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4 Ways Psychic Intuition Reveals Itself in Our Lives

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Twenty years ago, the universe hit me on the head.

The morning I was in a life altering car accident my daughters (then 7 and 11 years old) wrapped themselves around my legs and begged me not to go to work.  I didn’t listen to their intuition that day. Life turns on a dime.  And my life was never the same…..

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My children are grown now. We all survived. I have no regrets. I think perhaps all the doors and windows to my soul were closed. It took the crash to open them.  Sometimes it takes more than a gentle tap to get through. 

It was a turning point in my life. The experience opened my eyes. In the years since the accident I have gotten back to my metaphysical roots. An important part of that is listening to the intuition of other people, as well as, developing my own personal intuition.

Whatever form it takes, intuition can help you change direction, push you out of the way of danger, and aid in making important decisions.

Your intuition or “sixth sense” is definitely trying to get your attention. Many people underestimate the presence and the power of intuition.

The more you are guided by “sixth sense” and act on what it’s trying to tell you, the more natural confidence you will gain.  Regardless of what decisions you have to make (health, sex, money, power) try and be guided by your intuition.

The four most common ways that our “sixth sense’ taps on our consciousness from the subconscious mind are:

 1. The Déjà vu Impression

When you get the strong impression that, you have been here before and you know that the story has an unhappy ending, pay attention!  Either you have been in this exact same situation before or you are just receiving an important message through a strong feeling of familiarity.

I once had a friend that was unemployed.  She was out for an interview.  She pulled into a parking lot to set her GPS, and looked up at a building that she recognized.  She had never been there before. But for whatever reason it felt like she had. She loved the place and it almost seemed like home.

 She walked inside and asked if they had any openings and was hired on the spot.  It wasn’t where she was planning on going. She was lost when she found the place.   She had never (as far as she can remember) been there before. It was if the universe had planted her in that parking lot and the Deja vu experience did the rest.

Her new job was located in a compound of 4 huge buildings of Victorian architecture. It was a live-in facility for children with special needs. She had previously worked in administration and clerical for the state. She switched careers that day and has always said that she was never been happier than the years that she worked there.    

2. The Small Voice that Will Not be Quiet

That nagging voice that keeps telling you to check on something, to go or to stop could be your intuition.  The unconscious mind sees everything and sometime it knocks on the door of the conscious mind to warn us of things to come.  If the voice is persistent and it keeps telling you to “do” something or to “go” somewhere don’t ignore it.  That little voice is on a mission.  It won’t be quiet until you listen and act on what your intuition is telling you.  As long as the voice isn’t urging you to do something, illegal or harmful you should take it at its word.

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3. The “Gut” Instinct

Did you ever just know something with certainty that is impossible for you to know?

 This invisible instinct may stop you in your tracks.  Suddenly out of nowhere, you just know what is going to happen. Or maybe you suddenly know exactly what you need to do. Perhaps you have been troubled for some time and finally your gut instinct reveals the problem and presents the solution all at the same time.

Maybe you really have no idea why but you feel strongly that you need to do something differently. When your “gut” tells you that you should go left instead of right….listen.  Go with that “gut instinct”, it won’t steer you wrong! It may just help you avoid some traffic or it may save your life.

4. Other People’s Insight

Many years ago, my small children tried to reach out and change my future.  I didn’t listen. I was not able to really hear what they were saying to me that day.

 Often other people’s intuition, perceptions and insight can be valuable.  Don’t discount perceptions because they are not coming from within you.  Sometimes the universe sends signs.  Sometimes that little voice that won’t shut up is coming from someone else.

A reading at Psychic Elements is a wonderful way to get other people’s insight.

Choosing a Reader with Intuition

To get a great reading with Psychic Elements choose the reader that works best for you. We give you lots of information about each one.

You may want to close your eyes and go with your gut instinct. Or perhaps it works best if you really focus on the name and photo of our readers to decide who to choose. Whatever feels right to you! We encourage you to use your intuition.

When you give yourself, permission to follow your intuition you feel more balanced.  If you are headed the right direction you become aligned and your subconscious mind is guiding your consciousness.

As you develop your own intuition, you will learn to filter out the constant noise that surrounds us all. So keep working on your spiritual evolution through your personal intuition.

And remember that the readers at Psychic Elements are experts at giving  insight and focus. They may use metaphysical tools to focus their gifts and extraordinary intuition on your problems. They will definitely be trying to help you find your way.

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    I experience that little nagging voice within regularly. However, I’m likely to dismiss it until it has become too loud to ignore. I am a stubborn one! 🙂 With difficult decision making, I will nearly always ultimately go with my gut instinct, which sometimes will manifest like some sort of great epiphany in neon lights showing me the answer if I take too long to know what I should do. Why is it that other people’s insights seem to always match that little nagging voice of mine! Maybe I’m stubborn about accepting intuitive answers because it seems too easy, and I feel like I need to take time to thoroughly dissect all probabilities before deciding yeah my intuition was right!

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