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Unraveling the Secret: Signs You Are a Witch!

 Signs You Are a Witch

Do you occasionally have a strong kinship with the magical & fantasy world? Or the tales of witches, magic, and the power of nature fascinate you.

Do You Know What A Witch Is?

Witches are men or women who carry out tasks using the universe’s energy. There’s no way to identify who is a witch and who isn’t just on appearance, whether a wise woman wears her natural, long, grey hair and a knitted cover-up or a man wears sleek, black attire, silver adornments, and a cap.

It is possible that a person is born as a witch & his soul is in sync with nature and the universe.
However, few people choose their path of life towards witchery or witchcraft. So, the reason can be anything, we will discuss this topic in detail in this blog post.

Let us move ahead. Is it possible that you are a witch? Maybe yes, or maybe no.

Here are the signs you are a witch & discover your inner magical being.

Are You A Witch: Signs to find out?

These signs are strong evidence that you might be a witch or are on your path to reconnecting with your inner self and the witchcraft.

You are in tune with nature.
This sync with nature is one of the most apparent indications. Witches work with natural and earth energy. Many of their rituals depend on the lunar and solar phases. Have you ever felt energized or wanted to execute a ceremony on a full moon or new moon? Have you ever had a greater sense of tranquility outside—in a dense forest or close to a body of water—than inside your home or in a busy public space?
You can tell if you have witch potential if you feel at home in nature and tend to do things like take a river bath, touch trees, lay in moss, dip your toes in the ocean, watch birds, and enjoy the sound of dew on trees. Your senses elevate when you immerse in the natural world.

You practice rituals
Rituals include everything from burying objects in the ground to cleaning your room at a specific moon phase. As you acquire materials, your gut tells you to arrange or mix them in a particular way. Moreover, you may frequently consume herbs because they feel lovely in your body rather than because someone urged you to. If you naturally get attracted to the abovementioned things, you are probably connecting with the universal energy.

You talk to animals
You will undoubtedly know who you are if you fall into this category. Are you drawn to animals, and are animals drawn to you? If they interact with you naturally, you are likely neutral or appealing to animals, including wildlife. You can experience animals appearing frequently in your life for one reason or the other.

Witches tend to attract, but normal humans’ energy may clash with non-human creatures. This might be anything from neighborhood cats to an owl or deer in your yard. It’s possible that over your life, many animals have found you. This is a good sign.

Your intuition is sharp.
Yes, witches have a sharp sixth sense. Do you ever feel you can look through a person when he is talking to you? Even with this, you can visualize his past, present, and future as you tune into his energy field. Then there is a possibility that you are a witch.

Due to your innate psychic sense, you can help people choose the right path, gain foreclosure or identify whether a relationship is good or bad for them. You can also help the world by predicting a disaster or climatic tragedy. Yes, it does happen.

You have a familiar
In the dark ages, Christian people considered familiars to be demons and were not a common topic to talk about. There is fear in the mind of people about these things.

Neopagans and contemporary witches have different viewpoints and frequently refer to their domestic pets as familiar. Unlike the conventional black cat, familiars can be dogs, bunnies, wolves, owls, and other animals.

Here arises a question-

What is this familiar?
Familiar is a term that refers to the souls that often visit a witch to reconnect their relationship with her. These spirit guide animals are more intelligent, witty, attuned, and behave much more human-like than the other domestic pets.

You gather natural tools.
Whenever a person with witch characteristics strolls out in nature, they collect natural things like shells, bones, precious stones, abalone shells, feathers, or natural anomalies. You keep gathering these items wherever you come across them over the years & you may keep doing this to do some work.

Some witches naturally know how to use these natural elements to produce energies beyond the natural human world. However, if you have learned witchcraft with consistent practice & hard work, then you require a seasoned witch’s assistance or a little research to use this stuff wisely.

You are aware of herbs.
Herbs are best friends of witches. They use herbs to cure physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & psychic ailments. If you employ herbs in daily use & have a deep understanding of working with them, then it is highly probable that you are a natural witch and possess magical skills.

You are intelligent & wise.
Age is not a factor in becoming a witch & in some cases, a person is born as a witch but realizes it later in life. However, if you want to adopt the path of witchery yourself, don’t choose it at a very young age. Also, practice this unique skill with the help of proper guidance.

Witches first observe, then assess and act in the end depending on the need of the situation. They keep a healthy & respectful understanding of the significant events in life, like birth & death.

You are introvert
It is the fundamental nature of most of the witches. They feel anxious or disturbed in crowded places like big shopping malls, parks, and the like since they naturally start tuning to various kinds of energies from different persons.

So, they prefer to live in a peaceful, calm place away from the busy city life. They like to live alone most of the time in the lap of nature. They prefer groups only if it is their coven.

You detect energy
You can feel the energy of the people and the places around you, much like your ability to see through others (this is different from psychic or clairvoyant talents). Witches can frequently evaluate the energy field of a location or an object. They can tell if an item is cursed or used in evil rituals. Besides, witches can find out if a place has light energy or if a specific article has been utilized for good, charitable purposes with the help of their psychic senses.

Storms & Natural Events give you energy.
Experiencing a spiritual awakening while you experience lightning, thunder, smashing waves during a storm, or severe winds is a clear sign you are a witch. Any departure from the norm is ideal for work and recharge because witches frequently engage with nature and natural energy. Nothing excites them more than noticing the flow of the universal energy.

The journey begins: Embrace Your Witchy Nature!

If you find above mentioned signs in you, you might have a natural love for witchcraft. Accept this magical aspect of you and start learning about witchcraft, honing your craft, and meeting like-minded people.

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