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Signs of Psychic Superpowers

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There are an increasing number of Crystal and Rainbow children coming into the world right now. And they bring with them a new level of psychic skills, we might even call them psychic superpowers. One problem with this is that very young children and their parents have to come to terms with these unusual attributes. And with little experience of them, some of us are finding it difficult. The first necessary step, of course, is to identify if you, or your children, are in possession of psychic superpowers.

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You Know When Someone is Lying

From a very early age, you know when your parents are lying to you. You are puzzled and confused why they are telling you one thing when you can clearly see that the opposite is true. They pretend to be happy, but you can see that they are not. Or they offer reassurance, but you can tell that they are afraid.

This ability to tell truth from lies continues as you grow older. You have to be wary that you don’t lose this ability by shutting out or closing off your claircognizance in an attempt to be ‘normal’. 

You also have to be careful that not everyone can take the bare, honest truth, so you will learn to become tactful in your dealings with others. People hate it when they are faced with uncomfortable truths. So you need to learn when to speak out and when to rein it in.

You Can Connect With Anyone You Choose

You have the ability to make connections, soul-to-soul. It’s as if you don’t need to speak or listen to someone because your energy locks on to theirs and communication takes place at a much deeper level than physically and intellectually. This is  wonderful unless it becomes overwhelming. This ability to connect can lead to people literally closing off from others in order to protect themselves from excess emotional overload.

You See People as Energy

Your ability to see or feel or sense auras and energy means that you can tune into people instantly. You don’t even need to speak to them to understand their life, their emotions and their inner beings. You know whether they are wise old souls who you can learn from,  or whether they are new, enthusiastic souls on a mission. Their energy connects with yours—sometimes this connection lasts a few moments; sometimes a lifetime.

You Know You Can Change Reality

You understand that your outer world, reflects your inner one. So you know that when you feel less-than-good, your environment, circumstances and people around you reflect that right back at you. When you are feeling serene and peaceful, that’s the experience you live. When you are energized, enthused and ready for anything, life offers you adventures to match. Whatever you are feeling on the inside, is the life you get on the outside. As someone with psychic superpower, you learn this at a very young age. The problem is, often people forget as they get older and begin to believe it is the other way round. That your outer world causes your inner feelings.

psychic superpowers

You Can Heal Others

Simply by being with someone, you have the power to make them feel better. You do this by making the energy connection as described above. All you have to do is be still and quiet and allow the energy to do its thing. You hold a vision of the other person (or yourself) in total wellness and refuse to see them in any other way. For you, their unhappiness, pain or sickness doesn’t exist. In this way, your positive energy vibration lifts theirs towards healing. This ability is demonstrated by how children and animals quiet and relax when in your presence. 

You Have True Empathy

This kind of empathy is not rooted in normal human emotion; it is based on the soul-to-soul, energy connection mentioned before. It is empathy based on the fact there is no actual barrier between you and another person. There is no separation at an energetic level. Therefore, your empathy is apparent because they are you, and you are them. This might be described as unconditional compassion. Most of us humans live out our whole lives believing that we are individuals. And we are while in this earthly existence, but we are also part of a stream of consciousness that permeates the universe. And we have great difficulty in tapping into that stream. You, however, with your psychic superpowers, are aware that you are part of the stream from birth. 

Making Use Of Your Psychic Superpowers

It’s possible that the increase in mental health problems are because people are experiencing psychic energy in a way they can’t explain to others who don’t have these abilities. The person who connects on an energetic level literally feels everything. They have to learn when to ‘open the valve’ and when and how to close it again. 

The successful empaths and psychics are those who have mastered a personal technique of a balance between self-protection and allowing the stream of consciousness energy to flow through them unhindered. 

psychic superpowers flowers

Those with psychic superpowers are light workers. It is your life purpose to bring clarity, healing and understanding to the world. You know that the apparent appearance of reality is not how it truly is. You know that the governments are not really in charge of the world. You understand that most of what we believe to be true and factual, isn’t. You can’t tell people this because they can’t see it. They are unable to see it because their consciousness isn’t at the same level as yours. Therefore the only way you can teach is by showing. By demonstrating that love is the true power of the universe. That compassion is not only necessary, it is unavoidable at the energetic level.

Your job includes the important task of raising vibration to higher levels. Love, peace, serenity, acceptance, healing, positivity all operate at high, fast vibrational levels. You are energy-sensitive, so use your skills to clear negative energy from spaces: places of work, school, your home. There are many ways to do this, including bringing plants and flowers into the space, or simply using visualization to clean up the energy.

You See Potential

Not only can you discern when people are attempting to deceive, you can also see their true potential. You can tell when they are suppressing their natural abilities because of fear or lack of confidence. It’s almost as if you can read their future or potential lives. You know that all they need is to discover the key to unlocking this amazing life. Some will find it themselves, others will need the encouragement of a mentor, yet others will be led to it almost accidentally. Sadly, many never find the key that opens the door to their true and full potential. Don’t be one of those people. Let your psychic superpowers take you farther than you ever thought possible. 

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  1. I stumbled upon your website looking for answers on all of the above! I've been steadily looking for answers and understanding of all this for almost 4 years with my abilities steadily increasing over these 4 years leaving me even more lost…until now I hope!!! I am new to the world of superpowers & I need some help! I've been told by several people, some random in the oddest places that I am extremely "powerful" and have more than just psychic abilities!? I am aware of things but I do not have total awareness due to the lack of knowledge of these abilities or how to use them to their full potential. I have many questions on many things and am desperate need of some help can somebody please contact me? I guess this is one of those "sensing" things but I feel there is a great urgency in my life & for the greater good at this moment to get some help and learn what I'm doing right away. Scared of sounding crazy has kept me from asking many questions and has caused things to happen I feel I could have prevented had I known!!! 

  2. Hi Charmed, start here: Interacting with other people who are going through or have been through similar experiences is always helpful. 

    Good luck!


  3. Hey charmed – i have been aware of these qualities in me but  never realized that they were psychic abilities nor how to grow these abilities- maybe you and i can talk – while we learn more about ourselves and how to grow in those ways. 

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