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Psychic Dreams! When a Dream Becomes a Vision

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"To sleep, perchance to dream-ay, there's the rub."

From Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Everybody dreams!  And most of us have had intuitive or psychic dreams. Ancient man recorded his visions on the walls of caves. In today’s world, many of us share the experience online.

A normal dream typically occurs during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep. This is the deepest sleep in the cycle. When we are asleep the unconscious rules! But dreams, visions and premonitions can happen, at other times, too.

Most of the time our dreams have no meaning. They are just a random string of thoughts, which we may not even remember. There are also powerful psychic dreams, where future events are given to us while we sleep.

You may dream that you will see an old friend…and the next day, out of the blue, they knock on your door. Dreams can tell us of good fortune or the loss of someone we love. Big dreams and little dreams come true every day.  It’s important to understand the nature of our dreams, because intuition is linked to every life.

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Source: Icsaddis

In 1912, the Titanic sunk. The huge ship went down with hundreds of souls still on board. Both before and after the tragedy, people were reporting psychic dreams that foretold the event. Some of these premonitions were validated by date.  Although no one was able to stop the disaster, some people knew it would happen.

In 1962, when astrologer/psychic, Jeanne Dixon, predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, no one really listened until after it happened. At the turn of the millennium, starting in the year 2000, there are hundreds of reported visions of the twin tower tragedy in New York.

It’s clear that sometimes, a dream is more than just a normal dream.

We can’t always change the things we see. But more often, when the sixth sense is activated, there is a reason for it. Some dreams give us advanced warnings to either avoid danger or prepare for difficult events. Sometimes we are given advanced knowledge in able to find a solution to a problem.  

Every time we sleep, our unconscious is set free from the physical world and enters a different, more timeless dimension. We are all connected at a soul level and dreams, both individual and shared ones, are the DNA of the soul.

Psychic premonitions (both sleeping and awake) have been happening since the dawn of time. Every civilization has recorded incidents. In the realm of the unconscious, we are all psychic beings.

There are as many types of dreams, as there are dreamers. An understanding of the most common “foretelling” dreams may help you sleep better at night.

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Source: Live Psychics Network

Soul Walking:    When you “tune in” to a person or a real-life event in an attempt to divine the future it is almost like an out-of-body experience.  Sometimes the experience is so real that you are not surprised to discover that the event actually did take place.  Soul walking, while in a dream-like state is more common than you think. The dreamer can actually visit another physical location and hear and see everything that is going on.

Premonitions:   Predicting future events can be a little scary, especially if the dreams are of events like the Titanic or 9-11.  In the case of tragic premonitions, they might be better called nightmares.  Sometimes this phenomenon takes the form of messages from spirits or people that have passed.

At any rate, intuition that is activated while someone is sleeping doesn’t always have to be about impending doom, death or tragedies.   

The strange thing about precognition dreams is that they often reoccur.  It may be a sign of a precognition dream if you have it three times.

Telepathic Dreams:   Images, thoughts and feelings transmitted from person-to-person are sometimes sent through dreams. Telepathic dreams are best described as, one person “tapping” on another.

In almost every case, only those that are very close emotionally (linked souls) that are able to send images and emotions to another.

Dreams that are manifested by telepathy are often transmitted by twins or soulmates. This type of high level communications is multi-dimensional.  A non-verbal language of images and thoughts most often connects, when one of the two is sleeping.

 One person “taps” on another through a focused projection of energy. The dream can feel so real that the person that is receiving the “tap” my physically feel it.

Keep in mind, that sometimes these dreams are intentionally sent.  On other occasions, there is no conscious effort involved.

Insightful Dreams: This is where a person gains knowledge far beyond their own lifetime. Visionaries and spiritual leaders often gain insights in their dreams that are greater than the wisdom of the current world.

 Nostradamus is said to have received great insight of events, that would happen centuries after his death.

Shared Dreams: When the same dream is shared by two or more people, it is usually a vision of things to come. Sometimes precognition dreams can be shared across a large number of people.

