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What Makes a Real Psychic Medium?

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There is a rule of thumb concerning psychics: not all of us are mediums, but ALL mediums ARE psychic.

First of all, allow me to explain the difference between a medium and a psychic. A medium is in communication with spiritual helpers, i.e., angels/spirit guides, and can interact with humans who have passed over. A psychic possesses all or some distinct feeling, hearing, or seeing abilities. These are referred to as "clairsentient", "clairaudient", or "clairvoyant". Clairsentients pick up feelings, energies, or vibrations from other people, alive or dead; clairaudients “hear”  their voices audibly, or in the mind; clairvoyants “see”, in the mind’s eye or physically, those people, circumstances, or things that are not visible on the physical plane.  

A real psychic medium connects to spirit energy, which allows her to commune with either her client’s angels, spirit guides, or loved ones on the other side. If the medium specializes in the angelic realm, they can describe or supply names of the angels or guides assisting her client, or even provide their meaning or purpose in the client’s life. This helps the clients clarify their feelings of being guided by unknown forces. When the dead attempts to contact the medium or client, there is a "verve" feeling, and the medium can “feel” the departed's energy vibration, which should be similar to their past physical presence. When this connection is established, the medium can then deliver further messages or communiques.

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When I connect to someone who has passed, I can usually “feel” the person before the reading even occurs. I “know” someone is there – waiting in the background – because that spirit knows their people are going to be in my office. In these cases, I don’t engage in conversation because the time is not yet right. Nine out of ten times, I do not even know I am going to have a medium-ship reading. But when I am asked to connect, I do so by focusing on the first name of the departed. Angels and spirit guides have a more pronounced, higher vibration, and will jump ahead of a spirit to deliver specific messages, uplifting oracles, reminders of one’s life-path, timeframes of happenings, or loving encouragement.

There are a myriad of reasons why a client wishes a medium-ship reading. The most common questions are if their loved ones are “okay”, and if they have any messages. Just knowing that their departed family and friends can answer these inquiries helps the client immensely, by giving them peace of mind that:

1.) There is an afterlife, and
2.) Consciousness of all things earthly, as well as present and future events that can be conveyed in an advisory, heads-up or conformational way, is retained in spirit.

There are many ways a medium can sense an encounter with the departed: changes in temperature brought on by the entity trying to absorb energy sources in the environment; feeling chills rush through your body from the being’s way of “connecting” to your spirit; physical apparitions in the spirit form of the departed, or wisps of ghost-like mist brought on by the specter’s gathering of third-dimensional energy to boost their appearance; and third-eye (in the mind) visuals from the spirit that illustrate their existence or memory on earth, specifically by “showing” scenes of people, places, or things, that the client would recognize; these confirm the spirit’s attendance in the reading. A psychic medium can use her “clair” abilities to convey what the spirit is saying by using her ability to hear, feel, and see the communication.

The psychic reader, in contrast, is no less important; they have a job to do when a person either needs a specific question answered, or wants to know about their immediate or future circumstances regarding people, places, or things.

The psychic may or may not use “tools”, i.e., tarot, angel, oracle or playing cards, pendulums, runes, crystals (including a crystal ball), or any other form of divination to achieve answers. In-person readings give the client a more tangible experience with the psychic. However, internet or phone readings should prove no harder for both psychic and client to achieve clarity, because the psychic is connecting at levels of intuition that have no restrictions about distance. At these levels, there is no distance that can interrupt the “energy” between this 3rd dimensional world and the spirit world.

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Over twenty years ago, when I began my professional psychic medium readings, I didn’t have an office for clients to visit. So, I did the next best thing – I performed readings over the phone on the 800 lines. I did not give the distance reading a second thought, nor had any doubts that I would not be able to connect. My clients would ask about the accuracy of a reading because this was not face-to-face; this is when I found out that energy has no boundaries, since us humans are made up of this energy, and then there was no separation – in fact, it was the telephone line that made this energy co-mingling possible! I liken this connection to an occurence most have experienced in their lives – when one thinks of a person and then all of a sudden, that person calls, or they see them. We humans are always connecting this way by phone, in person, over the internet, or even via email; the psychic can hop on these energetic, telepathic, connecting threads that tie us all together.

When I began my career as a psychic medium, I did not know these differences; I didn’t worry about separations in information channels. My near-death experience activated my ability to connect with the energies from the angelic/spirit guide/Source and various realms, which left me with no doubt that we are all connected. This energy connection and stream of information came in the form of what is called medium-ship. I was psychic before my near death; this experience enhanced that ability to connect to the stream of All That Is – to allow these beings to co-mingle with us for the benefit of all who seek.

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