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The word "clairvoyance," translated from the French, means "clear seeing". Clairvoyants see the future, events, and people in advance. Clairvoyance is the intuitive sense of seeing things before they happen.

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Learning to enhance and amplify the natural intuitive qualities that we are born with can be an adventure. Chances are you may have already noticed that you have some clairvoyant tendencies of your own.

Everyone has the potential to improve and enhance their psychic abilities. We all have a sixth sense, and sometimes untapped “psi” abilities. In some people, these natural intuitive skills may be dormant for many years. Other people have bursts of clairvoyance without understanding what is happening. If you want to amplify, focus and use your “sixth” sense. There are some simple exercises you can try.

Step-by-Step People Reading Exercise:

Actually, every form of intuition is enhanced energy. When you are increasing your psychic powers, you are really focusing and directing energy in order to increase your gift.

Ask a friend to show you a photograph of a person they know and you don’t. This should be a picture of someone you have never met or seen before. Ask them to write down as much detail as they know about the person in the picture. Ask them to keep the details to themselves for now.

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Focus on the photograph. Look at the person’s eyes to lock into the energy stream. Get a feeling of exactly how they felt in the picture. See if your energy lifts or drops to evaluate whether this is a positive (lift) or negative (drop) point in time.

Try and determine what the person in the photograph is like. Clear your mind and let it come to you. List their character traits – happy, trustworthy, sad, grief-stricken, or anything else that you feel.

Trace the person’s face with your mind. See if you can pick up on anything else. Are they still living? What type of childhood did they have? What was their trade or profession? Write it down.

Now take your piece of paper with what you have been able to read from the photograph and give it to your friend. Let them compare their page with the person’s information on it. You should be able to tell how accurate your people reading skills are. The more you do this exercise, the more accurate you become. With a little practice, you will be surprised at how well you pick up on people’s energy with only a photograph to go by.

Psychometric Exercise

Psychometry is the ability to discover information, facts and impressions about a person by touching an inanimate object that they are closely associated with. This ability often extends to seeing both past and future events.

When someone owns something for a long time, the object picks up their energy. This is especially true if it is something they wear, touch often, or love.

Ask a friend to give you an object from someone you know nothing about. This should belong to a person they know of or know well. Whether the person is alive or has passed doesn’t matter.

steampunk jewelry daniel proulx Image source: Daniel Proulx on Flickr

In this exercise, you should touch or hold the object that someone has worn regularly, like a piece of clothing or jewelry. Since these objects absorb their owner’s energy, you may be able to easily tune into this energy.

Remain in contact with the object for a couple of minutes. You should be able to pick up rising (positive) or falling (negative) energy impressions quickly.

Tell your friend the impressions you are picking up. If you seem to be on track, pick the object back up.

Try to focus on the energy coming from the object. See if you pick up more detail on character traits, and even open up to the events or the life story that the energy holds.

Visualization Exercises to Balance the Chakras

A good way to enhance all of your psychic abilities is through balancing your “chi” energy (chakras/vortexes). The chakras are circles of spiritual energy located throughout the body. Each chakra is constantly vibrating with high frequency energy. Each chakra is symbolized by a rainbow color.

There are seven basic chakras, from the base of the spine (root-red) to the very top of the head (crown-violet).

In order to increase your intuition, you need to make sure your chakras are not damaged or blocked, since all forms of psychic energy are dependent on balanced and clear energy within you.

Both meditation and visualization exercises are wonderful tools for clearing and balancing the chakras. Focus on each of your chakras. Start with the root chakra and work your way up. Start with the root (base) chakra. Envision a red spinning energy ball at the base of your spine. Visualize this energy ball changing colors and getting brighter. Focus on clearing out any debris or negative energy obstructions that may be stopping it from free spinning.

7 chakras linx entertainment Image source: Linx Entertainment on Flickr

As each area feels clear and balanced, repeat the visualization process. The power colors to use in your meditation are orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, green for heart, light blue for throat, deep blue (cobalt) for the third eye and violet or purple for the crown chakra.

As you continue to visualize and clear your chakras, this will deepen the link with your energy and the rest of the world. It also builds up momentum in the energy that you are working with. Keep practicing this technique daily. It works well if you exercise the chakras both morning and night.

If you are wanting to simplify the process, you can work only on the crown chakra (the top of your head). Imagine your crown chakra as a glowing portal, open to receive inspiration and insight. Do this on a daily basis. You can also envision your aura filling with bright white light that is magnetized. Envision the magnet as an energy catcher or a dream catcher. It protects you from the negative and draws the positive to you.

Visualization is a powerful energy enhancer tool. When you envision something, you are building a picture in energy. The more you see it, the stronger the image becomes. Eventually it can manifest into your life. For example, you are trying to manifest a successful business. You take all the steps to create a business. At the same time you are visualizing exactly what you want. The directions you take your thoughts are where they will land. Visualization is often used to manifest results.

Any form of visualization can be helpful in developing and amplifying your clairvoyance.

Whether your psychic abilities are latent or active, they are a part of you. Everyone has them in varying degrees. Often, we use our psychic powers unknowingly. Try working in a more conscious way to enhance your psychic abilities and get control of your life! Do you think you have this gift? What are your experiences with developing clairvoyance?



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