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Rainbow Children: Teaching the World to Hope

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"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow."
— Old Native American Prophecy

Rainbow children are said to be the third generation of star children that are arriving on earth to pave the way for cosmic consciousness. The Indigo children are in the midst of breaking down traditional structures. Crystal children then build a brand new foundation on top of the paradigm and light the way for the Rainbow Children. When the Rainbow Children rise, they will complete the building that they other generations started.

i dreamed i could make a rainbow temari Image source: Temari 09 on Flickr

They are the greatest hope of the world. They are on a mission to save humanity from itself.

There are rainbow children and rainbow warrior prophecies in many cultures. From the ancient Tibetans, Native American Indian tribes, Hawaii, the Incas, the Mayans and even from Scotland, their arrival has been foretold. They started to be born at the turn of the Millenium, after the year 2000.

13 Facts About Rainbow Children

1. As their name implies, Rainbow children have auras filled with rainbow colors.

2. Since the Rainbow children only started incarnating in the year 2000, there aren't that many of them on earth yet. According to psychic Doreen Virtue, the Rainbow children do not have previous lives on earth. Unlike the Indigo children and the Crystal children, they have less time in the physical body without the resulting karma. Their time has been spent as evolving souls of "light". They are new beings and carry with them hope.

3. Unlike the Indigos, the Rainbows choose happier childhoods. They avoid dysfunctional family drama since they have no karma to work through. They are not weighed down by the past, and welcome the future with an all-inclusive embrace.

happy david robert bliwas Image source: David Robert Bliwas on Flickr

4. Rainbow children are extraordinarily psychic and telepathic. They can see the future and read your thoughts and feelings, all at the same time. They are experts at the "quick study" approach to learning and the art of instantaneous manifestation.

They are gifted. As with other generations, many of them display these gifts from a young age. But it takes them a little time to master their unique abilities.

5. These children are "other" oriented. They are selfless. They want to be of service. Many healers and practitioners will develop in their midst. They are also artists, musicians and creative types whose art and music is a healing multi-colored bridge that connects humans to Spirit.

6. They are fearless, trusting and forgiving. They are enthusiastic and optimistic. They have few if any prejudices or preconceived notions. Often their faith in humanity is proven true.

trust carol walker Image source: Carol Walker on Flickr

7. Rainbows are less emotional and more upbeat than their predecessors. They don't stay angry long. They refuse to be depressed. They often recover quickly from tragedies.

8. They have high energy. The rainbow child may tend to be hyperactive. This energy is both physical and mental. The parents of a rainbow child need to develop patience and routines to survive the constant energy marathon.

9. They have strong wills and rarely slow down. They understand exactly what direction to take or road to turn on. Sometimes their parents will just have to trust them; they often know best what they need.

They are unstoppable. Tragedy and traumas that would destroy or severely damage another person only delay the progress of the rainbow warrior soul!

somewhere there lives a fairy rana usman Image source: Rana Usman on Flickr

10. The Rainbow child is in tune with the vibration of colors. They dress boldly and gravitate to bright colors. They are happiest when they are in a colorful light environment.

11. Rainbow children are said to carry natural immunity to certain toxins that permeate most modern cultures. They are health-oriented. They maintain and cleanse their bodies without a lot of effort. They avoid toxic environments and junk food. They are not prudes but shy away from drug and alcohol use.

12. They are joy personified. It is impossible not to love a rainbow child. Their open nature and free spirit is contagious.

13. The rainbow child is a friend to Mother Nature, a fan of Father Time and totally in sync with all nature's rhythms. They believe that the planet will be healed. They love plants, animals, sunsets and unicorns. They trust people. There is something about them that is as timeless as the ocean and as brand new as a flowering rosebush.

“Rainbows introduce us to reflections
of different beautiful possibilities
so we never forget that pain and grief
are not the final options in life.”
― Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow

As the rainbow child, at first, brings joy and peace to their families, they will ultimately branch out their efforts in a wider circle. They are unforgettable.

Once you meet them, you can't forget them. Their rainbow spirit leaves its mark on your memory.

They bring their healing rainbow energy wherever they go. Everything they touch is better for having them around. They spread more peace and love than was experienced in the 1960's.

syrian refugee children world bank photo collection Image source: World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr

"What is, What was
And what will be, you see,
It happened this way
from within,
The people of the Way
The Rainbow Tribe"
— Author Unknown

These amazing souls seem perfectly balanced in their yin and yang. Their male and female energies are in tune and unafraid.

The rainbows are confident while maintaining a peaceful attitude. Sometimes it seems like they survive on air and light.

These intuitive, creative souls are universal lovers and master givers. They take the high road. They are not needy or mean spirited. The Rainbow kids will definitely be leaving the world a better place than they found it. They will also be sticking around longer than previous generations.

The purpose of these rainbow warrior souls is almost instinctual. They don't waste a lot of time trying to figure things out. They start right away to complete the work of the Indigo and Crystal children.

They are appearing more frequently now and will be returning in large numbers in the next decades. So get ready to be charmed and dazzled and changed. They are going to love you unconditionally, and you will love them right back. There isn't much choice. Did I mention that it is impossible not to love them?


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