When you wake up from a shared dream, it can leave you anxious and confused. When many people share one dream, it can drive you to connect with the other dreamers. A shared dream (especially a reoccurring one) can cause disruptions in the sleep patterns.  It may be difficult to sleep for fear of having the dream again.

Lucid or Waking Dreams:  Waking dreams are different in many respects. Often the person may be wide awake when suddenly they experience a vision. These dreams may involve a trance-like state.

Waking dreams can be startling. They definitely prompt an emotional response.

Dream interpretation is an art and a science. There are common symbols and meanings in many dreams. For instance; who hasn’t had a fear of falling. Dream journals are an excellent way to learn what your dreams mean.

Through psychic dreams, we can sometimes find out about events that are yet to come. The irony is that the only way to be certain if your dream is a true foretelling of the future, is to wait and see if it comes true.

Worried about strange dreams? Consult with the best psychics for advice.

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  1. I have the waking dreams often and most of them involve me getting chased by people in black, I was with my freind at a book store and I had one of the vision type things and it was about a book then after we walked through the next isle I saw the book. I had never seen this book in my life and I could tell her the whole plot correctly. What does the chasing dream mean?

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  3. i have psychic dreams every night.with great accuracy. this is been going on for over a year.i am just wondering where this is all leading. i have a plethora of stories too much to mention i must say i find it exciting.


  4. Ok Im have a all different types of thees visons, there was a time when I was in jail and my grandfather who past away earler in the mouth. And he was in one of the visons, him and I were just walking but I could sence negetive energy, he was helping me with something. Before I had a vison I was in my bed and I knew for a fact that my grandfather had died, but when I got up I wasint sure if he did or not. I told my dad about it he told me that if he had a chance to help one of his grandchildren he would most likly help me.

    If any one can help me just email me I don't know what I should do.

  5. I experience all of these forms of dreaming. In fact, I've come to somewhat master them. I'm very proud to say this since I am only 22 now. I Have a vast amount of time to grow more so. I yearn to grow my soul and total spiritualism!

  6. Since you are a master at these dream types, can I ask you something? I just had a dream that felt like it would come true, but it incredibly linked to my fear. Should I believe in the dream or not? If you need details just contact me.

  7. I have been having dreams that are warnings and some that have come true.  I am glad I am not the only one.  however your dream of being chased by something in black first thought that came to me was that your life is in need of a desperate change you need to make.  it is haunting you, it maybe something you are afraid to change, but it knows it must be made and maybe once the thought of this changed followed you, but now it is chasing you because it really needs to happen and you have to let go of what ever fear you have.

    Sometimes the thing we fear the most is the thing we have to do to be happy.

    just my thought…I have been a dreamer for 40 plus years and I am also a receiver of messages and something prompted me to send this to you.


  8. Had dreams of an significance of three beings and that they all wanted me. Everywhere I've gone they followed even though the world was falling apart around us.

  9. One dream I had myself made me very worried when I woke up. I was extremely scared that a dream could represent something really bad. If ever a dream was a premonition this was it! I tried to decode the dream. I linked the dream with one person – and this woman's two sons also appeared in the dream. By the end of that day I was surprised that the day had passed without incident. But just at that time the person I linked the dream with died in a car accident. The dream featured a car accident which was identical. I was absolutely convinced beforehand that this dream was significant. So the premonition was quite astonishing. It certainly convinced me.

  10. hi i am new here and i need your help i've been having this dream which came true my dream was about a car accient which happend to my bf and i'm really scared i don't know what to do

  11. Hi Jocelyn, there’s nothing you can actually do, apart from asking your boyfriend to take extra care. We all dream about losing people and your dream is nothing more than a horrible nightmare. I dreamed when I was a little girl that my mother had died in her twenties – she’s still going strong at almost 80. Your boyfriend will be fine {hugs}

  12. I have had many that come to pass. There have been many people involved in most of mine. I have had visitors of relatives that were soon to pass. I have sent myself to watch over my grandchildren. I feel others pain, so it makes things very hard for me to be out in the open with others. We all see things in our dreams, most choose to either ignore or forget what they see. Love and Light to all that dream in color.

