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7 Steps to Manifest the Perfect Career for Me

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Manifesting is the art of making things appear in your life. It’s not that complicated. In reality, it’s possible to create an achievable plan. If you want to live your life with purpose and passion, be intentional from the start. You can have what you can call "the perfect career for me".  
To live an authentic and joyful existence, it’s vital that you follow your heart. But when trying to manifest the right career, you also need to focus your intentions.

Can you develop a plan like you would remodel a house? A new sunroom and a little paint and you have a renovation.  Can you style your life the way a designer adds chic and elegance to a house or the way an author writes a book? 

For example, no one can change their upbringing: the parents, siblings, or childhood experiences are all pretty much set.  Everything that happened to you in the past has had influence on who you are today.

So you have to start now; this is your beginning. Whatever happened before you came to your present awareness is in the past. If it was painful, let it go.

If it was inspirational or enlightening, use it by incorporating it into your plan. 

1. Get Your Inspiration

inspiration – thai jasmine Image source: Thai Jasmine on Flickr

No one can be happy doing a job that they hate. There may be times when you have to work hard at the wrong job. Everyone needs income to live.  But it is important that you are working towards something.

You need to get your inspiration. Find your muse. Discover your passion.

It’s time to take a look at what you want to do. By understanding what your strengths and interests are, you can find a way to monetize them.
Are you creative? Can you turn that into a career writing, painting or designing web pages?

Do you love science? Or nature? Do you have the talent of a musician or the skill of a carpenter?

Look into your core. Once you know what you love, you can start planning how to use that passion.

Simple logic tells you that some careers require education. If you want to help sick people as a doctor or a nurse, you are going to have to go to school. Most passions will require education in one form or another. 

Begin planning the long term goals. Research schools and requirements!

2. Visualize Your Plan

visualize – kevin dooley Image source: Kevin Dooley on Flickr

You need a plan. Develop a comprehensive blueprint for your life. Think in terms of an architect’s plan, the author’s table of contents, or a business summary.

You began with your goals and filled in all the details required to achieve them. You may fall short or modify along the way, but put together and organize a timeline and strategy plan. 

Think of this as a roadmap that will get you from point A to point B. Point A is today. Point B is your dream career.

All you need is the bare bones basics to start.  And all you need is a general idea of how to get there. You can fill in the blanks later!

3. Center Your Thoughts

center your thoughts – howard ignatius Image source: Howard Ignatius on Flickr

After you’ve created a plan for your life, it’s time to focus your energies.

Think in terms of goals. It’s better if you write them down. Or you can even use a vision board. The most important thing is the ability to focus on your plan. When you center your thoughts and energy on your target (goals), it makes all the difference.

It’s time to become conscious and aware of your plans and thoughts. This is the energy work required to realize your goals. Don’t be surprised if many of the details line up while you are visualizing.
Start to fill those details in your career plan.

Try to eliminate distractions and target your top priority. You will need to incorporate the visualization (meditation) into your daily routine.

4. Take Action

take action – alessandro pautasso Image source: Alessandro Pautasso on Flickr

So now you have a plan. You have centered your thoughts on your goals and decided the logical course you need to take to make them happen. It’s time to take the actions necessary to revitalize your life and give it direction.

If you would like to make a career change or correct your current direction, find out what it takes to do it.

Research is the number one action that starts the forward motion towards your new life. Education may be on the list, so take some action towards achieving that ultimate goal. 

Whether you need to get financing for courses, training for a new position, or develop your skill set necessary for the career move, start taking action. You are following the action steps from your life design blueprint. The process will energize your efforts. 

5. Maintain Your Efforts

effort – tom woodward Image source: Tom Woodward on Flickr

Your life design should be so detailed that there will be milestones to help you see your progress. Did the facts and information you gathered give you everything required to reach your goals? Do you need to schedule some additional steps to success? Is this a challenge that you are taking while holding a full-time job? 

Try and do something every day towards making your dreams come true.  Stay on course. Be consistent. Keep watching your progress and celebrate the small victories. 

When your plan succeeds, it will be made up of lots of small successes that go toward your larger goals. Every day success and maintenance is one step nearer to your ultimate life redesign.

6. Modify and Re-Adjust Your Plan

new directions – louis vest Image source: Louis Vest on Flickr

Make corrections when you need to. It’s okay to alter your course when a different course of action is indicated. 

Modification may be important when you re-examine your actions and your goals. As you hit obstacles, realize the simplest way around them may be a whole different direction than you originally planned. 
Stay flexible enough so that you can re-vamp and correct your course. 

Perhaps there’s a shortcut that you didn’t know about when you started this journey. Establish innovative actions to get you back on the path. There may be many roads to get you where you are going. Keep the energy flowing!

7. Get Support

support – klengel Image source: R∂lf Κλενγελ on Flickr

All builders have a team. The designer styles the house, then the contractor steps in and hires plumbers, electricians, framers, etc. As you design your life, your team might embody coaches, mentors, teachers, associates, partners, interns, contractors, and whoever else will assist you to deliver the goods of your goals.

As you begin operating, you need to stay organized and consistent. Don’t forget to! With these life design tools in your tool chest, you’re on the right track.

You can use these steps to find the right career path. Or if you have hit roadblocks in your life, try them to re-invent yourself. Manifesting is the balance of directed energy and real action. It’s never too soon or too late to begin.

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