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What is Psychometry or Clairtangency?

psychometry clairtangency

Psychometry, or clairtangency (clear touching), is the ability to sense information by touch. Usually, this is applied to an inanimate object, such as a piece of jewelry, clothing or even a motor vehicle. The word ‘psychometry’ literally means ‘measuring the soul’, and was coined by Joseph Rodes Buchanan in 1842. It’s based on the theory that everyone leaves a vibration or resonance on objects they handle.


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As new revelations in quantum physics are unveiled the most telling fact is, at a sub-atomic level, everything is only vibrating energy. There is nothing solid at that level. Therefore, the idea that an object can hold the vibration of human contact is not so crazy after all.

Buchanan believed that thoughts, actions, and events would leave a persistent resonance on an object and that certain sensitive people can ‘read’ the vibrations held within. He also believed anyone can become psychometrically aware with some training.

Practical Applications of Psychometry

The most well-known application of psychometry is in the field of crime. There are many accounts of psychics helping police in solving crimes, including murder. However, in many states and countries, evidence based on psychometry is inadmissible.

Another way in which clairtangency is used is in a ‘psychometric reading’, where the client gives an object to a psychic, who then offers a reading of the client’s personality, influences and their past, present and future.

Gathering information about an object’s history is useful to antiquarians, historians, geologists, etcetera. However, it is thought that information collected through psychometry can only be theoretical as there is no way of proving it unless it can be accurately linked to physical data, such as radio-carbon testing.

Clairtangency could be super-helpful in many aspects of daily life. You could use it to avoid certain places and situations. You could use it when making shopping choices, especially a big purchase such as a house or second-hand vehicle.

Famous Psychometrists

Noreen Renier has helped the police successfully in over 400 cases, including murder. In 2005, she helped locate the body of a missing man by holding his toothbrush and a pair of his shoes. The body was exactly where she said it was. In her private readings, Renier asks for a lock of hair from the subject, from which she can pick up such things as facial features, as well as deliver information about the past, present and future.

Anne Dentin Cridge, the sister of the prominent geologist, William F. Dentin, was able to identify geological specimens when she held them, wrapped in cloth, against her forehead.

Russian-born Stephan Ossowiecki was able to decipher the contents of notes in sealed envelopes. The notes had to be handwritten, not typed. He was able to give information to people who had lost loved ones by holding an object that they had handled.

psychometry clairtangency

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Are you Clairtangent?

  • You might be Clairtangent if any of the following apply to you:
  • You feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable in cluttered places. Even if you aren’t usually claustrophobic, you could be picking up on vibrations coming from so many objects gathered in one place. This also may be why some people can’t bear it when their homes become cluttered and untidy. Restoring order seems to calm the energy of a room.
  • You cannot bear second-hand stores, whether it be a thrift store, antique market, auctioneers or even a garage sale  – those competing, clamoring vibrations make you feel quite queasy.
  • You can locate missing objects quickly. You can’t explain why, but you instinctively know where the lost item is lurking.
  • If you’ve ever entered a pawnshop or one of those payday loan/cash-for-items premises and felt a need to leave as quickly as possible. These places are repositories for negative emotions, as people who use them are usually in desperate circumstances.
  • Museums are not deadly dull to you. The energy emanated by some objects thrill, attract or repel you. Museums are not quite the same as other places where old items are stored because of their calm atmosphere and also because there is plenty of space, so vibrations are not competing as much.
  • Do you feel you need to take a shower after spending time in a particular place, even though you might not have touched anything? It feels as if disturbing energies are clinging to you.
  • You’ve purchased an item and immediately feel you have to pass it on or throw it away. It’s simply too icky-feeling to use or wear.

Developing Psychometric/Clairtangent Abilities

It is highly possible that you can improve your clairtangent abilities by only practicing frequently. Ask someone to let you hold an object that belongs to a third person and write down or record any impressions you receive. It’s best to do this on your own and to take your time, as having another person present can hinder you in the beginning.

A fun method of developing your clairtangent skills is to have an experimental psychometric party with a group of friends. Each person brings along a personal object, which is placed in a bag by a ‘referee’; someone who is not taking part, preferably out of sight in another room. All the bags should be identical. It doesn’t matter if the object itself can be identified – that’s not the aim of the game. Each participant chooses, or is given, a bag, closes their eyes and, after a few minutes, they describe their feelings and thoughts as they handle the object. They are then asked if they can identify who the object belongs to. It’s surprising how often the participants are accurate.

Clairtangency is a good place to start when learning any psychic skill. If you can pick up and recognize vibrational energies from an object by touch, after a while, you’ll be able to do it without touching. This, in turn, helps you pick up energy from people and places. When you feel confident with psychometry, you can progress to being a fully-fledged medium.

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