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How To Manifest Wealth and Anything You Desire

manifest wealth

There are two routes to having and being anything you desire. The first is the one most of us are familiar with, the physical, action route: work hard, budget, invest wisely, and so forth. The other is the metaphysical way: sit back, be grateful, wait for manifestation to happen. The thing is, neither of these are sufficient alone. The best way to manifest wealth, love and anything else is to combine the two methods.

Manifesting Wealth

Hard work alone does not guarantee wealth. In fact, the people who work the hardest are often the poorest. The way to become comfortably well-off is to have a combination of strategies working alongside each other throughout your life.

manifest wealth

The Action Route to Manifest Wealth

The key to maximizing your income is to start as young as possible, although you can do this (and should) at any age. The golden rule is to learn how to pay yourself first. Before you pay your bills or buy that new coat, pay yourself. Put 10% of every $ that comes to you away. Preferably in an interest-bearing account. This is not optional, it is mandatory. Do this always and make it an unbreakable habit. Only ever spend these savings on something that is an investment into future wealth. For such things as a vacation or a car, have a separate savings account. The 10% is sacrosanct and is your investment into you.

Of course, as you become more familiar with investing and financial planning, you will learn more methods of creating wealth – whether it be investing in property, playing the stock market, or attracting a huge salary; there are many resources available. The main two things to remember is to pay yourself first and avoid debt wherever possible. Common sense.

Before purchasing anything, ask yourself “Do I need this? Do I love this? Will it need dusting?” It’s quite possible for you to express delight in seeing an item; hold it, feel its energy and gorgeousness, then simply leave it and walk away. You had the enjoyment of it for a few minutes. By not buying it you get to feel virtuous, you avoid buyer’s remorse, and you won’t have to clean it. Winner. And you still have those dollars to spend, or better still, add to your ‘you’ fund.

The Metaphysical Method of Wealth Manifestation

These strategies run alongside your physical wealth creation activities and are a lot of fun. Firstly, here are some ‘never dos’:

  • Never say “I can’t afford it.” Telling the universe you can’t afford something, creates even more ‘can’t affords’. Always say, “I will be purchasing one of these soon.” Or, “I could buy this now, but I choose not to.”
  • Never dismiss any small sum that comes to you as paltry. Whether the Universe delivers you $10,000, $1000 or $1, it’s all good. Be grateful for whatever you receive
  • Never get into the ‘money worry’ trap. The more you fret over lack, the more lack will come your way. So next time you are thinking about all your financial obligations, just stop. Be in the present, and know that right now, in this moment, you have no money worries. Not one. While we are not proposing inaction or procrastination when it comes to settling what you owe, unless you can take action here and now, say, “I’ll worry about all that later.” 

Here are some ‘always dos’:

  • Always appreciate everything you have. Appreciating it keeps it and causes more to come. So if you take a moment to look around. You have probably got the means to make one good meal in the refrigerator. You more than likely have enough air to breathe. And you are probably reading this on a computer or phone. So you have a lot. You’ve already manifested all this stuff. Appreciate it, and yourself, for doing a good job so far.
  • As well as appreciating all you have, it’s a good idea to clear out the stuff you don’t want, love or need. Make space for even better things to manifest. Creating space is not only more comfortable physically, it is also good for the soul. 
  • Try one or two magical manifesting techniques. They are fun and you have nothing to lose by giving them a go.
  • Remember that money is a form of energy exchange. Also remember that most money is simple a bunch of pixels in your bank account. It doesn’t really exist. Practice mentally seeing those pixels forming ever-increasing numbers in your account. 
  • Visualization is a great technique to manifest wealth. Most people visualize stacks of cash, or a bulging wallet. That’s okay, but try it differently. Instead of wishing for sums of money, work out what it is you want if you had all that money. Is it a lifestyle? Then visualize the lifestyle and let the money sort itself out. Is it freedom? Imagine yourself living a life of perfect freedom. What does that look like for you? Spend time carefully creating and building the perfect vision of your future life, remembering to make it a joyful process in the present moment.
  • Give to get. You may think that the most generous people are those who can afford to be generous. However, they were generous before they became wealthy. Giving with an attitude of non-expectation, giving for the pleasure of giving, will ensure that the universe replaces and increases the money you freely give.

manifest wealth money jar

Optimism or Pessimism? Be a 'Poptimist'

Your attitude to life will go a long way to determine your wealth and happiness. Manifestation ‘gurus’ are always talking about being optimistic and having a positive attitude at all times. Well, that’s fine, but most of us cannot maintain that happy-stance continually. We all have to deal with life’s irritations, so why not be a ‘poptimist’? A poptimist is neither a full-on optimist or a pessimist. Neither are they a realist, which is the term often used to denote a median stance. A poptimist has a generally positive outlook, but they are able to acknowledge that crap happens. They accept the bad and then look for ways to work with it. To turn difficulties into opportunities. A poptimist is able to see past the negative and to let it go. A poptimist has little resistance and therefore negative energy tends to slide away from them easily. Being a poptimist is a lot easier than trying to be optimistic all the time.

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