  13. sorry for the late reply I never got a notification saying you replied to me. I just randomly decided to look up my old threads and saw you. But pertaining to your question about your dream; yes you should take it seriously and trust in your feelings of that fear. It is most likely given to you to warn you of a future event about yourself. Your soul is giving you this vision allowing you to see what is to come and fear is present because it is a warning of something bad to come. Your soul knows no time so therefore your soul can see into the future and since you are receiving this vision dream you have the chance to change or get ready for what is to come. Do not ignore

  14. My husband and I have been trying to have another baby for over a year now. I had a very vivid dream and it involved my stepdad (who passed away and whom I was very close with). Everytime he is in my dreams they are always vivid memorable ones. In this dream I was very upset bc I had just lost a baby and my stepdad was sitting at a table and asked me to sit and said "come so I can heal you". As I sat next to him he touched me and I was thrown into a vision. The vision was me at a picnic with family and my daughter (who is 3yr old now) was running with a little girl on her back, like a 'piggy-back' and the little girl looked directly at me. At that moment a little boy around the same age as her tugged at me and said "see he healed you". I was bent over sobbing in my dream and I immediately woke up crying. I laid in my bed for about ten minutes just sobbing. I don't believe it was "just a dream". I have never had a vision within a dream either. I should also note that my daughter constantly talks about when she is a big sister she is going to have 2 babies, one boy one girl. A few years ago I went to a psychic medium in town and she asked me if it was a joke between myself and my husband about having twins, and I said yes bc they run in both of our familes and she said "I only ask bc Bob (stepdad) said he loved being a father to twins and he will hold the souls of yours before you recieve them". Needless to say I can't shake the idea of that may be a possibility and having this dream a couple weeks ago was shocking and incredible! If it does actually come true I will let you know! 🙂

  15. What a beautiful dream, Kati. And I’m sure it was more than a dream. We’ll look forward to the good news!

  16. i always remember when I was in primary school and had a boyfriend I dreamt he would break up with me… the next day it happened. 

    When I was in high school sat In Science class I felt like a family member that I wasn't close with would pass away, and shortly after finishing school I was told by my parents that a great uncle had passed away. I never told anyone, because I imagine that would upset them.

    then the other night I had a dream about an eclipse, I had no idea before having the dream so I wasn't prompted by information in the media the days leading up to the dream, but the day after dreaming about it I saw in the news there was a total eclipse.

    im really interested in knowing more about this, and learning how to allow it to happen more often if possible. 

  17. Hi Chloe, thanks for sharing your psychic dreams. Really interesting. Have a look at this page – you might find a useful link or two there. I’ve listed some psychic chat forums towards the bottom of the page. Good luck and keep dreaming!

  18. In my life, I have had a gazillion dreams, but only a handful of them have actually came true. The most significant one happened when I was in jail. I had a dream about these two other inmates who were in the same section of the jail as me. We weren't really friends, but got along well enough. One night I dreamt that they tried to escape from the jail and oddly enough, in my dream they tried escaping in only their underwear. I'm not gay, so nude and semi-nude men are not things I typically dream about. Haha. It was awkward. There was one person in the jail with me who was my friend and I told him about the dream the next morning. We joked about it a bit. 

    The following day, 2 mornings after I had the dream, the two guys whom I dreamt of really did try to escape during our assigned outdoor recreation time. Everyday, each section of the jail got an hour outside in a field that is surrounded by two, tall, chainlinked fences with rolls of barbed wire along the tops. The two guys who tried to escape wore clothes outside that day, plenty of clothes, extra clothes than normal actually. When they made their escape, they took off almost all their clothes, their sweat suits, t shirts, jail shirts and jail pants, and threw them over the barbed wire on top of the fences to pad themselves from getting sliced up. And they went for it… in nothing but boxers, socks, and shoes. 

