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Psychic Meditation: Three Soul Soothing Meditations

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Meditation is a vital key to soul evolution. Developing your energy as a conduit and a magnifier is an important part of developing psychic powers.  Psychics must keep their energy pure, clear and focused in order to receive information that can be of value.

Meditation is the vehicle that drives and directs our soul energy. Psychic meditation begins with the individual aura and reaches outside the psychic in order to transmit and receive the signals sent by other people.

Most psychics have developed their own cleansing, magnifying and filtering tactics and techniques for the energy that surrounds them and the people they are trying to help. There are all forms of active and passive meditations.

Just as meditation is most often identified as “light”, many psychics recognize themselves as “light workers”.

 Image source: Jonathan Emmanuel Flores on Flickr

There are people who are naturally strong senders and/or receivers of energy. Often, this energy takes the form of precognition. A psychic may see and hear psychic dreams, visions, voices or other messages from the universe.

These are most commonly known as clairvoyance [clear seeing], clairaudience [clear hearing], clairsentience [clear feeling], clairtangency [clear touching], as well as a variety of other energy messages sent from outside themselves.

When untrained psychics receive random messages from outside themselves, it can be confusing. That’s why most psychics have developed their own cleansing, magnifying and filtering tactics and techniques for the energy that surrounds them and the people they are trying to help.

All meditation is an attempt to connect with the universe. Actually, it is not important how you interpret God or what particular religion you practice, if any. Almost every religion and every culture since ancient times has used some type of meditation, shared prayer or affirmations.

 Image source: Take Back Your Health Conference on Flickr

Meditation has been scientifically proven to lower the blood pressure and reduce stress. It is also known to increase one's spiritual energy and psychic abilities. Not just psychics!

There are lots of active and passive psychic meditations. Meditation is not just for psychics. It can be used by anyone who is trying to find peace of mind in a busy and stressful world.

Three Meditations for You to Make Your Own:

There are almost as many forms of meditation as there are people that meditate. If you practice mindfulness on a regular basis, you will develop your own specific routines.  Keep in mind that almost everyone who says they can’t meditate effectively complains that it is because they get distracted.

Before you start to meditate, always get comfortable. You need to be sitting or in a prone position. If you are reclining, make sure your head is elevated. Your heart should be higher than your feet. Remove your shoes and socks.

The secret to the most basic forms of meditation is to pay attention to your breathing. When your focus is on every breath you take, it empties the mind of all distraction.

  1. Revitalization/Regroup:

“While our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age, or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all.” Ray Bradbury in his Preface to Zen in the Art of Writing (1990)

 Image source: Nicolas Raymond on Flickr

Note: You need to be sitting up for this meditation. It is recommended that you use this meditation when you are tired and need a physical and emotional re-charge of your energy.

First wiggle your fingers and your toes. Then as you begin to take deep cleansing breaths, imagine that you are surrounding by a glowing light.

Breathe in the light… breathe out the shadows and sorrows of the day. Close your eyes and pay total attention to your breathing. As you continue to inhale the light, it will adjust your body temperature. If it’s a little chilly, imagine the light to be slightly warm as you breathe it in. If you are feeling warm, imagine the light as a cool wind that is swirling in your aura.

Breathe in the light. Allow yourself to relax. After 7 to 10 minutes, you will notice how revitalized you feel. All you have to do is breathe in the light.

  1. Inspiration/Focus:

“A lot of times we look at the whole world and think, 'it's so daunting, how can we change the whole world?' and you don't need to do that, what you need to do is change your world a little bit, and see if you can, through example, inspire others to do the same thing.” Michael Franti

 Image source: Aristocrats-hat on Flickr

Note: It is recommended that you use this meditation in times when you are feeling hopeless. It is a good meditation for times when you feel like you have given up. It creates hope and inspiration.

When you are looking for optimism and inspiration in your meditation, start by thinking about something that truly amazes you. It is usually most effective to visualize a simple and beautiful force in nature. Think of the sun, the moon, or a tree against the sky. Whatever you visualize should stir you with awe.

Always start each meditation with several deep cleansing breaths. The secret to the most basic forms of meditation is to pay attention to your breathing. When you inhale, that is a rising breath. When you exhale, that is a falling breath. Focus on breathing deep. As you breathe in…. focus on the object that inspires your awe. The place between inhaling and exhaling is where you get the image.

  1. Protection/Peace:

“We must all move forward. It’s true that there may be storms, fog and thunder along the way. There may be those that wish me harm. No weather can change my direction. No person will cause me alarm. This is the path my soul chose long ago. I cannot be turned around.  I will not fear the wind.” Coloconnect

 Image source: Prayoga D. Widyanto on Flickr

Note: It is recommended that you use this meditation to calm yourself and feel safe.

The meditation for peace and protection is best done with the following affirmations spoken aloud.

“I give myself permission to let go of fear” and “I am safe standing in the light.” As you are focusing on your breathing, speak the affirmations aloud. Make sure you are comfortable. If you prefer to say the affirmations at the beginning and the end of the meditation, that’s fine. If you repeat them over and over, that works even better.

Shut your eyes and let the light fill in all the space around you. Within your aura, you sit in a safe comfortable bubble filled with light. As you speak the affirmations, let the fear go. Embrace the light as a welcome friend that has come to keep you safe.

It is always our emotions or lack of them that directs the inner flow of energy. It is also emotions that can dictate actions and cause poor decision making. Actually our emotions, at any given moment, cue the direction of life force energy. Fear can slowly destroy a life. When you are peaceful and balanced, you understand that you are safe.

It has been said that we are what we “think”. But in reality, we are what we feel. You can use psychic meditation for spiritual growth. It also has practical applications.  Don’t give up. Try to be consistent. Meditate to revitalize, be inspired, or achieve peace of mind.

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