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Looking For Happiness? 4 Steps to Help You Find Your Mojo

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In ancient times, the word "mojo" was translated as a talisman, spell or a magic charm. It originally meant something outside of us to make us better. In reality, "mojo" is another word for spirit. It is the passion, joy and energy that we all have inside of us.

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The ebb and flow of our mojo is directly connected to success and failure. We all must find that mojo quality, which attracts the good things in life to us.

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When your mojo is working, you have unlimited possibilities and potential. Without your mojo, you may find yourself treading water well within your comfort zones.

Mojo is that razor sharp understanding of who you are, and that deep-rooted belief that all things are possible. You have no limits.

In this busy and complex world, anyone can get distracted. The obligations and responsibilities of jobs, families and day-to-day living can result in a numbness of spirit.

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Before you know it, you are just going through the motions. In the best case scenario, you are unhappy; in the worst case scenario, you may not feel anything at all.

It's easy to lose your motivation. There may be many times when you can't find your mojo. Just remember it's not that far away.

Here are four easy steps to get your mojo back:

1) What "Hooks" You?

There is power in understanding who and what you are. Self-awareness should be your starting place. Knowing what you want and what you care about will be a great motivator.

We all have a purpose. It is connected to us by the threads of our life. You should take a look at all of it. Identify the things that "hook" you. The people you love, the dreams you nurture, and all the things that interest you are your hooks.

If you have lost track of these people, places, and things, it's time to plan a reconnection.

young photographer muha Image source: Muha on Flickr

Perhaps you once had interests or a hobby that you have gotten too busy to pursue. Maybe you no longer communicate with people you care about. Have your dreams slipped away?

Decide what it is that you are truly passionate about.

Look hard to find the hooks in your life. It's time to get out a pen and paper or turn on your computer. Write it down!

Come up with names, old dreams, hobbies, ambitions and places that you have always wanted to visit. Simple things you love like reading, exercising, or a favorite museum should be on the list. Get specific. Stay true to yourself.

These are your very own “hooks". These are the people, places and things that are connected to you and connect you to joy.

2) Sharpen Your Senses

Take a little time. You have your "hooks" list. It's time to get clear.

Now you can de-clutter your surroundings and clear your mind of distractions. Clear out your room. Clean up the area you inhabit. Organization creates clarity.

For 24 hours, disconnect from the outside world. One day without phones or TV will help.

disconnected curtis perry Image source: Curtis Perry on Flickr

The distractions in a digital world have a tendency to blur our physical environment. A short break from all the hustle and bustle serves as a way to sharpen your senses.

3) Find a Path

When you first lost your mojo, you may not have known it was gone.

After a 24-hour decluttering of the physical environment, you can reset your life.

You have your list of the "hooks" in your life. These “hooks” are your new priorities. Develop a plan to put you back in touch with all you once valued.

You are going down a new path. Allow yourself to be excited. Your plan should allow you to experience as many of the things you love as possible. If you haven't experienced them before, plan a way to them now.

will you come martin gommel Image source: Martin Gommel on Flickr

This plan should include specifics. For example: start playing my guitar every weekend again, or call my old friend on Tuesday.

Some “hooks” may turn into long-term goals. For instance, if you always wanted to visit Alaska, plan the steps to get you there.

Your "hooks" are now your top priorities in life.

At this point, it may seem like your path is to the past. But when you choose a path and make a plan, it often leads to new experiences. Honor who you are and go after the things that you are passionate about.

4) Focus Your Energy (Take Action)

All great adventures begin with meditation. You have cleared your physical environment, sharpened your senses and discovered what matters to you. Now it's time to focus.

Thoughts are truly energy. When you send them out in the direction your heart chooses, your body will follow.

By now, you have an understanding of what "hooks" you into life. You have created a plan (path) to re-connect with those passions. Now it’s time for action. Sign up for that class. Buy those tickets. Call that old friend that you haven't talked to in years. Apply for jobs that appeal to you. (Note: You may have to get training or education for that job first.)

Re-activate your life, re-energize all your relationships and take massive action.

llamada graciosa juanedc Image source: Juanedc on Flickr

Your plan may have only have you doing one or two small steps a day towards some of your priorities. That's fine. Action of any kind will stir the energy around you.

Open up the door to the hopes and dreams you used to believe in. The more you work your plan, the more you will want to continue this path.

Doors are opening. You may find amazing new possibilities. You are following your heart and listening to your soul. Consider this an awakening, a second chance at life or a grounding process. In a short while, you will find that you are more alive than ever before.

You are learning to live with a renewed sense of purpose.

Missing your mojo? Perhaps it isn't lost. Is your life dull and colorless or bright and vivid? You can choose!

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