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Hearing Voices in Your Head?

Hearing voices in your head

Are you hearing voices in your head? Haven’t a clue whether you are experiencing the first inklings of a psychic ability or suffering from mental illness? Psychics who receive information via voices or sounds are called 'clairaudients' and the psychic ability is 'clairaudience'. The word comes from clair, meaning clear and audio, meaning hearing.

Hearing voices in your head 1

Hearing voices is very common. Have you ever heard a voice calling your name when you are the only person in the house? Do you drift of to sleep hearing someone whispering words of comfort? Or do you wake up confused, sure that someone just spoke to you?

A 2002 study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry* estimated that at least 25 percent of people who reported hearing voices showed symptoms of mental illness. So how can you tell the difference?

Hearing Voices and Mental Health Issues

1. Hearing voices plus displaying other symptoms, such as:

manic behavior 
obsessive compulsive behavior 
inability to concentrate 
feeling ‘locked-in’
irrational fear.

If you are experiencing any of the above you should seek professional medical help. Don’t delay – the faster you get treatment, the sooner you can begin to heal.

2. Hearing voices that instruct you to do things you wouldn’t normally do is a sign of mental illness. Contact a doctor, therapist, or medical practitioner as soon as possible.

3. Voices that disrupt your mood and activities in general are more than likely a sign of illness.

4. Hearing voices when using street drugs is common. It can also be a side-effect of prescribed medication. 

5. Hearing voices accompanied by pain in the ears or head may indicate a physical cause.

In all the above cases, please consult a physician who can arrange an appointment with the appropriate consultant.

Other Causes of Hearing Voices in Your head

  • Insomnia: lack of sleep can cause you to hear voices, simply because you are out of whack. Try to address the reason for not being able to sleep.
  • Bullying: the words of the bully repeat constantly in your head. Get help from a parent, teacher, school counselor, workplace counselor or contact a bullying helpline for advice.
  • Bereavement: hearing the voice of a loved one who has passed over could be a psychic experience, and we’ll come to that later, or it might be the fact that you are in a state of grief and missing the person so much that you can hear their voice. If it is grief, the voice will gradually diminish as you come to terms with their passing.
  • Anxiety: severe worry and tension causes adrenal fatigue. Your whole body becomes out of balance and stressed. This includes your auditory system. Address the cause of your anxiety; seeking help, if necessary.
  • A previous head injury.

When Hearing Voices is a Psychic Ability

If you have ruled out mental or physical illness, then it’s very possible regular auditory disturbances can indicate psychic abilities. These disturbances could well be hearing voices in your head, conversations heard in an empty room, even music or singing.

There are two main types of clairaudient experience:

External – when the sounds seem to be outside of your head, just like the sound of a car passing outside.

Internal – when the voices seem to be inside your head. These can be actual sounds or sometimes they arise as thoughts – and you know they aren’t your thoughts.

How to Recognize a Clairaudient Experience

  • The voice or voices are usually rational; they offer useful advice.
  • You can interact with them, by asking questions or for more information.
  • They are usually brief and do not interfere with your functionality.
  • They come across as compassionate, and certainly not as malevolent.
  • The entity is careful of your wellbeing.

Signs You are Clairaudient

  • You have conversations with yourself, either out loud or in your head. These conversations are calming and usually help you to work out a problem.
  • You impart wisdom that comes from nowhere. You have no idea where those comforting words of advice came from – without thinking they just came out of your mouth.
  • You are pretty sure you have someone watching out for you – you call them your angel or spirit guide.
  • You hear answers to your questions on the radio or TV. Perhaps not immediately, but pretty soon after asking or thinking of a question.
  • You ask someone what they just said and they reply that they didn’t say anything. You are sure you heard somebody speak.
  • You receive a warning. For example, you might be driving and a voice suddenly grabs your attention. Listen up and think about pulling over, taking the next exit or changing direction.

Hearing voices in your head 2

How to Develop Clairaudient Skills

You are receiving messages in the same way as a radio via an antenna. So the important thing to do is to relax. Nothing bad can happen. Here are four ways to improve and develop your clairaudient abilities.

1. Practice listening. Be very still, close your eyes and listen to the ambient sounds around you. If you like you can keep your eyes open and list all the noises in a notebook. This is a way of getting yourself tune-in to the quiet voices. 

2. If you do hear any voices, try to work out the words and write them down. If you cannot hear them clearly, make a note of what you think you heard.

3. Meditate, asking that ‘the voice’ gets in contact. Try to start a conversation in your head. Even if it is with yourself. This, of course won’t be a proper meditation but it will help if you can get into a relaxed state before you begin.

4. Be a good listener. Hear what people are saying to you. Do your best to feel their emotions. Listen for an ‘under voice’ whispering to you what the other person really means.

5. Keep a clairaudient journal. Write down your questions and listen out for the answers – they can come from anywhere but pay attention to voices in your head, thoughts that arise spontaneously and feel like they aren’t your own, listen to song lyrics and even people being interviewed on TV. 

6. Have faith in yourself. Know that you are unique and special and you have a perception that no-one else has. Promise yourself that you will use your new skills to the best of your ability.

7. To discover what your particular psychic skill set is, contact one of our own psychics. They can reassure you, inspire you and put you on the right path.

Happy and productive listening!

Anna Sayce: Developing Clairaudience

Mind: Hearing Voices

* Johns, L.C., Nazroo, J,Y,, Bebbington, P., & Kuipers, E. (2002). Occurrence of hallucinatory experiences in a community sample and ethnic variations. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 180(2), pp.174-178.

Images via Pixabay


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  1. I hear multiple voices, but this all started after my friend shot himself right after leaving my work!  His was the first clear and understandable voice that i have heard.  I was on computer and was playing doubledown casino, and all of sudden i clearly heard my best friends voice come out of the speakers.  he said, "what are you doing Joey?  I started having a panic attack, crying and having trouble breathing and after i got my composure i had a full on conversation with him.  he told me it was accident and he didnt mean to shoot himself.  This was the best man, friend, and role model I have ever met!  Then i started to hear my deceased fathers voice which was really traumatic because I was in jail and didnt get to talk to him until one Sargeant at Maricopa County Jail finally let me on the phone, which was like the25th time my mom called because my dad was dying from the chemotherapy and I got on the phone and he was at the last moments of his life and his brain wasnt working right because he didnt know who I was.  I didnt know how to grieve either time and both times jumped head first right back into using crystal Meth.  It was the only thing that took my feelings away and i was numb.  I have not stopped hearing these voices since 2015.  I hold full on conversations with my best friend and my father.  Well starting last year in 2018, my father and best friend have been telling me that this new negative voice and sometimes mimicing my father and my best friend is Lucifer!  Sounds pretty twisted huh?  I have taken 6-8 different kind of psych meds and not a damned thing works at all.  my voices are constant all day long.  I am currently still using Meth, but my voices have totally assured me that it isnt the drugs and that the voices will be the same if I quit.  I think I would be sad if i stopped hearing my dad and best friend.

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