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Indigo Children: A Generation of Healers

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“Great numbers of children will be born who understand electronics and atomic power as well as other forms of energy. They will grow into scientists and engineers of a new age which has the power to destroy civilization unless we learn to live by spiritual laws.”
― Edgar Cayce

The term “indigo children” describes a group of souls that are returning to the earth in large numbers. Their aura is colored indigo. The color between deep purple and blue that is associated with the sixth chakra energy vortex or third eye. Like the color of the aura, indigos are connected to the highest spiritual endeavors. Some people even claim that they were sent to earth (or evolved on earth) as a bridge between humanity and spirit.

in memory horizon Image source: HORIZON on Flickr

It has long been prophesied that a unique generation of psychic and gifted children would be born to heal and change the world.

Edgar Cayce, the "sleeping prophet" (1877-1945) and the most documented psychic of all time, predicted that these very special children or "root children" would be born with the characteristics of the new age that we are experiencing. Their healing abilities will reveal itself in humanity to raise our cosmic consciousness.

Everything in our world is changing and shifting. New paradigms are replacing old ones at light speed, fed by our amazing new technology. Our planet is once again on the cusp of changes in human understanding. Everything is speeded up in spiritual development, scientific discoveries, social decay, and material perceptions. It's easy to get confused and off-balanced. And often, the "indigos" have a tough time figuring out their role in the world.

So how do you recognize an indigo child? Do you think you may be an indigo child?

5 Common Characteristics of Indigo Children

There is very little that is commonplace about the indigo spirit. This race of beings has also been called "Starseed" and "crystal children." Although they are sometimes misdiagnosed and misunderstood, the indigos are very gifted souls.

1. Old Souls

ruth by rachel Image source: Rachel on Flickr

Every indigo child has evolved over many lifetimes. It is this soul evolution that has given them vision and developed their gifts.

Whether the indigo child recognizes their talents and abilities or not, they certainly have them. Even though they are hybrid spiritually, they still have learned their unique connection to Spirit.

Regardless of their human issues (ADD, sensitivity, etc.), they are all old souls. Keep in mind that when an old soul develops addictions, depression or other behaviors, they are usually healed early in their physical life. They are overall quick healers. Sometimes their trials and tribulations can be used to help others to heal.

It is sometimes said that Indigo souls come from other planets and have migrated to earth over thousands of years to share healing and love. Many great visionaries and spiritual teachers have been indigos. Each indigo has an individual purpose. And each of them will try to help the world grow and evolve in one way or another.

They are not saints, and they often have a difficult journey on earth. But each of them is gifted, they are here for a higher purpose and usually they connect with this calling by the time they reach adulthood.

2. Rule Breakers and Rebels

All indigos are hard-wired to break with tradition. They do not accept authority by society's accepted standards. After all, they are here to break the rules and re-write the rule book.

rulebreaker drgillybean Image source: drgillybean on Flickr

When they are very young, they often show an open contempt for parents, teachers, doctors and other authority figures. They have a deep belief that no one is above anyone else. Some are quieter and more passive, and other indigos are downright rebellious.

As they grow into adults, you can find them carrying signs at protests, arguing in court, developing fantastic new software, or doing breakthrough medical research.

Handle them with care. You may have to do a lot of explaining to the indigo child to keep them in check. Please explain to them why you can't feed the animals at the zoo or drive 100 miles an hour in a school zone. Tell them about actions and consequences they need to understand when they are young.

They may be here to break down walls and shatter old structures, but it is a whole lot easier if they understand what rules and laws are here to protect us.

They need to learn early what battles seriously need to be fought for the good of everyone. If they are going to be in charge of the revolution, give them the facts early, so they don't "throw the baby out with the bathwater". There may be reasons that some rules exist.

Indigo children ask a lot of questions. They need answers. They also need good teachers. They should have a good education. Their parents may need more than a little patience. The indigo child is the best and the brightest among us. But they should be nurtured, respected, and encouraged.

3. The Reconnection

"The indigo's depression springs from a combination of not actualizing their personal power and not connecting with other indigos." — Kristen Finlayson

friendship wrote Image source: Wrote on Flickr

The indigos need to re-connect with other indigos. Not only is their power in the merging of their soul energy; they need to reconnect with others like themselves so that they can understand their true nature and purpose. When indigos connect, they don't feel so alone. They open up to their higher calling and lose their resentments and fears.

The funny thing about these souls is that when they are alone, they can appear hyperactive and depressed. When they connect with other indigos, the energy elevates and turns very positive. It is the process of reconnecting with other beings "just like them" that motivates and activates the highest abilities that otherwise may be dormant.

This reconnection wakes them up to who they are. When the indigo child has not reconnected with other indigos, they often gravitate to older people. If an indigo has not yet reconnected with their peer group (other indigos), they will be loners. They may feel that loneliness acutely. But at some time in their lives, they will be getting the opportunity to reunite with their soul group. The "old souls" in the form of the "indigo children" will be drawn together by the cosmic magnet that pulls at them.

4. Loving Healers

free hug jesslee Image source: J3SSL33 on Flickr

Indigos are intense, loving people. They tend to develop an unconditional love attitude. There is no other love quite like indigo love.

The interesting thing about indigos is that they are often troubled as young children. If they survive the difficulties, they use their healing, understanding and renewal to share and heal. Often, the healing aptitude is a part of other talents and abilities.

Indigos have quantum psychic energy and power that may remain dormant for long periods of time. Remember that their spiritual color is that deep purple, and they are closely associated with the psi abilities of the third eye.

Indigos of all ages are intuitive. Sometimes they learn young to be guided by their abilities and their instincts.

5. Multi-Talented

In some respects, indigos have it all. They are psychic, creative, and powerful. They are born to recognize joy, so most of them experience early crisis then try to get a lot done. They are artists, healers, spiritual conduits and great communicators.

sculptor sand figure begemot dn Image source: begemot_dn on Flickr

The truth is that many indigos are geniuses.

Sometimes they go through stages where they are troubled or confused (usually as children). However, most of them make it through and turn into successful adults. Their success may not always be measured by the world's standards.

Many of them are vegans or vegetarians. They usually meditate, even if it's a unique type of meditation that they develop themselves. They are sensitive to environmental issues.

They mostly have a creative and spiritual nature. Many indigos have a quicker than average internal energy. They are almost kinetic.

Whether the indigo has "awakened" to their abilities or not, they are intuitive/psychic people. Many display these traits from a young age. They are empathic, clear channels. This is why they are here. It may not always be an easy road to that clarity. So love them back and guide them well.

"Know thyself. Love thyself. Forgive thyself." — Socrates

erin delany viewminder Image source: Viewminder on Flickr

It is truly when we understand ourselves that things begin to change. Whether you know an indigo child or think you are one, the goal is to understand. Love the indigos without judging them. In a special irony, when we understand the nature of the indigo children, we truly understand ourselves. Accept them as you find them. Perhaps they are changing the world into something more beautiful through the power of love. Don't try to change them. After all, they may be here to change you!

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  1. I'm trying to find out if my children are indigo, crystal or such. My 15 yr old I believe is indigo but my 8 year old is different but definitely sounding like a crystal. Is that possible as I've read that it's not the years usually accustomed to those names. 2001 and 2008. Thanks in advance. I think I'm an indigo too.

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