What is a Psychic Attack?

Psychic attack

If you have ever experienced a psychic attack, then you'll know it’s not very pleasant. It isn’t surprising, when you consider that the whole universe is made of energy, that there are swirling vortices of positive and negative energy around us. Our psyches and bodies are constantly combatting the effects of negativity.

Most of the time, our natural defenses are able to deal with negative energies as easily as shrugging off a sweater. However, occasionally, they cannot cope and that is when we are vulnerable to a psychic attack.

Types of Psychic Attack

The first kind of psychic attack is when negative energy overcomes your natural defenses. Think of the aura around your body. One of its purposes is to protect you. However, now and then a chink will appear and darker energy will be allowed in. You could be in the vicinity where negative energy prevails – perhaps some dark deed occurred and negativity is still hanging around. You might walk into a room that holds negative energy. Sometimes such energy can attach itself to an object. Or you could be near a person who is being psychically attacked.

The second sort is when you become the victim of an attack by another person. The majority of these are not serious and usually the other person doesn’t even recognize that they are doing it. These are ‘unintended psychic attacks’.

Sometimes, though, the attack is on purpose: a ‘directed psychic attack’. These attacks are quite vicious – and you know when you’ve been hit by one.

psychic attacks

What Does a Psychic Attack Feel Like?

A psychic attack that is a result of a weakened defense system usually results in illness. We’re knocked off balance and feel yukky. And that’s the time we’ll pick up  a cold or flu virus. Or perhaps it’ll be a migraine, an aching back or a series of cluster headaches.

A minor illness is one thing, but an attack from another is a horrible experience. The unintended attack usually takes the form of a nasty remark. You might find yourself the butt of a joke, or a two-handed compliment. You know how it is, when someone belittles you and makes you feel ‘less-than’. Your energy literally slumps. The reason it happens is because they are feeling bad, so the only way they know to make themselves feel better is to attack someone else.

The result of an unintended attack is that you will feel negative emotions – either saddened, angry or somewhere in between. The person’s words will stay in your mind, possibly for a day or two before their importance fades. If the remarks continue, you’ll either begin to fight back or your will begin to lose confidence as your psyche is continually undermined.

A directed attack will be much worse than an unintended one. This energy is full of hatred and can be described as pure evil. In some cultures a directed psychic attack is called a ‘curse’ or ‘the evil eye’. This kind of psychic attack is rare; most people never experience one. In this case, your life will be deeply affected. You will have negative event after negative event. Money problems, difficulties at work, family issues, illness, trauma… you name it. They come one after the other like waves and you will feel powerless to do anything about it because you are too busy dealing with the fallout.

Who are Your Psychic Enemies?

Often it is the person you least expect. Parents can be outwardly loving and caring toward their child, but at the same time be psychically attacking them. The child won’t be aware of it until the parent passes away and they suddenly experience a huge sense of relief. Other enemies could be anyone – perhaps you upset your neighbor, or your best friend is jealous of your life. It might even be a stranger who took an irrational dislike to you in the store.

How to Deal with a Psychic Attack

  • In the instance of ‘energy seepage’, where you are feeling depressed, sick or unaccountably not yourself, you can repel the negative energy by raising your vibration. Often, a little time will do the trick as your defenses rally and deal with the attack.
  • When the attack comes from another person in the form of rudeness, sarcasm, belittling, and so on, the best way is to avoid any contact with that person. See our article on Energy Vampires for suggestions on how to deal with such people.
  • If you think you are the victim of an all-out, directed psychic attack you need to take action. It’s possible that you can deal with it yourself but don’t be afraid to ask for help. First establish if you are being psychically attacked. Often you will know instinctively, but sometimes you will need confirmation. The best  person to do this will be a reputable psychic or energy healer. Avoid anyone who offers to lift the curse for an extra fee. There are unscrupulous people out there who will attempt to capitalize desperation.
  • Clean up your immediate environment. Raise the positive energy levels in your home by using techniques such as sage smudging, crystals and a good old-fashioned spring clean.
  • Think about what new objects have been brought into your home. Remove the items from your home to see if things improve.
  • Similarly, notice whether anyone has visited who may have brought unwanted negative energy with them. Make sure that the visitor is discouraged from coming to your home. If you, or a member of your family, must meet this person, then arrange it elsewhere.
  • Recognize that there is nothing wrong with you. This is important. A psychic attack will seriously affect how you feel about yourself. Your emotions are the most vulnerable part of you and are easily manipulated by someone with the necessary skill. If you can reach for your inner strength and use it to buoy your self esteem and confidence, that will go a long way toward fending off the attack.
  • Ask your guides and angels for help. Call them what you will, there are invisible positive energies all around you, desperate to help. They just need your permission to do so. Call them often. You might find that ideas to ward off the attack occur to you – that’ll be those positive energies making suggestions.
  • Contact a good psychic. They will have experience of this and can help you defend yourself. If you can make an appointment with an energy or crystal healer, they will also help you shore up your defenses. An energy clearing can work wonders.  Reiki is excellent for promoting peace and calm within.
  • Carry crystals with you and place them under your pillow and around your home. Amethyst, obsidian and black tourmaline are the best gemstones for repelling a psychic attack.
  • Help yourself practically – make sure your insurance is up to date. Eat nutritious food and get plenty of sleep.

