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True Friendship: How to Recognize, Keep, and Rekindle It

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What is True Friendship?true friends

The marker of a true friendship is trust. If you can trust your best friend with the details of your life, then he or she is a true friend. You may not share everything, of course, but you feel secure that what you do share will go no further. You also know that you can express yourself freely and your friend won’t judge you. She may not agree with you, and she might have different or opposing views; nevertheless, she respects your opinions as you respect hers.

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You can talk about anything to your friend, and you can also share times of silence with no pressure to fill the space with words. You can laugh, cry and express every emotion in between and she will laugh and cry right along with you. She knows what to say when you are feeling down, and she knows how to celebrate when you are happy.


True friendship is knowing you can call your friend during a crisis, and she will drop what she is doing and respond. At that moment, you are the most important person in her world. You would do the same for her. You’d look after her children, feed her husband, walk her dog and hold her head. You can’t imagine life without this wonderful person in it.


How to be a Good Friend

Show yourself to be a good friend in words and deeds. Make sure you give your friend the time and best friendsattention she deserves. She might be on the other side of the world, but you need to put in the effort to stay in touch. There’s no excuse not to with social media apps available almost anywhere these days.


Be available for your friend. Be there when she breaks up with her boyfriend. Be there when she has a major falling out with her parents. Encourage her when she falters and praise her when she succeeds. Treat her life events, both failures and achievements, as your own.

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Psychic Connection with a Friend

Feeling connected on some other level is common among friends and very likely why the relationship developed in the first place. Signs that you might be connected psychically are:


  • You felt a shock of recognition when you met.
  • Her name pops into your mind, you check your Facebook feed, and she just left you a message.
  • You are casually thinking about her, and she phones you.
  • You are carrying out some mundane task thinking that you’d love a coffee, she walks into the room and offers to make you one.
  • You know how she is feeling without her telling you. You just 'know'.
  • You feel the need to contact her out of the blue.
  • You start talking about the same topic at the same time.
  • You feel like you have known her in another life.


A psychic connection might be quite weak, for example, it may only manifest occasionally. You will instinctively know whether it is real or only coincidence. Just enjoy it for what it is and don’t try to force it – you could freak her out.


Having a strong psychic connection could mean some things. It could be that you are both simply on the same wavelength, vibrating at the same frequencies. It’s possible that you were related in a previous life – you may have been sisters, mother and daughter, or even husband and wife.


Occasionally, these deep psychic friendships are short. It’s as though you were meant to bump into each other for a reason. Perhaps you had to help her through a difficult time. Or she supported you during a particular crisis. Once the job was done, the friendship dissolved in a natural way. These temporary bonds are signs that one of you was acting as an Earth Angel for the other.


Show Your Friend Appreciation

Friendships must be nurtured. Most of the time, they trundle along with no problem. Sometimes they need extra love and attention. Tell your friend you appreciate her being in your life. Write her silly notes. Leave her favorite chocolates in her purse for her to discover later. Tell her you have a free afternoon and ask what you can do to help her.


Dealing with Friendship Problems

Friendships do come under strain occasionally, and it is important to recognize whether it is a symptom of a relationship turning toxic or merely a speed bump to be negotiated. Most of the time, if she is a true friend, you can gently point out the problem and it will disappear.


Signs that a friendship has become toxic are if it feels imbalanced. One of you is more invested in it than the other. Perhaps one of you feels manipulated or used? You know that she needs you more than you need her, or it could be the other way round. You find yourself more and more unwilling to share your feelings with her. You catch yourself questioning her motives. It might be time to end the friendship in a way that causes both of you the least amount of pain and move on.


Losing a Friend

We all lose friends as we go through life. Sometimes it is a natural progression and a drifting apart. Physical location will often play a part. Not many friendships can be sustained over distance, although a true friendship will survive anything.


When a sincere friendship ends suddenly, it can be very painful, and you will go through a period of mourning and grief. Other people may not ‘get it’ that you are feeling so sad. However, you might discover that another acquaintance takes the part of an Earth Angel to help you through.


Rekindling a FriendshipOld friends

Reaching out to old friends can be very rewarding to both of you. If the friendship has strong roots, then you will just pick up where you left off. It might be temporary, or you may end up as lifetime buddies. Either way, it can be a fulfilling experience to catch up and renew those bonds. When rekindling a friendship, take it gently; a lot will have changed, so ease yourself back into the relationship gradually. Often, however, you have both changed over the years, and what you loved about that person is no longer so attractive. That usually means you will mutually allow the reconnection to fade away once more. If the connection is still there, you will know it. This time, don’t let the friendship drift, nurture it and build on it – there’s nothing so valuable as true friendship.

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