How to Tell if You are Psychic

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Some people live their lives suppressing their intuition. Others wonder if they have true psychic ability, but they are afraid to find out for certain. This is more common than you may think. Many researchers believe that everyone has varying degrees of psychic skill.

Consciousness (soul energy) is a type of quantum physics which seems to alter the natural laws of existence. Time and reality are elastic. When someone begins to see the future or communicate with the dead, it is usually life-altering.

All living matter (people, pets, plants) are made up of energy. This energy reacts to many different stimuli. When your gift first reveals itself, things can get confusing. It’s natural to doubt what’s happening to you. You may even worry about your sanity. In the early stages of exploring one's psychic abilities, you may wonder if this gift is a blessing or a curse!

The first step to determining if you are psychic is to understand what is happening to you. If you are in fact having ESP episodes, these would most likely be one or more of the psychic powers known as the “Clair’s”.

What are Psychic Powers and How Do They Work?

There are many ways that extrasensory perception (ESP) may express itself. Any form of ESP is considered a psychic power. Most psychic abilities are called the “Clairs” because they are prefixed with the French word “Clair” which means “clear”.

You may have experienced every“Clair” on the list below. Keep in mind that there are many other forms that psychic abilities can take. The four best known are:

The “Clairs”

  1. Clairvoyance meaning “clear seeing”, psychic vision or the third eye. Clairvoyance is when you see something in your mind not through your eyes. Sometimes this even occurs in dreams. This “inner seeing” can be future or past events, as well as symbols, people, numbers or places.
  2. Clairsentience meaning“clear feeling” or spiritual/intuitive empathy. The ability to receive messages through intuition (emotional or physical illness or other sensation) is typically tied to the feelings of other people or animals. A person who has clairsentience is also known as an empath.
  3. Clairaudience meaning“clear hearing” is not heard with the ears. Most people who have this gift are called mediums.Mediums sometimes communicate with spirits that have passed over to the other side. When you hear something in your mind and not through your ears, including voices, any kind of noise, or even music, you may be experiencing clairaudience. True clairaudience is not heard out loud.
  4. Claircognizance, meaning “clear knowing” is an inner knowledge that comes to you as an inner knowing or ESP insight. An example of this ability would be if you just knew not to get on an airplane that was about to crash. Just knowing something without a logical reason or any fact, yet turns out to be the absolute truth, is claircognizance.

Regardless of how you receive intuitive messages, it is a sign that you may be psychic. Not surprisingly, there are a set of personality traits that are most common to intuitive people. This is especially true of “natural born” psychics.

Personality Traits of Psychics

Image Source: Kacper Gunla on Flickr

Although it’s impossible to categorize every psychic, there are some common traits. There are some common general personality traits that almost all psychics have.

  1. Usually deeply emotional and sensitive. Most psychics can easily get wrapped up in their own heightened responses. They are ultra-sensitive.
  2. Most psychics are also very aware of the well-being and feelings of the people around them. Most psychics have some skill as an empath.
  3. Many psychics are sensitive to insult or the unkindness of other people. They can be affected and hurt easily.
  4. The psychic personality is typically non-confrontational. Their sensitivity to negative emotions and anger makes them less likely to engage in arguments or debates.
  5. Many psychics are so sensitive that they grieve for long periods of time at any loss. They have trouble “letting go” and moving on. Anxiety and depression can occur if they do not learn how to protect their energy. These symptoms are especially present in psychics who are denying what they are experiencing.
  6. The psychics that are interested in learning and developing their gifts have fewer problems with their ultra-sensitive natures. Many become involved in various aspects of metaphysics. By controlling and focusing their energy, they are better able to help others. Many psychics are in the helping professions as nurses, doctors, counselors and healers.
  7. The psychic personality is very creative. They have a deep appreciation of nature, art and music. Some of the world’s greatest artists have had intuitive personalities.
  8. Many sensitives have issues with loud noises and big crowds. They can feel overwhelmed and lose their energetic balance when presented with too much stimulation.
  9. Almost every psychic was sensitive from birth. They usually experienced ESP as children. Many come from a long line of psychics. It can be an inherited gift.
  10. Due to this emotional sensitivity, many psychics are not too social. They can be somewhat introverted and may be loners. Many psychics find that they are pet lovers and do not always relate that well to adults. If you are a social butterfly who loves crowds, you probably don’t have a lot of psychic ability.

Although having many of these personality traits is not the only way to determine your true psychic ability, it is a strong indicator. If you are experiencing any of the four Clair’s and have the deep sensitivity and other psychic traits, you can stop wondering.

Keep in mind that any psychic episodes can be like a “parting of the curtains” where more and more is revealed a little at a time. These experiences can seem random and inconsistent. Often they are tied to our day-to-day emotional state. If you are still in that stage where you are suppressing and denying your abilities, you won’t have results in effectively using your ESP.

If you are untrained, nervous, and insecure, be patient with yourself. Most psychics were not certain exactly what was happening to them when they were young. The “Clair’s” may be occurring as background noise in your life.

If you suspect you may be psychic, you should concentrate your efforts on learning more. When intuition is focused and directed, it works so much better and becomes a positive in your life. This is a gift. Learn how to use it to help others.


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5 Responses

  1. Comment. How would I go about developing my psychic abilities. I had 3 out of 4 clairs… I never understood what they were , sometimes it is scary simetimes I feel like I am hearing things. I see things in my head. For example if I as looking for sometning and I cannot find it ,I try to be quite then I can actually see it in my head and I go right to it and I find it. Please advice. Thank you. Josephine.

  2. I have a question… To start out I need you to keep in mind it seems like I had some sort of psychic power as a baby. My mom is always telling me stories about how our house was haunted. She also tells me that as a baby she would put me in for my nap, then come to wake me up but halt in front of the door. She was hearing me as a baby chit chatting away (in baby talk) but it wasn't as normal babies would. Nonstop. Instead I would talk for a bit and pause as if waiting on a reply. She would come in at that point thinking someone was in there with me, but find just me standing at the edge of my crib. Then she would ask the obvious question of who I was talking to. And I would point…at nothing. Ever since I could remember I haven't been able to do that, as I've only heard stories from my mother. There was in my experience a ghost in the house however it was not malicious. More playful than anything, but one night, I was about 5-6 yrs old, I was asleep in my bed and I remember waking up for no apparent reason as to why. That is until I looked at the wall… On the wall was a shadow of a man must standing there and watching me. At first I thought it was something from the lit streets outside. Then I was proven wrong when that same shadow that was hovering on the wall over my bed started speeding around the room over,and over. I was frightened so I fled to my moms room where I felt safest. But I've always wondered ever since I heard that story of when I was a baby I wondered about how to get the ability back. If there is anybody who could maybe give some advice or maybe an answer on how to go about awakening the seemingly suppressed psychic ability feel free to reply. It would be greatly appreciated. 

  3. I have those 4 clairs since I was a child.. Sometime I try to ignore my pyschic abilities so I can lived a normal life but I realized bec of my abilities I  help a lot of people  already

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