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Oracle Reading

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Your soul coaching oracle cards as read by our psychics

Find out what your soul wants to know and work with one of Psychic Elements' Oracle Readers. As we look for guidance from our own deep intuition or from our heavenly mentors, guides or angels. Most of us mostly likely wish we could just listen and are enabled to hear these guides speaking to us. However, generally, messages from our divine helpers do come to us through much more quieter methods and our psychics will help you contact them with an Oracle Reading. Many tools were used by ancient man to interpret such communications, the read dried tea leaves, sighting different animal appearances, they threw bones and so Oracle cards are a means or a method which allows for psychics to find a useful and common language with our Angel guides and find the answers we are seeking.

Our psychics use an Oracle Reading, or an oracle deck of cards, and each card has a varied message. The cards sometime are portrayed with graphic images, some of the cards appear with words and sometimes these cards come with a book that offers a much deeper meaning or a special message behind the card. These Oracle cards act as the messenger with our psychics, who relay what you need an answer to about a situation or needed guidance in moving ever forward.

The Oracle cards are a method of soul coaching, so to speak. They offer an essence of qualities that our soul simply yearns to teach us so that we can live a purposeful, joyful and overall fabulous life. The Oracle cards are designed as the interpretive, what messages… or other words, they explore the, what is it that one needs to know about a particular situation.

Our psychics are your guide for Oracle Cards, are to the, how message, or other words, how does one take an action in a given situation.

Our individual readers are uniquely utilizing the energy received by each reader from each client. Some of our readers may use just one deck, but others combine cards from varied, different decks in order to fine-tune the information. You see working with a reader is much different than just working with the cards all by yourself. Our Oracle Readers offer you unique varied ways to view your Angel messages as it relates directly to your life.

This unique energy allows our readers to tap into the specific essence for valid clarification on the needs of you, our client.

Together, using the Oracle cards and our Oracle Card Readers will enable you to explore all the reflections of the cards and pertinent messages to provide a purposeful and unique experience.

There are psychic steps to a proper oracle card reading

Choosing to have an oracle reading is a great way to communicate with your Angels. Visit Psychic Elements and click on the "Psychic" tool bar to choose your Oracle Card Reader. By using one of our professional psychics, you'll be you sure that your conversations aren't being hijacked by an incorporeal pretender. Our psychics follow very simple steps to assist and aid you in your journey with your Angels.

We help you to clear your mental and physical space with a guiding ritual

Our psychics will advise you as to when they are in communion with your Angels that it is a precious and necessary time for which you should pay attention to your life and its guiding needs. It's best to switch off outside phones and cut off your television. You're putting out your own, Do Not Disturb, sign for disruptive outside forces. Crushing the many distractions and rolling business noise that, envelopes you throughout the day will create a harmonious sanctum shielding out the many of society's disturbances so that the outside world does not intrude.

Our psychics will guide you through opening rituals to assist the concentration of your mind on the reading. The greater your focus, the more clear and comprehensive you'll be on what you take away from this Oracle Reading. Whatever the chosen ritual that our psychic utilizes, it's not labored or elaborate. They seek to center their guide on what’s appropriate specifically for you. The point it to balance and concentrate your focus on the intension that provides a feeling of peace and calm so that you are released from distractions that may kidnap the specific message intended for you to receive.

Our psychics may layout a selected cloth on a table so they can spread out the cards they'll use. They may also burn a particular candle, select the placement of a particular flower or plant, a amulet or a stone even that will allow your energy to separate itself from the many distractions of daily living in a very busy world, intern creating a tranquil and serene space for the communion with your Angles. Our psychic may layout an image of your liking such as a saint, a Goddess, the Cosmos, Jesus, a specific Angel or even sage on their table for you. Or our psychics may want to clean and the surrounding air with incense and oils for you. They may chant a mantra of a kind or simply say a prayer. They will do what they feel drawn to do for you. They will do what they feel will bring a sense of peace and cheeriness to your composition.