    They did not get away. They got the hell tazed out of them. They did not escape, but got pretty damn close. 

  19. That’s a great story, Michael. I bet the friend you told about the dream was pretty amazed too. 

  20. I keep having dreams about human trafficking. They are all different. Last night I dreamt that I was walking past a library I think and asked, “How many?”. I was told six. Intuitively I knew it was 6 young Pakistan women. It’s been different every time and in a previous one I think the children were American. Does any one else dream of this specific subject?

  21. Hi Jodie,

    i just woke from a recurring dream about human trafficking as well. I was trying to home in on the streets where I saw it, and report. The street names I came up with all were very similar. I was trying to call the police over and over. They were all very white, boys and girls aged 4-12 or so. Maybe 6-8 of them being inspected in their underwear by a white male. I am absolutely horrified. I have had premonition dreams in the past which have come true though not very often. When I get this feeling it is very strong. Is there anything I should do?  Such a horrific subject matter. 



  22. Hope you can help me. For the past week I’ve been getting these creepy visions that are coming true. First was one of someone in a car accident- that day my mom got into a car accident. The next night I had a dream of a funeral wake and Bob and Deena showed up. At first I thought it was my own funeral (you know- daddy issues and all lol) but then I found out yesterday that his mother is on her deathbed in Arizona and he flew down there. Now last night I had a dream of someone from Irish descent is going to die. Then right before I woke up I saw Anubis- he didn’t say anything and didn’t scare me at all. But I got the message loud and clear- he’s the one sending me the visions. 

    Anubis has never been my patron anything and quite frankly he used to scare the crap out of me lol. I haven’t watched or read anything having to do with Egyptian gods lately so I don’t know where this is coming from. 

    Why am I suddenly getting these? I haven’t had visions in many many years and now all of a sudden I’m seeing things again? 

    I’ve been so lost for so long and I feel like this is a loud signal of what I’m supposed to do but I can’t translate. 

    Any help you could give id REALLY appreciate. 

  23. Fascinating, Gara. I think all you can do is to ask for clarity. Perhaps before you go to sleep. You may receive a clear answer and direction sooner or later. Be patient.

  24. i had a weird dream that I could see ghosts a couple days ago. I don't remember in my dream, but I woke up saying "that what is that date?" Then sep. 22 miday. It could of just been because I was watching evan almighty i think the date in the movie was sep. 22 but I'm not sure nothing has happened yet but….

  25. Can anyone tell me what this means? Whenever my BF messages me while I'm sleeping he shows up in my dreams which causes me to wake up and check his message 

  26. Hi Honey, maybe your phone notification sound is causing you to wake, and in that split second between sleep and wakefullness, you dream of him 🙂

  27. My wife dream of a baby, who grows so fast, and the baby told my wife, when the baby was in the belly, he sucked many negative energy. I ask my wife if the baby is her? She says no. She just encounter this baby and tell her about him.

    Can anyone help to translate this dream?

    I read in the online website that the dream meaning is if we dream of an evil baby or demon baby it means we take project too much in real life, but my wife's grandma who actually has sixth sense told her one day that dreaming a baby means burden for our life. We confuse, and in uncertainy now. We need someone who can explain to me what's going on with my wife, Hesty Haryana, she had bad dreams this several months for several times, like snakes in boxes in front of her, my wife said to them I'm not afraid of you, Lord Jesus is my protector. But there is sound seems like laughing at my wife.

    Hope someone would help me and my wife, to explain about those bad dreams and tell us what is the meaning of that? Is it a premonition or admonition? Or is it just our worries or anxiety? What should we do? 




  28. My daughter has had the same dream a few times that she dies in a car accident. She has had the same dream since she was 8. Should I be worried ?

  29. I don’t think that worrying would solve anything. It depends how your daughter feels about having this kind of dream. If it is affecting her wellbeing, then perhaps seek professional help?

