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3 Ways You Can Tell if Someone is a Real Psychic

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Since the development of the Spiritualism movement (mid- to late 1800’s), there have been charges of fraudulent psychics and charlatans. It is a sad truth that the psychic industry has a history that includes brilliant psychics who have helped many people, as well as con artists and frauds that have hurt people. It’s important to recognize the very tangible differences between a real psychic and a fraud.

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Along with famous psychics like Marie Lenormand (1800’s), Edgar Cayce (early 1900’s) and Jeanne Dixon (mid-1900’s), there have been some pretty infamous fraudsters. In the early 1900’s, in Russia, Rasputin, the ultimate conman, brought down Tsar Nicholas and Empress Alexandria with his unquenchable thirst for riches and power. For over 30 years or more, there has been a very active mail order business that encourages “marks” to pay hundreds of dollars for readings and plastic tokens that are somehow supposed to be good luck charms. And in 2013, in sunny Florida, USA, a family of fraudulent fortune-tellers allegedly scammed millions from Jude Deveraux, the best-selling novelist.

The truth is, everyone has psychic abilities. Authentic and ethical psychics develop these abilities. They use their gifts to help people.

There are also greedy people who are only interested in enriching themselves. They may have some abilities, but they are in the scam business. Like all con artists throughout history, they prey on the weak and vulnerable.

Here are some important ways that you can tell if you are dealing with an honest and gifted advisor. 

A real psychic encourages independence and empowerment.

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“Psychic Dependence” is a phenomenon that may develop when a person is having a tough time, becomes vulnerable and develops a compulsive need to be in contact with a psychic. When someone feels like they lack power and cannot control their own lives, they may try to find someone to validate them. People that become dependent on daily contact with psychics want someone to make decisions for them. They may even spend money that they can’t afford to try and get the answers they want.

A con artist will encourage this dependence. They may even charge extra, realizing that their “client” is desperate. If a person is vulnerable and dependent, the scammer may ask them to call more often and try to sell them special potions, amulets or services with promises that they will fix all of life’s problems.

A con artist isn’t trying to help people. They are trying to hook them for more and more readings. The fraud psychic is motivated, primarily if not entirely, by money.

An ethical reader will point out that the “client” must make their own decisions. An honest psychic will admit that they do not have all the answers. When an intuitive reader realizes that the “client” has developed a dependent relationship with them, they should definitely point it out.

A real psychic that has a client’s best interest at heart will encourage them to seek alternative help if needed. An honest ethical psychic is concerned about how much the client is spending on them and will never try and get them to spend more.

There may be a time when a real psychic even “cuts off” a client. Knowing that the client will simply go to another psychic, they are willing to take the chance. A good psychic wants to encourage the person to be independent and self-reliant, rather than spend thousands of dollars pursuing a different answer.

Most ethical psychics are developing and growing in their spiritual knowledge. They view their intuition as a gift that should be honored and nurtured. They often spend time helping people. They are charitable and kind. Many are involved in prayer, yoga or meditation groups. Ethical psychics are often teachers and seekers of spiritual, metaphysical and religious knowledge.

 A real psychic does not encourage or profit from fear.

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Sadly, one of the oldest and most effective scams is the “curse” con. If you are talking to a psychic and they indicate that someone has put a “curse” on you, run, don’t walk, as far away as possible.  A real psychic doesn't put a “curse” on someone or removes said “curses”.

An ethical reader doesn’t intimidate or frighten his or her clients. A real psychic is professional, honest and direct. They are also caring. They will always seek to inspire and motivate everyone they come in contact with. There is a code of ethics and a standard of integrity for psychics, just like any other profession.

An honest psychic would never encourage fear. They would never feed the negative energy. Although it is not unreasonable for an ethical psychic to encourage you to sage and purify your space, real psychics don’t “do” curses, or spells, or voodoo, or black magic. Real psychics don’t chase away the evil spirits or perform exorcisms.  Enough said!

A real psychic is not a doctor, a lawyer, or a deity.

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Fraud psychics have been known to predict their client’s death, give medical and legal advice, and insist that they are 100% accurate. They present themselves as having all the answers. They pretend that they are omniscient and God-like.

Life and death is God’s business. And a psychic is definitely not God. It is against all ethics and morality to instill fear in a client by predicting death in order to profit from the desperation of any person. An honest psychic would never prey on people’s fears.

A real psychic always encourages their clients to see a qualified doctor or lawyer if they need one. They may even tell their clients, “I am not a doctor and won’t give medical advice.”

A reputable caring psychic understands that their intuitive gifts are God-given and not to be abused. Their aim is to be of service and to help their clients gain understanding. A real psychic seeks to turn negatives into positives.

An ethical and appropriate intuitive psychic will try to empower you and help you find your way. They will explain that you have free will. This means that you can’t change other people, but you can always change your direction and the course that you take.

A true psychic will explain what they see on your path. This helps you to avoid the roadblocks and the obstacles ahead. They will not make decisions for you; instead, they will encourage you to find the right path and exercise your unfettered free will.

A con artist may tell you what you want to hear, or may present life as a fairy tale. A real psychic will tell you the truths that they see in a compassionate way.  The only reason that the Universe allows a “parting of the curtains” to reveal the future is to help the seeker find the right direction in the maze of life. No real psychic is 100% accurate, but they can be 100% honest in their efforts to help you on your path.

Be intentional, meditate, and stay empowered!


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  1. I am so glad to see this article. I used to work for one of the largest psychic networks online and I quit because of their work ethics to keep customers on the line for longer periods for more profit and it really made me sick because most of the callers were women over the age of 55 single and looking for love many of them informed me of their limited income. It goes against everything I was taught as a tarot reader. I love your articles, I look forward on reading your articles you are honest and uplifting. I am so happy that I found your website.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Lori, the team really appreciates it! <3 Let us know how we can improve for you and yours anytime!

  3. Lori,

    Are you truly gifted with insight for others? If so, how can I ask for proof without being disrespectful? I truly believe there are honest Seers out there, I am just enough of a sceptic to not fall for the obvious. What is the best "TEST" of honesty and accuracy prior to paying a fraudulant person?

    I believe,


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