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Signs and Symbols: Messages and Guidance

Signs and symbols featured

Is Someone or Something Trying to Attract Your Attention?

We are surrounded by signs and symbols in everyday life. We make decisions based on them. Think of traffic signs, for example. Those symbols are deliberate, man-made and are there to make life easier, however, what about those other more subtle signs trying to gain our attention?

Do you ever notice small signs and symbols that seem to appear over and over? It might be coins on the sidewalk, or white feathers drifting to your feet. Brightly colored butterflies, black cats, or items made of blue glass. These signs don’t have to be repeating either; it could be that you see a bumper sticker that relates to an issue in your life and causes you to say, “Wow! That’s exactly what I needed to know.”

Once you begin to notice that the universe (or angels, or spirit guides) is trying to attract your attention, you will see more and more little ‘messages’. What do they mean?

 signs and symbols feather

The Language of Signs and Symbols

The commercial world understands the value of a good symbol – well recognized logos are representative of the brand. The symbol tells you, or reminds you, all you need to know about that business. Working out the meaning of apparently random signs is more difficult.

Many psychics are very adept at interpreting symbols when they see them, and often rely on the information to help them in their lives. Most people think the messages are mere coincidences and are slightly amused. However, there is a longstanding tradition connected with signs and symbols and many symbolism dictionaries have made their way into print.

What’s the Difference Between Signs and Symbols?

All symbols are signs, but not all signs are symbols. A sign can be anything: an event, a series of repeated objects, words, numbers, etc. A symbol is more specific, for example: 2 is the symbol for the number two; the symbol @ represents the word, ‘at’.

Literal Signs and Symbols

Often the message requires no decoding at all. You may be trying to make your mind up about a particular course of action, maybe you’ve had a new job offer, or you are trying to decide whether to date that nice guy who asked you out. You might see a random ‘Yes!’ or even a ‘No’ just as you are thinking about your decision.

Common Signs and Symbols

  • Repeating numbers: for an interpretation of numbers – Repeating Numbers
  • Feathers: Often considered to be reassurance from the spirit world.
  • Coins: finding coins on the sidewalk, in the play park and other places is a sign that money is flowing to you.
  • Synchronicities: many think that coincidences are just that, but paying attention to synchronistic events will often provide the solution to a nagging problem.
  • Messages on advertising hoardings: these come under the heading of synchronicity. They seem to catch your attention at exactly the right time. The same thing applies when you notice something on a TV or computer screen.
  • Wings: a reminder that you are being watched by angels.
  • Scents and smells: may provoke a memory of childhood which is significant in the present time.

signs and symbols fox

Symbolic Meanings of Animals

Animal symbols have always featured strongly in human history, from cave drawings onward. They are strong symbols because they are instantly recognizable. So what does it mean when you keep seeing images of elephants, or actual cats slinking off around a corner?

  • Ants – hard work, creative thinking
  • Bear holding a fish – a financial windfall
  • Bee – kindness
  • Butterfly – a new beginning
  • Any cat – independence
  • Black cat – wisdom, psychic powers, mystery
  • White cat – sincerity
  • Deer – gentleness, a call to action
  • Dog – friendship, truth-seeker
  • Elephant – tradition, strength
  • Fox – feminine magic, shape-shifting
  • Goat – surefooted, scaling the heights
  • Hedgehog – defensiveness, inquisitiveness
  • Horse – travel, freedom
  • Lion – leadership
  • Lynx – secrets, the unseen
  • Moose – cycle of life and death
  • Panther – reclaiming power
  • Pig – fertility, family protection
  • Rabbit – fertility, new beginnings, pregnancy
  • Rat – success, shrewdness
  • Squirrel – activity, preparing for the future
  • Tiger – power and passion
  • Weasel – slyness, stealth, hidden agenda
  • Zebra – success, individuality.

For a comprehensive list of animal symbols and their meanings: Universal Sky

Asking for a Sign

Occasionally we are desperate for an answer, for guidance and have nowhere to turn. People in despair cry out for a sign, a pointer to the path they should take. We become so wrapped up in grief and desperation that we miss the signs we are asking for.

Janey was waiting in the car for her husband to finish his gym session. She was thinking about the problems their business was facing. Should they give up their dream and look for regular employment? This dilemma had been haunting them for weeks as they gradually saw their customer base shrink due to global financial conditions.

The car window was open and she heard a bird singing nearby. The sound was so clear and sweet that she lifted her head to see if she could see it. Then she noticed a sign. She was sure she hadn’t seen it before.

Signs and symbols climbing

She felt her hopes rise. The sign told her they must keep going. The route was going to be difficult but they would be able to overcome their difficulties. She was elated and full of enthusiasm when her husband got into the car. She pointed out the sign and he explained that the company who owned the gym had bought some land nearby which included some good rock climbing. They were expanding to include outdoor activities in their brochure. Janey told him that they could do that… instead of narrowing their business focus, they should be looking for ways to diversify, to use their skills. Their business recovered and is now successful. All because Janey noticed a sign.

You can do this too. Take a deep breath, go about your daily business and simply become aware of the signs and symbols around you. When you need guidance, simply ask for a sign, and then let it go. It will be there for you. And if you miss it, there will be another, and another.


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  1. Signs are coming from all over, Madison. The universe responds to your asking. Every time. Whether you are asking aloud, or merely musing. By opening your awareness to all possibilities, you will see (or hear, or feel) them.

  2. Hello I think I'm developing psychic visions. While having a conversation with my friend about their mothers passing 3 candle flame like lights stood beside me, they were luminous and floating a foot from the floor like for 1 minute or more. I got scared and tried to ignore it away and looked forward and it when away. Can you please or anyone that knows tell  what is the message by the flames I would appreciate it. 

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