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The Top Psychic Questions We Get Asked

Psychic Questions FAQ

What do you think are the top psychic questions? Our psychics and tarot readers tell us that there are seven most common areas they are asked about almost every day. They are:

  • Love
  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Family
  • Spirituality
  • The afterlife

As a professional tarot reader, I can confirm this is the case. Love is always at the top of the list of most seekers’ concerns. Of course many issues are tied up with others, so there are always a lot of questions relating to work and raising a family, or career and health problems. Here, in no particular order, are the most common questions in each of the categories.

Psychic Questions when will i meet him

Questions Relating to Love

Love is one of life’s great motivators. It is also full of mystery and hidden depths. That’s why people find it helpful to get some clarification from a psychic reading. Examples of common love questions are:

  • Will I meet my soulmate/future husband soon?
  • I love him/her. How do I get them to notice me?
  • I feel a strong connection to her. Is this love?
  • Does she feel the same way I do?
  • Is he cheating?
  • How can I tell if he loves me?
  • He has not been in touch. Is he still interested?
  • My boyfriend and I split up. Will I ever see him again?
  • Is this relationship going anywhere?
  • We broke up last night. What are his feelings for me?
  • My boyfriend has been in contact with his ex. What does it mean?
  • It’s all going wrong. Should I end it?
  • Are we twin flames or soulmates?
  • Have we been together in a previous life?
  • I’ve cheated. Will he find out? Should I tell him?
  • I feel I should be happy with this person, but I’m not. What’s wrong with me?
  • She’s asked for some space. Is this the end?
  • My boyfriend lied and now I don’t know if I should trust him?
  • We have a lot in common. Are we destined to be together forever?
  • My boyfriend tries to control me. What should I do?
  • I’ve been single forever. Will I ever meet someone special?
  • I think I love my best friend’s girlfriend. What can I do?
  • It’s too soon to fall in love, but I think I am anyway. Please help.
  • I want to ask her on a date. Will she accept?
  • I told him I love him and now he won’t speak to me. What do I do?
  • All my relationships fail. Why is love so tough for me?

Psychic Questions Relating to Work and Career

The next most common area of life people want to know about is work and careers. Not surprising, given that we all spend so much time working. Questions about careers can range widely, from the overarching promotion and career path to the minutia of getting along with coworkers on a daily basis. 

  • What is my purpose regarding my future work?
  • I’ve been offered a new job. Should I accept it?
  • I’m looking for a job. Will I get an offer this month?
  • My job is boring. Should I change my career?
  • My boss is bullying me. What should I do?
  • I’ve been offered two positions. Which one should I choose?
  • I can’t decide whether to study this degree or that one. Which is better for my career?
  • Is it better to stay where I am with a decent salary or should I follow my heart?
  • Could you give me some career choices?
  • There’s a vacancy in another department? Should I apply?
  • I love to play computer games. Is there a way to make gaming a career?
  • The guy in the next cubicle is annoying. What should I do?
  • Will I be able to retire at 35?
  • I’m stuck in my current job. What can I do?
  • My job is so boring? I want to leave. Should I just go?
  • Help me choose between a job and going back to school.
  • How do I balance having children with a career?

Psychic Questions feat

Psychic Money Questions

Naturally, money concerns are often tied up with work and career, but one of the most common questions psychics are asked is ‘Will I win the lottery?’ and ‘What are this week’s lottery numbers?’ We all love that one. If only the spirits/our intuition/the cards would oblige. 

  • I am facing a lot of debt? Is there a way though this nightmare?
  • I’ve been told by another psychic that I will receive money. Is this true? And if so, when?
  • My friend owes me money. Will he ever pay it back?
  • I think my partner is stealing from me. Is it true?
  • I am thinking about investing in a certain scheme. Should I proceed?
  • How can I earn more money?
  • My sister accused me of stealing money. I didn’t. How can I convince her it wasn’t me?

Common Health Questions Posed to Psychics

Health is another major concern in life and questions can vary enormously. We have to be careful, as psychic advisors not to give out harmful advice. Many psychics won’t even answer questions relating to illness and disease, and if they do, they keep it as general as possible. The best advice we can give you when it comes to health matters is to consult your doctor.

  • I haven’t been feeling well. Is there something wrong with me?
  • My partner has been diagnosed with *a disease*. Will he recover?
  • I think my child is ‘on the spectrum’. Am I correct?
  • Will my health improve enough for me to get a job/go back to school?

Questions Regarding Family Problems

Questions about family issues come in many forms, from being worried about a particular person to wondering how to cope with all the demands that life places on families. Included in family issues are also questions about close friendships.

  • How can I convince my family I need some help?
  • My husband and daughter don’t get along. What can I do?
  • My children’s stepfather ignores them. What can I do?
  • My children’s father and I are divorced. How can I get him to take responsibility?
  • I’m worried about my son’s teacher. He says she bullies him.
  • My best friend and I have had an argument. We haven’t spoken in weeks and I miss her. How can I fix this?
  • My mother is struggling to cope and she expects me to do everything. I have a family of my own. How can I help her?

Questions Relating to Spirituality

These kind of questions are often the most interesting for psychics and tarot readers because it shows that the seeker is looking beyond their daily life for answers about themselves. We enjoy delving into someone’s psyche at a deeper level and helping them take the next step along their spiritual path.

  • I’ve recently been drawn to exploring my spirituality. What can you tell me?
  • I feel as if my problems have led me to a turning point. What’s the next level?
  • I don’t feel like other people. I’m different. Am I a witch or a psychic?
  • My head is in a whirl about all the possibilities facing me. How can I decide?
  • I’m having weird dreams. Am I psychic?
  • I seem to know what’s going to happen in the future. Am I having psychic visions?

Questions About Death, Dying and the Afterlife

Last, but not least, and generally one of the top areas of psychic discussion is ‘messages from the other side’. Many psychics make this their priority, particularly as they primarily communicate with the psychic realm through a spirit guide.

  • My dad recently passed. Have you a message from him?
  • I need to know that my brother is okay. Can you tell him we love and miss him?
  • What can the spirits tell me about anything in my life?
  • I want to know what really happened?
  • Where is the jade vase/hidden stash/other priceless artifact?
  • Can the spirits tell me if I will win the lottery?

Psychic Questions Ask
So there’s a round-up of the most common psychic questions our advisors are asked. If your curiosity has been aroused about a similar issue in your life, give one of our professional readers a call. 

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