How Do Psychics Work?

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In this digital world where technology rules, more and more people are becoming aware that humans are not as limited as we once thought. Many people are still skeptical. Others, through their own experiences, recognize that extra-sensory-perception (ESP) is a fact. They start to wonder about their own abilities. They also ask how psychics work.

Natural Talent Amplified

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Intuition is both a gift and a developed skill. In other words, most psychics have psychic skills to begin with. In some families, red hair or other physical traits may be passed down. Enhanced psychic ability is often inherited, as well.

Starting with the basic traits, most psychics spend years developing and fine-tuning their talents.

Different psychic abilities (see previous blog post: How to Tell if You are Psychic) are called “the clairs.” These abilities are simply the aptitude to hear, see, and feel things that people operating entirely on a physical environment are not experiencing.

Once a psychic develops these God-given skills, they may begin to use divination tools. These include tarot cards, astrology, numerology, I-Ching, crystal balls and crystals. Actually, there are many metaphysical enhancers.

These tools are the channels which allow the reader to focus their intention. Some readers use natural objects like rocks, or commonplace items like a regular deck of playing cards or a teacup. Each psychic gravitates to the ones that resonate best with them.

Opening Doors

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"Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?"
— Rumi

There are a wide variety of both psychic abilities and the tools they use. As a result, if you are seeking out a psychic here at Psychic Elements, you can choose the specific type of psychic reading you want to have.

Regardless of a reader’s abilities or the tools they use, they are actually experiencing energy in unique ways. They are directing energy (sometimes magnified by tools) and connecting with you.

Basically, when a reader says that he or she is “opening a door”, they are focusing their gift on your problem. The term "channeling" means the same thing – a link or a bridge built of energy.

What is energy anyway?

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In reality, everything is energy! In the last hundred years, Einstein’s theory of relativity has become the foundation for our understanding of energy. Nobel Prize winning physicist Albert Einstein theorized that there is no real separation between past, present and future. These same laws of psychics prove that we are all connected by atoms.

It may be easier to understand if you think in terms of electricity, or even a wireless connection.

These revelations aren’t a surprise to many who think in terms of the spiritual realm. After all, for thousands of years metaphysicians have been using “soul” energy as the dynamic force to power their work.

Energy can be used to connect, scan, view and heal.

Even though we can’t always see the threads of soul geometry, all of humanity is connected on the energetic level. We are all connected in various ways by our own karma and the infinite possibility of cosmic consciousness.

Psychic readers have the understanding and the experience to find those connections and help explain what they mean to you.

“Look at your life as a patient and a doctor!”
― Tae Yun Kim, The First Element: Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy

Psychics ‘tune in’ to the area they need to so they can develop insights into issues or patterns that are causing you problems in your life.

In ancient Chinese Medicine or energy medicine, practitioners passed their hands over their patient’s body to scan and interpret the patient's aura. Now the aura can be viewed by sophisticated x-ray machines. Everyone has energy surrounding their physical body.

Is it safe?

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Energy is potent. And when you think in terms of nuclear energy, it can be destructive. But spiritual and soul energy is a powerful force for good. Intuitive people in the healing arts train, focus and direct their energy.

Most psychics, especially the empaths, protect themselves by white-lighting, meditation or visualization techniques between every reading. They are careful with their divination tools. Readers make a conscious effort to come into every reading with pure clean energy.

Readings are extremely safe. The main goal is to connect to your past, present or future to give you information. The information that you receive is always intended to help you find your path.

These days, more and more people are visiting psychics or having readings by phone. Many people believe that the phone is even a stronger connection based on the “link not layer” idea that the phone provides an additional channel to connect. “Link not layer” is the theory that using a telco connection actually amplifies the energy of the reading, and serves the purpose of a divining tool. It is not a “layer” caused by distance, but a link through the added power of digital energy.

What about mediums?

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Connecting with loved ones that have died can be both healing and inspiring.

Psychics that connect the living to their loved ones who have crossed over are called mediums. Keep in mind that most intuitive readers have more than one gift. For example, a psychic may be both a tarot card reader and a medium.

Many mediums use their gifts to comfort and reassure those left behind by putting them in touch with the spirit of those they lost. They work to connect the energy and validate that the deceased is at peace. Energy never dies. It transforms. Death is not a permanent ending to life; it is a change of address for the soul. At times, the reading is just a validation. Sometimes the spirit may have other messages for the seeker. Reassurance, advice, humor, and love are often present in these readings.

Mediums may use the energy as a channel. At times, this energy can even present itself as spirit guides that the psychic knows or souls that have crossed over that still have a strong presence in the physical reality.

When you plan on having a psychic reading, think about what you need to achieve. If you are trying to make life decisions or understand a situation, you should meditate on the questions you need answered. Sometimes we feel lost and a good reading will give us clarity. This connection may give you the insight to unravel your confusion. The readers at Psychic Elements cannot make your decisions for you, but we try to help you find the right direction which will empower you to make decisions on your own.

Good psychic readings leave you feeling clearer and more optimistic. How do psychics work? The answer is they work “just fine”.

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  1. This is a really great article Jackie. Thank you for posting. My friend went to a psychic reading, and she really found clarity. I have been having many problems in my life, and I think that seeing a psychic will really center my mind, body, and spirit, in this metaphysical realm. Hopefully I can make these readings a regular for me, so that I can succeed in life.

    1. Although we are a psychic line, Wally, we don’t advise being dependent on them – heed a professional psychic for guidance, but after that, the power should be in your hands!

  2. I’ve been trying to find someone that does energy readings. I didn’t know that psychics were able to do so much. I had no idea that they could direct so much energy towards me. Thanks for sharing this information.

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