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Seven Ways to Find Your Spirit Guide

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The term ‘spirit guide’ is a broad one. A spirit guide can be referred to as an angel, a guardian angel, a benign spirit, an ancestor, an animal totem or even an imaginary friend. What we tend to mean when referring to our spirit guide is having an understanding or direction that comes from outside ourselves. Come with us on a metaphorical journey to discover your spirit guide.


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1. Meditate to Meet Your Spirit Guide


Meditation has long been a recommended method to meet up with your spirit guide. You can either use a guided meditation, or you can quiet your mind and find your way as you go. Sit quietly and comfortably somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Relax your body from head to toes. Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful place – a beach, a cool forest, a green valley next to a stream or anywhere you feel drawn to. Start walking with the intention to meet your guide. When you see a person or an animal, ask them if they are your guide. If the answer is no, keep walking. If they acknowledge they are your guide, have a conversation with them. Ask some questions. Ask if they are always with you. Ask if you can turn to them in times of trouble. Simply get to know them. After a while, thank them, take your leave and gently return to the present. Write down what you learned.


2. Journal to Discover Your Spirit Guide


If meditation doesn’t suit you, try a session of free-writing in your journal. Free-writing is just allowing yourself to write without any thought of what you are going to write next. You just let the words come to you. You can start by writing a question, “Who is my Spirit Guide?” Begin with the intention of making contact, get yourself out of the way and let your writing hand get on with it. Free-writing is an active meditation. You may or may not get a result, but don’t let that put you off trying again. You could be surprised at what you discover


3. Dreaming of Your Spirit Guide


When settling down to sleep, state your intention to meet your guide. It might take a few nights’ sleep before you meet your guide. Keep a dream journal next to your bed and scribble down anything you remember of your dreams when you wake up. This is the best way to find out if your guide is an animal spirit. If you are able to lucid dream (when you know you are dreaming and can control the direction it takes), all the better. You can simply ask in the dream to meet your guide.


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4. Pay Attention to Signs


Once you have determined that you really want to make contact with your spirit guide, be alert to all the small signs around you. Notice if a certain name is repeated – you might read about someone with the name, Jonathan, and then a TV host mentions the same name. You could pick up a book and see the author’s name is Jonathan. Use one of the other methods above to get confirmation that your guide is called by the name which keeps appearing to you. The same might apply if you are looking for your animal totem – all you have to do is be alert for ‘repeats’ when you are reading, listening to the radio, watching TV, talking to friends or when walking down the street. Your spirit guide can make themselves known to you in all kinds of ways.


5. Divination


If you are familiar with any form of divination, such as tarot cards, scrying, runes, or automatic writing, you could try contacting your spirit guide in this way. Request that they deliver you a clear message of contact. How they manifest themselves through your chosen method will depend on your skill as an interpreter.


6. Speak to Your Spirit Guide


The easiest way to discover your spirit guide is to ask out loud. Find a space where you won’t be disturbed and ask your guide to make themselves known to you. You can request they appear in a dream or by another method. Tell them you are looking forward to making contact on a regular basis. Be firm that only spirits with good intentions are welcome. Have regular conversations with your guide, either out loud, making sure no-one else can hear you, by whispering, or even in your mind.


7. Consult a Psychic


Many psychics have the ability to discern a person’s spirit guide. In fact, that’s how some psychics can pass on messages to you – they ‘speak’ to your guide and interpret their answers on your behalf. Do a little research to find a psychic who is adept in the realm of spirit guides. He or she may well tell you that you have several guides available to help you. At Psychic Elements, we have experts who can put you in touch with your spirit guides. The benefit of using our psychics means that any negative entities are screened out, so you know the guide is genuine and has your well-being as a priority.


Word of Warning


It is important that in all your interactions with potential spirit guides that you ask that only guides who have the best intentions contact you. Opening up to any old spirit can result in negative or uncomfortable experiences. If you always state, “I request this for my highest good” before using any spirit seeking method, then only loving and well-intentioned guides can come through.


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