7 Tips and Techniques to Boost Manifestation Success

manifestation success

“Not another Law of Attraction article,” you groan. “We’ve heard it all; we know about visualization, being in a state of gratitude, blah blah blah. It’s old, it’s boring, and it doesn’t even work.” We understand, we really do. It seems that the only thing that makes anything manifest is sheer hard work with a pinch of luck. Isn’t that so? Well, no not really. Here at Psychic Elements we have had so many instances of deliberate manifestation that it can’t be ignored. Some of us are such manifestation magnets that we’d like to share our seven favorite tips and techniques to boost manifestation success. 

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Manifestation Tip #1 Set Your Intention

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? You know what you want to manifest. Or do you? Have you actually spent some time detailing what it is you want? For example, you might want to manifest extra money. But what is it for? Money in and of itself is nothing. What is it you really want? To wipe out debt? To give you security? To travel, or have a complete change of lifestyle? Instead of the quite vague concept of ‘more money’ begin to work out what you really do want. Take as long as you like. Get into the nitty-gritty detail to the point where you can write out what you want in a couple of succinct sentences.

Manifestation Tip #2 Raise Your Vibration

You hear this all the time. Be happy. Be positive. Keep your vibration high in order to get what you want. It’s impossible, isn’t it? No-one can be rah-rah happy all the time. Yet, it’s possible to raise your mood by one notch. You can do that right now. Think of something that is dear to you, that you have in your life already. Be grateful and appreciative of it. Let your thoughts and emotions hold that idea. Let it warm your heart. Smile as you think about that thing or person or pet. There, now you feel better than you did two minutes ago. Now, could you do that five times today? Maybe ten times? Set yourself reminders to have these little vibration-raising minutes. Think about whatever makes you happy.

Manifestation Tip #3 Identify Your Blocks

It’s possible you have some blocks or beliefs that are preventing manifestation success. It might be that you don’t think you are good enough. Or you just don’t believe that Law of Attraction works. Or that you are convinced that good things can only materialize out of hard work. Play around with these ideas and discover what is holding you back. Once you have identified your blocks, set them up and knock them down. Let’s use one of the examples mentioned above:

I’m Not Good Enough: Destroy Limiting Beliefs 

Why do I deserve anything good in my life? I’ve been bad, I’ve been selfish, I’ve been mean. I can’t be the only person who has done things they regret. Not everyone who has made mistakes is poor or unhappy. I see many people overcome their past and go on to make a better life. I could do that. I could be the person I want to be. I’m doing better now. I am not my past. I am not my mistakes. I am a whole person. I have my flaws – they are what make me human. They help me understand others. I am just as worthy as the next person. I deserve better. I know I deserve to have a good life. I can do this, I am good enough for anything.

Do you see how the words take you from feeling bad to feeling good? Each sentence is vibrationally higher than the one before. It might take a little practice to perfect this technique of identifying blocks and then smashing them to pieces. Keep doing it. 

Manifestation Tip #4 Keep Track of Successes

This tip is really important and most people forget to do it. Keep track of your manifestation successes however small and insignificant they seem. Each one will bring you closer to your original intention. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Use a gratitude journal, keep a note in your diary, use a spreadsheet. Simply make sure that you keep a record. Writing your successes down lets the universe know that you are aware things are on track. 

Manifestation Tip #5 Be Aware of Messages from the Universe

In the same way as you document your manifestation successes, you should also keep a note of little signs that your desire is on its way. Coins on the ground. Signs on trucks and vans. An advertising hoarding that means something to you. These little clues from the universe appear to keep your vibration up. They are there to remind you to keep the faith, to know that you are doing really well. 

Manifestation Tip #6 Work With Natural Cycles

This one is optional, but it’s a good way of tuning into the natural rhythms of the world. There are many ways to do this, from a micro level to a cosmic level. Here are some ideas:

Be in tune with the rising and setting sun. As the part of the world where you live is bathed by early morning sunlight, this is a good time to ask for increase. More of something you want. As the sun passes its zenith, and the earth cools, this is now a good time to ask for decrease. Less of something you don’t want. If you live near the coast, you can do a similar thing with tides.

Work with moon cycles in the same way. As the moon waxes (grows) work on increasing manifestations. As the moon enters the latter part of its cycle, ask for decrease (of illness, or debt or conflict). You could also work with the seasons of the year.

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Manifestation Tip #7 Create Rituals to Strengthen Your Intention

This is another optional exercise yet it is a very powerful one. It works really well in combination with #6. A manifestation ritual need only take a few minutes. Choose your time as per the advice above. If your desire is to increase your creativity, then choose a time when a natural cycle is ‘on the up’. If you wish to eliminate poverty, then choose a part of the cycle that is diminishing. Sit quietly. Be clear on your intention. Raise your vibration and visualize your desired outcome. Write it down on a scrap of paper. Continue holding the clear thought as you light a small candle or tea-light. Carry on visualizing for at least five more minutes. Fold the paper, place it under the candle and allow it to burn out by itself in a safe place. Know that you’ve passed your intention over to the universe and cosmic wheels are turning already. Over the next few days, look for signs and confirmation that your desire is on the way to you.

Tiny Buddha: "How to Let Go of Negative Beliefs"

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