Protecting Against Psychic Attack

As we know prevention is always better than cure so make sure you are not vulnerable to psychic attacks by using some of these protective strategies.

1. Make meditation a regular practice. Use it to strengthen your energy body and take care of your chakras.

2. Maintain a positive attitude. Keep that vibration up as much as possible.

3. Mentally cleanse your aura regularly. Again, meditation can help you do this.

4. Keep your home light and well-aired. Negative energy is less attracted to a clean environment. Smudge regularly, especially areas such as basements and dark corners. Make sure you carry this out safely – beware of stray sparks. You can also light candles and use incense and herbs.

5. Use visualization to build a protective shield of light around yourself and around your family and home.

6. Keep yourself healthy and fit – physically and mentally. Negative energy will bounce right off you.

7. Smile and laugh as much as possible.

8. Get plenty of fresh air. Places such as hilltops, the beach, open grassland are spiritually cleansing, so replenish your energy by deep breathing fresh air as often as you can.

9. Cultivate a good support network. Surround yourself with positive people.

10. Make sure that work is not depleting your energy. An unhappy workplace can lead to all kinds of problems. Stressed out people are likely to attract negative energy.

11. Ground yourself often. You can do this by meditation, visualization or by removing your shoes and connecting to the earth. You can do this even on concrete. Close your eyes and feel the negative energy draining away and being replaced by a surge of good, clean earth energy. You can do this in minutes. Combine it with fresh air breathing – see #8. above.

psychic attack imbue water with positivity

12. Imbue water with positive energy. According to Dr Masaru Emoto, water holds the memory of vibration. When a vessel of water is held in the hands and positive thoughts are directed toward it, the water becomes charged with a high, positive energy. You can do this with drinking (family and pets) and bathing water.

13. Take cleansing baths. Following on from #12, add a cup of sea salt or Epsom salts to a positively charged bath. Place four candles around it and soak in it for as long as possible. Let the water out before you get out of the bath and visualize the negative energies pouring away.

14. Keep your life in balance as much as you can. Don’t be a workaholic or drink too much.

15. Love is the ultimate weapon against psychic attack. Negative energy cannot remain where love is the dominant force. Love is the highest level of vibration. Therefore retaliation, by psychically attacking your attacker is not in your best interest. You can defuse his/her attack by sending unconditional love their way. Difficult, but do-able. Use visualization to mentally surround them with love.

Do tell us your story, and share your methods of repelling psychic attacks. We’d love to hear from you.



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  1. I am going to write it short. Three days ago, I experienced some thing and I think I could call it psychic attack. I had stomach aches everytime I thought about my boyfriend. I knew that something was wrong with me. I cried a lot and for no reason. I felt like some beast was coming out of my stomach. My psychical pain transformed into physical pain. I felt like something got into me and it was hurting me frome inside. Then I told my mum and she used her REIKI on me. First it hurt psychicaly and then I started to cry for no reason. I could not stop it, i cried so hard I could not breathe. Mum was giving me positive energy to mh head and chest and that's what got me out of it. Then she got the bad energy even out of my stomach. I have never felt this before. I could feel that something bad and dark was in me. You never want to feel this way. Uncontrolled….

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