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Automatic Writing: 10 Tips and Techniques

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"This is our message to you; be open to spirit and we will come," — From the channeled writings of Rev. Dr. Sandra TePoel, Msc.D.

Automatic writing, also known as Spirit writing, is a psychic gift and may be the one of the easiest psychic abilities to develop. Successful automatic writing is a powerful experience.

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Automatic writing is a way to channel information (including predictions and prophecy) and spirit energy through writing. It is the ability to allow intuition from outside you to flow through you. Automatic writing is a form of intuition that has been around for thousands of years. But it wasn't until the late 1800's and early 1900's that it became better known through the worldwide spread of the Spiritualism movement.

Automatic writing is an energy link that allows you to communicate intuitively. Some psychics use pens and paper, computers, or even Ouija boards to relay messages from the other side. Any means of communications or sending a message works.

Automatic writing works, regardless of whether you write on paper or type from a word processor onto a computer screen. Some psychics that have been doing automatic writing for years are more comfortable writing with pen to paper. There are other psychics that feel that the digital link of a computer allows for a stronger connection.

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Someone who is uncertain about their intuition may want to develop automatic writing abilities. Sometimes the physical act of writing allows you to open up an entirely new way to communicate.

Don’t overanalyze. Some people believe that the messages are coming through from their "higher self", or the Spirit of someone that has passed from the physical world. It doesn't matter what form it takes. When you seek Spirit, you will find Spirit.

Be intentional. When you meditate and pray, ask for contact with a higher energy. Doing this ensures that only the highest forms of spirit will come to your aid. Automatic writing is a form of channeling that involves focusing your consciousness to receive inspired information.

writer joan mas Image Source: Joan M. Mas on Flickr

Spirit writing is to give you direction and guidance. That you receive direction is the important thing, not the source of the direction. When you attempt automatic writing, you may hear your voice, another voice or nothing. Sometimes there may be more than one spirit present. Don’t worry about the form it takes. Try to keep an elevated, calm attitude.

Here are ten tips to try if you want to attempt automatic writing.

1. Determine what method you are most comfortable using. Your preferred method may be a pen and paper, a computer or any writing implement.

2. Now meditate! Find a calm and quiet place. Pay attention to your breathing. If you want, visualize a bridge between you and the source you are seeking. Some people imagine an open window or door. What's essential is that you relax and clean your aura.

just sit and relax youssef hanna Image source: Youssef Hanna on Flickr

When you feel at peace, be intentional. Pray for protection, inspiration, and clarity.

3. Start to write. You are the seeker. Write down a question that you need answering. Focus on an open connection. Write down as many specific questions as you want.

These questions should relate to information that helps your soul evolution. Don't ask test questions for Spirit. Don't ask questions to which you already know the answers. Testing Spirit this way demeans the process and is an exercise in futility.

Don't ask "yes" or "no" specific questions. You are looking for inspiration, advice, and guidance. You can't get Spirit to make decisions for you. You can, in the exercise of your free will, receive information that helps you make the best decisions for yourself.

4. Once you have your questions written, concentrate on them one at a time. You are seeking answers from higher-energy beings or spirits that have a clearer view than we do in the physical world.

5. If you don't feel that you are making headway, listen to some relaxing music or a meditation audiotape. Make sure all the distractions and worries are blocked out. Gain the confidence that you will receive the information needed for your greatest good.

6. Now return to your writing. Read the question again.

7. Get ready to write or type automatically. Go with your first thoughts. Write anything that pops into your head. Don't stop to think or analyze. Try to keep a continuous flow.

Don't judge or consciously think about what you're writing. Just try to write down or type as fast as possible. Don’t be concerned about spelling or punctuation. Try to write continuously.

Some people keep their eyes open. Others prefer to keep their eyes closed.

writing pedro ribeiro simoes Image source: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes on Flickr

8. If you have trouble with your flow, feel free to take a break. But don't read what you've written or try to evaluate it too soon.

9. Set your writing aside for at least an hour before you look at what you have written. You can even have else read what you have written first.

Keep in mind that any answers that you receive will be loving and positive. You may not like the answers from Spirit, but they will be for your greatest good.

10. Practice makes perfect. Keep trying this daily for 30 days. Attempt to maintain a regular schedule. Do your automatic writing at the same time every day.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” — Albert Einstein

magda maciej zagozda Image source: Maclej Zagozda on Flickr

Automatic writing is both a personal and spiritual experience. At some point, you may be able to use automatic writing to help other people. Make sure you are comfortable with this divination link. The important thing is that your automatic writing connects you to Spirit and enhances your intuition.

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