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How To Attract True Love

Attract True Love Posistivity

Are you wondering when true love will come to you? Fantasizing about your ideal partner? Fed up with dating the wrong people? You need to get the power of the Universe on your side in the game of love. And how do you do that? Well, read on to discover our secret method to attract true love. Okay, it might not be that secret, but it might be something you haven’t yet tried.

Attract True Love Dare to Dream
Day-dream your way to love. Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

The Magical Effect of Deliberate Daydreaming

Your goal with this technique is to create a pure vision to attract love. A pure vision is one that isn’t tainted with negative energy. It has to be crystal clear in order to give out a signal to the universe that will cause energy to move in your favor.

Set a little time aside. It might feel weird creating a deliberate daydream, but no-one’s going to know about it, are they? So snuggle down, turn off any distractions, and launch into a few minutes of perfect love. The aim of this is two-fold: to create that clear vision, which will be impressed on Universal energy, and to make yourself feel good.

Begin to create your dream. You can build it in installments just like your favorite soap. Start with your meeting. Where will it be? Somewhere beautiful and exotic, or in the local supermarket? Anywhere that works for you in that it could happen. There’s no point in visualizing somewhere you aren’t likely to be. It’s fine to explore different ideas until one really clicks with you. Once you have found the ideal place, stick with it for future deliberate daydreaming sessions. Build up the circumstances. Really see your surroundings. Imagine meeting your potential love. You don’t have to ‘see’ their face; it’s more about how you feel in the moment. How will it happen? Will you bump into him or her accidentally? Will you catch his eye at the checkout? Will she ask you to take a photo of her? Enjoy the delicious sensation of that first tiny spark of attraction. Now, stop your day dreaming, before any unwanted thoughts creep in. Have a little ending ritual, where you say, “That’s my vision for the day.”

In your next session, later in the day, or perhaps the following day, create the next scenario where you begin to make that connection. Perhaps you exchange phone numbers or online contact details. Feel the excitement build. Again, terminate the daydream as soon as you have a complete scene. 

Continue along this path, creating a deeper and more detailed daydream. Make these deliberate day-dreaming sessions your playground where you get to design and build your ideal relationship. Always remember to keep it pure. The second you get a hint that any self-sabotaging thoughts are about to creep in, terminate the session.

To reiterate, the goal of these sessions is to create a vision that the universe can act on. You are, step-by-step, changing your own vibration from one of need to one of confident desire. Often this technique is so beautiful and blissful, that you look forward to your day-dreaming sessions so much that they become a natural part of your life. They can be as short as five minutes, or as long as you can hold the vision clearly.

Emanate Love

Alongside your deliberate day-dreaming, begin to see yourself as a bundle of love energy. Your daily blissing-out will help you with this. People who regularly enjoy happy day-dreams tend to be happier people generally.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, do your best to feel love in your heart. For everyone. Of course it’s impossible, as humans, not to experience negativity now and then. Contrast helps us determine what we don’t want. Yet, overall, try to feel more love than anger. Try to lift your vibration so that when people meet you, they are impressed by your positivity and warm attitude.

Use a Touchstone to Help Attract True Love

As well as all this mental ‘work’, it might help you to carry a physical item to remind you to keep your outlook positive and your vibration high. We recommend a small, but not too small, crystal or pebble. Keep it in your pocket and when you touch and hold it, you’ll automatically raise your mood, your emotions and your vibration. Your crystal can be rough or smooth. Any crystal will work but choose malachite, jade or rose quartz for extra love energy. Alternatively, buy yourself a gemstone ring that you wear all the time.

Attract True Love
A gemstone ring to remind you to stay positive. Photo by Joe Gardner on Unsplash

It’s All About You

You may have noticed that we’ve barely mentioned your actual desire; your potential lover. That’s because when attracting anything, from love to money, to promotion to friendship, to opportunities, it’s never about those people or those things. It’s always about you. Energy responds to your vibration, and your vibration is dependent upon how you feel. 

Believing you need romantic love in your life in order to feel good is backwards thinking. It’s the other way around: to attract romantic love, you need to feel good first. Occasionally, good things happen because the universe finds a crack in your armor of self-protection. You need to know even more good things will happen if you deliberately open yourself to the possibilities of the universe. 

Setting Your Intentions and Goals

The New Year is almost upon us and many will be thinking about their aims for 2018. Usually these resolutions are about taking action, which is fine. Yet remember, that deliberate day-dreaming will help you leverage that universal energy and set into motion chains of events to bring you what you want, including your goal to attract true love.

The Latest Psychological Research Suggests Daydreams Hold the Secret of Happiness


Featured image: Photo by Valeria andersson on Unsplash

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