  30. I always dream of things, places and events that after couple of months or years it will eventually come true. The exact location and feeling when I was in that dream will be the same when that event will happen or when I saw that place for the first time. I dont know why is such things is happening and the reason behind it. Can I improve it to guide me? 

  31. Hi, I have been having dreams for many years about family members dying and good fortune. I dreamed I won the lottery twice and I did. I dreamed my parents / sons death. And I had another dream again of fortune. The only thing I hate I don't know when that scares me. And when I do dream it be exactly like it was in my dream. I just want to know how to channel them in the future.

  32. I've had this dream where I saw my mum's death like how it happened to the day of her funeral what does it mean it all felt like I was there seeing her die.

  33. I have had dreams of airplane crashes. I wrote down the last 2 before they happened and also wrote excatly how it crashed and how many people died. No one believed me until it happened. They were afraid of me after that. Its more then dreams though. Its also premanitions that come tru and much more. Its good to hear I'm not the only one.

  34. All my life I have had Dreams of the future and past (before I was born). all though as of late they have stopped and it worries me.

  35. you seem to an empath which means it's natural to be shy. also you naturaly feed of emotion, and don't worry it won't hurt them. if you can master that skill you might be able to transmit emotions. also watch out for energy vampires they are your natural preditor.

  36. i have had “dream(s)” like these described ever since I could remember back starting around age 6-7. 30 some years later and I haven’t forgotten one detail or taste/smell/etc….of a few.

    Worst one was waking up screaming in pain holding my temple with my ears ringing from the sound of a shotgun going off. Twenty minutes after awakening and rushing to my dads bedroom telling him what dreamt and felt and how I saw my aunt dead and bleeding,  the home phone rings with news my aunt was shot in the exact temple with a shotgun by her husband 1/2 an hour prior to me waking up from the vision. This scary vision occurred while I was still in high school. 

    I have had yet another one of these types of vision like dreams three days ago that my cousin (my murdered aunts oldest child who is in their 40s currently) was strangled to death by her younger sibling (who’s in their 30s). 

    I woke up from this one only after my husband had to shake me awake yelling my name to wake up and my husband asked “who the heck was strangling you in your dream?” My throat hurt for a few hours afterward. Couldn’t get in contact with my cousin who was being strangled in my dream and today I get the dreaded phone call that she was strangled to death by he younger brother 2 days ago after he broke into her apartment. 

    Why is this happening and why am I this way? I don’t like being able to see and feel these things happen and then without fail it happens just like I dreamt it and almost exactly like I would write down moments after waking up? 

    How do people deal with these types of visions that hurts my very inner core of my being? Why can’t I stop them? 

  37. I dont know if I am precognitive or not but it all started 4 years ago. I dream I received a phone call that my husband had died and a narrative this is how you will tell the kids.  Three days later he died. He had been completely healthy, eating right playing soccer 3 times a week. He was 52. He died of an aortic diasection.  The phone call came exactly like my dream.  Then 2 years later I had a vision during the day that I would be holding my fathers hand singing to him when he died.  It was that night it happened exactly like the vision.  I also dreamt I would get in a car accident and it said to not get the car fixed due to previous damage becuase after the accident it would all be fixed.

  38. i was with my kids father for 8 years, he was my first and only real love, we were soul mates.i dont think i will ever love another man the way i loved him.he ended up going to prison with a life sentence, and i stood by him for 3 years in before I decided to move on with my life.we still remained good friends more like family and we could still talk to eachother about anything. I recently had a dream that he was stabbed to death in prison and i woke up crying and super emotional and kinda freaking out untill I realized it was just a nightmare.after that nightmare i felt more drawn to him as if i needed to be closer to him, i felt like i should tell him that i still love him and always will but held back because after so many years and where we stood it would probably be weird.well 2 months after that nightmare his mother called me late at night this October and told me he was stabbed to death in whole world came crashing down.i feel like i seen it happen before it happened and my mind was telling me to clear the air with him while i had the chance, and i never did.that nightmare and what happened to him will haunt me for the rest of my life..i wish it was all just  a nightmare will never be the same without him.

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