  • Keeps you in tune with your own energy.
  • Helps you remain on track, whether in daily life or in your spiritual development.

Spiritual grounding should be part of your daily self-care routine and can take as little as five minutes to complete.

Quick Spiritual Grounding Techniques

These three grounding and centering techniques are ideal when you only have a few minutes to spare. 

  1. Take your shoes off and walk on the earth. Even concrete will do. As you do so, visualize negative energy draining into the earth, while good, clean energy rises up through your body and comes down through your crown chakra. Breathe deeply and allow a feeling of calm to descend upon you. 
  2. Sit beneath a tree. Lean against the tree trunk. Feel the slow tree energy seep into you, while negative energy flows away. Five minutes is all you need. Some people like to visualize that they have their own root system that reaches down into the earth alongside the tree roots.
  3. Sit on a chair with your feet squarely in contact with the floor. It doesn’t matter whether the floor is directly connected to the ground. Close your eyes. Visualize negative energy flowing from you, from the top of your head downward. Imagine the energy seeping from your feet into the floor. It spreads out from your feet and finds its way into the earth, traveling down the walls of the building and into the ground. Breathe in positive serene calming energy from source. You can use this technique anywhere – at home, at work, wherever you can grab five peaceful minutes.

Cleansing Spiritual Grounding Techniques

  1. After a reading or other spiritual work, spritz yourself with spring water mixed with three drops of essential oil. Imagine the drops filled with light landing on you, nourishing and protecting you. Combine with a minute or two of visualization as in #3 above.
  2. Take a salt bath. Make a ritual out of bath time. Add a scoop of Epsom or Himalayan salts to the water. Throw in a sprig of lavender or rosemary and relax while negativity floats away, and eventually out of the bath. If it’s possible to follow with a quick invigorating shower, then do that. Otherwise, take clean water from the faucet and pour over your head.
  3. Turn your daily shower into a spiritual grounding experience simply using visualization. Feel the stale energy sloughing off as the water physically cleanses your body.

Spiritual grounding bath

Other Spiritual Grounding Techniques

Eat something. When you are either energized or drained after psychic or healing work, remember to eat something. Wiccans, Pagans, Druids and other earth-based religions have always recognized the need to eat after a ritual or spiritual gathering. This part of their ceremony is called ‘cakes and ale’. Cakes, cookies and brownies are passed around with a drink – alcoholic or otherwise. It helps bring participants ‘back to earth’. So do the same. Eating roasted, caramelized root vegetables is a perfect way to spiritually ground yourself.

Walk or run. Physically moving your body is always a good way to ground yourself, as you can combine it with visualization as you walk. Be careful where you do that though. Pause for a few minutes while walking your dog to visualize negative energy flowing out through your feet and clean, positive energy flowing into you via your breath and through your crown. As you carry on walking feel the sheer pleasure of moving your strong body. Vary your speed.

Incorporate other spiritual practices into your life such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, reiki, earthing, etc.

Gardening, whether creating a whole new garden or pottering about planting up some herbs, is always good for the soul and always spiritually grounds you. There is something about doing practical, mundane chores in the garden which is soothing and satisfying.

Use crystals, either on their own, or in combination with any of the above exercises, to enhance and intensify spiritual grounding. All crystals and rocks, by their very nature, are good for grounding. You don’t even have to use a crystal. Simply holding a smooth pebble in each hand while visualizing the exchange of stale and fresh energy will work.

spiritual grounding meditating

Creating a Personal Protective Energy Shield

If you find that grounding is not enough to ward off the discomfort of negative energy, then think about creating a personal energy shield. You can find some protective techniques in What is a Psychic Attack?

  • Practice regular chakra clearing and cleansing.
  • Build up a protective shield by visualization. See yourself surrounded by a protective bubble that nothing can penetrate. Combine with grounding so that you don’t inadvertently become spaced out using this technique.

Make Grounding be Part of Your Daily Routine

It’s quite difficult to remember to keep doing something, especially at the beginning. One way to incorporate grounding, or any other desirable habit, is to use ‘habit stacking’. This is a simple connection between something you do already and the new habit. For instance, when out walking earmark a particular tree and mentally label it your ‘grounding tree’. Every time you pass it you will be reminded to stop and visualize.

If you do readings, leave a small reminder on your table – a crystal or pebble is perfect – to carry out a quick grounding between clients.

Remember, next time you feel out of sorts and can’t pinpoint why, spiritual grounding could be the solution.

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