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5 Steps on Manifesting Love in Your Life

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You can’t have a healthy love relationship if you keep attracting the same types of relationships over and over. It may be the most overused cliché in history, but “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is insanity. You have to make changes to manifest love in your life.

If you aren’t feeling loved, supported and happy, create your own brand new reality. You have to get really clear about what’s going on. To make yourself a positive love magnet, you will have to change.

Drawing a relationship into your life may not be the solution. You want a relationship that is positive and healthy. Love, not sex, is the answer. One-sided partnerships do not work. It’s time for a change.  

Do you ever wonder why healthy love seems like it’s just out of your reach? Perhaps you are getting what you are reaching for. You are just reaching for the wrong thing.

It’s time to take a look at exactly what you have been manifesting. Only then can you get something different.

Here are five tried-and-true steps to manifesting love into your life.

1. Decide What You Want

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At your core, you need to know what you really want. This is important. Until today, you have been doing the “same thing over and over again.”

The first step is to get in touch with what you really need and want. When you know what that is, you are creating a focused goal. This is the path to changing your reality.

Get honest with yourself. There is nothing to be afraid of. Change can be difficult, but it has some great rewards.

Start by defining what you want. Write it down. Make a list of what you want in a partner. Forget the superficial things. The emphasis here is on partnership.

If you are honest, you want what most people want.  You want someone that cares as much about you as you care about them. You want someone that will not cheat on you. You want someone that you can trust.

This does not have to be a long list. But it has to be honest. Being clear about what you want will bring results.

Think of this as a shopping list for love.

2. Find What’s Blocking You

sunshine reji Image source: –Reji on Flickr

The next step is to eliminate your roadblocks.

Ask yourself: what motivates you. Are you afraid that you will end up alone? Are most of your friends in happy relationships? Is there a lot of pressure from your family? Do you feel like you are “unlucky at love”? Have you equated sex and love in the past?

Are you coming from a place of fear?

Or perhaps you are a loving person and you just want someone to share your life with. Maybe you are focusing on a past love affair that turned out badly. Or the opposite may be true.

Perhaps you have had a storybook romance, and you want to recreate it. You may be coming from a loving and caring reality.

Most of the time, it is a combination of many things that motivate the love seeker.

Get an idea of exactly what you want from your list. Now define the reasons that you are looking for love.

To move forward, you have to acknowledge any fear that has motivated you. A bad relationship in the past is often a big roadblock.

The point is that you are beginning to understand why you weren’t able to manifest a positive love life in the past. You have to see what you have before you can let go of it. When you do this right, your roadblocks will start to fade as you get ready to go to step 3.

You will not be able to get rid of these without some effort. Whenever they pop into your head, shift your focus. Think of your roadblocks as part of a long-ago past.

3. Shift Your Focus

jeffrey clarity of mind Image source: Jeffrey on Flickr

It should be clear by now that you have been limiting yourself. Your roadblocks have been created by your fears. And to top it off, you weren’t really sure what you wanted in the first place.

Take the information that you developed in step 1 and 2, and really let it sink in. You have been focusing your energy in the wrong directions. Perhaps you have even been scattered and uncertain about what you want and why you want it.

Now it’s time to redirect your energy. You will begin to magnetize yourself to manifesting a happier reality in your love life.

4. Own It!

chris jl shining of her own light Image source: Chris JL on Flickr

Understand that thoughts and dreams are energy. Once you truly know what you need and want, it’s time own it! Ask yourself how it would feel if you had what you want.

Allow yourself to experience the feelings of happiness, relief, joy and love, because these are the things you would feel in a positive relationship.

Take the list you made in Step 1 and look them over. Shut your eyes and try to imagine how it would feel if you had the right kind of love.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions.  

If you are not feeling it yet, you need to write.

For example, you may write positive affirmations, which validate your feelings similar to this:

​I feel loved in my relationship.

It’s always fun when we socialize with our friends.

I am secure, relaxed and comfortable with my partner.

I am confident that I can trust the person I love.

I feel the joy of being myself.

I am blossoming and growing as a person.

I have such a great partner that it makes me feel more giving.

My partner trusts and adores me. It makes me feel safe and trustworthy.

The emphasis is on those feelings you will have. By letting yourself feel them in the present moment, you are creating the base of the energy magnet.

5.​ Use Positive Affirmations and Visualizations

canon man chris james Photo Credit: christopherdale via Compfight cc

In order to direct your focus towards what you really want, it’s important to reinforce the thoughts and ideas. This is what keeps the magnet’s current running strong.

If you step into the reality you want, the things you want (love) will follow you there.

On a daily basis, read your list. Own it. Then with positive intention, reinforce your direction. Use steps 1 and 4 as a meditation. It should be done on a daily basis. Do it when you are alone and comfortable. It only takes about 10 minutes.

Every day when you are starting out, take a moment to visualize your happy, healthy relationship.

Shut your eyes and try and visualize/fantasize that you are in a loving relationship. Send the positive energy out in front of you. Focus your intention to manifest love. This effort should only take about 10 minutes, too. Do it daily.

In all cases, meditate and visualize as if you already have the love you seek.

Get excited as you anticipate your brand new life. You deserve it!

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  1. This is exactly where I am in my life,need to read this and take the steps that have been so freely given ,and work it,it only work if I work it.Thank you so much for sharing.

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