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The distinctive difference between a psychic medium and a channeler

Psychic mediums communicate with varied spiritual guides, angels and ascended masters. Their concentrated focus is directed upon the communications between loves ones that have past on. Psychic Channelers or Channels are pretty much a psychic medium with a particular specialty. They target their communications with ascended masters, angels and all spirit guides.

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Life and matters of afterlife

Usually channelers do channel communiqué from spirits of advanced existence to relay spiritual wisdom to you about your life and matters of afterlife. A great many psychic channelers work jointly with a specific spirit of a higher-level of consciousness or even a collected group of spirits their entire lifetime. One such example was Jane Roberts whom communicated with Seth and she is identified as having launched the New Age way of thinking. In communicating to a spirit group of higher-level conscious type beings, or corporeal type entities, psychic channelers often reference these non-physical beings by a single name, like Seth, Abraham, The Council, The Committee or The Group.

In seeking out spirit communication with a loved one that has past on, you should utilize a psychic medium here at Psychic Elements. Yet if you'’d like to experience communication with one or even more spirits of advanced existence, you will need to reach out to a psychic channeler.

Channeling is described as a way to receive and intern relay information from a spiritual entity all the while being in an altered conscious state of mind. The consciousness type will vary from one individual to the next, or from a deep trance like state to a very light state of meditation-like composition.

The channeler will enter into an altered state of mentality so to synchronize or achieve a vibrational level that is compatible with an entity that will be channeled. There are many various types of entities that can be channeled and they include: aliens, spirits, demons, angels, dead relatives, higher dimensional entities, friends and sometime even the living, the list of possibilities is long and quite specific to the individual.

Channeling and it's many forms

Channeling often occurs in many forms and is much more than just a state of a trance-like composition. In existence today are many modern man forms of channeling; these include automatic writing, séances, psychic healing, and novice use of a Ouija board. Most have heard the many horror stories of a Ouija board usage gone badly, especially inexperienced and unprofessional psychic channelers. Taking on such an act can be a very dangerous proposition. See our professional psychic channelers at Psychic Elements.

Channeling types on a varied state of mind

Channeling is comprised of two types of state of mind. There is Trance Channeling, which begins with falling into a deep sleep and relinquishing one's control of their body, thus allowing an outside spirit or being to take control, often times by speaking through their body and the voice of the channeler. Upon the awakening of the channeler, they have no memory whatsoever of what happened while they are out, to get the most our of this type of channeling, you might set up a tape recorder or activate a recording app to record the material being channeled. You will find the material that comes from this type of channeling is often quite elegant and clean, as there will be very little ego on our channeler's part to interfere or intercede with the information that is being presented. A couple of such famous examples are Edgar Cayce and Carla Ruecher. Cayce provided the world with a remarkable and outstanding long-term example of trance channeling. Rueckert's work resulted in the fascinating information provided in the Ra Material.

The most common and second kind of channeling is called conscious channeling. This comes from the origination of the Jane Roberts and Seth material; this is a present-day and compelling example of the method of channeling. This is a type of channeling where the channeler is in a conscious state of mind but allows the expression to be presented through their body as a vessel.

Use professional psychic channelers

Pretty much, the use of mediumship or channeling is the receipt of communication from specific spirits and the psychic channeler is either writing or speaking the communication just as if it is though the spirit itself, which is actually speaking. It's pretty much analogous to being a language translator, our psychic channelers take the information they receive and intern translate it into English.

Perhaps Einstein or Michelangelo tapped into their higher consciousness all the while working in their particular fields of expertise. However, you'll always want to use a professional channeler to connect with a spiritual connection or a higher plane of communication. At Psychic Elements we are more than happy to connect with a Psychic Channeler, you'll receive a wonderful other worldly benefit of higher plane communiqué and spiritual guidance. Happy channeling for you and your guide!

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  1. I also heard about medium psychic who can talk with the deceased people. However, I’ve never tried it to find out the truth. can you guide me a place (or someone) who is trully reliable talented because at this time I extremeley want to meet my deceased grandfather? Please help me!

  2. Feel free to call us at 855-247-2617 and we’ll be more than happy to connect you to one of our mediums!

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