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Careers For Psychics: How To Use Your Psychic Abilities

Careers For Psychics comfort

You’ve determined you are psychic, and you also know, broadly, how your psychic skills manifest. You probably have one, or a combination, of the ‘clairs’, seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing skills. Or perhaps you have worked to develop your ability as a tarot reader/counselor. Today we’re taking a look at specific careers for psychics, and also how you might incorporate your psychic abilities into a regular job.

Careers For Psychics

If you have an interest in this type of work, you are probably already aware of the main kinds of work available. Mostly you will have to take the plunge and work for yourself. Psychic businesses include:

Reader/Consultant/Counselor. This entails you working one-to-one with people. It can be extremely rewarding but remember that your clients will often be distressed, recently bereaved or caught up in deep problems. To be successful you must have excellent counseling skills and know when to refuse a reading in order to refer the client to a professional medical advisor. 

Careers For Psychics

The advantages are that you can work your preferred hours. If you are very good at what you do it’s unlikely you will have to chase business; word-of-mouth will work in your favor. If you are not so skilled, you might think about improving your abilities or making use of them in some other way.

Psychic consultants who build up a good reputation for being reliable and accurate may find themselves in demand for corporate clients. It’s surprising how many like to have their business decisions confirmed, paused, or modified by the advice given by a psychic. 

Speaker/Writer. This is often a progression from being a consultant. When demand for your work outstrips the time you have available, you can consider offering your wisdom on a public platform. Many psychic speakers go on to have TV careers, but note: must have a pleasing manner and be comfortable being in the limelight. Should that not appeal, then consider writing about your experiences, or explaining how others can learn to do what you do, i.e. teaching and conducting workshops. It’s unlikely you will sell a great number of books, yet creating a solid back-list of reliable information can be a useful first or second income. Another thread in this kind of work is writing as a consultant or agony aunt for magazines.

Psychic Telephone Consultant. Many psychics discover that this is rewarding and remunerative work. It fits in with their lives easily. They can even fit it around a main career. They don’t have to go and look for the work; it comes directly to you from the organization you sign up to. You may have to undergo a test or assessment in order to be accepted. Here at Psychic Elements, we want the best psychics, and, if you are accepted to work for us, then you know you are good at what you do. If you feel like this could be for you, contact us now.

Careers For Psychics phone consultant

Fairs and Events. Many psychics love working at fairs and events. It means that they only have to work a couple of days a month, leaving them free for other work. A well-attended psychic event provides a ‘captive audience’ and, hopefully, you will quickly gain a loyal following.

Careers for Psychics: Using Your Abilities in a Regular Job

Working in a regular job can sometimes be a nightmare for sensitive psychics. Offices and busy places are often overwhelming, especially to empaths who pick up energy from everywhere and everyone. However, your psychic skills can put you ahead of the game in many ways. It’s just a question of choosing the right career for you.

  • Improve your chances of promotion by anticipating what your supervisor requires, by knowing what s/he wants delivered even before they do, you can create and mold your perfect job. You can make yourself indispensable. You will build a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy, and with a magical ability to stay one step ahead. It is advisable to keep your ‘special’ skills to yourself and simply present yourself as the ideal employee. You may not be able to put all your abilities into practice right away, but you can develop and hone them to fit your particular choice of job.
  • Any work that involves anticipation may be ideal for you. You may discover you have a feel for stock trading. Having said that you must beware of the risks of activities like day trading. These kinds of careers are not for everyone.
  • A job that involves handling objects could be perfect for a clairtangent (someone who senses energy by holding an object). Taking the path of, let’s say, a museum curator involves a lot of study and a degree, but your work will be enhanced by your psychic ability even if you can’t rely on it for facts. Similarly anything that involves studying the past: archaeologist, anthropologist, the study and care of ancient textiles or manuscripts, historian, and so on, will be helped by an ability to sense energy.
  • Working with people, especially those in need of counseling or physical care, could be a good choice for a psychic. However, some will find the emotional demands overwhelming, so you must be aware of your own limitations in this regard. If children are drawn to you, you may well discover that working with them is the perfect choice of career. Some empaths are brilliant at comforting babies, so any job that means you can work with infants would be ideal. From nannying to nursing in a neonatal intensive care unit, depending on your abilities and interests. Similarly, working with elderly people might be another path to take. Hospice work takes a special kind of person, and if you are able to offer strength and comfort to those who are preparing to pass, you would find such work incredibly rewarding.

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Please let us know how you incorporate your abilities into your work, and also if you have any other suggestions of careers for psychics.

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  1. A good psychic can be a blessing, I got a reading last year and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me it changed my life.

  2. Having a good psychic ability is always good. As not just for your own insight but to help others in need. I do this daily on my facebook group, from doing readings and just to talk to them. As when doing this giving them a clear intention that someone cares. Not, just that but giving them comfort and healing messages in your message to them if that makes sense. 

    I have been doing this 15 years now and love every minute of it, also loved reading your lovely article. 

  3. Phone psychic operators do make quite a bit of money.  My sister used to work at one and her pay was pretty good.  The best part is that they can often work from the comfort of their own home as well!

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