Feel free to be clear on your specific question

Consider composing your question in advance of your call. Feel free to check your daily journal so that you know precisely what it is you truly want to know. It's best to layout your question completely so that you're not just seeking a Yes or a No answer. You'll want your Angels to have plenty of room to free your mind for new and original possibilities and ideas, they may have approaches outside your frame of reference or even want to draw you to areas or considerations on factors you might not ordinarily consider. Alternatively, ask the question to be given the most likely results from a specific action, or for the needed understanding in order to handle a situation in a most effective way. You may want to ask to be presented with the real character or true intent of someone specific. Ask about your true joy and exactly where it lies or perhaps you'd like to know what specifically is hindering it. Perhaps you'd like to remember why your soul choose to come to this life, since your Angels are beside you to assist you with the life experiences that you've desired. Thus, gaining an understanding that each answer given to you by them will point you toward that answer, regardless of what you may ask of them.


Feel assured by the protection of your professional psychic's abilities

Know that there are a myriad of entities that exist on the Other Side. As there are a myriad of folks that walk the earth, here and now, and some may be wise, some may be kind-hearted, some may challenged or ignorant, there are some that are naughty and there are those that are distinctly malevolent. Using a professional psychic with Psychic Elements allows only your guiding Angels to give advice to you. This way no incorporeal pretender can play a trick on you at your expense.

Our psychics go to great lengths to protect their energy and particularly when they are in communion with you. They seek to keep this time in a protected bubble of precious and sparkling light. Know that this is ever present and all around you while also in communion with your Angels. You will be a part of their guiding gentle warmth. Such protection will fill the space around our psychic and you. You should know that it exists during this Angel communion time of which our psychic is orchestrating, in order to protect you as they conduct their Oracle Reading.



Our psychics call only your Angels to be beside you

This is an important yet simple step that our psychics do for you. They want to be sure that only your Angels are by your side, so they call them out specifically, this is so they and only they are the guiding Angels answering your carefully prepared and specific questions, which of course, are pertaining only to you.

Selecting the right spread for you

If you have some familiarity with Oracle Reading, this will be familiar to you, if not, this will increase your understanding of what an Oracle Reading is. Our psychics will elaborate on the card's detailed descriptions, as they are ascribed to each card as it is drawn in a spread. As drawn our psychic's will can greatly increase your understanding of the your Angels message and what they are trying to get through to you. For example, although the Diamond card is an all-around problem-resolver it can be used in almost any situation. Perhaps your question or concerns are more centered around a new first date, or a new start in life, your background check for a new job or something related to Wealth & Fulfillment, your psychic that is doing a Oracle Reading will allow your Angels to guide their eyes to the card that will best allow Them to give you the information you need.


Be open to get your intended message

It's very important that you be very open the message that you receive and it's also important to rely and trust on your Angels because they know what you truly need. You must also understand, as well, that your Angels message is not truly accepted until you perform or act on the message. It's possible that the required action is internal rather than an overt action that changes in your outer world. It could be that what is required of you is a shift within your own self, or a change of your own expectation, perception or attitude. Whatever it might be, you won't actually get your intended communication until you use the gained understanding from what you've received and been given and intern taken an action that makes your life one of improvement.

Do give great thanks, this will enable you to find peace in the love from your Angels intended message that they have for you.

Whatever the stiff challenges are that you face or whatever might be the drama that is playing out on the live stage of your very own life, you can rest assured that your Angels are always on and at your side to guide and help you through it all. Even if life brings you tough and rough things, our psychics call assist you so that you can always escape for the precious moments of peace and love that They can bring into your life for you. Our psychics will instruct you on how to call on them to comfort you. In fact, our psychics will point how just how you can call on them to guide and advise you, thus giving you the answers you so desperately need. Using our psychics for your Oracle Reading is the best way to communicate with your specific Angels. If you follow our psychic guidelines when you use them for your Oracle Reading, you can be certain that the information you're receiving is accurate and specifically for you. You see, your Angels want to aid you so that you have the life you came here to have. There's no need to flounder in confusion when our psychics at Psychic Elements are here to help you, right away.



Oracle Reading

Welcome to the Oracle Reading by our psychics at Psychic Elements. You will be able to use the intuitive power of our psychics to focus energy around many important areas of your life, such as: health, career or money, and love. Our psychics will use the Oracle Reading to reveal the answers to your desired question that will help guide you and improve your daily life.













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