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Calling All Lightworkers – It’s Time to Shine!

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“Lightworkers are those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear.” — Doreen Virtue

A "Lightworker" is someone that is involved in healing, spiritual, or humanitarian work. If they haven't found their calling yet, they will. To be a "Lightworker" means that you are an evolved (or sometimes quickly evolving) soul.

beyond the limits pablo fernandez Image source: Pablo Fernández on Flickr

Does it surprise you to know that many spiritually inclined people are having many of the same feelings and very similar experiences at the same time? You may not know exactly what is happening to you. Or you may have someone close to you that you see are transforming before your very eyes.

Even if you have never heard of the word "Lightworker" before, you may be looking for clarity and direction. This era is an amazing time to be alive. Cosmic consciousness is on the rise.

20 Traits of the Lightworker

1. Most Lightworkers feel alienated and different. They don't feel comfortable in social situations don't feel like they “fit in” with the majority of the people in the world. They often feel like even the people they love don't understand them.

2. Lightworkers typically have bad childhoods. Sometimes they were bullied by other children. They usually come from broken homes. They are painfully shy and lonely as children.

3. Before they understand their purpose, Lightworkers are restless souls. Until they take up healing or spiritual work, they usually feel depressed. From a young age, most of them feel that they have a higher purpose. This knowledge is painful for them until they learn what their purpose is. At a young age, many Lightworkers suffer from compulsions or addictions in the form of alcohol, drugs or food. These compulsions are their attempt to cope with the early empathic pain and depression. The good news is that most of them recover completely from the "early crisis".

peekaboo lili vieira de carvalho Image source: Lili Vieira de Carvalho on Flickr

4. Lightworkers are driven by empathy. They are so sensitive that they feel other people's pain. This sensitivity causes issues in crowded rooms and with loud noises.

5. They feel for others. By nature, they want to help. This propensity often manifests as an inability to turn down any request. Sometimes they are taken advantage of by other people.

6. Most Lightworkers are drawn to other people's pain. They can be so sensitive to other people's wants and needs that they neglect their own. They often have dysfunctional relationships (both romantic and in their family of origin).

7. In childhood, they are typically loners. This solitary nature carries over to adulthood. Unless and until they finally connect with other lightworkers, they spend a lot of time by themselves. They are socially awkward.

8. Like all humans, Lightworkers want to be loved and accepted. Unfortunately, bad experiences and relationships cause them to withdraw from other people. The good news is that many of them outgrow this longing or find true love and acceptance in the midst of others like themselves. Once they recover from the negative childhood and possible depression and addiction issues, they use those experiences to help others.

lone star frankguido Image source: FrankGuido on Flickr

9. Lightworkers are sensitive. They are also very gracious, polite and generous. They may have "old fashioned" manners. They are usually slow to anger, and if they do get angry they don't show it easily.

10. These are some of the least materialistic people you will ever meet. At times, they may seem "otherworldly". They have little attachment to money. They also have little interest in fashion or jewelry. They have no interest in being popular either. They could care less about status.

11. The "otherworldly" attitude extends to popular culture. They may study history, but they have trouble keeping up with current events. If they can avoid it, the don't watch or read the news.

12. Did I mention that they were sensitive? It is not unusual for a lightworker to be crying. They sometimes cry at sad movies.

13. Lightworkers are not aggressive. They are non-confrontational. They don't fire the first shot. Sometimes they don't even have the will to fight back when attacked. They may walk away from competition or a war with the same attitude. They are peaceful people!

14. A Lightworker will be more likely to fight for someone else than themselves. They may refuse to acknowledge when they are treated unfairly. But if you attack someone else, they jump in to protect others.

DSC_0014 Image source: rumpleteaser on Flickr

15. Lightworkers love animals. They usually have pets. Sometimes you can find them volunteering at the animal shelter.

16. They love nature. It's in their DNA to be concerned about health and the environment. Many are vegetarians, eat natural foods and use natural products. By and large, lightworkers are avid environmentalists. They may even protest. Keep in mind though, they draw the line at any behavior that could harm people or property. They are at heart a peaceful lot.

17. Lightworkers always end up helping or healing in one form or another. They choose careers in social work, teaching, counseling, volunteering, medicine, or alternative healing. They have to find a way to contribute to well-being and healing, whether they work for an individual or humanity as a whole. Once they start helping people, many of the early adjustment issues fall away. Lightworkers may not understand their true nature and karma, but they feel complete when they assume their true role.

18. Lightworkers are typically very psychic. They are also metaphysically inclined. It's not surprising that many also become involved in the creative or healing arts. Many do astrology, psychic readings or become energy healers (Feng Shui, Reiki, etc.). There are happy teaching yoga, writing music, designing jewelry or painting. Their art and music will always be inspirational and healing.

yoga matt madd Image source: Matt Madd on Flickr

19. Not surprisingly, Lightworkers are interested all things meta. They are often drawn to ancient civilizations where they may have lived in a previous incarnation. Ask a Lightworker about Atlantis, the Mayas or Ancient Egypt, and you will be surprised at how much they know. They are also usually science fiction buffs. They may be experts on the movie ET or Star Wars, as well as all the urban legend information on UFOs.

20. Lightworkers are like soul magnets. As they age, they draw other Lightworkers into their lives. We live in interesting times, and these souls live interesting lives. They are never boring and rarely bored. They dream detailed dreams in color. Even when they are hiding out, they have many supernatural or metaphysical events taking place.

Advice to Lightworkers

  1. Accept Yourself! If you think you are a Lightworker, find out what that means.
  2. The healing must start with you. Take gentle care of yourself and meditate daily.
  3. Open the spiritual windows and doors to find your soul group. You will recognize their shining lights.
  4. Study energy work and energy healing. Light is energy, and so are you. Get familiar.
  5. Find a teacher and mentor to help you expand your soul and find your true path.

You may be coming from a place of pain. Perhaps you feel lonely in a crowd and think that there is no hope. The fact that you found this page is a pretty good indicator that you may be a Lightworker. There are others like you. Lots of other souls, waiting to be found.

So take a deep breath and remember. You are not alone. You have important work to do.

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